Best video games reviews


Video game designers have taken things to a whole different level. The graphics are mind-blowingly realistic, the user experience is complex and the fun is endless. Even so, games are not the cheapest pieces of software available on the online market. A great game will cost you about $50 which might add up if you are not dedicated to a single franchise which let’s be honest, is close to impossible. We’ve done some research and managed to make a list of the top videogames of 2019. We’ve based our suggestions on user feedback and on many reviews provided by experts when it comes to the gaming field.


Wolfenstein: The New Order – Xbox One


Top video games of 2019This is one of the most eagerly awaited games currently released on all major game platforms including PC. Wolfenstien’s New Order is a game which got people very excited because of how great the classic Wolfenstien 3D was back in the day. It will allow you to experience first-person combat at its best. It is a massive world you will be given access to. Here, you will fight Nazi robots which, in order to defeat you will have to collect all sorts of futuristic technology. Even though this game has little to do with the first edition released over a decade ago, it is still packed with adventure, thrilling moments and really impressive scenery which make it one of the best videogames 2019.

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Watch Dogs – PlayStation 4


Watch Dogs is complex game which has one of the best computer generated environments on the market. It will allow you to play as a sort of a modern Robin Hood which instead of using his arrows, will be using technology as his main weapon. The game designers provide you with the opportunity to control an entire city’s infrastructure. You will be able to manipulate traffic lights, raise drawbridges and create chaos in any part of the city. You will have access to as many as 65 vehicles which use the same controls and movement features as you get with Drive which is a racing classic.

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FIFA 14 – Xbox One


Despite having a series of glitches and downsides, the FIFA series is one of the most popular in the world. Offering the option of playing infinite games both on and offline, this impressive sports game brings people of all ages together. FIFA 2019 which is currently considered one of the best video games 2019, is more about the fun rather than the graphics and perfect AI. It is a definite improvement from older versions just as every new FIFA generation is. It offers better control over your players and it is more spectacular. It is not as strict and as realistic as its main competitor which is PES 2019.

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UFC – PlayStation 4


The UFC franchise has become one of EA’s most popular creations over the past two years. Offering amazingly realistic combat sessions, it will allow you to play with friends for hours without getting bored. The vast number of movements and combinations will allow you to grow and improve your skills as time goes by. You will be able to use the environment in your advantage just as you see in real-life matches. You will have the option to play in single player mode which will gradually teach you how to become better and better. This is a pretty violent and realistic game so we suggest not playing it with children.

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Kinect Sports: Rivals – Xbox One


If you love adventure and sports this will surely be one of the top video games of 2019 for you. It is packed with family friendly adventures which include different events such as tennis, wake racing, soccer, bowling climbing and target shooting. You will never get tired of playing this game because it offers such a generous array of choices. You will test different sets of skills and you will have access to a very colorful and action packed number of worlds which will allow you to transform into a complete athlete which will do anything to defeat his adversaries.

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