Most reliable monitor for photo editing from Viewsonic




The VX2453mh-LED has earned a remarkable ENERGY STAR® 5.0 certification that makes it a great device to help save on your utility bills.

This is the best monitor for photo editing due to its MEGA Dynamic Contrast Ratio.

The full 1080p resolution and fast response rate make this product the best monitor for photo editing from Viewsonic.

You can enjoy great sound experience with premium SRS sound onboard.

Enjoy diverse connectivity via three video inputs: two for HDMI and one for VGA.




The menu buttons are on the right side of the bezel, which can prove to be inconvenient for some users.

The stand is not made for vertical mounting of the monitor, as mentioned in one of the Viewsonic VX2453MH reviews.

Some users also find the large HDMI lettering on the front bezel unnecessary.


Customer Rating –> B+


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Benefits Explained


With the VX2453mh-LED, you can save on your electricity bills while protecting the planet. The monitor has mercury-free backlight that ensures non-toxic functionality. The low energy consumption saves you precious dollars that can go as high as $20,000 in just five years. Compared to CCFL monitors, the VX2453mh-LED uses 40% less electricity.

The monitor’s backlight can be dimmed completely to give you pure pitch blackness for dark movie scenes. Each LED has the ability to fully shut off for impressive ratio between black and white contrasts. Get true blacks that enable better overall image quality.


The low response rate of two milliseconds enables faster applications that movie production houses, video enthusiasts, avid gamers and engineers can truly appreciate. The 24-inch widescreen with 1920 x 19080 resolution is able to display full native HD 1080p images. Enjoy details and clarity in any content you view.


The manufacturer has partnered with industry leader audio expert SRS Labs, to ensure seamless sound experience. Loaded with SRS Premium Sound™ technology, the monitor lets you hear the true essence of sound. Get exceptional audio experience for games, video and music. This means immersive and natural audio, characterized by clear dialogs, deep bass and true surround sound. Included in the ViewSonic Wizard CD-ROM is the SRS Premium Sound software.


Standard in the VX2453mh-LED is HDMI technology. You can thus easily connect your monitor to a laptop or desktop PC. Or connect to a Blu-ray DVD or CD player for variety in video sources. The three video inputs include one VGA and two HDMI bays, allowing you to connect to three different sources and toggle from one to the other via the On-Screen Display. Hook up headphones to the monitor for private listening.


With the VX2453mh-LED, it’s like getting many monitor accessories with your purchase. You can connect to different video sources using the dual HDMI and VGA. Enjoy crisp, clear images and impressive picture quality with the superb 1080p resolution.


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