Which WaringPro meat grinder is the best


1.Waring Pro MG855 Professional Die-Cast MetalBenefits

All of the meat grinder accessories are included with your purchase.

WaringPro MG855 reviews state that this is a durable meat grinder that is designed for both home and professional use.

The professional style meat grinder is capable of grinding both small and large amounts of meat without becoming clogged.

It is often considered the best WaringPro meat grinder for its versatile design that will let you make and create delicious and healthy meals.



It should be noted that this meat grinder is not dishwasher safe, and must be washed by hand. This is rarely a problem since it is easy to disassemble, and can be quickly cleaned in only a few minutes.

The durable stainless steel construction is also prone to rust, if it is not completely dried after washing. A quick coat of canola oil can protect the blade and grinding plates from any damaging corrosion.

This is an electric grinder so you should be prepared for some level of noise, and unfortunately this is normal for any kitchen tool that is not operated manually.


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  • As the best meat grinder from Waring Pro it is not unexpected to have all of the necessary accessories included. Along with the plastic meat pusher, there are three stainless steel grinding plates, and two sausage attachments. The plates let you choose between a coarse, medium, or fine grind, while the two sausage tubes let you create different kinds of sausage.

2.Waring Pro MG855 Professional Die-Cast Metal

  • The electric meat grinder features a durable die cast metal protective housing, and stainless steel grinding plates and accessories. It is designed for use in both professional and home kitchens, and features a simple toggle switch for turning the tool off and on. The 450 watt motor is also powerful enough to be used in any kitchen, and will effortlessly cut through all of your meat and other food items.


  • This versatile kitchen tool features a black plastic poker that will help keep the extra wide hopper from becoming clogged, and can push both small and large amounts of meat easily through the opening. The meat grinder also includes the reverse option, which will help you clear any stuck ingredients without having to take the grinder apart.


  • Not only is this the best meat grinder for any type of meat, its versatile design also lets you grind fish and vegetables. Add new ingredients to your freshly stuffed sausages, or make a fresh pate for your next party. You can also grind meat for chili and soups, along with preparing fresh baby and pet food.


The durable construction and powerful motor are designed to last a lifetime, and for added peace of mind there is also a five year warranty included with the new purchase. Grind fresh meat for hamburgers at your next cookout, or make fresh and healthy food for your pets. The electric grinder is easy to use and clean, and will make a great addition to any personal or professional kitchen.


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