Top rated Wireless Routers Reviews in 2018


Trying to choose the best wireless router for your home or office is proving to become quite a difficult task with all the great products available on the market these days. To give you an idea of what you should look for in such a device, here are some of the best wireless router reviews 2018.


How to select the best wireless PC router


In the present there are thousands of Americans searching for professional wireless routers, capable of providing fast access to the internet. Every home, business office, apartment and studios needs a functional wireless router, as a fast way to connect computers, tablets and smartphones to the internet. The current market on wireless routers is more than generous, offering people the chance to set up a quick access to the internet with minimal effort. Who makes the best product? This question needs to be handled with patience and attention to details. Manufacturers tend to present their product’s capabilities in a not so truthful manner. This is why you have to know exactly what to look for in a wireless router. With a good wireless router you will be able to access the internet from different rooms of the house.

We managed to consult professional reviews on the best rated wireless router models available on the market. In our research we came across useful tips which you can use in order to ease up the selection process. Wireless routers can create solid wireless networks, accessible day and night. The growing interest for such devices is not surprising, given that people are sick and tired of dealing with pesky wires. Furthermore today’s passion for mobile experiences (tablets, notebooks or smartphones) solidifies the need for wireless networks. Most of the current routers permit you to share media and stream all your favourite music videos with other devices connected to the network. You will be able to stream top songs to the speaker system with a simple push of a button. There are a couple of features which ensure a solid connection to the internet. New products come equipped with 802.11n or 802.11ac wireless technology. There are differences between the two wireless technologies.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Speed Price Band Warranty Our Rating Where to buy


900 Mbps $$$ Dual Band Included A+ AMAZON

Securifi Almond

300 Mpbs $$ Single Band Included A+ AMAZON

Asus RT-AC68U

1900 Mbps $$$$ Dual Band Not Included B AMAZON

Netgear R6300v2

1750 Mbps $$$ Dual Band Not Included B+ AMAZON

Linksys EA4500

900 Mbps $$ Dual Band Included B AMAZON


The 802.11n is the standard wireless technology, being embedded in most of the current wireless routers available on the market. A traditional router for homes has 802.11n technology, which is more than enough for heavy gamers or media enthusiasts. Today, there is also a new standard of wireless technology: 802.11ac. Routers with 802.11ac offer quick loading speeds and proper support for high internet traffic. Still, you have to make sure that your devices are compatible with this technology. Furthermore the devices cost a bit more than the standard 802.11n models. If price is an issue, you can always for Black Friday deals on top products. You will be able to find a great model and at a great price.

One of the most important aspects of a good wireless router is its speeds or maximum bandwidth. The current top wireless routers offer speeds from 100 to 1900 Mb/sec, so you have your pick in matters of internet connectivity. A wireless router for Christmas can always be a great gift for IT enthusiasts. Such devices can also be great gifts for offices where people access the internet on a daily basis.


Things to consider:

–         High internet speeds, more than 100 Mb/sec which is more than enough for a stable connection to the internet

–         802.11n wireless technology, so you can create a solid wireless network accessible with tablets and smartphones

–         Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) internet security, which protects your personal files whenever you access various websites

–         Dual-band routers of 2.4 GHz and 5.0 Ghz frequency band for a lag free wireless connectivity



ASUS RT-N66U Gigabit Router


Wireless Router Reviews 2018According to the best wireless router reviews 2018, one reason for the popularity of this model is its stylish design. Although most people are not overly concerned about this, some might absolutely fall in love with the look of this model. Another reason for the great reviews is the AiRadar function. This makes sure that all the wireless devices that link to the router benefit from a strong connection.



According to recent user testimonials it seems that the best product for the money comes from Asus, the RT-N66U dual-band, a device known to deliver incredible signal transmission and range

This powerful wireless router offers Wi-Fi speeds of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz transmission which allows people to safely stream online movies or multiplayer games without worrying about lag or frames

Comes with built-in amplifiers which makes the device ideal for large homes, offices or institutions

The router incorporates 4 LAN gigabit Ethernet, 1 WAN Ethernet, 2 x USB 2.0 ports and Micro SD slot, which offers users the chance to safely connect other media devices or access points



The installation takes a while but the Quick Installation Setup makes the process easy

Comes with only 1 power adapter (additional one sold separately)


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Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router


This wireless router made by Securifi has been widely discussed in a lot of wireless router reviews 2018. Users appreciated the touchscreen user interface for its simplicity and functionality. The package includes an installation wizard that will make the device ready to use in less than 3 minutes. In terms of security, this model also scores very high thanks to its ability to protect your network against outside threats.



Who makes the best product? According to recent user testimonials it seems that Securifi models are known for their capacity to set solid connections to the internet. To this end we recommend the Almond Touchscreen wireless router can also be used as a range extender

Due to its solid 2 antennas construction this wireless router offers speeds up to 300 Mbps, ideal for quick and stable browsing from one website to another

The router incorporates 2 LAN and 1 WAN ports which are great for connecting additional media devices

Features the exclusive default SSID “nomap” tag that reduces the chances of the device from being placed in Google’s Location Tracking database



Some setup is needed, taking only 5 minutes

Does not come with Gigabit ports


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Asus RT-AC68U Wireless-AC1900 Dual Band Gigabit Router


As you scan through the wireless router reviews 2018, you will soon realize that the Asus RT-AC68U is one of the most recommended models. In terms of value for money, this product is probably the smartest choice. It comes with the Asus AiRadar technology, a feature that is designed to enhance network coverage and also allows for exceptional data transfer speed. These characteristics make it very popular among those who download movies and music from the internet.



Seeing as there are thousands of people trying to find out whats the best product, we emphasize on the utility of Asus RT-AC68U gigabit router, a model which can reach speeds of 1900 Mbps

As the best rated wireless router from Asus, this model features the exclusive Broadcom TurboQAM technology which improves wireless-N data rate for fast internet performance

The router comes equipped with 4 x Gigabit LAN ports, 1 WAN port, USB 2.0 port and USB 3.0 that allows users to connect other media devices for stable connections to the web

Features AsusWRT interface which allows users to safely setup the network within a short period of time



Setting up static IP for wireless clients takes a bit of time

The user guide should’ve included more information on specific wireless technology


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Netgear R6300v2 Smart Wi-Fi Router


The Netgear Smart Wi-Fi Router has received some of the best wireless router reviews 2018. The most appreciated feature is its generous coverage, making this model perfect for bigger homes. The signal is always strong and it is able to handle more than 12 devices simultaneously. This router also comes with two incorporated USB ports that are very useful for connecting other external devices.



Considered by many the best wireless router under $300, the Smart WiFi AC1750 from Netgear allows users to enjoy internet speeds from 450 to 1300 Mbps, ideal for multitasking, seeing online movies or playing games

This wireless router incorporates Beamforming+ technology which provides impressive WiFi coverage, optimal for large homes and offices

It can be used to connect up to 12 WiFi devices while the Dual-Core 800 MHz processor ensures lag free internet access

This new product includes an USB 3.0 port which provides fast USB data transfer, optimal for keeping track of content, video and audio



Comes equipped with only Ethernet cable (additional one available for purchase)


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Linksys EA4500 N900 Dual Band Router


If you still have not made up your mind, here is one last suggestion. This Linksys model is certainly a solid choice for the average user. People who bought it gave it good marks for signal strength and connectivity. The Wireless-N technology developed by Linksys does a great job in reducing signal dead spots, making the connection very reliable.



As the highest rated wireless router from Linksys, the N900 Wi-Fi Wireless router is built to offer high internet speeds in homes with many rooms or offices

Due to the impressive Wireless-N technology the router offers users access to speeds up to 450 Mbps, which is just right for rapid transfer rates

Incorporates Gigabit Ethernet ports (10/100/1000) that sets the basis for quick internet speeds and minimal lag during games or watching online movies

This Smart Wi-Fi router allows users to safely connect TVs, tablets, game consoles or Blu-ray disc players without any problems whatsoever



It is not compatible with Linux operating system


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