5 Places to avoid in Phoenix


Phoenix is America’s fifth most populated city, and in this area, you can find a couple of the most beautiful sights in the world. Places such as The Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, The Sonoran Desert promise to make your stay in Arizona truly unforgettable.

The gorgeous desert scenery and wildlife here sets Phoenix apart from other big, cosmopolitan American cities. Here you can find a balanced mix of wonderful scenery and urban life, perfectly suitable for your next vacation.

However, there are a few places you should stay away from for the sake of your trip. There is no need to worry, however, because Phoenix is a generally safe place, but as a tourist, you should be aware of sketchy areas. We compiled a list with some areas that you should be avoiding during your stay in Phoenix.

The West Side of town

The west of 7th Avenue sees the most crime that happens in Phoenix. Even residents usually avoid this area because most of the crimes happen in convenience stores and strip mall parking lots, so try to avoid stopping at any of those if you happen to be in this area.


Tower Plaza Shopping Center

The Tower Plaza Shopping Center and its surrounding areas (24th to 40th street) is a region you should most probably avoid. Here you can mostly find strip malls with businesses which cater to low-income clientele such as laundromats or fast food stands.

The Tower Plaza Shopping Center is an enormous lot which hosts supermarkets such as Walmart, Home Depot, and Walgreens. This is not a very dangerous place, but robberies, burglaries, and thefts are pretty frequent activities around here.


Southeast Encanto

This area is placed between the Van Buren and Thomas roads, and the most dangerous part of this neighbourhood is the area past the Circle K convenience store on 11th Street and Van Buren.

This area is known to have the highest rape rate in all of Phoenix, so it is safe to say that there is no business for you here as a tourist.


South Phoenix

South Phoenix is known as ground-zero for gang-related activities and street violence. Where poverty exists, crime tends to rise. Graffiti, random shopping-carts left on the streets and garbage are constant occurrences.

There are almost no good businesses in the area, not even basic shopping markets. However, at every corner, you can find check cashing places, smoke shops, and liquor stores. The rates of robbery, assaults, and drug arrests are very high, so this is truly a no-trespassing zone for a tourist.



Maryvale is a neighborhood in the greater Phoenix metro area. This is another neighborhood with a pretty sketchy reputation. It is advised that you avoid this place, especially the 59th Avenue and Indian School area. Crime maps indicated that this place has the highest crime rate in Phoenix.

From residents statements, we can find out that it is not advised to live here either, because the sound of gunshots will eventually become something casual for you. The mall in the area is closed down and it was transformed in a middle school because nobody bought from there anymore. At some point, whatever they bought was going to get stolen anyway. So it’s pretty obvious that you should stay away from this place.

If you want your trip to be safe and unforgettable for all the right reasons, make sure you avoid these sketchy areas. Check all the attractions that make Phoenix so well known, such as museums, the Sonoran Desert, or hot air balloon rides.

If you are traveling with your child, you will discover lots of baby stores here, where you can find a large variety of objects: from toys to baby swings. There are a lot of activities to do as a traveler here, so don’t let yourself be intimidated or scared by these areas, and plan a beautiful trip to Phoenix, Arizona.



5 places to avoid in Ireland


Millions of tourists choose to visit Ireland every year, and for good reason, too. Ireland is a dream tourist destination, with stunning scenery and unspoiled areas. The country has a collection of spectacular prehistoric sites to visit, the oldest being at Mount Sandel in Northern Ireland.

Also, Ireland has a long, interesting and somewhat tragic history, which makes it a place full of stories and tales that need to be heard.

Despite being such an iconic tourist destination, there are a couple of places you should avoid when visiting Ireland, for making sure you don’t waste any precious time. We compiled a list with the top traveling destinations you should avoid when visiting Ireland, for the sake of your vacation and your well-being.




If you are looking for a cozy, quiet town to spend your free days in Ireland, Limerick might not be the best choice.

This city is known for its bad reputation when it comes to gangs and crimes, but the situation has improved over time. However, it is still known as the worst big city in Ireland, so we wouldn’t recommend it as your next vacation destination.


The Central Bar in Drogheda

This pub has a really bad reputation and it is a place where violence is often present. There is even a sign in the pub which states “Chairs and tables are bolted to the floor for our customer’s safety.”, so it is pretty obvious that this is not a location where you would want to spend your time.



Unsafe areas are usually the ones further away from the city center. As a tourist, you might want to experience Ireland as a whole and stay away from overcrowded places such as city centers but sometimes it’s better to avoid suburbs or less popular areas.

You can very easily get lost and people that spend their time in these types of sketchy places might not have the best interest at heart when approaching you. Some examples could be areas such as Ballyfermot, Finglas, Clondalkin, and Inchicore in Dublin.


The capital of Ireland is an overall safe place, with lots of tourist attractions to see and places to visit, but there are still a few areas and streets you should stay away from, for the sake of your trip.

Dublin is divided into two areas mainly, North Side and South Side. The division is made based on the Liffey River. Usually, the North Side is considered to be unsafe, but it depends on the neighborhood you are in. Neighborhoods such as Cabra, Ballymun, Finglas from the North Side are not really tourist friendly.

The South Side has areas such as Tallaght, Clondalkin, Fatima, Dundrum which have kind of a bad reputation.


Dangerous Streets

Thomas Street is an area where unemployment rates are high, and where junkies gather at night. Teenagers flock in groups and pick on tourists or strangers, so this is clearly not a place you would want to visit, especially as the night falls. A tool that might be helpful if you find yourself in this situation is a LED flashlight for camping.

Sheriff Street is a street near the city center, which also has a bad reputation. Here, drug users can be found roaming the streets and gang activity is often encountered, so do your best to stay away from this place.

However, you shouldn’t let this list discourage you from visiting beautiful Ireland. As with any other vacation destination, if you pay attention to your surroundings and inform yourself about the places you are visiting, you won’t be faced with any problems.



5 places to avoid in Orlando


While Orlando is home to Disney World, Universal Studios and Seaworld, there are a few places that might affect your stay. Even though it promises a lot, Orlando is a place where you will also find over-priced shops and malls, a host of overhyped restaurants or dinner places and a high criminality rate, travelers being the main target.

But don’t worry! We compiled a list with a couple of areas you shouldn’t add on your to-do list so that you have a relaxing and exciting stay in Orlando, Florida. These are the main places that you should be avoiding while you spend your time in Orlando.



Orange Blossom Trail

The Orange Blossom Trail or also known as OBT is a known sketchy place that you should most probably avoid for the sake of your trip. The area from north Rosemont to Turnpike South has one of the highest crime rates in Orlando, so it is definitely not suitable for tourists.

The area is also known because of the plentiful supply of prostitutes and adult-oriented entertainment centers. You won’t be able to snap any good Instagram pictures here, so you might want to check this off your to-do list.


Tangelo Park

Tangelo Park is situated somewhere behind International Drive and Kirkman Road and it once served as a military base for Orlando, but now drug-dealers are at every corner. This area has only one way in and one way out, and there are a lot of dead ends that could trick you.  

This place is so poorly viewed that not even pizza deliveries or cab orders serve this area at night time. Residents even rob drivers, while they are still in their car, so there is no reason for tourists to end up in such a place.


Interstate 4

More specifically, the west side of Interstate four has a pretty bad reputation. This neighborhood is known for muggings, break-ins, assaults, gang-related activity, and high criminality rates.

This area is very close to Universal Studios, so one wrong turn on Kirkmann round and 3 miles later you end up being in the middle of Pine Hills, also known as Crime Hills, an area included in Interstate 4.



Northern part of International Drive

This area is not specifically sketchy, but a lot of people recommend you choose another place to spend your time while in Orlando. I-Drive has a mixed reputation because it gathers tourists as well as muggers that can’t wait for you to not pay attention to your belongings.

It is a crowded and busy place, with lots of hotels and buying centers, so it doesn’t qualify as the ideal vacation location. If you are an avid shopaholic, here you will find designer outlet malls to spas with special facial steamer treatments, so prepare to spend your money!

If you still want to travel around this area you should avoid walking here at night and it is advised to book a hotel with no outdoor corridors, to make sure you don’t have unsolicited guests.



Parramore is known to be an area with very high criminal activity, being called out by news outlets as “one of America’s most dangerous neighborhoods”. Data from the most recent FBI Crime Statistics confirm this claim, so it’s safe to say that there is not much to do there as a tourist.

Even though there seem to be quite a lot of dangers if you are traveling to Orlando as a tourist, you shouldn’t worry. You just need to be aware of your surroundings. Avoid walking alone outside at late night hours, and stay away from very crowded areas. If you follow these pieces of advice, we can guarantee that you will have an unforgettable time in sunny Orlando!



Top 5 places to avoid in Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland remains one of the most fascinating places on earth with its beautiful castles, breathtaking landscapes, and tales of knights and princesses. There are also the famous leprechauns that might hide a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but you shouldn’t hold your breath until finding one. But, even though it is considered a safe destination, Northern Ireland still comes with its dodgy places that should be avoided by tourists. Here are the top 5:


The main train stations in Belfast

Just like all other destinations in the world, the main train stations in these cities remain the places where you are most likely to lose your wallet or belongings. Keep in mind that train stations in Northern Ireland don’t have a special room where you can safely deposit your luggage, so you should carry it with you anywhere you go.

Stay away from pickpockets who will easily steal your dual screen portable DVD player, smartphone, wallet or laptop.

On the bright side, there are plenty of police officers and locals willing to help you find your way, so asking for help and directions shouldn’t be a problem, as long as you can understand the local accent.



Dodgy pubs after 10 p.m.

Irish people are known for their affinity to alcohol but don’t expect to run into trouble at each corner. Most pubs and restaurants are safe throughout the day and night, with some restrictions. If you’re a tourist, you should avoid the outskirts of the big cities like Belfast, as well as their bars.

A safer choice would be to stick to those in the old town or the center of the cities. These are usually frequented by police officers specifically to keep away troublemakers. However, you should be safe in almost all local pubs, cafes, and restaurants, as long as you mind your own business.


Shankill neighborhood in Belfast

Shankill is the name of both a region outside Dublin and a famous area in Northern Ireland’s capital city, Belfast. Both Shankill communities are known to be Catholic. The district in Belfast is also a center of loyalist paramilitaries, so you should pay more attention than in other places.

You should stick to neutral clothing and avoid any obvious displays of the Irish flag or the Union Jack to prevent conflicts. Although the neighborhood is safer now than it used to be twenty, thirty years ago, you should still be cautious.



The Falls

This region is separated by Shankill by the so-called “peace lines” which are tall walls with barbed wire. Before the ceasefire, it wasn’t a good idea to instigate one of the two parts of Belfast with religious or political signs.

Again, even though things changed in the past few decades and people seem to have finally put their differences away, it would be best to refrain from separatist or religious remarks.

You can easily recognize the neighborhood you are in by the graffiti on the walls. The Catholic neighborhoods (including Shankill) will have public displays of the IRA, INLA, and FTQ symbols, while the Protestant neighborhood (The Falls) will usually display the Union Jack flag, and the UDA, RHC, and UVF symbols.


IRA concerns

Although all the six counties of the country (Antrim, Down, Armagh, Fermanagh, Londonderry, and Tyrone) are still depicted as conflicted areas in the media, the truth is that things have changed for the better.

There is still “sectarian” violence occasionally between the Catholics and the Protestants, but these internal feuds are usually far from the public eyes and the tourist zones.

The infamous terrorist group Real Irish Republican Army (RIRA) is still active in the country, but its goals are mainly symbolic. Their modus operandi doesn’t include terrorist attacks on tourists or civilians.



Top 5 places to avoid in Barcelona


Although with a population of only 1.5 million people, Barcelona is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world, annually receiving over 8 million people from all continents. The exceptional Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine, the architectural wonders, the fascinating history or the famous FC Barcelona soccer team represent just the tip of the iceberg of this vivid city.

However, just like all other major cities, the capital of Catalonia is full of dodgy streets, sketchy bars, and questionable people. So, if you don’t want to let pickpockets, robbers or drug dealers destroy your vacation, here are some locations you should stay away from.



Las Ramblas/La Rambla after dark

The famous boulevard stretches from the Catalonia Plaza to the Mediterranean Sea and is a trendy destination for both locals and tourists. The beautiful beaches and the restaurants gather thousands of people every hour of the day and night. However, in the past few years, the destination became the crime scene of bloody terrorist attacks and not only.

The entire Ciutat Vella district, consisting of the famous streets of Las Ramblas, is known for its late night crime. The streets are packed with drug dealers, prostitutes, and robbers, so you should watch your steps. However, the area is quite safe in daylight due to the numerous open restaurants and cafes.

If you happen to wander on these streets after midnight, make sure you at least carry a LED flashlight with you or a pepper spray.


Barri Gotic or the Gothic quarter

On the other side of the Las Ramblas, the Gothic neighborhood is the home of various architectural beauties and places to visit. The Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya, the Cathedral of Barcelona or the Plaça Reial are just some of the sites we encourage you to visit while in Barcelona.

The Carrier Ferran is packed with tourist shops where you can score good deals for souvenirs and local delights. You can also pay a visit to the famous Museu Picasso in the area that hosts some of the painter’s work or enjoy a traditional dinner at The Four Cats restaurant which was one of the favorite places for artists back in the day.

However, the Gothic quarter should be avoided after midnight as it remains the home of shady people and pickpockets.



Sagrada Familia

An architectural wonder and the symbol of Barcelona, the church of Sagrada Familia remains unfinished, even though the building started in 1882. The original project of the church is attributed to Antonio Gaudi, a famous architect who worked on it for over 40 years. His past 15 years of life were exclusively dedicated to the Sagrada Familia. Unfortunately, the building remains unfinished, and the currently estimated deadline is the year 2026.

Since we are talking about the most popular tourist attraction of the city, expect huge crowds, endless lines for tickets, as well as pickpockets, and robbers. Be extra careful when visiting this crowded area and keep all your belongings safe. We suggest avoiding wearing opulent jewelry that might attract robbers.


The metro

The public metro is the easiest way to move around Barcelona and visit as much as possible in your trip. It is extremely popular and affordable so most people, both tourists and locals, opt for it. However, the metro is not the safest place in the world since thieves and pickpockets also frequent it.

It would be a good idea to leave your jewelry and electronics in your hotel safe instead of flashing them in the metro. And, if you need a bag for your wallet and phone, purchase a fanny pack. They are stylish, trendy, and you won’t risk getting mugged.


Bars and restaurants in the center

Although the center of the city is packed with tourist attractions and countless bars and restaurants where you can drink the famous sangria, most of these places are very expensive. If you truly want to discover the laid-back lifestyle of people from Barcelona, take a walk in the port or go on narrower streets that are packed with hidden gems.



Top 5 dangerous cities in Texas


We all know that when deciding on a suitable holiday destination, it can be pretty difficult to tell at a macro level how dangerous and crime-ridden a town actually is. Despite the fact that news circulates all the time, the amount of information that we get is too large to piece together.

Texas, in particular, is a state famous for certain shocking cases that took place there, so tourists might raise an eyebrow if you propose the state as a holiday destination. In the following guide, we’re trying to discuss the reasons behind the high rate of crime in a few Texas towns and why you should avoid them.




With a relatively low population, this city was ranked the most dangerous place in Texas in the recent months, and for a solid reason. The rate of violent crimes here is incredibly high, with 1 in 43 citizens becoming a victim of rape, aggravated assault or in some cases, even murder.

The reasons behind this situation stem from lack of education, poverty and lack of jobs. The economy is also unstable due to these events. We suggest you do not visit this place unless it’s vital, in order to avoid being attacked with a heavy splitting axe in a worst case scenario.



This town is rated as the second most dangerous place you could be in while you’re in Texas, and that’s due to the frequency at which theft takes places here.

The residents of this town have a 1 in 18.1 chances of being the victims of a robbery, home invasion or car theft event. Loosely put, if you lived here, almost a quarter of the people you knew would have been victims to one of these events at a particular time in their lives.

If you do not want to risk losing any of your properties or putting yourself in danger, we suggest you avoid traveling to this small town.



Ranking third on the most dangerous places prone to violent criminal events, Texarkana has a population of almost 38,000 citizens. Where it’s located, it ranks even higher on the list of places where you wouldn’t want to be caught.

The people living here have a 1 in 20 chance of becoming the victim of criminal behavior involving property crime, home break-ins or car theft. Despite these discouraging statistics, recent studies show a steady decrease in the crime rate in this town, so maybe things are finally looking up.


This is a somewhat unexpected entry because Beaumont seems like it’s a civilized, cosmopolitan center. However, its size, population, and infrastructure do not prevent unfortunate events from happening, as statistics show.

It is said to be the second most dangerous place in Texas, at least when we’re discussing violent crimes and not other sorts of a misdemeanor. The residents here have a 1 in 90 chance of being assaulted, raped or even killed.

Unfortunately, the recent studies show that the crime rate is progressing over the years, despite the efforts made by the local police to try and keep the situation under control.



The famous rival of Dallas concerning development is facing a bit of a problem with its crime rate. It appears to be among the most dangerous places in Texas, and it’s clearly losing this battle against Dallas, which deals with safety issues a lot better.

The population here is substantially increased in comparison with other rural towns. Almost 2 and a half million people live in Houston, and unfortunately, the stats say that 25,609 citizens were killed, attacked or raped only throughout the last year.



Top 5 places to avoid in Hawaii


If you’re planning on grabbing your favorite telescopic fishing rod and enjoying a day in the sun on the Hawaiian islands, you might want to double check a few of the spots in this tourist destination.

It’s common knowledge that crime rates in crowded areas are high, but according to recent research, it appears that this area, in particular, has experienced a decrease in this field at least in the past years.

We agree that Hawaii is a pleasant and safe destination to visit, but we want to warn you with regard to a few of the spots that you should avoid to stay out of trouble, especially if you’re traveling alone.




This is one of the areas where crime rates are unusually high compared to the other parts of Hawaii, almost 22 percent higher, as statistics show. To avoid being the victim of pickpocketing, petty theft, and other criminal behavior, we suggest you avoid walking here late at night, after dark.

One of the reasons for this increase in crime is the drug use in this area, which always brings along trouble. This neighborhood is known as the armpit of Oahu, and it’s rated as one of the most dangerous parts of the islands.


Kipu Falls

Instead of discussing other areas that are prone to crime and violent encounters, we’ve chosen to address one of the tourist spots that is the cause of around five deaths per year.

We’re of course talking about the Kipu Falls, with beautiful scenery that is unfortunately too dangerous to be observed from a close distance, and due to this fact, tourist access is prohibited in this area.

Unless you’re a professional hiker or you have some special permit, we doubt the local authorities will allow you to enter this secluded area.



This neighborhood might not seem dangerous at first sight, but that’s only because it looks like a regular hometown. The problem is the people that live here are victims of poverty and low-quality living conditions, which result in an increased rate in property crime.

We suggest you keep your personal belongings close while passing through this area, and avoid renting a place here because you can risk being robbed while you’re away from your accommodation.


This famous holiday destination is not the safest place you could be in while you’re visiting Hawaii, which might come as a disappointment for most people. The US Department of Justice has admitted that this area struggles with drug traffic, being one of the critical commercial harbors and providing access into the country.

Also the fact that it’s a large city with many inhabitants doesn’t help. The local police struggle to maintain the order because it’s hard to keep track of visitors with so many tourists around.

However, there are safer spots and dangerous ones. Most of the neighborhoods are not as bad, but we suggest you steer clear of Kalihi and Chinatown, especially after dark.


Olivine Pools

Do not allow yourself to be fooled by the picturesque scenery of these pools. Although the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful and almost invites you to enjoy a quick swim, the path that leads to this area is slippery and has caused many injuries over the years.

A lot of tourists drowned here due to the strength of the currents and the rogue waves, and many others have been victims of various injuries. If you’re not an experienced swimmer, we suggest you do not enter this dangerous area.



Places to avoid in Key West


This is probably one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Florida. There’s nothing like witnessing the sunset on the coast while sitting on the beach and enjoying a coffee or maybe even a cocktail if you’re still partying from the night before.

There are plenty of tourist attractions to satisfy even the most demanding of customers, from local restaurants with excellent menu options to the local architecture and the welcoming nature of the inhabitants, but there are also a few critical issues that you need to know about.

What most people are not aware of is the rate of crime in this area, which can be quite frightening. Despite the pessimism of this statement, it’s safe to say that not all the neighborhoods in Key West are risky spots, and you can get by without having to deal with any troubles.

However, to make sure that you stay safe during your travels, we’ve decided to discuss a bit more about which places you should avoid, especially if you don’t want to put yourself in risky situations.  



Drug trafficking

This is one of the most severe issues that the island is dealing with, and it affects this spot because of the accessible route it provides towards South Florida. The tricky thing is that the neighborhood most affected by this hazard looks just like any regular hometown, peaceful and quiet on the outside.

Do not let yourself be fooled by appearances, because below the surface of Windsor Lane lies the violent world of trafficants and addicts, with all the conflicts that might ensue.

Even though most of these situations usually only concern the people involved, so they shouldn’t bother tourists, we still recommend that you steer clear of that place, to preserve your safety. This is currently rated as the most dangerous area in Key West.


Pickpocketing and theft

Every tourist town becomes a victim of this common practice, but it’s a lot worse in South Street and Reynolds Street area. There are two main reasons for this. One of them is the fact that both the police stations of the island are very far from this neighborhood, so they don’t have much control over it.

The other reason is the fact that, being a small island where all the residents know each other, the criminals wouldn’t want to be recognized, so they mostly attack tourists, because they’re sure they’re the ones who are going to leave soon.

This makes the neighborhood especially unsafe for visitors, so we suggest you avoid it at all cost, although it might look safe and reasonable during the daytime.

Dangerous entertainment

If you’re not much of a family person, traveling with an expensive designer diaper bag and everything, or you’re merely looking to have some harmless fun without being judged for it, then some districts in Key West might appeal to you.

For example, around Whitehead Street and Truman Avenue, you’ll find a bar called Bare Assets. The name probably already suggests what you’re likely to find there, and if that’s your type of entertainment, no one is judging.

Our only recommendation is to take note that this is situated in an area dominated by crime, and you should be cautious while you’re there. Make sure you park in the vicinity of the location, and you avoid getting into unnecessary conflicts with strange looking individuals.

All in all, if you’re looking for a bar or a liquor store, chances are you’ll find one just as good in the safe areas where tourists are protected, so there’s no need to venture into the unsafe part.



Top 5 places to avoid in Brooklyn


If this is your first time traveling to New York, you probably want all the information that you can get on the famous Brooklyn district. Over the years, it went from an area to avoid to being one of the coolest, hip neighborhoods that young people enjoy living in to avoid being mainstream.

It’s a community of more than one million people, and it’s generally safe, especially after the crime rates in the city drastically dropped in the 90s. However, if you are visiting alone, or you are concerned about safety, and you want to be sure you don’t go off the beaten tracks, here are a few spots for you to avoid.



A unique mix

The housing market and the unstable economy of the past few years have turned Brooklyn into an unusual blend, especially regarding safety in relation to the geography of the neighborhoods.

You’re likely to find really expensive apartments in well-rated areas, and a few blocks away you would be amazed by the sudden drop in the quality of the place, from crime rates to housing units.

Knowing the district’s geography is key, and we suggest you do a bit of research before coming to Brooklyn in the first place so that you won’t have too many surprises.



Unfortunately, the years have not helped this neighborhood lower its crime rates. As time passes, the eastern part of Brooklyn is filled with low-income residents that live in public housing units prone to theft and small crime.

As we all know, poverty and low quality of life is always the environment where criminal behavior arises, and this neighborhood was called the murder capital of New York because a band of paid assassins used to reside here between the 1930s and the 1950s.


East New York

The main issues that this area deals with relate to drug abuse and poverty since it was developed as an industrial region and after World War II, many of the jobs were lost, resulting in social and economic issues that made the population poor and the crime rates didn’t fail to rise.


Downtown Brooklyn

The third largest district in Brooklyn is affected by robbery as a main criminal activity. The research says that about 72 crimes happen per 1,000 residents, but the good news is most of these encounters are not violent.

So if you keep your golf club travel bag, designer bag or anything valuable that you may have with you close and you avoid walking alone or in isolated areas, you shouldn’t be the victim of any incidents of this type.


Greenwood Heights

The economy of this neighborhood dropped in the 19th and 20th century, which resulted in a decrease in the number of jobs, the average income, and as an apparent result, the quality of life decreased as well.

Ethnic groups have started to gather around this district due to the low living costs, and they only help to accentuate the economic disparity. Aside from the obvious class difference, this area also struggles with non-violent crimes, at a rate of 26 per 1000 citizens.



German immigrants in the mid-1800s developed this area, and it began as an industrial area with lots of breweries. There is not much to say about this district really except the fact that the stats show it has a higher crime rate than other Brooklyn neighborhoods.

However, despite these severe signs, young professionals move here all the time to avoid the high costs of living in Manhattan. We hope that as time goes by, this process will make the neighborhood a safer place to live.



Where not to go in Atlantic City


Known for its casinos, boardwalk, and beaches, Atlantic City is a great place to go and have fun. Of course, the beautiful views also add to the overall mix that makes this resort city a special one.

Atlantic City comes with a very interesting story as, in an attempt to revitalize New Jersey in 1976, voters passed a referendum that approved casino gambling in this location. Second to Las Vegas as a gambling destination, it’s easy to understand why this was a very good decision for the local economy at the time.

However, just like in many other areas around the world, there are some things that make this city a great one, and others that make it not so great. The key here is to be informed beforehand and avoid any potential risky situations.

Although the initial thought might be that the city is not necessarily one to enjoy with your family, don’t leave the convertible car seat at home right away, as you can surely find plenty of attractions that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

On the other hand, there are some places you might want to avoid, so let’s take a closer look at what these might be.


The Boardwalk and side streets

This iconic part of the city is one that you can surely enjoy, especially since all the fuss around the casinos is nearby. However, the same cannot be said about the side streets that are further away from it.

This general rule applies in most of the cities around the world, namely that you should avoid small, dark streets, especially after sunset. The same applies in this case, so keep close to the touristic part and you’ll be fine.


Although the casinos in Atlantic City are lively and even kids are welcomed most of the times, you might want to check their reputation before venturing from one to the next. This is because some of them are not such fun environments as one might think.

Moreover, there are numerous individuals outside of the casinos that might try to take advantage of tourists, either by running scams or offering illegal services, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

This is not everything, as you should also make sure that all of your belongings are securely on your person and not lying around loosely even within the casinos. Given the wide range of people that step into these places, you can never be too sure about who is sitting right next to you.


Parking garages

Although this might seem rather scary to even think about, the parking garages can be a potentially dangerous place. As we’ve said before, it’s better to be informed and, more importantly, constantly aware of your surroundings.

When it comes to parking garages, you should try to park as close as possible to the elevator and avoid walking for too long from or to your car, as this means additional exposure to potential thieves that might be around.


This might seem a little funny but it’s something to consider, especially if you are traveling with children that might get easily scared. The seagulls are the famous boardwalk birds that are just about everywhere.

They fly very low, just above the heads of the visitors and, if you have food on you, they might be pushy and try to get it, so beware.


Power in the numbers

Since this principle works well in most cases, it’s a good thing to take a moment and remind ourselves that many times the best idea is to have a larger group of friends or family that you walk around the streets with. This way, you can worry a little less than if you were to be alone.