What is the best sling box alternative from Vulkano Flow



Allows use of any mobile device

Lets you watch recorded content on your DVR at home or from anywhere

Sleek and compact profile

Combines video recording functionality of several other devices

Consistently updated electronic program guide (EPG)



One of the Vulkano Flow 010410VF reviews notes a minor problem that involves the free Vulkano Player app, which works for all other Monsoon Multimedia devices but requires a pricey download fee for others.

The power plug is large enough to block the outlet below or next to it.


Customer rating –> B


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  • Watch and control your TV service at home, such as cable or satellite, over WiFi or 3G, using any mobile device. You can now watch TV on your PC, iPad, Mac, Smartphones such as Blackberry, Android or iPhone, using the best sling box alternative from Vulkano Flow. Do this anywhere and at anytime via WiFi or 3G technology, which lets you enjoy a unique TV and Internet media experience.

  • Watch and control any TV channel on the Vulkano Flow, or enjoy recorded content on your DVR at home or anywhere in the world. DVR features let you schedule TV recordings to a Mac or PC for you to watch later. You can bring your TV along with you and watch it in any room in the house. Thanks to the Flow’s wireless and seamless connection to your home network, all this is possible.


  • This TV set-top box is an all-in-one digital video recorder that will not take up a lot of space. Just set it on top of your TV, or on any free space among your home theater appliances. It has a sleek and stylish profile that won’t clash with the rest of the décor and your other modern appliances. With easy installation and set-up, the Vulkano Flow is up and ready in no time.


  • Experience live or recorded videos, TV programs, music and photos on any screen you want, when you want. The Vulkano Flow combines the features you love in the Slingbox, TiVo, and Roku and readily integrates them with video streaming capability to any device, all in just one unit that you can buy at a fraction of the price.


  • The DVR features include the Electronic Program Guide (EPG), which you can use as easily as a regularly updated TV guide that displays current and upcoming programming. This means you won’t miss any of your favorite sports games and TV shows, which lets you have control over what you watch on TV.


The Vulkano Flow offers the best sling box alternative due to its capable expansion of your TV’s functionality. Use it to enjoy recorded content on your DVR, or to watch TV on your mobile or portable device. It combines the many features of more expensive devices. The Flow even offers an Electronic Program Guide so you’ll know what’s showing and when.


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