What is the best French door refrigerator from Whirlpool



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Many Whirlpool WRX735SDBM reviews mention that the product costs more than a typical single door refrigerator. However, buyers need to understand that a French Door Refrigerator, like any high-end appliance, will really need a higher budget considering the many features of such a unit.

The loud noise that the fan and the ice maker give off when they perform their functions is a sign that they’re doing what they’re designed to do.


Customer rating –> A+


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  • For a large fridge, the WRX735SDBM proves to be the best french door refrigerator from Whirlpool due to its many features. It is a capacious freezer and refrigerator that can take in food items of various sizes even when they are too bulky to fit into a standard size fridge. The external refrigerated drawer allows easy storage of frequently used items including snacks, yogurt, beverages, cold cuts and produce, keeping them within easy reach at all times. Adjustable temperature controls enable you to alter the level of cooling according to what you store. The fully extendable drawer has dividers that enable orderly organizing of items while making it easy to locate what you need.


  • Electronic controls enable easy access to this best french door refrigerator’s features. Adaptive defrost runs the defrost cycle as needed, greatly improving the fridge’s ability to preserve food. The intuitive Accu-Chill TM temperature management system cools food quickly by sensing and adapting to create the ideal food storage environment. The built-in water dispenser allows you to select just how much filtered water is released, whether in ounces, cups or liters, shutting off when filling is completed. The PUR® water filtration system dispenses filtered water either exteriorly or from the inside.


  • The energy and eco-friendly WRX735SDBM has built-in sensors that run the defrost cycle when needed, helping you save energy. The filtered water dispenser shuts off automatically once the container is filled to the programmed quantity, saving on water usage and utility costs. The PUR® Water Filtration System provides filtered water for the home, preventing the use and disposal of water bottles that can harm the environment. LED interior lighting not only provides easy viewing of what’s inside but also efficiently saves on energy costs. External water and ice dispenser eliminates the need to open the door for access.


  • The adjustable gallon door bins enable storage of large containers of milk, juices, etc., effectively freeing up shelf space. A sleek look is provided by the flush dispenser and tap touch controls, which are also easy to use. The full-extension drawer makes organized storage simple and effortless. Spill-proof glass shelves, dividers and Tilt N’ Go Bins make it easy to store and locate food items.


With a contoured door style and huge storage space that make the energy-efficient WRX735SDBM a welcome addition to any modern kitchen, who needs dozens of french door refrigerator accessories to go with your purchase? You’ve got everything including an ice and filtered water dispenser, easy access shelves, convenient temperature controls, and intuitive defrost system.


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