What is the best toilet from TOTO



Dual Max Flushing System

Skirted design

Push button flushing

Complies to WaterSense certification standards

Comes with the necessary toilet accessories



Some TOTO Aquia reviews have pointed out how the Aquia does not hold enough water in the bowl to flush solid waste cleanly, requiring multiple flushing or frequent cleaning.

The lid on the tank does not have an inside lip like most tanks, which can seem like it’s precariously sitting right on top of the tank.



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Benefits Explained


With the Dual Max Flushing System, you can choose between using 0.9 or 1.6 liters to flush the toilet, saving on water consumption with every flush. Choose just the flush you need for liquid waste and solid waste. This technology is unlike that of other products that use only a single, non-adjustable amount of water to flush.


The modern look of this best toilet from TOTO is complemented further by the elongated skirt design. This makes the toilet easy to clean. The design also allows you to settle into a comfortable sitting position, with your legs well supported. It is also ideal for children since their legs do not have to dangle while they are seated on the bowl.


Thanks to the push-button flushing, you don’t have to pull a lever to flush waste down. Less contact with the hands means less likelihood of germs getting into your hands. This also means an easier flushing experience for you. The push-button flushing also gives this toilet a contemporary functionality unlike conventional pull-lever types.


TOTO has gotten into a partnership program sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that seeks to protect the future of the nation’s water supply. By promoting water efficiency in their products including the Aquia, TOTO stays committed to helping preserve the environment.


Aside from the chrome-plated push button for flushing, the Aquia comes with the needed hardware and fittings to enable problem-free installation. It has a tank top mounting kit, flush valve and the gaskets, top mounting seat hardware, etc.



Still looking for the best toilet? Why not give the TOTO Aquia a try? Committed to promoting water efficiency in their products, TOTO has designed the Aquia with Dual Max Flush system so you can have just the right level of flushing you need. Its modern look is enhanced by the revolutionary skirted design. The push button flushing is a sanitary and effortless way to flush down waste. The universal height makes it easy to get on the toilet and off.


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