Top 5 safest places to visit in Texas



If you want to plan a safe family trip to Texas, but you don’t know what places are safe to visit, we are here to help. Because we understand just how important safety is while on vacation, we have put together a short list of five locations that you can include in your track. So, read ahead and pick your next destination!



If you want to visit Dallas or the Fort Worth area but you need accommodation in a nearby city that is known for its safety, we suggest that you check out Colleyville. This town is situated at 3.5 miles from the Dallas airport, and it is currently in the top five low-crime rate cities in Texas.

While here, we recommend that you spend your spare time by taking your small ones to the Parr Park Sprayground, a 31-acre playground, and picnic area, or to the Colleyville Nature Center, a location that is known for its beautiful trails that go through wooded areas and near beautiful ponds.

If you are a sports aficionado, you can also go to Chisholm Park, as here you can find baseball and basketball fields where you can practice. Also, here you can find a fishing pond and an aquatic center that you might enjoy.



Another city that is located near Dallas is Keller. This city is worth your while because here you can find safe and budget friendly accommodation if you intend to visit Dallas. However, it is worth saying that, while in this town, you can also explore its top sights.

For instance, you can go to Altitude Trampoline Park where you can let your kids play, jump and have fun on the over 200 interconnected trampolines. Additionally, if you love a day off playing golf, you should not miss the Sky Creek Ranch Golf Club. The course here is kept in good condition, and the views are very appealing.

What is more, if you happen to visit the city during the hot Texas summers, we suggest that you go to the Keller Pointe. Here, you can enjoy the indoor and outdoor pools as well as the water slides.


Located in the same area, Fairview is also a place worth your consideration. This city is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and it goes by the motto “Keeping It Country”. Because of this, you can be sure that, by visiting this place, you will get a first-hand glimpse at what country life is all about.

If you happen to come here, you should take the time to explore the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary as you won’t regret your decision. Moreover, once here, you can catch a movie at the iPic. If you don’t mind the drive, it might be a good idea to visit the nearby Allen Old Stone Dam, a water station that dates back to 1874.



If you want to visit Austin during the day, but you want to spend the night in an adjacent, safer city, you should consider Hutto. This city is a suburb of Austin that is currently the seventh safest place in Texas.

If you have some time on your hands while here, you should visit the beautiful Hutto lake park or you try fishing on the Paloma Lake.

Horizon City

If you are looking for accommodation in a safe city in the El Paso County, Horizon City should be one of your top choices. The town is located near El Paso, and, thus, you can easily enjoy the beauties of the location.

For example, if you like climbing and hiking, you can visit the nearby Franklin Mountains State Park, or you can take a short trip to the Hueco Tanks State Historic Site for a day out camping. For more outside fun, you can always take your kids to visit the El Paso zoo or the Wyler Aerial Tramway.

If you are into art, the El Paso Museum of Art, the Museum of Archaeology, and the El Paso Museum of History are also places that should make it to your list. So, don’t waste time and start planning your trip!



Top 5 travel safety tips for women



As much as we would want to think that the world changed and that, finally, women and men are equal in all matters, this isn’t true. We still experience significant gender pay gaps and the denial of fundamental rights in some countries. Women are still seen as trading commodities and are even denied the right to drive or own properties in their names.

There’s also the fact that traveling is never entirely safe for a woman. No matter if you decide to travel alone or with your best friends, you should pay attention to local customs and try to stay safe. Below you’ll find a list of the top tips you should consider for your own safety when traveling abroad.


Get acquainted with the local customs

This mainly refers to visiting some Arab or Muslim countries with strict rules for women. Although some states allow women to walk alone on the street (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, India or Dubai), it’s not always advisable to do that, especially after dawn. India is known as a highly dangerous country for women of all nationalities, while in Dubai you would be safer if someone approached you and you screamed to call the police.

You should also pay close attention to the way you dress. Most Muslim countries allow tourist women to walk in their Western clothes as long as they’re not too short or revealing. Avoid wearing shorts, mini skirts, heels or see-through tops.

Other more traditionalist countries don’t allow women to walk with their heads uncovered, even if they are tourists. If you decide to travel to these countries alone or with your girlfriends, it would be best to have a local guide to tell you exactly what to do so you won’t offend anyone.

Dress down and keep your belongings safely

If you’re traveling alone you should stay as low-key as possible. Wear normal clothes such as jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers, especially if you want to wander the streets. Avoid carrying large bags with you or flashing your electronics, mobile phone or wallet. Stick to credit cards as much as possible or, if you must use cash, never withdraw large amounts of money at once.

Although most girls sneak in at least a sexy dress and a pair of heels in their luggage, you should avoid dressing too flashy outside your hotel or resort, mainly if you travel alone.


Avoid traveling by night

Unless it’s absolutely mandatory, try to limit your night walks to avoid becoming an easy target for smugglers and robbers.

You should also avoid using public means of transportation (especially subways) and taxis as much as you can. Instead, if you plan on going out at night or go to the airport, it’s safer to use travel apps or shared car services.

Uber is a great choice because the app monitors both your location and your driver’s location so there are fewer risks involved. In addition, the payment is made directly via your account linked to your credit card, so you won’t have to carry cash with you.


Let your friends know about your itinerary

Always talk to your friends or family members before leaving. It would be best if they knew the address of the hotel or Airbnb apartment you’re staying in, as well as some emergency numbers they can contact in case something happens to you.

In addition, try to leave your phone open and buy SIM cards that grant you international calls and texts. If that’s not possible, most hotels, restaurants, and apartments provide free-of-charge Wifi. Use it to stay in touch with your friends, share them your plans, and the next places you want to visit.

Avoid drinking too much

Lastly, the golden rule to have a safe and wonderful trip is to never drink too much alcohol if you’re alone. If you do plan to drown your sorrows in Bacchic potions, try doing it in the privacy of your own apartment, hotel room or hotel lobby.



Top 5 safest countries to visit



To say that everybody loves traveling is sort of an understatement. Although the world feels unsafe due to current events, the truth is most countries are more than peaceful. There are terrorist attacks, riots, and wars, but according to a study, our civilizations have never been more peaceful. Apparently, there are fewer wars now than were in the middle ages.

Nevertheless, there still are places which are safer than others, and this list’s purpose is to reveal them to you. It is better to read about such places before going on a trip, so you know what to expect. This is essential information, especially if you are a solo female traveler.

We base our article on the World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report from 2017, where countries are listed and classified according to their safety and to the level security they provide for their citizens and tourists alike. Some of the criteria used to measure a country’s safety control were the lack of terrorist attacks, police efficiency, and the number of fatalities registered throughout a given period.

Even if the countries you are about to see are thought as safe, it doesn’t mean they are boring, as some of them are fantastic party hubs, full of young and vibrant people. Some even allow you to drink on the streets, which is quite surprising. Let’s get to it!

To start this countdown we chose Qatar. It is situated in the Middle East, and it is top rated from many points of view. It is both luxurious and safe, and if you visit it, there are hundreds of things to do, from visiting museums to admiring private human-made islands. And even if the country is associated with luxury, it is still very cheap if you are a tourist.

Just keep in mind that Qatar is a predominantly Muslim country, so make sure you follow the local rules and common practices. The police there is very vigilant, and if you cause problems, they will take measures that might seem a bit rough for a westerner. Otherwise, if you are a fan of opulence, this might be the place for you.

Next on the list is a country made up of diverse cultural backgrounds. Switzerland is not a country, but just like the U.S., it is a union of different regions. There are many official languages in the Swiss nation, including French, Italian, and German. There is even a small part that speaks a Latin dialect.

It has also done well in the broader report, for many years, as a matter of fact,  and has reached a status synonymous with neutrality, for its position during the World Wars. Moreover, it is incredibly expensive, but the little country is safe in has a lot to offer. Everyone has heard of Swiss watches, cheese, and chocolate and of their stunning natural scenery. If you don’t know much about Switzerland, do yourself a favor and google cities like Bern, Geneva, and Zermatt now.

Another European country with great scores is Norway. Is this surprising anyone? The Nordic jewel is famous for its reliable police and for the fact that the people are kind, helpful and laid-back. If you want to see beautiful nature in its pristine form, Oslo, Bergen and everything in between should be on your travel list.

You’ll be happy to know that Norwegians have some of the lowest homicide rates, especially when compared to most places in America. There are also many cultural destinations in Norway and a lot of nightclubs for those who enjoy this type of adventure.

At number four, we have Oman. Despite having neighbors in a state of conflict, raided by terrorism, Oman is like a peaceful oasis in the turbulent Middle East. It outshines even large countries like the UK and France and is for sure an inspiration to us all.

And the last country might be a surprise to some of you, especially since in the previous few years it held a different position on the top. We are talking, of course, about Finland and its capital, Helsinki. It climbed almost eleven spots and now it is considered an emblem of police efficiency, and it is praised for its criminal justice system.