Best rated pulse oximeters in 2019


Athletes and sport enthusiasts have in their fitness arsenal a professional pulse oximeter. Such devices are capable of accurately measuring pulse rate and also oxygen saturation. With this data, people can control their workouts and safely track physical progress. Pulse oximeters came a long way from the first product ever released. Today’s devices provide accurate readings in matters of seconds. Due to the impressive number of such fitness devices we decided to attentively go through the top pulse oximeter reviews. During our research five models showed tremendous promise. Each oximeter from the ones presented below, received positive feedback from men and women that undergo daily physical activities.


Santamedical Finger Pulse Oximeter SM-110


Best pulse oximeter reviewsHikers, bikers and other sport practitioners should take the time and learn more things about the SM-110 pulse oximeter from Santamedical. This advanced device can be used in order to accurately measure pulse rate and oxygen saturation. It features a LED display which users can consult when needed. Requiring only 2 “AAA” batteries in order to run this pulse oximeter matches the needs of different athletes. The device benefits from an exclusive 1 year warranty and includes a carefully designed soft carrying case. Due to its simple interface users won’t have any troubles in going from one function to the next.

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ChoiceMed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


Most of the best pulse oximeter reviews underlined the smooth functionality and innovative design of the Fingertip Pulse from ChoiceMed. This device offers a simple operating interface which goes very well with beginners. It can display PR, SpO2, pulse strength and also pulse bar graph for a comprehensive insight into the body’s functionality. The one button operation permits users to accurately go from one reading to the next without restrictions. It requires only 2 “AAA” alkaline batteries in order to operate. Taking into account the product’s functions the device is perfect for skiers, bikers, hikers, and also mountain climbers.

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Acc U Rate CMS 50D Blue Finger Pulse Oximeter


Out of the best pulse oximeters in 2019 list, the CMS 50D model from Acc U Rate represents a great investment. Why? Well, this product features an easy to read OLED display on which users can see important data. It incorporates a professional plesmograph which indicates blood flow, for additional body insight. Athletes and high altitude climbers can use this professional pulse oximeter in order to measure pulse rate and SpO2 value. With such data in mind people will be able to slow down or keep on pushing towards their goals. It provides continuous measurement for up to 30 hours!

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Contec 50-DL Pulse Oximeter with Neck/Wrist Cord


In our search for the top pulse oximeter in 2019 we came across Contec 50-DL. This fingertip pulse oximeter offers in a comfortable manner accurate readings on oxygen saturation. Designed for athletes and also pilots this device is easy to carry around. Due to its simple operating system the pulse oximeter works very well with beginners. It runs on 2 “AAA” batteries and includes a soft carrying case that makes transportation a breeze. Furthermore the device includes a hanging strap for a comfortable wear during the actual physical activity. It works very well during high-altitude activities.

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Facelake Pulse Oximeter, Blood Oxygen Monitor


Even though finding the best pulse oximeter in 2019 can be pretty challenging we managed to identify the Facelake model. This advanced device displays PR and SpO2 data, important during various physical activities. It also features a fully adjustable audio alarm range which improves data reception and enhances user mobility. The Facelake pulse oximeter automatically stops working when the user removes its finger from the probe. In addition to the OLED display which renders data in readable mode this device is perfect for athletes and aviation pilots. People working in high altitude need to know their oxygen saturation during each activity.

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