Jamaica is famous for its breathtaking beaches and holiday resorts. But this island has a long history of political conflicts, poverty, and repression. If you’re thinking of picking Jamaica as your next vacation destination, you might want to understand that, outside the guarded beaches and resorts, there’s a community that relies solely on tourism to survive.

Indeed, Jamaica has so many things to offer, from art and music to beautiful landscapes and cuisine.

Unfortunately, there are several media reports that talk about the high rate of crime in this area. Most of these crimes tend to happen in impoverished regions. Before embarking on your Jamaican trip, make sure you take all the risks into account.


Kingston and Montego Bay

It is a known fact that some of the places tourists should avoid are Kingston, New Kingston, Montego Bay, and any other urban centers, especially after dark. As much as possible, always travel in groups of two people or more to avoid being seen as an easy target.

Also, don’t use the public transportation because these crowded places are an excellent opportunity for thieves to steal your personal belongings. Don’t go out wearing expensive items, such as pricey bags or jewelry because these are too tempting for locals to steal.

Nevertheless, millions of tourists visit Jamaica each year because all-inclusive resorts here offer outstanding services without having to worry about safety. So, it’s best to say that you can go and have a tremendous Jamaican experience and see the real deal without being concerned about dangers.

Crime rate

Jamaica is one of the top countries with the highest murder rates in the world because of the violent gangs and drug issues. These crimes are a critical problem especially in Montego Bay and Kingston. It is all related to the fact that the locals attack each other for matters like gangs, drugs, poverty, and revenge.

Generally, crimes that target visitors in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Negril involve pickpocketing and other robberies.

Occasionally, these injuries are armed, and tourists can become victims if they don’t give in to the thieves’ demands. However, to control crime in these places, special tourist police can be found. You can spot them by their distinctive uniform that consists of white hats and shirts and black pants.


Safety tips

To enjoy your holiday in Jamaica and have a wonderful time, lock all the doors and windows in your hotel room at night. Furthermore, keep your valuable items in a secure location like the in-room safe.

As far as eating goes, it’s best to serve your meals at the resort you are staying. If you venture outside, make sure you pack water and food storage containers so you can have a snack throughout the day.

Cyber theft

In addition, be extra careful with the way you handle your payments during your stay. Credit-card skimming is a significant issue in Jamaica and scammers can make a copy of your credit card information in no time, right after you give it to the restaurant personnel or shop assistant.

ATMs aren’t safe, either. Some units could be rigged, or individuals may keep an eye on you to try to steal your password when trying to withdraw money from the ATM.


Other aspects you should know about

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the sexual assaults that happen in areas located on the north coast of Jamaica. Since there are male prostitutes that offer their services to female tourists, it might be a good idea to avoid these well-known dangerous places for women.

Therefore, don’t go by yourself in risky areas of the Jamaican capital, like Mountain View, Tivoli Gardens, Cassava Piece, Trench Town, and Arnett Gardens.

If you plan on visiting Montego Bay, stay away from Flankers, Norwood, Rose Heights, and Clavers Street.