Differently from classic diaper bags, this model is more practical because it allows the user to carry its weight evenly on both shoulders.

Because this product was produced by Valandres, you can rest assured knowing that it was developed using high-quality materials that won’t break easily.

The model has a neutral design and, consequently, it can be used by both moms and dads.

The item has a total of 14 pockets, including two insulated ones.

Two additional stroller straps (universal) are also shipped with the product.



The backpack has received mainly favorable reviews. Still, one of its previous buyers has complained about the bag having a chemical smell when first opened. However, the scent did not persist after the first use.

Similarly, the same customer has noted that the model that she had received had a missing stroller strap and a missing side hook. Nevertheless, this is not a problem that any other customer has complained about. In case of such mishaps, the manufacturer is likely to intervene and correct the issue.

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Benefits explained

According to the majority of previous purchasers, this model is highly dependable and sturdy, even when used for an extensive period of time. Because of this, it is safe to say that the backpack is a safe investment.

When it comes to its dimensions, we feel like it is essential that we point out that this product is quite roomy, as it includes 14 pockets that one can utilize in order to organize the baby items necessary when on the go (cream, tissues, diapers, etc.). As a plus, two of the 14 pockets are insulated and, therefore, perfect to store the bottles in.

According to the manufacturer, this unit comes shipped with a convenient changing pad as well as with a pacifier clip and a pacifier pod. Furthermore, the portable changing pad has three integrated pockets where you can keep diapers, tissues and other similar products. The backpack also has a shoulder strap with padding that allows the user to carry it on his/her shoulder if needed.

The backpack is medium sized and, as a result, is not difficult to maneuver when used on a day to day basis.  

What is more, the product comes provided with not just one, but two stroller straps that you can use to secure it to the stroller of the baby. This way, if, by any chance, one of them breaks or if you lose one, you will still be able to fasten the backpack onto the stroller. Lastly, the manufacturer of the product is said to offer top-notch customer support.



To sum up, this diaper backpack is a good investment that any new parent is likely to appreciate. Its smart design, the handful of pockets and the extra straps are all features that you should definitely consider before you make up your mind. Besides, this model is thought highly of by current users. So, you should think about it before you place any orders!


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