What is the best 3 room camping tent from Wenzel


2.Wenzel Great Basin 18&#39x10&#39 3 Room 10 Person TentBenefits

This is the best camping tent from Wenzel for large groups and extended camping trips.

All of the camping tent’s accessories are included, making it unnecessary to make any additional purchases.

The large camping tent features a sturdy design that is weather resistant, and comfortable to sleep in.

Wenzel Great Basin reviews state that not only is the tent durable and sturdy, it also includes safety features for additional protection when you are camping.



Even though this is considered the best camping tent, it is not designed to be used during the winter. It is water resistant, but it will not protect you from cold or freezing temperatures.

The included room dividers are a convenient way to separate different sleeping areas, but it can be slightly difficult to align with the ceiling. This normally only occurs when one person is setting the tent up, and can be resolved with a little extra help from a fellow camper.

The sturdy poles are constructed from fiberglass, and are not meant to withstand heavy winter storm winds. Since this tent is designed for use during the warmer seasons, this is rarely a problem.


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  • The roomy tent can comfortably sleep up to ten people, or three queen size inflatable mattresses. It measures 18′ x 10′ across, and features a domed ceiling for plenty of room to move around. The included room divided can be used to create two or three separate spaces, and the front awning provides a shaded spot to relax and enjoy nature.

1.Wenzel Great Basin 18&#39x10&#39 3 Room 10 Person Tent

  • All of the accessories are included with the three room tent, including the protective waterproof floor, awning, and room divider. A carrying case makes traveling with the large tent easy and convenient, and will also help you keep track of the included stakes. The camping tent also includes an electrical port, and side pockets for storing flashlights and other small items.


  • The durable tent is constructed from waterproof polyester and polyethylene, and features a weather resistant mesh ceiling to keep you sleeping cool and comfortable on hot summer nights. There are four windows for added ventilation that also included sealable coverings to keep wind and rain out, along with a storm flap on the tent’s single access door.


  • The tent is easy to set up by connecting the poles to the body, and includes supportive stakes and guy ties to keep it securely in place during sudden wind gusts. For additional safety the three room camping tent has also been treated with a fire retardant.


There are several reasons why this is the best 3 room camping tent, including its safe and durable construction. It is large enough to comfortably sleep up to ten campers, and includes protective door and window coverings that will keep the rain out. It is perfect for extended camping trips with your friends or family, and includes everything you need to camp comfortably in hot or rainy weather.


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