Flat Irons – What to Look For:


Sometimes all a girl really wants is sleek hair that has a beautiful shine. One of the easiest ways to achieve this look is by using one of the highest rated flat irons. These tools can help you achieve the perfect hair style with little effort.

But because there are so many different flat irons on the market, it can be difficult to know who makes the best flat iron. We have created this guide to help you choose which is the best flat iron for the money you are going to spend.


Consider your hair’s texture

Not all hair textures can handle heat styling the same way. If you have fine hair, you do not want to use a flat iron on the highest setting, whereas if you have coarse hair, you will need an iron that can reach high temperatures. Ideally, you will want to choose one of the top ten flat irons that features a temperature control dial that provides a wide range of heat. The typical device ranges from 260°F to 420°F, which is all you really need. You can choose between a manual dial and a device with a digital temperature gauge. The digital gauge will let you get the exact temperature to avoid the risk of damaging your hair as a result of using too much heat.

Choosing the right features

The highest rated flat irons typically have a variety of features that you can choose from. These features include removable combs or built in teeth that can help separate curly hair, steam functions that can set even the most unruly of hair, cordless irons add to the convenience of people on the go, and instant heat flat irons are ideal for those who are pressed for time in the morning.


Choose the right size

Like curling irons, flat irons come in a variety of sizes and widths. Smaller irons are ideal for men and women with short hair. These irons can give you an edgy look by adding styling product to the hair. Wider irons are better suited for people with long and/or thick hair. These irons have more surface area and are ideal for straightening more hair at once.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Temperature Price Weight Plate material Our Rating Where to buy

Bio Ionic Onepass

400 degrees $$$ 1.5 pounds Nano Ceramic with silicone A+ AMAZON

BaBylissPRO BABNT3072

450 degrees $$$ 1 pound Nano titanium A AMAZON

HSI Professional Flat Iron

410 degrees $$ 1.55 pounds Solid ceramic B+ AMAZON

Remington S8510DS

450 degrees $$ 1.3 pounds Solid ceramic A AMAZON

CHI Original Flat Iron

400 degrees $$$$ 1 pound Ceramic B AMAZON


When you are trying to find the right flat iron, you should be prepared to pay a little extra money for a high quality device. Sure, you can find cheap flat irons anywhere, but to get the most bang for your buck and ensure that your hair looks amazing, you will find that a great flat iron is definitely worth the money.


Professional buying guide on choosing the best flat iron


Women have to be extremely careful about the way they dress, do their hairstyle or put on make up. For straight and shiny hair, we either go to a hair salon or buy ourselves a reliable flat iron. Due to the large number of flat iron models, choosing one may prove difficult. With this buying guide you can learn about what sort of features a top model should have. Don’t guess when buying a flat iron, know for certain the model you are interested in is of high quality. After reading the next lines you might even end up with the best flat iron in 2018, which will perfectly straighten your hair without damaging it.

The most important flat iron parts are its plates, which come in direct contact with your hair. Your average models will have ceramic, ionic or tourmaline plates. They will spread the heat evenly throughout their contact surface, so your hair is straighten perfectly without damaging it. Titanium is another material plates are made of and it has a higher quality level than the other ones presented before. The models using titanium cost more money than an average one and this is their main drawback. After you have decided which material to go for, then you have to think about the length of the plates. The bigger they are, the faster you can finish straightening your hair.


Best Flat Iron with Temperature Control


HIS Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron


The Professional HIS flat iron can easily take unruly hair from a frizzy mess to a beautifully glossy mane. This flat iron has been considered to be one of the best flat irons with temperature control as it uses moist ceramic heat that you can control. The temperature can adjust from 240F to 410F (120C – 200C) to suit all hair types. The flash heating of the ceramic plates can cut down the amount of time it takes to heat the iron up and how long it takes to style your hair. The flat iron features an ergonomic design that provides you with a comfortable grip while styling your hair.

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By consulting the most appreciated flat irons reviews, we have managed to gather the info for this buying guide. The sole purpose of it is to help you know what to look for in a high quality model, that most importantly won’t damage the hair.

Another very important feature is the temperature control because by using it you can avoid burning your hair. Normally a flat iron can heat its plates to a temperature of 400 degrees F. We don’t advise setting a flat iron at the highest temperature because this will surely damage your hair. Safety is also very important and you should look for a flat iron which has an auto shut off feature. The best flat iron reviews recommend you buy a model with a 20 minute time gap before it automatically shuts off.


Best Flat Iron with Steam


Conair Infiniti SS9AMR Pro Steam Flat Iron


The Infinity Pro 1-1/2 inch Flat Iron infuses your hair with moisture, helping to untangle your hair. Because this is one of the best flat irons with steam features, it protects your hair from damage while locking in the style. The flat iron uses a removable water reservoir which provides you with plenty of steam to work on even the most difficult hair textures. Some of the unique features of this iron include an easy-to-read temperature display, retractable combs, 30 second instant heat up, a professional line cord, as well as a heat resistant travel pouch and carrying mat.

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Once a flat iron has the features presented above, the next step is to look for accessories. Fixed brushes or maybe even in an out sliding brushes are very useful. Also, you can go for a resistant mat as a nice accessory, but a carrying bag would be even better.

These features are presented so women will not end up with an inferior flat iron, that will harm their beautiful hair. A reliable model is not very expensive, so a customer with an average budget ca afford one. The only exceptions to this affordable price tag are flat irons with titanium plates and they will cost more than your standard model.


Best Flat Iron with Comb


BaByliss BAB2590 Pro Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron


In the quest to achieve beautifully sleek and shiny hair, you will want to look at one of the best flat irons with a comb. The flat iron offered by BaByliss uses porcelain plates to generate infrared heat that is used to protect the hair’s shine while the negative ions that are emitted work to smooth and relax the hair. The anti-static comb guides the hair in place during the styling process. The iron features a Rheostat temperature control dial, allowing you to set the tool at 260°F to 420°F, making it perfect to use with any hair texture.

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Things to consider:

–          Ceramic, ionic, tourmaline or titanium plates;

–          Temperature control;

–          Auto shut off feature ( between 20 minutes and 1 hour);

–          Different accessories: brushes, a mat, a carrying bag etc.


Most popular flat irons in 2018


If you are going to buy a flat iron and you do not know what to pick, the rest of this article will prove to be helpful. Some of the best flat irons under $50 will be identified below. There are some models that can prove to be more expensive, but buying such will surely not bring regrets as it is equated with high quality.



Bionic Ionic Onepass Nano Ceramic Straightening Iron


There are few flat irons on the market that can compare themselves to the performance level of the Bionic Ionic Onipass. This model is the fastest heating flat iron you can find, with its ceramic plates being ready for use in just over 5 seconds. Still not impressed? The plates will look after your hair in a proper manner because they emit negative ions. The result is a wonderful healthy looking hairstyle, with an impressive shine. The plates can be heated to temperatures of up to 400 degrees F, making sure it removes excess moisture from your hair. Such an impressive features list makes the Onepass one of the best flat irons in 2018.



The Bionic Ionic Onipass is the fastest flat iron when it comes to heating its plates

The long power cord provides great mobility and doesn’t tangle

The various temperature settings offer a good variety of options for straightening one’s hair without damaging it

It reduces the time it takes you to straighten your hair to somewhere around 15 minutes

The design of the iron provides a strong grip, so there is little chance it can slip from your grasp



It’s more expensive than your standard flat iron (we believe that the faster straightening time more than makes up for the extra money)

The fact that the plates heat up almost immediately makes us recommend extra caution when using it


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BaBylissPRO BABNT3072 Nano Titanium Flat iron


When you are evaluating what is the best flat iron, one thing that you should consider is the material that is used for the product. More often than not, this is indicative of the quality and functionality of the product. This is also the reason why this specific model will prove to be an option that will not lead into frustration. It leads into the emission of negative ions, which is useful in being able to function quickly without causing extensive damage to the hair, unlike in the case of those that are used from other materials.



Extra-long nano-titanium plates measure 5 inches, perfect for getting wider sections of the hair straightened quickly while boosting effectiveness and preventing hand fatigue that comes from repetitive movement of the hands

Ions are produced by a built-in ionic generator, precisely engineered to prevent ugly frizz and hair damage by sealing moisture inside the roots of the hair

Special heat conductor works nicely with infused nano-titanium particles on the straigtening irons so hottest temperatures are maintained without creating havoc on the hair’s natural balance and composition

450-degrees top temperature can leave naturally curly hair straight and supple, making this product the perfect answer to which flat iron is best for the woman on the go



Designed to operate at 120 volts AC rating, requiring a transformer for use in places that do not support the same

No safety auto shut off but with dual-action on/off power button


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Remington S8510DS Flat Iron


In as short as just 30 seconds, this iron can produce up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit of heat, which only explains that there is no need for you to wait for a long time before the product heats up. Being made from ceramic, this is beneficial not only with regards to its durability, but also because of its ability to smoothen the hair in a quick time. Lastly, it is also important to note that it has anti-frizz technology, which will make your hair look beautiful even in spite of humidity and other external factors that can cause frizz.



Conditions the hair during the styling process by not taking away much-needed moisture so shine is restored while saving time on the use of additional conditioning products

Built with anti-frizz technology so hair is exceptionally straightened or curled up while being infused with micro-conditioners that resist frizz directly from the ceramic plates

Even heat distribution provided by top-of-the-line ceramic plates, eliminating hot spots that can damage the hair in places

Get great results even with fewer passes with the floating plates of the flat iron, further lessening the chances of hair damage and creating an easy-glide action on hair



Handle can get pretty hot while straightening, so must be used carefully

Small space between plate and body can get hair snagged in


“Surprisingly, my boyfriend finally managed to make nice Xmas gift through this flat iron from Remington. Several months have passed since I’ve started using it and the results have been very satisfactory, thus making me think it’s one of the best rated flat irons in 2018.” – Michelle J. Logan

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CHI GF1001 Flat Iron


The ergonomic design is one thing that makes this model a cut above others. Because of this, you will not experience fatigue when it is used, even for an extended period of time. This is also very light, which makes it easy to use. It also has a swivel cord. Another thing that makes it excellent is that it has a reasonable price. It is a proof to the claims that not all products with good quality comes with an expensive price tag.



Designed with the active working woman in mind, this flat iron has flash quick heating to provide shiny and silky hair instantly

With maximum temperature of 392OF, the flat iron employs 1-inch tourmaline ceramic plates that will not dry out the hair considering that it is able to penetrate it from the inside out

Number one easily recognizable answer to those wanting to know which flat iron is best to keep the frizz away and produce significantly less static electricity when straightening

Professional salon design made to be ergonomic for easy handling by both right-handed and left handed operators



Settings are limited so users have to find the appropriate one available on the flat iron

Gentle straightening action can be time consuming when hair is overly thick


“I got this new CHI flat iron for an affordable price  from Amazon. It heats up extremely fast making me waste no time when I’m in a hurry and need my hair straight pronto. Overall I give it a 4,5 star rating, so far!” – Shelli Miller

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HSI Professional Flat Iron


What is the Best Flat Iron?If you are thinking about what is the best flat iron, you will surely not regret choosing this model. Among others, this can prove to be excellent when it comes to flexibility. This is flexible basically because it is not only good for straightening your hair, but also for the purpose of curling and flipping. Additionally, it is also flexible because you can choose the temperature that will prove to be perfect for your hair, which is generally anywhere from 240 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit.



Experience none of the funky burnt hair smell or that crinkly-crispy feeling that comes when hair is overly heated, with a flat iron that incorporates tourmaline ion and ceramic in its heating plates

With adjustable temperatures ranging from 120OC to 200OC or 240OF to 410OF, so hair gets utmost straightening, curling or flipping treatment that it needs

Create a silky and shiny finish with 1-inch plates that deliver the right amount of heating to any hair length while capably handling bangs

Frizzy and dull hair gets easily transformed to glossy, straight and gorgeous locks that are even more attention-getting than before



Has no auto shut off timer and requires unplugging or turning the unit off

Does not come with digital display, but that’s a small consideration 


“I knew exactly what I wanted for Black Friday and this was HSI Professional flat iron. The saloon quality is exactly what my hair needs to look stunning and feel silky smooth. I have read about which is the best flat iron in 2018 and I believe this is a serious candidate for the title.” – Sharon H. Hall

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CHI Deep Brilliance Titanium Flat Iron – Not available


This model is equipped with one-inch titanium plate. Because of such material, you will be confident that it will be able to glide smoothly on your hair and that it will not damage such. Titanium is a beneficial material because of its ability to control heat. By making sure that the heat is consistent, you will be able to style your hair easily. You will also have the option to use the timer function of the flat iron so that it will automatically stop based on the time that has been initially set.

“What’s the best flat iron in 2018 is a difficult question, but I think I’ve found the answer. This titanium flat iron from CHI is if not the best, surely a leading model. My hair looks exactly as I want and no harm is brought to it thanks to its titanium plates.” – Barbara Smith