If you are considering purchasing a hoverboard but are worried the one you choose might not be safe, the following tips can help you make a smart buying decision.




Safety and Batteries

The most important aspect to consider when it comes to hoverboards is safety. Not only do you have to be concerned about injuries due to hard falls, but these fun devices also seem to present a potential fire risk. Falling off of a hoverboard will happen no matter how skilled you are at maintaining your balance, but models with wider wheels can reduce your risk. It is also recommended that you wear a protective helmet, along with elbow and knee pads and children under the age of 12 should not be allowed to operate a hoverboard.

To minimize the risk of potential fires it is important to carefully consider the manufacturer. This is one of the few times that it is actually worth it to pay more for a name brand hoverboard instead of trying to save money on a less expensive model. The lesser known brands often use faulty lithium ion batteries which are prone to catching fire and even exploding. Never leaving the hoverboard unattended while charging or plugged in overnight can reduce the risk of the device catching fire. It is also recommended that you refrain from using any type of third party charger.

Lithium ion batteries that are not manufactured in China are generally recommended, since tests show that these are not the ones generally responsible for any fires. Along with checking to see where the batteries are made, it is also important to look at how long it takes to recharge. In general it should only take 2 to 5 hours, and if it is longer the chance of an electrical fire can increase. The length of the charging time will also affect how often you can enjoy the hoverboard, and should be considered before you make a final decision.



Hoverboards can vary dramatically in regards to the materials used in construction, and most experts recommend choosing one built by a well known and trusted manufacturer. Hoverboards constructed in the United States might be priced slightly higher, but the sturdy builds that are backed by a warranty make it well worth the extra cost. Some other factors to consider will include the materials used to construct the frame, which is what supports you when you are gliding along.

Metal components are sturdier than plastic, but can add extra weight that can cause the hoverboard to slow down. Metal wheels are also more durable, and should be considered if the law allows you to ride around outside. Wheels covers that don’t rub against the tires won’t contribute to flats or potentially dangerous “blow outs”.


Hoverboard 1


Range and Speed

Most hoverboards have speeds that range from 2 to 10 miles per hour, but some higher priced models can top out at 12mph. While this might not seem that fast, it is the average sprinting speed and can still cause significant injuries if you fall. How fast the hoverboard can go will depend on the manufacturer, and the right speed for you will be determined by your skill and comfort level. It is important to remember to not go faster than you are comfortable with since this often results in embarrassing falls and painful injuries.

The range of the hoverboard will depend on how long the battery can hold a charge, but there are also other factors to consider. The weight of the rider and the type of terrain will also affect the speed and range of a hoverboard. In general most models can run for up to two hours on level terrain or cover a distance of 10 to 12 miles.



If you only plan on riding the hoverboard indoors and in front of your house, you probably aren’t that concerned with portability. Consumers that are lucky enough to live in an area where it is legal to ride the devices on the sidewalk or bike lanes might want to consider how much the hoverboard weighs. While most models do come with convenient travel and storage bags, it can still be difficult to carry a 30 pound hoverboard around all day. There are some models that do weigh closer to 20 pounds, but this can also affect its construction. Most experts recommend bringing a charger with you if you plan on being out all day. This way you can reduce the amount of time you have to carry the hoverboard around.