Most Appreciated Toilet from TOTO



This model deserves high ratings in the TOTO Ultramax II Het reviews due to its remarkable one-piece design.

If you’re looking for the best elongated toilet, you’ve definitely found it in the TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II Het.

The TOTO Ultramax II HET offers high efficiency in water use.

The toilet uses a powerful flushing action to bring bulk waste down.

It comes with great toilet accessories that enable out-of-the-box installation and set up.



One user found the toilet to be difficult to install with just a single person doing the job.

Another buyer thinks the stipulation on not using acid-based cleaners is not good for people who want genuine sanitization.


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Benefits Explained

  • Unlike toilets built in two-piece configuration, the TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II Het is constructed with a one-piece design. This allows easy cleaning and maintenance, as dirt will not accumulate in the space between the tank and the bowl. It also helps that the toilet is given a SanaGloss finish, which ensures an extra smooth glazing due to ion barrier technology that cleans the toilet bowl with every flush. The ceramic surfaces will not attract molds and debris to stick to them stubbornly, resulting to less water and chemical use during cleaning.

  • The toilet is built with Universal Height to ensure premium comfort during use. The seat height is ample at 17.25 inches, while the rim height is perfect at 16 1/8 inches. These components let you take a comfortable position on the seat. The tank is 28 3/8 inches high and 16 9/16 inches wide, which enables easy backward reach without missing the target. The unit is also ADA compliant for height, ensuring that it can be easily used by people with disabilities.


  • The TOTO Ultramax II HET comes with WaterSense approved high efficiency due to its 1.28 gallons-per-flush or 4.8 liters-per-flush power. This ensures that it won’t waste precious water resource with use. It offers an economical way to take down bulk waste without using plenty of water. With this toilet installed in every home, there’s always reason to keep the inside of the body free of toxic elements, and flush them all out of sight!


  • Engineered with Double Cyclone flushing technology, the toilet uses two powerful nozzles to create a powerful centrifugal force to clean the bowl and rim thoroughly every time you flush. The rim is not built with holes, making it easier to clean while being seamless looking.


  • Geared with a powerful, quiet flush, the TOTO Ultramax II HET ships to you with the tank cover, chrome-plated trip lever, fittings and a SoftClose seat. This lets you install the unit immediately using the proper tools and equipment. The molded bumpers and comfortable ergonomic design complete the whole package. Utilizing the latest smart seat technology, the SoftClose seat is made of robust, high-impact plastic. It reduces injury and eliminates the embarrassing toilet seat slam with the use of a SoftClose hinge system.



Incorporating TOTO’s high standard of quality and workmanship, the TOTO Ultramax II HET is precision designed to give comfortable ergonomic use. The powerful flushing action drags bulk waste down for good, while the revolutionary gloss coating ensures a perennially clean surface. This is undoubtedly the best toilet from TOTO built with best-in-class features and quality craftsmanship.


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