The model comes shipped with an additional bag that can be used as an on-the go-diaper bag, which most moms are likely to consider practical and useful.

When making this baby towel, the manufacturer has used a material called organic bamboo, a type of fabric that is highly absorbent.

The most appreciated features of the towel are its funny hoodie and the small side pockets.

The product can be used with both baby boys and baby girls that are up to 3 years of age.



At the time we have carried out our research, this product had mainly received positive reviews. However, one of its previous buyers has claimed that the stitching of the hood was not particularly sturdy. Nonetheless, no other users have reported this issue.

What is more, because an extensive warranty covers the product, if you happen to have any problems with this towel, you can always contact the manufacturer and sort the issue out.

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Benefits explained

As expected, this baby towel is currently regarded as a safe investment. The model is highly-appreciated because of its cute design and because it was constructed using reliable materials. In fact, the specialists consider that organic bamboo is highly absorbent (it absorbs water three times faster than standard cotton), antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Apart from being safe, this material is resistant to odors and extra soft. Hence, if your baby has sensitive skin or any kind of skin condition, this towel might be just what you’ve been looking for.

The towel measures 30’ x 30’ and is sizeable enough to be used with newborns, babies and toddlers alike. Even more so, this product is fitting for babies, no matter their gender. Consequently, this unit is likely to be a great baby shower gift!

When shipped, this product also includes a diaper bag that is small yet convenient, and that you can use when on the go. The towel can be effortlessly washed in between uses as it is not likely to get rough after doing so. Similarly, the manufacturer guarantees that this item won’t lose its softness after being cleaned.

Previous buyers of the model were thrilled with their acquisition. Most of them have said that the towel is soft on the baby’s skin and that the quality of the material is beyond their expectations.

Because the model comes packaged in the before mentioned bag, this model can be easily offered as a gift without you having to invest in additional packaging. The product is said to arrive fast, and the manufacturer is known for providing outstanding customer services.



In conclusion, this price-efficient product is an excellent investment if you are searching for a two-in-one type of gift. The model is made from a bio, top-notch material that ensures that your baby is 100% cared for. Even more so, this product is backed by a 90-day money back policy that you can use in case you are not content with your new acquisition.


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