Best Car Phone Charger Reviews


If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best car phone charger money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best car phone chargers on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures, and overall value for the money, as well as social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Omaker Intelligent came up on top of all the others. Managing to charge up to three devices at the same time, this is a veritable workhorse to take with you on any trip. Its intelligent technology prevents overheating and adapts the power output for recharging each device in particular. Connection status can be easily monitored due to a LED power indicator. In case the Omaker Intelligent is unavailable, we strongly recommend the Maxboost, as a solid second choice.



Buying Guide:


When you are on the road, you surely have to make sure your phone and other mobile devices are charged so you can use them as needed. Charging your smartphone or your tablet inside a car requires a portable car and phone charger, which can be acquired from the market. With so many models readily available, you may feel a bit at a loss when you are trying to make a purchase. Fret not; this buying guide will show you all the important things you need to know about such devices.


First of all, you need to decide what kind of charger you intend to buy. There are a few types now available and knowing the difference between various models can save you a lot of hassle later on. For instance, fast chargers are those that take less than one hour to have your phone or tablet charged. While the fact that they are so fast is really commendable, it must be mentioned that their biggest drawback is the fact that they tend to overheat, and therefore they can cause problems. Rapid chargers are similar, but they come with an indicator light that lets you know when your smartphone is charged, so you can unplug it.

Trickle chargers are a better choice, in case you do not want to have your eyes on the device all the time. These chargers use little power for slow recharging, so they are not fast like the others; however, even if you forget to unplug your phone, you do not run the of overheating the battery.


USB connectivity

Check the USB connections on your charger. There are mobile devices that come with micro-USB, so there must be a connection on your charger that fits. The use of a cable that comes with a micro-USB on one end and a regular USB on the other can save the day, in case there is not a direct compatibility between the two, and there are models sold with all the necessary accessories. The number of USB connections is also something to consider; the best car phone charger reviews praise the models that come with more connections, so you can charge more devices simultaneously.


Battery capacity

When looking for a good and reliable model, do not overlook battery capacity. The number written before the “mAh” symbol tells you a lot about how much power the model has, and about its performance. As expected, the higher the number of mAh – milliampere-hour, the better.



Top Rated Phone Chargers in 2021


Just below you will find three of the most appreciated car phone chargers currently for sale. Based on their popularity and performance, they are the ones you cannot go wrong with.



Omaker Intelligent


1.Omaker IntelligentThere is no wonder the Omaker Intelligent was picked by many users to be the best car phone charger of 2021. Because it comes with 3 USB ports, you will be able to charge 3 different mobile devices at the same time, so you will never have to wait for having all charged and ready to be used.

It must be noted that this charger comes with its own intelligent technology that helps identifying each device in particular, in order to have the required power for recharging delivered right away. The same intelligent technology is responsible for preventing overheating and other mishaps that may damage your mobile devices during charging.

Its broad compatibility highly recommends it. You can use this charger for iPhone models, as well as Android devices, without any problems. Another great plus is that it will not cause any interference with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices you may have in the car.


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2.Car Charger MaxboostThe Maxboost is ideal for Samsung users, because it works like a charm for Galaxy models, as well as many other Android based devices.

You will no longer have to deal with long waiting times for your smartphone or tablet to charge, since this one is capable of recharging at maximum speed your iPad, iPhone, iPod, MP3 player, your digital camera, or any other tablet or mobile phone. Its low profile makes it a fine choice for all your car trips, because it will not make a mess on your dashboard and it will keep clutter to a minimum.

There is no risk of overheating, overcharging or short circuiting, because of the internal infrastructure of this charger. The unit knows to stop on its own when the battery is full, so you will not have to deal with any accidents. Its dual ports are capable of identifying your mobile phone or tablet, in order to provide the necessary power.


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Anker 24W Mini AK-A2310011


The neatest thing about this gadget is that it comes with two high-speed charging ports, which means that you will be able to provide power to two mobile devices. Therefore, there’s nothing stopping you from charging your tablet and your smartphone at the same time.

The compact design of this option is an advantage in itself as you will be able to carry it conveniently in any of your pockets or even leave it in your car. The model has been designed in such a way so as to prevent malfunctions with your mobile devices due to overcharging.

Another detail you might appreciate about this unit is that it is compatible with a myriad of gadgets. Virtually any USB device can be used with this car charger. Besides, since it boasts a MultiProtect Safety System, you can rest assured that your smartphone or precious iPad won’t become the victims of any shorts or surges.


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AmazonBasics CLA-USB04 – Not available


3.AmazonBasics 4.0This highly affordable car phone charger from AmazonBasics is just what you need for making your car trips more enjoyable. Two USB ports allow you to charge both your smartphone and your tablet simultaneously, so you do not lose any time on such trifle things. A LED light is placed on the charger to let you know a connection was established.

One of its biggest pluses is its really compact size that allows you to pick this charger and have it packed without taking up too much space. Its compact size also makes sure that the charger will not get in your way when you want to use other controls on your dashboard, so it is a plus for safe driving.

You can use the charger to recharge many different phones and tablets, as well as Kindle units and GPS devices. You can always check the specs for compatibility, so you can make the best purchase.


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Best Wireless Headphones for TV Reviews



How to Choose the Best Wireless Headphones for TV


Watch movies, TV programs and even play games without disturbing others with a pair of wireless headphones. Designed for comfort and convenience, there are several models to choose from and finding the right pair of headphones can be difficult. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will help you narrow down your choices so you can easily find the best wireless headphones for TV in 2021.

Best Wireless Headphones for TV


The best wireless headphones for TV reviews suggest first deciding on an amount for are comfortable spending. Prices for wireless headphones can vary according to the included features, and deciding on a budget can help narrow down your options. This will also help you choose which features are absolutely necessary so you don’t waste your money on functions that will never be used.



As stated in the best wireless headphones for TV reviews you want the pair you choose to feature a comfortable and durable design. Over the ear headphones are designed to block out external noise, and generally feature comfortable padding. Headphones with adjustable headbands make it easier to find a secure and comfortable fit, and you also want to consider the materials used in construction. Most wireless headphones are constructed from durable plastic that is lightweight and designed to last.



Simply because you are wearing headphones doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice sound quality. Models that feature a broad frequency range are able to produce deep bass and clear treble notes, and headphones with 40mm drivers can deliver realistic sounds. Wireless models that include noise reduction capabilities ensure that every note is crystal clear, and you might also want to consider a pair with automatic tuning.



There are also some included features to consider, though your budget will help you determine the ones that you need. Bluetooth compatibility is always convenient, especially for gamers who need to keep their hands free. Rechargeable batteries can help save money on constant replacements, and included charging stations ensure that the headphones are always ready to go. Included warranties are also appreciated, along with the ability to connect to other headphones.


Top Rated Wireless Headphones for TV in 2021


While we can’t choose the right pair for you, we can show you the top rated wireless headphones for TV of 2021. Designed to be durable and comfortable to wear, along with being able to produce high quality sound, maybe one of wireless headphones is exactly what you need for your TV.


Sennheiser RS120


1. Sennheiser RS120Designed to produce realistic sounds, these wireless headphones are perfect for listening to music, movies, and television programs. This pair of wireless headphones features a lightweight and comfortable design, along with an affordable price. You also have the advantage of the included two year warranty for additional peace of mind.

The padded cups are designed to fit comfortably over your ears, and the soft foam also helps to reduce background noise interference. You also have the advantage of being able to choose from three channels to enjoy crystal clear sounds anywhere in the room. The headphones also feature amazing bass response for rich, deep sounds, and you will appreciate the conveniently placed controls.

Volume , power and tuning are all located on the headphones for easy access, and you also have the advantage of the included long lasting rechargeable batteries. Capable of holding a charge of to 20 hours in some situations, the included transmitter also doubles as a docking station. The transmitter is capable of sending and receiving signals up to 300 feet, and when the batteries are low simply set the headphones on top for quick and easy recharging. The headphones are also compatible with other models so you can enjoy movies and music with family and friends.

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2. Sony MDRRF985RKThese wireless headphones are designed to produce amazing sounds, and be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The headphones are also affordably priced, and don’t require you to sacrifice on sound quality. Perfect for enjoying movies and music without disturbing others, you will also appreciate how easy and convenient these wireless headphones are to use.

The headband is padded and adjustable for maximum comfort, which is always important when you are settling in for a long listening session. The ear cups are also padded for comfort and won’t irritate or pinch sensitive skin. The over the ear design also helps to reduce background noise. You will also appreciate the innovative system that helps to minimize transmission static and interference so every sound is crisp and clear.

You have the advantage of the 40mm drivers that are capable of producing expressive and realistic sounds, and the headphones also feature automatic tuning to reduce annoying interference. You can enjoy high quality sound from your TV or audio system, and you’ll love how easy these wireless headphones are to set up and control.

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RIF6 TM Digital Wireless Headphones


3. RIF6 TMThere is very little not to like about these wireless headphones, including its comfortable design and affordable price. This pair is designed to produce amazing high quality sound, and to be easy and convenient to use. You also have the advantage of the included warranty that will give you additional peace of mind.

These lightweight headphones feature plenty of padding on the adjustable headband and over ear cups. Not only does this provide plenty of comfortable cushioning, the adjustable band makes it easy to find a secure fit. The headphones are also capable of producing rich full sounds, and include a broad frequency response for deep bass and clear treble notes.

The included rechargeable batteries can last for up to 20 hours, and the transmitter serves as a convenient charging station. You also have the advantage of the 100 foot signal range that makes it possible for you to move around the room and still enjoy listening to your TV or audio system. There are also several convenient features that include presets for volume and an indicator for low power. You can also take advantage of the fast recharging function, and these wireless headphones are also compatible with most iPods, smart phones and TVs.

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Best Spy and Hidden Camera Reviews



Expert Buying Advice for Spy and Hidden Cameras


There are several reasons why you might need a spy and hidden camera. These discreet devices can help protect your home and belongings, and can also record the actions of people around you. Small, discreet, and generally easy to use, there are several models to choose from and the informative tips included in this buying guide can help you find the best spy and hidden camera in 2021.

Best spy and hidden camera


The best spy and hidden camera reviews suggest first deciding on the design. These tiny devices can be hidden in sunglasses, alarm clocks, and other common items, and where you are going to use the spy camera will make a difference in finding one that is right for you. While a camera hidden in a pair of sunglasses is great if you are following someone, it might not be appropriate for indoor surveillance. Once you have decided on where and how you want to use the spy and hidden camera, it will be easier to find one with a design that works for you.


Video Options

As stated in the best spy and hidden camera reviews one of the most important aspects are the options for viewing and storing the videos, along with resolution. While your budget will help determine the resolution, it is possible to find a spy and hidden camera that is capable of shooting high quality video in low and bright lighting. You also want to be able to easily view the recorded video, and have plenty of storage space. Cameras with SD slots are generally considered more versatile, while models with internal memories are often priced lower. There are also spy and hidden cameras that can be accessed remotely, though this generally requires the additional purchase of the app.



You will also want to consider the power source, and this is often determined by the spy and hidden camera’s design. Smaller models that are inserted in pens or sunglasses generally rely on batteries, while cameras that fit in clocks and other electronics often use AC power. There are also spy cameras that give you the option of using electric or battery power.


Top Rated Spy and Hidden Cameras in 2021


While we can’t choose the best device for you, we can show you the top rated spy and hidden cameras for 2021. Designed to be fun and easy to use, these tiny models are also capable of recording high quality video.


Toughsty Hidden Camera Clock MT-WIFI07


1.Toughsty Hidden Camera ClockYou will love how easy this spy and hidden camera is to use, along with its discreet and functional design. This sleek and modern alarm clock looks great on a bedroom nightstand or on a desk top, and will accurately display the current time. You can also set the alarm to wake you up in the morning.

It features infrared and motion detecting capabilities, and is able to produce high resolution video so you can easily see any activity when you are not in the room. It is capable of recording video and audio in real time, and with 160 degree viewing angle you can easily capture every movement as it occurs. You will also appreciate being able to set the camera to only record when movement is sensed, which helps conserve energy and memory space.

This spy and hidden camera is designed to be extremely easy to use, and you will love being able to access any recordings directly from the web. This lets you monitor your bedroom or office from almost any internet connection for additional peace of mind. Capable of recording in bright or no light and designed to be easy to use, this hidden spy camera might be exactly what you need to keep your home and belongings safe.

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Stoga Tcam ST-009


2.Stoga Tcam ST-009If you need to discretely record conversations or activity around you, this spy and hidden camera might be exactly what you are looking for. It features a lightweight and durable construction that is designed to be easy to take with you, or fit discreetly in a drawer. You can also use this hidden spy camera and audio recorder to keep an eye on your home or office when you’re not there, and you can easily access the video from almost any internet connection.

The camera is password protected so no one can see the recordings even if the device is discovered, and you will love how crisp and clear the videos appear. Capable of producing 720P images, this spy and hidden camera is ideal for use in low light settings. You also have the advantage of the night vision mode that can record up to 60 minutes of continuous activity.

The built in battery can record up to 100 minutes before needing to be recharged, and you will also love how easy this small device is to use. Record meetings and conversations for later reference, and keep an eye on your private space when you’re not around. This hidden spy camera also features an affordable price that will fit most budgets.

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SpyCrusher CR205 Sunglasses


3.SpyCrusher SunglassesYou can look great and recording clear images with these stylish sunglasses. The glasses will shield your eyes from bright sunlight, while also recording any activity around you. The glasses are perfect for tailing suspicious acting spouses or employees, and the functional design won’t tip anyone off that they are being recorded.

These sunglasses will make you feel like a spy, and you will love how easy it is to turn the camera on and off. There is a simple switch that can be discretely flipped, and you will also appreciate how easy it is to view your recordings. The files can be easily transferred to your PC or desktop, and with 720P you will be able to see every detail crystal clear. The lower resolution is also ideal for darker settings.

With up to 100 minutes of continuous record you can easily follow someone throughout their day, and the SD card slot can be expanded for additional memory. Stylishly designed and fun to wear, no one will know they’re being recorded with this spy and hidden camera.

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Best CCTV/DVR Security Camera Kit Reviews



How to Choose a Top CCTV/DVR Security Camera Kit


CCTV/DVR systems not only allow you to conduct surveillance of your premises but also capture the security video in a digital video recorder for later review. They can serve as a deterrent to theft or vandalism. Having surveillance video also allows you to identify perpetrators of crimes. Choosing a system can be difficult though, due to the sheer number of options available in the market. Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind when choosing a surveillance system that can help you cut through the jargon to find the one that meet suits your requirements.

Best CCTV DVR security camera kit

Camera specifications

The specifications you should be familiar with include the image resolution of the cameras, the number of LEDS and the illumination range. Resolution is measured in TVL or TV lines of resolution, with higher TVLs representing better image quality. For example, the range for standard image quality is 380 TVL to 420 TVL while very high quality is 540 TVL to 700 TVL. Cameras use LEDs to flood the area with infrared light and thus, cameras with a high number of LEDs are appropriate for use in low-light environments. Illumination range refers how far the camera can see at night. You should also consider 2MP cameras as they provide resolution that is clear enough for license plate identification.


Indoor or outdoor camera system

When choosing a system, one important question to ask yourself if where it will be installed. Cameras designed for outdoor use are waterproof and resistant to the elements.


Storage Capacity

The higher the storage capacity, the more recordings you can keep. This is especially important if you are using multiple cameras and you do not want to delete the recordings after just a day or two. CCTV/DVR systems typically have their own storage ranging from 250 MB to as much as 2 TB. Others have limited internal storage and rely instead on burning the recordings to an SD card.


Light sensitivity

If you need a camera that can work in low light conditions, look for one that can take video at low lux levels. For example, a camera with 0.001 lux can work on a moonless night with clear skies.


Additional features

Look for features like Electronic pan/tilt/zoom (ePTZ) that allows you to not only zoom, pan and tilt on live streams but also previously recorded footage.


Top Rated CCTV/DVR Security Camera Kits in 2021


Now that you know what to consider when buying CCTV camera systems, you can go on Amazon or your favorite online shopping site and start conducting your search with confidence. If you still need more help, however, here are our some of our recommendations for the best CCTV/DVR security kits.


ZOSI ZR04GF/05+ZG2621N-B-K4


1.ZOSI ZR04GF-05+ZG2621N-B-K4The ZOSI ZR04GF/05+ZG2621N-B-K4 is one of the top rated CCTV/DVR security cameras 2021, with five star and four star ratings comprising more than 70% of its reviews from Amazon users. The four channel system is ideal for those who are planning to install their security system outdoors where they need to work under low light conditions and are exposed to the elements. The kit includes four HD 720p color cameras with a 500GB Audio HD (AHD) DVR. The cameras have a ¼-inch Aptina CMOS image sensor with ICR (which produces image resolution of up to 700 TVL), 3.6mm megapixel lenses and 36 pcs IR 5mm LEDs. The night vision of the cameras has a visibility of up to 100ft or 30m and has a weatherproof rating of IP66 (dust tight and resistant to powerful water jets).

The DVR supports full four channel video and audio input and HDMI (1080p) and full HD VGA video output, allowing it to store video from up to four CCTV cameras. It can be connected to the Internet, allowing the user to monitor and control the system using portable Android and iOS devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPhones and iPads. Thus, it should not be surprising it is highly rated in the best CCTV/DVR security camera kit reviews.

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FLOUREON CCTV DVR Camera Security Kit


2.FLOUREON CCTV KitThe FLOUREON CCTV kit has earned some of the best CCTV/DVR security camera kit reviews on Amazon, with 2/3 giving it five-star ratings. The four-channel system is a good choice for users who need a surveillance system that will be installed in areas where they will be exposed to the elements and take video at night or in poor light conditions. The system comes with four CCTV cameras and a four-channel HDMI 960H DVR.

The four cameras have a CMOS image sensor, have an image resolution of 700 horizontal TVL and can take video at a minimum illumination of 0.1 lux, meaning that it can take video on nights where there is a full moon. It also has an automatic electronic shutter that accommodates changes in light levels and supports an NTSC standard of 1/60 – 1/100,000.

The DVR features a four channel video input BNC interface and a one channel video output BNC interface. The HD output is 1920×1080 HDMI and you can select between PAL and NTSC. Although it has no hard disk included, you have the option to save output to an HDD, a flash disk or stream it through the network. The DVR allows you to remote view the video or control the DVR using iOS and Android devices.

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3.ELEC CVK-HL08CP03B-4The ELEC CVK-HL08CP03B-4 is one of the best CCTV/DVR security camera kit 2021 models since it provides the user with a lot of flexibility as to where the system will be installed. The Elec is an indoor/outdoor system that can be set up anywhere they are needed and are easy to install. The kit includes four bullet-style CCTV cameras and an eight-channel mini-DVR with a 1TB HDD as well as related accessories such as four sixty-foot connector cables. The cameras have an image resolution of 700 TVL, which means that you get a very high definition image.

The  DVR has a motion detection recording feature, which saves you time and effort, as well as disk space on your HDD by starting to record only when its detects a “motion event”. It also features BNC output when you use a TV as a monitor and VGA output when you use a computer monitor. In addition, you have the option to view the CCTV feed on your 3G smartphone or over the Internet, allowing you to remotely monitor the premises even when you are not on-site. There are eight channels, which means that you can upgrade the system and add up to four additional cameras.




Best Camcorder Bag and Case Reviews



Expert Buying Advice for Top Camcorder Bags and Cases


Whether you are an amateur photographer or a seasoned one, you surely need a camcorder bag or case to carry all your tools. Photography is today a much loved activity, and many people have taken after the habit, making it their favorite past time. However, a photo camera or a video camera has to be well protected, since all kinds of accidents may damage it beyond repair. While you may think that physical damage is the only enemy cameras can be very sensitive to dust, moisture and other agents that can damage the internal mechanisms. There are many bags and cases available today and choosing one can be a hassle. If you want to pick one that is a right fit for your camera, reading the best camcorder bag and case reviews and buying guides like this one can be very helpful.

Best Camcorder Bag and Case

Main purpose

What are you going to use your camera for? This is a very important question when you need to purchase a camcorder bag or case. A simple bag may be enough for a person who only takes photos or shoots videos occasionally, while a pro may need a strong, sturdy case that will offer superior protection to the camcorder. If you plan on using your camcorder a lot, a case may be a better choice, since you will not have to worry that dropping the case will damage the camcorder inside.


A good fit

Your video camera should fit inside the case or bag you intend to purchase. Regardless of how cheap or convenient it may be, the model you want to buy has to be able to accommodate your camera, or you will not use it at all. Always get the most accurate measurements of the bag or case you would like to purchase, to avoid any unpleasant surprises at a later date.



What kind of material is the bag or case made of? The best camcorder bag and case reviews talk about various materials, from vinyl to metal, so there are plenty of possibilities to choose from. If you want the bag to be lightweight, going for vinyl is a good choice, especially if you aim for a good type of vinyl. Of course, for a case, metal is the natural choice, because it can clearly protect the contents without an issue. Leather, for instance, is another good choice, because it is sturdy and durable.



Last, but not least, don’t forget about design. You surely want your bag or case to look good and you can choose from many different styles. Check the design for functionality, too; additional pockets can save you a lot of time when you are looking for an accessory.


Top Rated Camcorder Bags and Cases in 2021


Are you looking for the best camcorder bag and case 2021? The next products are all highly appreciated by consumers and they are a great deal in all regards, from pricing to design and durability. Picking any of these five will not disappoint you and will help you maintain your camcorder in top notch condition for a long time.


Case Logic DCB-305


1.Case Logic DCB-305What most photographers and those handy with a camcorder look for when they are shopping for a bag or a case is compatibility. This model is compatible with most digital camcorders sold on the market, so, unless your camcorder has a very specific shape and size, you will not go wrong with this. The extra pockets make it a very good buy. The bag comes with an internal pocket protected by a zipper where you can store your memory cards for maximum protection. The interior compartmentalization serves, as well, for keeping your accessories separated from the camcorder, so you can find them with ease.

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Sony LCSU5


2.Sony LCSU5 Carrying Case for CamcorderThis is a very cheap carrying case from Sony that serves well for carrying around Handycam camcorders, Cybershot cameras, and Alpha NEX cameras. In order to offer extra protection, the case is padded with soft fabric so any impact will be greatly reduced and lead to minimum damage to the contents. Although this is a smaller type of carrying case for camcorders, it comes equipped with extra mesh pouches so you can store additional accessories and memory cards with great ease. Inside, the case is split between compartments so you can keep your camera and your accessories in good order. The shoulder strap is padded for your comfort.

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Sony LCS-X20


3.Sony LCS-X20 Carrying CaseThe first thing you may notice about this carrying case for camcorders is the stylish appearance. However, the Sony LCS-X20 Carrying Case is not just a pretty looking case; it comes with spacious compartments on the inside, so you can easily store your camcorder and the necessary accessories. Attaching other items is easy, due to its modular interface, and you will appreciate the different color used for the inside fabric that will make the items you have stored there stand out and easy to identify. Considered the top rated camcorder bag and case 2021 by many buyers, this is a recommended buy, especially if you have a Sony camcorder.

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Canon VIXIA HF R500


4.Canon VIXIA HF R500One of the cheapest carrying cases you can find on the market at the moment, the Canon VIXIA HF R500 Camcorder Case is an adjustable model that will help you carry around your camcorder and its accessories with ease. The model comes with interior dividers that can be removed and adjusted as you see fit, which is a much appreciated feature among camcorder users who appreciate being able to organize the space inside a camcorder bag. A carry handle and a shoulder strap are readily provided, so you can carry the bag around in the style you prefer.

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eCost ECOST1548


5.Camcorder Equipment BagHaving enough space at your disposal for all the accessories you intend to use for your camcorder is essential. In case space is your top priority, you will find this extra large bag to be a good choice for you. Don’t let the sleek exterior design fool you; this bag has plenty of space on the inside, and it is capable of offering you the best compartmentalization possible for keeping all your things in their right place. The bag comes with 8 dividers, and it is very sturdy, so it is a good investment on the long run. A carrying handle and a removable shoulder strap are readily provided.

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Best Video Projector under 1000



Expert Buying Advice on Video projectors under 1000


Many of the best video projectors are used for a wide variety of applications including classroom training, concerts, conference room presentations and home theater. Many schools and other educational settings utilize projectors for interactive teaching. Now, how do you ensure you’re getting what you want for the money you spend on this type of gear?

 Best video projector under 1000

Good Resolution

The native resolution of the best video projector under 1000 refers to the number of pixels that it makes available for image creation. A projector with higher resolution offers more pixels for use. Projector resolution is expressed as two numbers: A x B. The first number indicates the available pixels in each horizontal row, while the second denotes the number of pixels in each vertical column. The total number of pixels on the projector is the product obtained from multiplying those two constants.

Usually, the resolution is expressed just as one number, and this uses the vertical resolution (the second number) and “p” for progressive-scan. Higher resolution means a higher price, but it also comes with greater picture detail, as well as a greater ability to eliminate or minimize the visibility of the pixel structure.


Imaging Technology

There are four imaging technologies utilized by projectors today: DLP, LCD, LCOS, and laser raster.


Adequate Brightness Level

The best video projector under 1000 offers just enough brightness to match the amount of ambient light or the lighting conditions, the material in the screen you use and the image size. Thus, using a 2,000-lumen projector in a dark room may prove to be overly bright and hard on the eyes, so a 1,000 to 1,200-lumen unit will be better for this situation. In addition, small percentages of differences can be negligible, as when you compare 2,000 lumens to 2,200 lumens.



Majority of video projectors come with a minimum of one VGA connector for a PC, along with a composite video connector for video gear. Digital connections on the projector enable compatibility with a computer’s digital output, such as an HDMI connector. The most preferred connection for video sources is HDMI and component video is the next preferred.

Some models now integrate Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL)-enabled HDMI ports that allow you to project via Android devices, and can even accommodate charging needs. Plenty of models come with WiFi connectivity via an optional wireless dongle that goes into a USB port, which doubles for projection from a thumb drive.


What Are the Best Video Projectors under 1000?


If you want to enhance your home theater experience or to supplement your teaching or presentation repertoire, a video projector should do the trick. Video projectors shouldn’t just be picked out from a shelf like a can of beans. You should do some research prior to the purchase, as what has led us to picking out these three products.


BenQ W1070


1.BenQ W1070 1080P 3D Home Theater ProjectorThe BenQ W1070 1080P 3D Home Theater Projector features built-in speakers, which are Plug-and-Play ready. This means you can start using the unit right away, with only the power cord and video source connection to link up so you can get ready for the larger viewing experience. The BenQ W1070 has a screen size compatibility of 40 to 235 inches, so you can project as small or as large as you desire. The unit has two HDMI inputs that enable you to enjoy both video and gaming sources. Adjusting the lamp power is always done intelligently thanks to the integrated SmartEco Mode, which helps you maximize power costs via delivery of best brightness and contrast performance.

The BenQ W1070 automatically switches to Eco Blank Mode after it is left turned on for more than three minutes without a display source. This eliminates unnecessary waste of electricity and also prolongs the life of the projector lamp. ISF Certified for customization to any viewing setting, the BenQ W1070 can be calibrated to deliver optimum color performance whether in Day or Night mode to match the room’s layout, size and lighting condition.

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Epson Home Cinema 2030


2.Epson Home Cinema 2030 Home Theater ProjectorThe Epson Home Cinema 2030 Home Theater Projector enables you to optimize different bright cinematic adventures. Use its full high-definition 1080p performance virtually anywhere, both in 2D and 3D. Enjoy consistently rich and brilliant images delivered via 2,000 lumens of color brightness, along with 2,000 lumens of white brightness. The Epson projector offers up to 3x brighter colors compared to leading competing projectors. Thanks to the onboard Certified Chip Technology, the projector delivers vibrant, rich color and dependable performance. Images can be projected on any wall or screen up to 300 inches.

The Epson Home Cinema 2030 comes with HDMI connectivity via one HDMI video and one HDMI audio connection for high-definition quality using a single cable. The projector also allows you to use your own Home theater sound system or to just make the most of the built-in sound. It is also easy to set up. The MHL connectivity enables you to transform the projector into a smart display, giving access to videos, movies and games you can beam from MHL-enabled smartphones and tablets.

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Optoma HD25-LV DLP


3.Optoma HD25-LV DLP Home Theater ProjectorDelivering compelling high-resolution home theater experience, the Optoma HD25-LV DLP Home Theater Projector enhances the value of your home entertainment system. It comes with an awesome native 1080p resolution, which ensures the sharpest, most visually powerful image quality. Thanks to the projector’s full 3D compatibility, you can easily immerse yourself in your favorite 3D movie or video game and experience truly cinematic or gaming enjoyment just like the movie and game creators intended their opuses to achieve. Be assured of easy integration with your PS3, Xbox, Blu-ray 3D player and various gaming consoles.

The projector comes with SRS WOW HD Surround Sound technology precisely designed to deliver unparalleled sound quality and awesome deep bass. The Optoma HD25-LV boasts excellent high-definition video and graphics with remarkable color accuracy and amazingly vivid detail. The projector features 3,200 ANSI lumens along with 20,000:1 contrast ratio to deliver the brightness required for even the most demanding home theater systems. It also comes with class-leading energy-saving features plus incredibly quiet operation for cost effectiveness and magnificent home theater experience.

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Best Helmet Camera reviews



What to look for when trying to buy a Helmet Camera


In a world where people document every aspect of their lives, it is no wonder that people want to document their sporting adventures. Some of the most popular viral videos are filmed in first person and they are doing some incredible stunts. These daredevils do that the help of a camera that is affixed to a helmet.

If you are looking to do some crazy stunts and show people what you see, or if you just want to educate people on safety, proper techniques, or coaching, you may find a helmet camera to be a beneficial piece of equipment. There are many helmet cams on the market, and with the help of the best helmet camera reviews, we have created this buying guide to make the selection process a little simpler.

Unlike regular cameras, the best rated helmet cameras are designed to withstand rough conditions. Due to the cameras durable construction, they can be exposed to dirt, water, and heavy vibrations, but still produce good quality video.

The video quality of the cameras can range by the camera. Ideally, for instructional use, you will want to use a high definition, 1080p camera because it has a crisp playback and is TV ready. You can choose a camera that uses 960p, which lowers the quality of the video slightly, but it also lowers the overall size of the video, thus letting you take longer shots. Of course, if budget is a concern, 720p can still produce a good quality video.

When you are looking at the best helmet cameras for 2021, you want to make sure the camera has a decent amount of memory as well as a slot for an SD card, which will extend the memory of your camera and give you more space. With the use of an SD card, you will be able to transfer your data quickly to your computer. You can also transfer the data with the help of the USB cord. You can find new helmet cameras that can stream your videos directly to your phone app or a computer with Wi-Fi.

There are several different mounting options for the camera. The highest rated helmet camera mounting system are usually ones that hook directly to the top of the helmet or onto the goggle strap. The camera that is mounted to the top of the helmet uses a heavy-duty adhesive that allows you to remove the camera and mount it elsewhere. Cameras that are attached to the goggle strap can be moved by sliding on the strap to change the point of view and have a better shot in frame. While it is difficult to say which is the best way to mount the camera, it really depends on what kind of video you are trying to create.

While we cannot tell you who makes the best cameras, we invite you to look at our best helmet camera reviews and keep these things in mind when you are trying to choose from the best helmet cameras for 2021.


Things to consider:

  • When choosing a helmet camera, you will want to take into consideration the size and weight. These factors will affect how comfortable your helmet is.
  • If you are trying to create a professional video, you will want a camera that can shoot in high definition and have image stabilization capabilities.
  • You will want to decide how you want the camera mounted. If you want to change particular angles while shooting, you may want a top mounted camera that will allow you to change the location where the camera is mounted. If you just want to get a clear point of view shot, you will do well with a camera mounted on your goggle strap.


Top rated Helmet Cameras in 2021


Polaroid XS100 Extreme Edition  Sports Action Camera


Best Helmet Camera reviewsThis durable camera features a professional sensor that works well in low lighting conditions. The camera has several different filming options: 1080p, 960p, and 720p. With these options, you can create clear videos and thanks to the shock-proof exterior greatly reduces the wind noise, you can speak to your audience and they will be able to hear you perfectly. The 4.8 ounce camera adds very little weight to the helmet, but you also have the option to mount the camera to your handle bars for a different perspective.

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Midland XTC280VP1080p HD Wearable Action Camera (Black/Silver)


With a single flick of a switch, you can begin filming high definition videos in 1080p resolution. The lens has the ability to focus so you never miss a shot, and because the camera has image stabilization technology, when the video is played back, it will not be shaky an unbearable to watch. You have the ability to film in either 1920 x 1080p with a frame rate of 30 fps or 1280 x 720p with a frame rate of 60 fps. You can use a micro SD card to maximize your recording time—11 minutes per GB in 1080p HD or 13 minutes per GB in 720p.

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iON Air Pro Plus


The Pro Plus features a fully integrated case that is waterproof and weighs slightly less than five ounces. The professional quality camera can capture full HD video with the ability to take still photographs. The camera boasts 120 fps while taking 720p HD quality video. You have the option to mount the camera on your helmet or you can mount it on the handlebars. If you are filming in low-light situations, this camera can adapt its white balance and exposure automatically. The wide-angle lens gives you a 170-degree field of view and an aperture of 2.

The benefits we mentioned are not the only ones which were appreciated by previous customers. Click here to see their testimonials!


Gear-Pro High-Definition Sport Action Camera


This compact camera is ideal for any outdoor sports recording. The camera can attach to the top of the helmet with the included strap and mounts, and because it is shock-proof and waterproof, you needn’t worry about the activity you are doing while using the camera. Record in real-time in either 1080p or 720p. The wide-angle lens lets you take incredibly detailed videos of your surroundings. You can upload the videos to your computer via a USB cable. This particular camera is ideal for the novice user because it is easy to use.

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Action Sports Helmet Camera


The action sports helmet camera can support a 32 GB SDHC memory card. The revolving mount can rotate 360-degrees, giving you a full range of movement while creating your action packed video. This camera is primarily used as a bike camera and a portable DVR. Take real time video and audio with a touch of a single button. The built-in microphone can capture audio of 12-feet away. The videos are in a MJPEG format and uses 640 x 480p resolution with a frame rate of 30 fps. The camera runs off of two AAA batteries and is USB supported for easy file transfer.

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Best TV DVD Combo Reviews



Top rated TV DVD Combos in 2021


Having a cramped or confined living space can have its blessings as well as its limitations (Pun Intended). For one, it allows you just enough space to do the most essential. For another, it enables you to check out the best TV DVD comboreviews so you can get a product that suits you just fine.

Of course, the one living in a cramped dorm room, small pad or spare room doesn’t always have to mean you. It could be a sister moving off to college, a son or daughter off to see the big city, or just a grandchild getting their own digs and finally asserting their independence. But whatever the case may be, getting a hold of a great TV DVD combo for Christmas or for any other occasion (or non-occasion) would be highly appreciated by the receiver.

Anyways, if you’re the shopper who wants to bag the best rated TV DVD combo for yourself or for someone else (Let it be me!), there’s a relatively varied but still small market where you can do your shopping. The only trouble is, TV DVD combis more or less offer basically the same features. This makes it more difficult to make a great choice. None of the major TV brands have jumped in on the market.  That leaves less popular brands to cover an apparent and still viable market for profitability. The key for buyers however, is to be able to discern which brands cater to their specific requirements on the best rated TV DVD combo.

One limiting factor to such an appliance, no matter how well the manufacturer builds up their product, is the fact that the TV component typically outlives the DVD component. It is therefore a huge necessity to bag the best Black Friday deals on a product that can match its versatile use with dependable quality on both components. Having a TV DVD combi repaired may prove to be a costlier proposition than say, just getting a straightforward flat screen TV and a Blu-ray DVD player. And yes, since we’re on Blu-ray players, there are some TV DVD combos where the player component is unable to adopt the Blu-ray technology on video, movie or music media. Simply put, they can’t play Blu-ray discs. Oh darn!

But wait! You don’t have to feel hopeless or disenchanted about getting a most reliable unit that can aptly address your issues on versatility and space-saving concepts. Thanks to TV DVD combos, you can insert a disc into the built-in slot of the television. Pretty nifty really, especially since TV DVD combi manufacturers have finally begun to outdo each other on the slimness of their units. No homeowner planning to upgrade their appliance collection would be remiss for getting a unit that can handle the need for saving space and enjoying two appliance functions with just one product.

Therefore, get thee to an appliance store where you can bag an affordable unit for your living room or entertainment center. However, make sure that whatever choice you make for the best TV DVD combo 2021 has all the elements presented above.


Things to consider:

–          Good quality surround sound that can rival that of a TV and DVD player as separate components, for optimal enjoyment

–          High-definition TV and DVD capability, for sharp picture quality alone or when connected to a blu-ray disc player

–          A TV tuner for free TV broadcasts aside from the occasional DVD, because there are just some things you can’t do without

–          Great variety of inputs and outputs to provide connectivity when it matters the most


Magnavox 28MD403V/F7 Hi-Definition HDTV/Built-In DVD Player


With a premium resolution of 720p, the Magnavox 28MD403V/F7 Hi-Definition HDTV with Built-In DVD Player promises optimum enjoyment for those who value good quality entertainment. The slim design carries the LED backlight technology well, enabling it to deliver images with ideal contrast, with bright whites and profound blacks on the same image. The Magnavox HDTV with Built-in DVD player has an integrated ATSC TV tuner for HDTV broadcast reception so you can enjoy free TV aside from having a DVD player at your disposal. Enriched color performance is obtainable thanks to this system’s dynamic contrast. Straightforward switching from free TV use and back is offered, making this thebest TV DVD combo 2021. When a DVD is pushed into the player, the unit automatically turns to DVD mode. Pressing the channel button switches it back to TV mode.

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JVC LT-32DE73 LED HDTV/DVD Player Combo


The JVC LT-32DE73 LED HDTV/DVD Player Combo brings high-def home cinema experience to smaller living spaces. It boasts of a wide screen measuring 32 inches. Picture quality rivals that of larger TVs in a convenient size ideal for a dorm room, den, office or bedroom. This product is lauded in plenty of best TV DVD combo reviews due to its slim design with LED backlight, which enables it to deliver amazing color and clarity through dynamic and intensive contrast. Whites are brighter and blacks are darker, ensuring great contrast in images. The appliance is so versatile it can even be used as a computer monitor especially for gaming. Enjoy your favorite DVDs on the built-in DVD player, which eliminates the need for separately purchasing a separate component.

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Axess TVD1801-13 LED TV/DVD Player


With maximum resolution of 1366 x 768, the Axess TVD1801-13 13.3″ LED TV/DVD Player ensures that you can enjoy clear images and great details in the images. It has a good contrast ratio of 500:1, for whiter whites and deeper blacks. It has a built-in digital and analog television tuner, making it highly versatile for whatever kind of technology is available in the community. It offers 12V car cord technology so you can bring the unit along when you travel and enjoy watching your favorite DVDs on the road. The USB input and HDMI input slots allow connectivity for greater variety on media that you can enjoy on the unit. It has multi-language screen display so you can adjust the settings effortlessly without worrying about having to translate.

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Featuring a 32-inch display, the RCA LED32B30RQD 32-Inch LED HDTV/DVD Combo offers several technological advances in video and audio to give you value-for-money home theater experience like no other. It offers HD 720p resolution for powerful image quality supplemented by stunning clarity and vivid, lifelike color. High contrast ratio and brightness levels ensure premium quality 1366 x768 resolution pictures for HD viewing. Slim cabinet design engineered with high quality ensures easy integration with the rest of your home theater appliances or living room décor, with its 16:9 wide screen that delivers sharp images with amazing detail. The product offers 3500:1 contrast ratio, ensuring deep blacks and clear pictures and even shadow details. Clear motion scenes are generated thanks to the fast 6.5ms Response Time.

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Proscan LED-HDTV W/Built-In DVD Player


Brighten up your children’s room, play room, college dorm, office, bedroom,  or any location where a diverse but compact TV DVD combo can prove to be the best element yet. The Proscan 19-Inch LED-HDTV W/Built-In DVD Player has ATSC Digital Tuner so you can maximize free TV broadcasts at your leisure. The 16:9 aspect ratio makes it a high-definition TV ideal for enjoying movies, and when used as a computer monitor, for appreciating graphics and images on various computer programs and applications.  It has the following connections: VGA, HDMI, YPbPr, Coaxial Out, PC Audio, AV Audio/Video, Headphone and RF so you can do more with just a single appliance. The Proscan 19-Inch LED-HDTV W/Built-In DVD Player also offers exceptional sound quality so you can fully appreciate movies and free TV programs the way the director meant you to.

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Best AV Receivers 2021



If you’re here just to find the best AV receivers and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information.We have collected a vast reservoir of information on the best AV receiver by compiling ratings on expert review sites and taking those along with actual owner feedback. Thankfully, our tireless research and information gathering have led us to the best unit on the market, the Onkyo TX-RZ800, which has separate amp and processing blocks housed in one space-saving box, requiring less complicated setup and operation. The three-stage inverted Darlington Circuitry on all channels ensures a noise-free signal path, delivering impressive audio performance for home theater setups that will make any audiophile feel on top of the world. Enjoy steady control over the speaker drivers that feature high-current amps for impressive clear sound, earth shaking bass and awesomely focused audio image. If you love THX movies, you will truly appreciate the power of this AV receiver to turn up the audio setup even more for nothing less than pure, sonic heaven. If the Onkyo TX-RZ800 is unavailable, we highly recommend the Yamaha RX-V379BL as an excellent second best option.


Top rated AV Receivers reviews


IWhile stereo receivers operate as two-speaker units that can be placed in multiple rooms, the best AV receivers 2021 are built to get one up on their mechanical counterparts by adding digital audio processing, switching, surround-sound capability, digital video processing, network video and audio support plus automatic speaker set-up systems to their configuration.

As the heart of an entire home theater system, some of the best rated AV receivers are capable of impressively handling a variety of tasks. Remember that the more inputs and outputs on the unit, the more components can be accommodated. Take a note of what components you already have or are planning to get so as to make a sensible choice on a truly functional AV receiver system for your specific requirements.



Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Channels Price Output Wattage Wi-Fi Ready Our Rating Where to buy

Denon AVR-S500BT

5.2 $$$ 140 watts No A+ AMAZON

Yamaha RX-V677

7.2 $$$$ 125 watts YES B AMAZON

Sony STRDH750

7.2 $$$ 145 watts No B+ AMAZON

Pioneer VSX-524-K

5.2 $$ 140 watts No B+ AMAZON

Onkyo TX-SR333

5.1 $$ 110 watts No B AMAZON


Of course, it is never enough to establish the number of connections you want. You should also first determine what kind they are. Offering digital connections, the best AV receiver for the money provides more enhanced audio and video quality than analog connections. An HDMI connection offers ultimate entertainment experience on high-definition equipment. Take note that it is only HDMI 1.3a that can support all of the latest formats intrinsically. However, if you plan to get a new yet more affordable AV receiverwith a lower HDMI version, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t.

When we talk about POWER, it doesn’t always refer to volume. Power denotes the receiver’s ability to deliver dynamic and detailed audio. Serious audiophiles want a high-wattage receiver to obtain better sound quality in contrast to those with less power. And that is even at low and medium volumes. The speaker’s sensitivity should never be taken out of the equation, as lower sensitivity jacks up the required power. The room’s size should also be considered since a larger room where the entertainment system is found will require more power.

If you want to be able to enjoy more advanced features to help you enjoy your favorite tunes in time for Christmas, get a unit that has AirPlay compatibility. A lot of new models have this capability, but that should not be a limiting factor to getting one that suits your needs just fine.

There are irresistible Black Friday deals on products that offer automatic speaker calibration. Such technology eliminates the common audio-video testing problem for novices just to ensure that their components are working as they should. The receiver does the harder part by analyzing and then automatically adjusting the sound of connected speakers. This simplifies syncing of both surround sound and traditional two-channel home entertainment systems that carry different types of components.

A high-tech receiver unit that is most reliable should also have a receiver display that is not too tricky to master. Before shelling out precious cash on a product that offers impressive figures and such, make sure you will not be lost in all the various controls, menus, features and other elements of the unit. The learning curve should not be too steep to make you give up on maximizing each and every feature of the system. Otherwise, you’d only be setting yourself up for disappointment if you get a high-tech unit that you’ll only allow to gather dust in the room.


Things to consider:

–          Ample number of connections of the right type for what you already have in your home entertainment system, plus allowance for expansions you may be making in the future

–          More-than-enough wattage or power to fill the room or accommodate speaker sensitivity

–          Automatic speaker calibration to enable easy integration with various components and obtain optimum entertainment experience

–          User-friendly navigation through the system menus and features, for maximum use of the system


Onkyo TX-RZ800


1.Onkyo TX-RZ800

Engineered for the modern audiophile, the Onkyo TX-RZ800 is able to maximize the audio power of Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™ soundtracks for compelling sound performance from your movies and TV programs every time. The speaker drivers comprising the high-end amp offer unequalled steady control to ensure delivery of ultra-clear sound without any signs of phase shifting, so you can enjoy truly award winning bass and impressively focused audio image every time. The onboard original Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry (VLSC) technology purges pulse noise from audio signals for a receiver that effortlessly handles THX Reference levels for enjoying object-based movie soundtracks using the most advanced HDMI terminals, or for wirelessly playing albums via AirPlay.


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Yamaha RX-V379BL


2.Yamaha RX-V379BL

From the brand that knows how to make music, movies and TV their absolute best, the Yamaha RX-V379BL supports Bluetooth wireless music playback so you can have an endless source of audio entertainment. Equipped with 4K Ultra HD video support plus HDCP 2.2 compatibility, this model gets truly impressive reviews and ratings of 2021 for how it calibrates the listening environment automatically to bring you nothing less than optimal audio performance thanks to its built-in YPAO microphone audio calibration. The unit even accommodates smaller satellite speakers thanks to its extra bass setting. The Virtual Cinema Front surround processing is a technology that creates ‘virtual speakers’ in the back of the room to deliver an immersive audio experience even when your speakers are all located up front.


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Denon AVR-S500BT Network A/V Receiver


Built with Denon’s patented Setup Assistant, the Denon AVR-S500BT 5.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver is easily the best AV receiver 2021.  It comes with a measurement microphone that allows easy and quick customization of the unit with the user’s specific speaker system and audio media source to facilitate exceptional audio performance. You can even enjoy your favorite audio tracks wirelessly due to the built-in  Bluetooth wireless streaming technology of the AVR-S500BT. The receiver system remembers up to five different streaming devices to give everyone in the family personal enjoyment of their fave tunes. It has a dedicated USB input mounted on the front panel plus 5 HDMI inputs. It is also  fully compatible with 3D sources and features 4K60P Ultra HD video pass-through to fully support  the latest model of 4K Ultra HD televisions.
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Yamaha RX-V677 Wi-Fi Network AV-Receiver


One of the best AV receivers 2021, the Yamaha RX-V677 AV receiver has 7.2-channel Wi-Fi built-in. It is a  high performance network AV receiver that is compatible with the latest HDMI® version plus  4K Ultra HD upscaling for the latest HDTV models. Get revolutionary home entertainment experience via  AirPlay® and HTC Connect™.  The RX-V677 carries Yamaha’s exclusive YPAO™ R.S.C. and YPAO™ Volume that ensure remarkable system sound quality and balance. Multi-zone operation on the AV receiver allows system expansion, for when you decide that more is better. With the system’s built-in Wi-Fi capability, wireless connection is possible with a standard household wireless router. This makes things easier so one can enjoy network audio and music streaming services. The  unique Wireless Direct feature lets you stream music directly from your smartphone or tablet when no Wi-Fi router is available.


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Sony STRDH750 Audio/ Video Component Receivers


You won’t look at AV receivers the same way again with the Sony STRDH750’s impressive 7.2 Channelof impressive audio power. Thanks to its added amplifier functionality, configuration flexibility is made possible. The AV receiver has built-in Bluetooth capability with NFC One Touch Listening, so you can conveniently stream and control your Bluetooth audio experience with compatible music players, your desktop PC, tablet or smartphone. It has built-in AAC and aptX codec support that works optimally to avoid signal quality loss when the user wirelessly streams music. The onscreen graphical user interface allows easy set-up and control. You can use this technology to adjust settings, change inputs and confirm volume levels. High-resolution audio playback is enabled through convenient USB connectivity. The AV receiver carries 4 HD Inputs so you can make the most of video and audio capable devices via HDMI.
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Pioneer VSX-524-K Audio/ Video Component Receiver


Utilizing advanced new technologies such as 4K Ultra-High Definition Pass Through, the new VSX-524-K strongly pushes Pioneer’s heritage of quality sound reproduction and innovative technology. Get more from your home entertainment system with the VSX-524-K’s 4 HDMI 2.0 inputs. It efficiently handles 4K2K Ultra HD video at an impressive rate of 60 frames per seconds. The receiver also capably provides connectivity for all media sources such as cable boxes,  Blu-ray Disc players, and gaming consoles. All of its four HDMI inputs support not only 3D but also the revolutionary new 4k Ultra HD content. The AV receiver system readily supports music playback and control using the new iPhone 5 and iPad mini, or through the front panel USB port.  The Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration system (MCACC) enables optimized multi-channel listening experience by analyzing every speaker’s connection and customizingaudio performance.
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Onkyo TX-SR333 Home Theater Receiver


Engineered with 5.1 channels of high-current low-distortion amplification, the Onkyo TX-SR333 guarantees high-resolution for surround sound entertainment that’s unbeatable at any time. It has six  incredible 4K/60 Hz-capable HDMI 2.0 inputs to allow maximum enjoyment from  media players and game consoles, plus technologically advanced Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding for maximum experience of sound. Fully discrete hi-fidelity amplifiers boost the  massive high-current transformer for amazing audio performance way beyond anything that can be expected from an A/V receiver in this price bracket. Get  wireless audio streaming via built-in Bluetooth capability. The rear-panel USB enables impressive playback of hi-resolution and lossless digital music. High current delivery is a given thanks to Onkyo’s Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT). This allows easy control of the speaker drivers for faithful reproduction of musical audio.
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Best Media Player Reviews


If you are short on time, but you are in desperate need of a new media player, we are here to help. After doing the research on the topic by reading specialized reviews and comments left by previous buyers, we have reached the conclusion that the Roku Ultra 4K is the product that you should invest in. This model can stream 4K, HDR and HD files. Moreover, this compact device can read numerous USB media formats. On top of that, it should be mentioned that the model comes provided with a practical remote that you can use to turn on/off the actual TV. Also, this remote is voice-activated so that you can find it easily. If this model is out of stock, feel free to consider the Amazon Fire TV as it is another product that has received outstanding reviews from those that have used it so far.



Comparison Table


The Good
The Bad



Buying Guide


Currently the gold standard for devices that can stream your favorite movies, TV programs, sports, video games, music and more, streaming media players look like smaller versions of video game consoles. These set-top boxes have continuously posed a serious threat to cable and network TV, with more high-quality options made available for modern entertainment. The following aspects make streaming media players best for excellent home cinema experience.


Hassle-free setup

At least some form of initial setup is required by every streaming media device. All the requisite cables should be readily on hand, along with your Internet password. The device is most likely to require you to set up an account, install the apps you prefer, and also download system updates. It is not quite easy to determine how difficult the setup process will be before you purchase any specific model or product. However, the initial setup should not prove to be too difficult for a user who is not completely tech-savvy. Whenever possible, the device should be equipped with WiFi protected Setup (WPS) so there will be no need to enter a password manually. With just a press of a button on the router plus another button on the player, you have a securely connected setup that plays everything.


Right connections and organized apps

If you’re looking into getting a streaming box for TV, check out the model’s available connectivity options. All models from different brands are equipped with built-in WiFi. Some feature an Ethernet jack to facilitate wired connections to a router or modem. HDMI connections allow TV hook up. Other models still carry analog-video connections that can be used with older TV models that do not have an HDMI input. Some models have USB ports so you can play your own media, including photos and music using the streaming media player. When equipped with Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), the device can access content, including photos, music and movies, from other devices connected to the same network.

It would be a nice touch if you can delete or organize apps as well as organize the home screen since more channels have become available on this type of device. This is ideal for large libraries of apps so you won’t need to waste time scrolling through options that are infrequently used.


Search and streaming performance

A streaming media player that can search across multiple services enables you to find sources without being partial to just a single service compared to others. Thus, the unit is great for Android use while ensuring that you have a device that plays MKV as well. With dual-band WiFi, video streaming is assigned to the higher 5GHz frequency band so interference from other home devices is minimized since the 2.4GHz frequency is heavily used by common home gadgets such as microwaves and cordless phones. For faster and stronger signals, you may want to go for newer models that support the 802.11ac standard, if your wireless router is compatible with it.

Micca Speck G2

Well-designed remote

The remote control links you to your streaming media player, so make sure it carries all the features you like. Your streaming media player remote basically looks and acts the same way as any TV remote. The remote of some models is equipped with built-in microphones that can be used to do voice search, which can be more convenient than typing on an onscreen keyboard. Easy access is possible on the most used services by utilizing dedicated buttons. With backlit buttons, searching is easier even with the lights off. Devices that do not come with a remote enable use via a downloaded app to a mobile device such as a laptop, tablet or phone, which can then serve as the remote. However, a dedicated remote offers a traditional control style that many people prefer. Some models even feature a built-in headphone jack.

It is not easy to purchase a streaming media player, since there are a great number of models and brands on the market. We encourage you to check out the information provided in the above buying guide to facilitate easier decision making. We also showcase the best products on the market below for a guided shopping experience.



Roku Ultra 4K 


If you want to invest in a product that can cater to your needs, the Roku Ultra | 4K/HDR/HD might suit you. This device allows you to stream in 4K, HDR, and HD from the comfort of your home.

This model is highly intuitive and very fast, which is why many seem to recommend it. As a plus, the 2017 device has wired network connections, and it features a headphone jack in the remote. Still, the included voice search that it also incorporates is said to be somewhat limited.

The most significant advantage of the product is that there are many streaming apps and services that you can use with it. Also, given its specifications, this is a budget device that many are able to afford.


Buy from for: See The Price!




Amazon Fire TV 


This streaming device has also received plenty of favorable reviews from buyers. The item is very compact, and it has a classic, elegant design that will surely catch your attention. On top of that, it supports HDR, and it will also be relevant in the years to come because it is compatible with Dolby Atmos.

Besides, the Amazon Fire TV comes shipped with a remote controller that is very easy to use and practical. This device is very quick, and it has a stable connection most of the times. Also, this choice can output 4K video at 60fps at a high dynamic range. Moreover, this product is well liked by those that have invested in it so far.


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Roku Streaming Stick 


Although maybe not as reliable and fast as many of the newer models, the Roku Streaming Stick is another option that you should check out. This choice has an ultra-compact design, and it can be used to stream Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.

As expected, this model comes shipped with a practical remote controller that you can use to adjust the TV’s power and to turn it on/off. As reviews point out, this option reacts rather fast, and it has a simple menu that is not difficult to navigate.

What is more, the product is not very expensive and, thus, it can be bought by many that want to have access to this type of technology. The interface of the model is customizable.


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Micca Speck G2


2.Micca Speck G2

For convenient playback of all common and the most advanced video, music and photo formats on any TV or HDTV with up to 1080p full-HD resolution, the Micca Speck G2 is bound to take your media entertainment experience by storm. This streaming media player simplifies delivery of clear and sharp video and audio with its 1080p HD output in composite AV output for use with older analog TV models as well as in purely digital format for HDTV use. Small and sleek, the media player features an extra portable design that can fit into any space. It can even play movies on in-car video systems for awesome entertainment on the go, with easy control via the supplied infrared remote.


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Roku 3


With wireless performance made to be dual band and of extended range, the Roku 3 4200R Streaming Media Player proves to be everything it’s been advertised to be in best media player reviews. The Roku 3 4200R lets you find your favorite TV shows and movies from popular TV and Movie streaming services, with more than a thousand channels that continuously expand to include more. The media player comes with in-ear headphones for a more personal viewing experience. Get fast media streaming and up to 1080p quality videos with the 4200R!


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Western Digital TV Live


With the Western Digital TV Live Media Player, your high definition television instantly gets transformed to a full-scale internet entertainment hub. With the way the WD media player plays your personal media collection, it has readily become everyone’s favorite in top media player reviews. You can literally bring the arcade to your TV with the media player’s ability to stream games via its streaming-ready, high performance WiFi capability. The intuitive interface handles various Audio Formats including WMA, MP3, WAV, DTS and Dolby Digital. The media player also supports image formats such as JPEG, TIF/TIFF, GIF and PNG. MPEG, AVI, MP4, MOV and others are also supported as video formats.


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Netgear  Neo TV – no longer available


Thousands of movies can be enjoyed on your high-definition TV with what best media player reviews agree is a premium product: the Netgear NTV300-100NAS Neo TV Streaming Player. TV entertainment just got transformed into thousands of possibilities so there is never a shortage of videos, movies, games and shows to enjoy with the family. Built-in WiFi lets you maximize home networking in myriads of ways. The patented NeoTV remote control app works really well for iOS and Android devices. Be simply amazed with what you can experience through the NTV300-100NAS!



Google Chromecast – no longer available


The Google H2G2-42 Chromecast supports a wide variety of media streaming sources including YouTube, Hulu Plus, Plex, Rdio, Netflix, HBO GO, MLB.TV, Flixster and Crackle, to name just a few. You can even select content using the Chrome browser. It is easy to install. Just plug the media player into your High-def TV,connect to your WiFi network, and you’re ready to go. The Google H2G2-42 works with iOS, Chrome for Windows and for Mac, and Android. With the Google H2G2-42 Chromecast, you can enjoy online music, movies, videos and a lot more on your television using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.



Mifanstech MXQ Amlogic S805 – no longer available


5.Mifanstech MXQ Amlogic S805

The Mifanstech MXQ Amlogic S805 boasts a powerful Quad Core Cortex A5 and 1.5GHz CPU for reliable streaming capability. It has pre-installed Google Play Store and Xbmc/Kodi for the ultimate in entertainment media sources. The media player supports Skype chatting, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and popular online movie streaming services, among others. In addition, it supports external SD cards and USB hard drives for a richer source of entertainment media. You can download apps online, watch videos, play games and do more with just a single device. The unit ships with all you need for out-of-the-box functionality, including an HDMI cable and a remote control, helping you turn your TV into a smart TV. Enjoy shows in your home theater system, bedroom and any place in the house using this innovative entertainment box.



KDLINKS® A300 – no longer available



The KDLINKS® A300 boasts the latest premium quality 4K H.265 quad Core CPU supplemented with 2GB RAM, 8-Core GPU and 16Gb built-in storage for advanced H.265 4K hardware decoding. This lets you leverage the open-standard, flexible video file format that has easily become the file extension of choice to enjoy high definition video on the Internet. It enables you to enjoy advanced features such as multilingual subtitles, alternate audio tracks and chapter points, along with richer cover art, descriptions, ratings and more, for a more enhanced media experience. The tool-free aluminum shell features an HDFD bay and supports nearly all 3.5-inch hard drives. It comes with two USB 2.0 ports plus one USB 3.0 port for greater connectivity and media source options.



KDLINKS HD720 – no longer available



Weighing in at just 3.8 pounds, the KDLINKS HD720 features the most advanced Realtek 1186 3D chipset to capably support 3D movie playback on 3D TV. The unit can double as a USB 3.0 high-speed external hard drive enclosure. It can play almost all formats including: Video files such as ASF, AVI, BD-ISO, BDMV, DAT, DVD-ISO, FLV, M2P, M2TS, MOV, MP4, MPG, MKV, MOV and more; video Codecs such as DivX/Xvid, H.264/AVC, MPEG1/2/4, RMVB and VC-1; Image formats including BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIF; audio formats including Dolby AC3/True-HD, DTS/DTS-HD MA, FLAC, APE,WMA, WA, to name just a few. It supports both 2D and 3D and offers video outputs with HDMI, RCA and YPbPr. There are two USB ports plus 1 SATA. The LCD front panel lets you view information easily, and the infrared remote delivers easy control.



AGPtek Blue – no longer available


4.AGPtek Blue Mini Full HD

The AGPtek Blue features a built-in internal flash that serves as effective USB 2.0 storage. It needs no external power supply to easily connect to any USB host. This streaming media player supports various media formats. It can work with these video format: AVI, AVC, FLV, DIVX, HDMOV, MKV, MOV, MP4, M4V, MPEG, MPG and many more. It also supports various video decoding formats such as MKV, FLV, AVC, MPEG, MPG, WMV and others. For audio formats, the device supports AAC, AC3, APE, ATRA and many more.This highly versatile device can read SD/SDHC cards directly and on a computer, and is able to play r manage files on your TV.



Amazon Fire TV – no longer available


Best Media Player ReviewsIt may just be a tiny box, but the Amazon Fire TV, the best media player 2021, gives you a massive selection of songs, movies, episodes and games to enjoy on your high-definition TV. With this “enormous” box, you can enjoy movie rentals at low cost and connect to Prime Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu Plus and a host of other streaming sources. Get genuine Voice Search that works with the Amazon Fire TV that lets you specify what it is you want to watch on TV, after which it begins playing in seconds. It has a fast quad-core processor complemented by 2 gigabytes of memory and a dedicated GPU.