If you are unhappy with the size of regular mug travel cups, this one might suit your needs as it is able to carry up to 30 oz.

A major advantage of this alternative is the material that was used in its construction. Stainless Steel is capable of preserving the properties of liquids for a considerable period of time.

The mug is equipped with an anti-slip handle, and this feature makes it easier to use in the eyes of most buyers especially when taking into account the size of the product.

The spill-proof lid makes it safe to use and prevents unfortunate accidents.

The manufacturers are easy to contact in case of any inconvenience.



Some buyers have complained that due to the shape of the unit, people with larger noses might have a bit of difficulty when consuming liquids from such a container type. This drawback extends to many products of this kind.

Other owners have shown concern with regard to the likelihood of the handle detaching without notice especially as it can be taken off of the mug.

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Benefits explained

As pointed out by the vast majority of the individuals who took the time to review this unit, the Tumbler Insulated Mug Travel Cup is the best fit for those looking for a model that’s capable of keeping hot or cold beverages in larger amounts than other products in this line. Since the capacity of the option is about four cups, it goes without saying that it is suitable for folks looking for a practical model.

The stainless steel used in the manufacturing process renders it durable and easy to care for. Most buyers have expressed their satisfaction with the fact that the material ensures a firm grip, and the see-through lid averts leakage and splashes. Plus, the double wall can make it possible for the liquid to remain cold for as many as eighteen hours while hot beverages preserve their warmth for as many as six.


Above all, this travel cup is easy to handle. Given its size, the extra handle is a plus. As clients have pointed out, the removable handle is what gives owners the freedom to choose whether to utilize it or not, therefore allowing them to carry the mug both conveniently and efficiently. The placement of the handle does not hinder its use, as reported by a consumer.


Complementing the insulated interior, the vacuum sealed lid guarantees that the temperature is stable by preventing any slips of heat. As a matter of fact, the lid is equally efficient in preventing any unfortunate spills or leaks of all sorts.


Another key benefit of the product is the fact that clients have the means of contacting the manufacturer and complain, in case they receive any faulty products. As stated in the reviews, those who have found themselves in need of additional information about the product and came in contact with Mixologist World, the seller and manufacturer, have expressed their contentment in regard to the way the brand has behaved.



All in all, the product appears to be worth the investment. Made out of high-quality materials, the three-piece unit seems to be the best price-quality item in the line of similar products. Users have voiced their appreciation for the overall quality of the model and have called to attention the fact that the Tumbler Insulated Mug Travel Cup delivers everything you might expect from it by being both practical and reliable.


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