Tents for camping – What to look for:


It’s really exciting to go camping with the family. This means you will have to choose a tent for camping from the top 10 products in the market. If you want that family outing to be as pleasant and unforgettable as possible, getting the most reliable tent for camping should be a tireless quest.


Occupant Capacity

Tents are sized mainly based on their sleeping capacity, which is simply the number of people that can comfortably sleep inside. Manufacturers of the highest rated  tent for camping specify the maximum recommended number of sleepers in the tents they sell. Knowing how many members the camping group will have helps you decide whether to get a 4-, 6-, or 8-person tent. However, do take note that the use of sleeping bags, mats, air beds and other sleeping  paraphernalia might limit the tent’s sleeping capacity to a smaller number than is stated by the specifications. The individual size of each camper is a factor to consider as well. Thus, a four-person tent may, in reality, sleep only two people, each with their own sleeping bag. Smaller tents don’t offer much in the way of headroom, but people generally sleep in a tent and not hold a who-can-stay-standing-the-longest contest inside.

Tent Material/Fabric

Lightweight tents are made using a single layer of fabric, but there are other models that offer two-layered construction. Family campers prefer a double-layered best rated tent for camping. The inner and outer layers should have enough room between them to allow a closed fist in. Space between layers that’s smaller than that and you have a tent with potential for leaking. There are models of small tents that let you pitch the inner layer first and then add a flysheet to ensure weather protection. Rugged tents genuinely built for outdoor shelter carry high-denier  fabric. The groundsheet on the inner tent floor should also be high-denier. Some tent materials include polyester, nylon, cotton canvas or polycotton, or composite materials. Poles can be steel, aluminum or composite materials too.



What is the best tent for camping? It is the one that offers great ventilation for the occupant/s inside. This can be provided through mesh panels in the windows, doors and ceiling. Aside from giving view of the outside, these components enhance cross ventilation inside, which is helpful in addressing condensation issues. Large mesh panels are ideal when climate is hot and humid. Double zips allow easy opening from top to bottom of tent doors. Windows let the light and air in. Just make sure they have mosquito nets to enable you to get a good night’s sleep without annoying insects flying in through the open windows.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Capacity Price Foot Print Rooms Our Rating Where to buy

Coleman Montana

8 person $$$ 16 x 7 ft 1 A AMAZON

Coleman Instant

6 person $$$ 10 x 9 ft 1 A AMAZON

Wenzel Kodiak Family

9 person $$$$ 14 x 14 ft 2 B+ AMAZON

Coleman Red Canyon

8 person $$$ 17 x 10 ft 3 B+ AMAZON

Coleman Sundome

4 person $$ 9 x 7 ft 1 B AMAZON


You can get a great tent for camping under a budget. The essential thing is to examine the specifications of the product before making the leap. Remember: family camping trips should not happen only once in a lifetime, and your tent should be up to the job of giving you and the family proper shelter for that purpose.



Select the most comfortable tent for your family


Thousands of campers are looking for professional tents, ideal to use during camping trips. Shopping for a brand new tent can be pretty difficult given the multitude of products available on the market. If you are currently searching for a high quality camping tent, the following rows will probe to be quite helpful. There are many types of tents from which you can choose. Camping is a wonderful experience which requires the use of professional tents, capable of providing shelter, warmth and comfort. Now, you have to set out a budget and see what’s available in the respective financial comfort zone. Furthermore a high quality tent should incorporate a wide range of features designed to improve the overall camping experience.

It is important to consult professional information in order to know exactly what to look for in a new camping tent. Now, we took the liberty of testing 30 top rated tents, constructed with durable and high quality materials. After one week of attentive tests we were able to draft the best tent for camping reviews, which you should consult without reservations. In the case of tents, size matters! This is why you have to take into account tent weight and size. You should know that tent capacity relates to the number of people that can stay inside. For instance, a 2 person tent can accommodate without problems 2 people. There are also 4 person tents which are very comfortable. Furthermore families could use without reservations 8-persons tent for proper comfort and relaxation.


Best camping tent for two


Coleman Hooligan 2 Tent


The lightweight Hooligan 2 from Coleman is the best camping tent for two, easily fitting two campers comfortably within its cocoon protection. Thanks to its sturdy 11mm shock-corded fiberglass frame, set up is easy. Once set up, this backpacking tent protects the occupants from the harsh weather elements due to its full coverage coated polyester fly. The all-mesh body works great for adequate ventilation and constellation tracking in the star-filled sky at night. The small front vestibule allows storage for some camping gear items, when needed. The factory-sealed fly seams and rugged bathtub-style 1000D polyethylene floor offer extreme weather protection. Welded seams all throughout help protect against leaks.

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Choosing the best tent for camping 2019 can be pretty difficult but once you consult professional information things become easier. You might do right to check for multi-room tents, designed to easily accommodate different persons. Families that go camping with kids should use with confidence 2-room tents. You should know that multi-room tents cover different styles: 2-room styles, 3-room styles and many more. There are 2-room tents with a comfortable sleeping area or even attached screen room for amazing comfort during each camping trip. As so many experienced campers pointed out tents that include screen rooms are pretty great for storing different gear, safely outside the sleeping area. Such a feature comes in handy during long camping trips that go over 4 days.


Best luxury tent for camping 2019


Coleman Elite WeatherMaster Tent


The Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent is the ultimate best luxury tent for camping 2019 thanks to its feature-packed configuration. The material alone speaks of no-expenses-spared luxury. The tent is made of coated polyester fabric integrated with anti-wicking thread, zippers and webbing, all intended to provide superior protection from the elements. The welded waterproof floor and inverted floor seams provide exceptional water-locked ability by having the needle holes inside the tent and away from the rugged environment outside. The frame is built strong and reactive to the wind, incorporating revolutionary poles and guy-out triangles that keep the tent stable during a storm. That’s the secret of Coleman’s WeatherTec system for tents.

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With the best tent for camping 2019 you will enjoy hours and hours of comfort and relaxation. Now, stability is in order when it comes to high quality tents. Your future tent should include sturdy aluminum poles which provide stability during each use. Due to the relatively fragile design, tents need to be reinforced by powerful poles which maintain them grounded. Furthermore the tent should incorporate highly resistant rainflies, designed to resist rain and storms. You should also make sure that the tent’s walls are water-repellent. Some specialists recommend tents with roof vents and heavy-duty zippers for proper air circulation.


Best camping tent for family


BlackPine Pine Crest Turbo Tent


Built to be the best camping tent for family use, the BlackPine  10-Person Pine Crest Turbo Tent can sleep up to ten adults inside. Setting it up is effortless and can be done in just a few minutes, with the entire family pitching in to help. The exclusive design of the tent keeps all poles together . You can divide the large center room into two distinct rooms, giving innovative functionality. Material used on the tent is PU-coated Ripstop polyester/cotton canvas, ensuring durability and problem-free maintenance. The sewn-in 210D PVC tub-style floor and heat-taped seams ensure water resistance. The large awning set-up through the outer rain fly provides extra shade and waterproof protection.

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Things to consider:

  • Aluminum poles for added stability
  • Tent with high quality rainfly cover and walls
  • Tent capacity from 2 to 9 persons


Best rated Tents for Camping in 2019


If you are heading out of town and if you want to have reliable shelter, you should read various top tent for camping reviews in order to have an idea on the possible choices. While a lot of products have been identified in such reviews, in this article, I will list down five of the best options that can possibly be taken into account.


Coleman Montana 8-person Tent


This is another tent that I can recommend if you are looking for a way to have a temporary shelter while in an outdoor trip. One of the things that you might like about this tent is the ease of its assembly. It will be a breeze to put everything together and it will not be long before you can finally be able to enjoy the comfort that it offers. It is made from polyester, which does not only make sure that the tent will have a long functional life, but also promotes the comfort of its users.



Can be made to be the best tent for camping with toilet as it has  a revolutionary hinged door that not only facilitates in and out but works well with the  Cool-Air Port and privacy vent window, for easy integration with mobile or camping toilet facility

Generous 16’x7’ layout and spacious center height of 16’x2” to easily accommodate up to eight people that can sleep comfortably inside

Has convenient electrical-access port through which a portable device can be connected to an external power source using a cord

Modified dome structure includes a covered porch at the front and wings for lots of outdoor living space



Needs adequate waterproofing treatment for use during rain

Back wall has little ventilation


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Coleman 6-person Instant Tent


In this tent, the poles are already pre-attached to the tent itself, making sure that less time and effort will be required in its installation in the campsite. This tent has an innovative one piece design that will make it a snap to assemble and disassemble once it is time to head out.  It has a generous floor area, which will be spacious enough for up to two mattresses of queen size. The center height is six feet, which will be an assurance of having enough space to accommodate its users.



Setting up is easy with this instant tent that takes in up to six people, with state-of-the-art one-piece design

Taking down is easy under one minute as everything goes down in one piece

Pre-attached poles eliminate lengthy assembly time, eliminating risk of lost small components; set-up is quick and easy, with effortless unfolding, spreading out of fabric material, extension of poles, and simple click-and-lock mechanism

Capacious ten-foot by nine-foot shelter offers sufficient floor space to accept two queen-size air mattresses, with enough room overhead from 6-foot center height



China made

Comes without a rainfly, so may require separate purchase of a large tarp for covering or seam sealer or waterproofing substance


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Wenzel Kodiak Family Tent


Among all the tents that are mentioned in this article, this is the biggest in terms of space and capacity. Once it is fully assembled, you will be provided with two cabins, which will be perfect for a big group in a campsite. Aside from space, another thing that is commendable is the sturdy design of the base and the poles, which will provide you with the stability that it is needed, even if it is windy.



Certainly the best luxury tent for camping 2019 thanks to large-capacity, two-room layout and straight side walls that make full usage of interior living space

Welded polyethylene floor and full coverage fly capable of weather protection during outdoor family adventures and camping trips

Comes with a Dutch “D” style door of sturdy mesh, two bay windows for discrete visibility and safety when children are inside, two picture windows made stylish, and screened roof made for under-the-stars viewing

Steel frame made extra durable with pin and ring system and hub connections to make the tent stand up to the elements



Vents without zippers to ensure adequate airflow

No  provision for lighting fixtures


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Coleman Red Canyon 8-person Tent


Best tent for camping reviewsIf you are going on a camping trip, whether it is with your family or group of friends, the Coleman Red Canyon 8-person tent can prove to be a good thing to have. One of the best things that I like about this tent is that it has an excellent capacity as it can fit a group of up to 8 people. Even if the maximum capacity is reached, you can still be assured of the comfort of everyone since the tent is spacious.



Takes in up to eight campers, making this a family camping tent with 17 feet by ten feet floor area and a six-foot center height

Comes with convenient  and functional room dividers for easy creation of three separate rooms inside, for optimum privacy to every camper

Carries Coleman’s patented Weathertec System to ensure protection during unforeseen wet weather during camping trips, and adjustable Variflo and Cool Air Port venting system

Easy tent set-up with shock-corded poles and comes with easy-to-understand assembly procedure plus separate storage bags for stakes, poles and tent body



Door has a four-inch high lip that has to be stepped over

Needs additional tie-down points on the rainfly


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Coleman Sundome 4-person Tent


With this tent, you can be assured of having a dependable shelter even in spite of bad weather conditions during your outdoor trip. In many best tent for camping reviews, a five-star rating has been given for this model because of its reliability. The WeatherTec System, a technology that is exclusive to the manufacturer and that can be seen in the tents that they manufacture, is helpful in making sure that water and moisture will not get inside the tent.



Made to be a four-person dome tent with 63 feet of sleeping space, carries the exclusive Coleman WeatherTec system to keep moisture and rain out

Has adjustable Variflo ventilation and vented Cool Air Port, which contribute to adequate airflow and ventilation for people inside the tent

Even comes with a privacy vent window for even more ventilation without giving that feeling of being totally exposed

Has an interior gear pocket to store those camping essentials, plus a rainfly to keep rain and moisture out



Center height is below five feet, so taller persons may not be able to stand up comfortably while inside

Accommodates just a small group of people (4)


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