What is the best home theater receiver from Yamaha



Discrete Amp Configuration

Ultra HD (4K) Pass-through


USB Digital Connection for iPod® and iPhone®




One of the Yamaha RX-V375 reviews mentions that the receiver’s audio output only routes analog sources through it, disabling sending of optical and HDMI inputs via the analog out.

The remote control has no cancel button and the receiver has no auto search for AM radio stations.


Customer rating –> A+


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  • With the Yamaha RX-V375 5.1-Channel 3D A/V Home Theater Receiver, you can enjoy high-definition home audio video entertainment. This is the best home theater receiver from Yamaha due to its strong orientation for delivering matchlessly high sound clarity. The machine uses a discrete amp configuration plus a low jitter PLL circuit, which both promote exceptional audio performance from the receiver. This means you can listen to every beat, note and rest in your favorite music compositions, songs and instrumentals. Blu-ray movie sound becomes more enhanced and powerfully cinematic when you enjoy them with the Yamaha RX-V375.


  • Obtain next-generation images with incredibly super high resolution via this home theater receiver. The Yamaha RX-V375 offers four times the resolution of a typical 1080p display thanks to Ultra HD. Even before Ultra HD (4K) displays become popular in the future, this receiver is already capable of passing such next generation data from the source to the display so you can enjoy outstanding image clarity beyond today’s standards.


  • With the unit’s Audio Return Channel function, data can be sent and received through the same HDMI cable. This means no additional optical cable is required to hear TV sound. The receiver is also engineered to handle 3D signal data so you can enjoy 3D movies fully. Thanks also to HDMI, you have CEC functionality at your fingertips. Connecting the Yamaha RX-V375 to a CEC compatible TV, you can turn the receiver on and off together with the TV, with the TV remote capably serving to control volume. CEC functionality also delivers advanced integration with other components. This means you can use the receiver’s remote to control your player’s functions.


  • Conveniently mounted on the front panel is a USB port for iPod and iPhone, which enables you to connect your mobile device and also allows charging for the integrated portable gadget. No signal loss or interference is experienced due to direct transmission of signal to the receiver from the mobile device, ensuring great sound quality. You can even use the remote of the receiver to control the music playback function of the connected device. Simply put, the receiver’s remote capably serves your need for home theater receiver accessories thanks to its flexible functionality.


  • With Yamaha’s revolutionary CINEMA DSP technology, you get playback of HD audio such as Dolby® True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ for expansive sound imaging that is true to form. Low frequencies get enhanced by the Subwoofer Trim Control through avoidance of overlap with the front speaker output. Music always sounds the way it should thanks to Yamaha’s Compressed Music Enhancer.


Your search for the best home theater receiver ends with the Yamaha RX-V375. With its advanced features and great value, this entry-level receiver offers high definition audio video technology including sophisticated Ultra HD (4K) pass through, Compressed Music Enhancer, connectivity with mobile devices, and outstanding overall performance.


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