1.Yamaha MFC10 MIDI Foot ControllerBenefits

This might be the best MIDI foot controller for its reasonable price and high quality performance.

The foot controller allows for up to 100 control changes and 180 program changes.

The built-in expression pedal means you won’t have to worry about purchasing additional MIDI foot controller accessories.

The customer service team and the instructions available from Yamaha on how to use the foot controller are second to none.

This Yamaha foot controller is suitable for use with a variety of different products.



This foot controller certainly isn’t a cheap option although the quality more than makes up for the price.

A few Yamaha MFC10 reviews have mentioned that the vagueness of the manual was a bit disappointing. This doesn’t seem to be an issue, however, as Yamaha has multiple online resources to help customers that might be confused with exactly how to use the device.


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Benefits Explained

Yamaha is known for their high quality music products and this particular foot controller is no different. While the price isn’t cheap, the performance provided by this foot controller more than makes up for it. As with any product, you get what you pay for.

2.Yamaha MFC10 MIDI Foot Controller

The ability to perform up to 100 control changes and 180 program changes makes this the best MIDI foot controller from Yamaha for advanced musicians. One of the struggles with a lot of lower quality foot controllers is the lack of options available for making changes. This issue is certainly not something that you’ll have to worry about with this product.


There are quite a few foot controllers out there that don’t come with high quality pedals, meaning additional purchases have to be made. This Yamaha foot controller, however, comes with a built-in expression pedal that customers will be sure to enjoy.


Yamaha has one of the better technical support and customer service teams in the music industry. They also have detailed information available about all of their products online. This ensures that helpful resources are just a call or click away for anyone confused about how to use the foot controller.


This particular foot controller is fit for use with Tyros 4, Tyros 3, the G50 Guitar MIDI controller, and the WX11 MIDI Wind controller. You’ll want to be sure that you find out any additional information about compatibility with other products before you make the final decision to purchase this Yamaha MIDI foot controller.



The quality and performance alone make this the best Yamaha MIDI foot controller on the market. Advanced musicians are sure to enjoy the wide variety of options and changes available while beginner musicians will be thrilled with just how easy to use this Yamaha foot controller is. On top of the actual quality of the product, it’s always nice to know that help is available when confusion arises and Yamaha is the best in the music industry at delivering information to their customers, thus making sure their products work smoothly.


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