Engineered to go as deep as 210 feet underwater, the Waterfi Waterproof iPod Shuffle is the best mp3 player you can bring along when you’re ready to hit the water while enjoying your favorite sounds.

The Waterfi Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle is easy to control on the go.

This model boasts of an extended battery life plus 2GB of memory for optimum enjoyment.

The product ships with the necessary mp3 player accessories to enable optimum use.

With proven durability and reliability plus a spanking new look, the Waterfi Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle is a modern gadget that lets you maximize the best of iTunes.



There should always be enough slack on the wire to prevent water from sneaking in when the ear bud is dislodged from the ear due to an errant stroke or turn of the head.

According to one user, the Velcro attachment for affixing to the goggle band is useless.

It is important that the earphones be as fully dried off as possible after use.


Customer Rating –> A+


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Benefits Explained

  • With the interior of the device featuring complete insulation, all the sensitive electronic components are covered by a barrier, so you can swim longer, sweat more and go where your active lifestyle takes you, while enjoying your favorite audiobooks, podcasts and music.

  • The Waterfi Apple iPod Shuffle reviews say that this waterproof iPod Shuffle offers simplicity in control of its different functions. With a single click, you can instantly play and pause the current track, as well as adjust volume or change songs without discontinuing your current activity.


  • With 15 hours of battery life plus 2GB flash memory, you can swim or do workouts uninterrupted while enjoying great sounds. The huge memory enables you to store an entire library of approximately 500 songs, to give you a boost while engaging in activities.


  • The model comes with waterproof short cord headphones that are ready to use underwater and meet IP8 waterproofing standards. The 11-inch cord reaches the Shuffle without tangling and no set-up time. Also in the package are four different pairs of silicone earbuds to let you find the ideal fit for your needs.


  • The electronic components are insulated up to 40,000 volts to prevent the water from short circuiting them. This model is also protected from shocks caused by intense vibrations, drops and even a washing machine.


  • Use iTunes to get your favorite audiobooks, podcasts and songs, or create playlists for organizing your selections.


Our Summary

This product is the best mp3 player from Waterfi, thanks to its impressive features that help you maximize enjoyment of sound while doing your gym exercises and physical fitness activities. Optimize its waterproof features and easy controls to enable smooth activity flow all the time.


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