What is the best toilet from TOTO



Modern design

Powerful flushing system

Wide trapway

Comes with standard toilet accessories

Quality and performance



At least two TOTO Drake reviews mention that the rubber washers that come with the TOTO Drake are flat and tend to leak water from the tank. The buyer may need to get replacement parts for these components.

The quick flush is accompanied by a relatively bigger noise, which just means the toilet is doing its job efficiently.


Customer rating –> A


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  • The TOTO Drake carries a modern, high-profile design with innovative smooth glazing called SANAGLOSS, which guarantees a consistent and uniformly higher density on the toilet’s surface. This means better smoothness that effectively prevents debris from sticking to the surface. The manufacturer embraces holistic design concepts that adhere to aesthetics as well as quality, functionality and performance, making the TOTO Drake the best toilet from TOTO.


  • The TOTO Drake employs legendary G-Max Flushing system. This means a quiet yet powerful flushing performance with commercial grade ratings. The wide three-inch flush valve is designed to be 125% larger than a conventional flush valve so more water is released into the bowl to flush out debris. The toilet boasts of reliably low consumption of 6 liters or 1.6 gallons per flush in siphon jet flushing action.


  • The fully glazed trapway is engineered to be wider than that of older toilets. It has been computer-designed as a 2 1/8-inch component that ensures through flushing while still successfully adhering to WaterSense policies. This is because water efficiency specialists at TOTO are members of the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense Steering Committee that is tasked to develop product performance criteria for manufacturers so the nation’s precious water resources are protected for the future.


  • The TOTO Drake comes with a tank and lid, a chrome-plated trip lever and fittings, ensuring problem-free installation according to manufacturer’s specifications.


  • Thanks to the unrivalled expertise and vision of the manufacturer, the Drake is built with a large water surface and performance-driven precision engineering. Combining performance and sleek beauty, the Drake is manufactured with strict attention to detail and assurance of unmatched reliability. Get peace of mind with reduced maintenance costs on the Drake toilet.


There are plenty of brands that claim to be the best toilet in the market, but only a few like the TOTO Drake can rightfully declare they are so. With a powerful siphon jet flushing action, contemporary elongated design for more sitting room, a sleek finish, and overall consistent performance, the Drake is sure to give an outstanding toilet experience to users.


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