Meat grinders – What to look for:


If you simply won’t stand for buying prepackaged beef for burger patties,  or are terribly concerned about what goes into pre-ground meat for sausages, knowing who makes the best meat grinder will most likely go a long way for you. When ratings best to worst for meat grinders are thoroughly studied, you’ll find the ideal product that can precisely cater to your needs, health-wise, taste-wise and performance-wise.


Basic parts to handle the grinding

What is the best meat grinder available in the market? Check out the parts of the product you are eyeing. First, ensure that the hopper and pusher are of quality build and strong material. These are primarily the first components that come in contact with the meat  to be ground. The pusher forces cubes of meat down the feed tube and keeps things moving. Therefore, it should have a robust quality to it. The larger the tray, the better, so you can grind large batches of meat every time. The blade should have unfailing sharpness and grinding performance alongside the plate or die, which is geared with holes whose size dictates the fineness or coarseness of the finished product.

Elbow Grease or AC power-your choice

Which meat grinder is the best when it comes to power type?  Depending on the user’s preference, this can be manual type or an electric model. If you don’t mind using a bit of muscle power, a manual grinder can work for you. This also makes a good choice if you don’t really do a lot of meat grinding. Now for such types, you also have two choices: clamp-mounted or bolt-mounted. For a more permanent and stable set-up, a bolt-mounted model is ideal. You can even do plenty of grinding without worrying that such a unit will get detached from its bolted-up base. A relatively less sturdy type is a clamp-mounted meat grinder, which allows you to work on any surface you take a fancy to, depending on your mood. An electric meat grinder just needs a flat surface to work on and an AC outlet.



You can tell if you’ve picked the right product from the top 10 meat grinders based on the attachments it comes with, or that can be bought separately for use with the unit. The hardiness of the motor can be put to the test with just the number of attachments the meat grinder can work with. Ground chicken and ground beef are versatile enough, but consider if you could also make your own sausages. An attachment for sausage-making would be pretty useful here, specially one that lets you extrude the sausage mix direct into a casing. A variety of blade sizes will help immensely for this purpose.



Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Dimensions Price  Attachments Electric – Manual Rating Where to buy
LEM Products W779 17.5 x 15.3 x 15.4 inch $$$$ YES Electric A+ AMAZON
STX Turboforce 3000 16.5 x 6.5 x 14.5 inch $$$ YES Electric A AMAZON

STX Megaforce 3000

16.5 x 6.5 x 14.5 inch $$$ YES Electric A AMAZON

Norpro Meat Grinder

8 x 5 x 5 inch $$ YES Manual B+ AMAZON
Panasonic MKG20NRW 9.6 x 6.6 x 7.9 inch $$ YES Electric C+ LIVING DIRECT


Remember that a cheap meat grinder, although available, may not always be a match for high-end models. The best thing to do is to determine how heavy the work is you will be subjecting the unit to. This should give you a good idea which product to purchase. Do not buy a meat grinder for aesthetics alone, as appearance falls flat when performance is a priority.


How to find the best meat grinder for your needs


meatgriThere are many appliances that need to be present in a kitchen in order to ensure quality food preparation day or night. Do you love sausages and hamburgers? If you do then you know just how important is to have around a professional meat grinder. People need to have at their disposal professional meat grinders which can handle more specific operations involving meat. Today, the market offers a wide range of meat grinders, from different brands and with special features that can improve the way you prepare food. Once you manage to go through the best meat grinder reviews, written in a professional manner by cooks and satisfied users, you will understand better how to separate bad products from the good ones.

Is you are on the market for a professional and reliable meat grinder then you should know that some factors need to be taken into account. Finding the best meat grinder in 2019 can be pretty difficult, taking into account the number of products available on the market. Millions of Americans prefer to grind their own meat, in order to make sure that everything is handled with attention. Today, there are many grinders available on the market, people finding new models with each month passed. Learning more about the advantages and disadvantages of using a particular meat grinder is essential, especially if you want to use one that won’t let you down.

There are many benefits of using a particular meat grinder. Well, the meat produced is fresh and can accommodate a wide variety of spices, making it pretty delicious. As some people pointed out, freshly grinded meat tends to be healthier as well.


Best meat grinder for burgers


Weston 08-2201-W Number 22 Commercial Meat-Grinder


Prepare more burger patties for your barbecue parties with the Weston 08-2201-W Number 22 Commercial Meat Grinder, which processes 725-pound meat per hour. It has a 1HP/750-watt motor that is permanently lubricated and air-cooled, ensuring consistent performance without overheating. It will grind soft bones and meat  for use in making pet food. It is a great addition to meat processing shop equipment, or for the kitchen where a heavy-duty meat grinder is badly needed. The Weston 08-2201-W processes moose, elk, deer and other kinds of fibrous game meat, aside from being the best meat grinder for burgers. The stainless steel outer housing ensures easy clean-up.

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With the best meat grinder in 2019, every day culinary projects become easier than ever, letting people harness their creativity and enjoy delicious dishes. You will find on the market three major types of meat grinders: manual meat grinders, standalone meat grinders and also meat grinder attachments which can respond well to different types of culinary projects. The manual meat grinders include clamps which can be bolted in a semi-permanent manner on table tops and even countertops.

Top manual grinders can safely grind 2 to 3 pounds of meat per minute, ideal for people that plan to prepare meat on simple occasions. Meat grinder attachments can help you prepare sausages and hamburgers with precision. Such devices are very affordable and a great addition to any kitchen.


Best meat grinder for chicken


Weston 33-0201-W Electric Heavy-Duty Grinder


If you want good value, good eats and the best meat grinder for chicken, get the Weston 33-0201-W 575-Watt Electric Heavy-Duty Grinder. It comes with three stainless steel grinding plates that let you select from fine, medium, and coarse grinds. It handles chicken as well as soft bones, so you can prepare great meals for your pets. The machine delivers both forward and reverse operation, so you can always ensure that you’re getting optimum grind every time. The supplied sausage stuffing funnel lets you do easy sausage making. The machine has a compact design that allows convenient storage. The attachments store inside the stomper.

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The last type, standalone meat grinders or commonly known electric meat grinder, ideal to grind meat on frequent occasions. One thing is certain: you need a product which can respond well to your needs, with no technical restrictions. This grinder can help you grind large quantities of meat with precision. It is also accompanied by many options that include plates, and tubes, for better meat management. Still, these devices are a bit more expensive than regular manual meat grinders and also meat grinder attachments. You will be able to grind meat with ease, any time you need in complete culinary freedom.


Best meat grinder for bones


Weston #10 Heavy-Duty Manual Tinned Meat-Grinder


The fact that the Weston #10 Heavy-Duty Manual Tinned Meat Grinder is a right hand crank grinder makes it the best meat grinder for bones. Easily handling tough meat and bone that other meat grinders can’t, this kitchen device has an ergonomically-designed crank handle that turns effortlessly. Its clamp-on style helps to easily attach the unit to any countertop up to 1.5 inches thick. It incorporates the exclusive Porkert multi-stage tinning process that protects it from rust, and which is a closely guarded secret that has never been duplicated in other products within the same category. The Weston #10 Meat Grinder also bears a lifetime guarantee. It has adjustable burrs for control from coarse to fine grind.

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Things to consider:

–   There are three major types of meat grinders: manual meat grinder, meat grinder attachment and standalone meat grinder.

–  Meat grinders offer precise ways to grind meat from small to large quantities, in direct accordance to your needs.

–   Grinders include the following parts: hoppers, pushers, screws, blades, plates, trays and covers.

–   Meat grinders can help you prepare fresh and healthy meat, ideal for hamburgers or sausages.


Best rated meat grinders in 2019


The one thing we cannot do without is food. And if you are a lover of home cooking or a chef within your own home there are few kitchen appliances that you cannot overlook. A meat grinder falls in that category. While most of the world’s population consumes some kind of meat, an easy to set meat grinder can lessen half your kitchen work time with an effortless performance. But to find a real good meat grinder can be a difficult job. But once you have finished reading this article based on the top meat grinder reviews, I assure you that you will know the perfect device to buy.



LEM Products W779 meat grinder


Best meat grinder reviewsWith this device at home you can almost smell minced meat stuffed pies, kebabs and meatballs in the air! This heavy duty 36 pound machine stands upright on any kitchen top and minces away your meat within the shortest time possible. A fuss free, easy to operate meat grinder is powered by electricity and can give you exactly what you want. I loved this product because of the array of accessories it comes with. Packed with a stainless steel knife, meat stomper, big bite auger in addition to three stuffing tubes and plates each in three different sizes; it has everything to suit your choice while grinding meat. Available with two years warranty period and after sale service, this device can be a great assistant in your cooking. Just push the red start button and let the LEM .35 HP stainless steel meat grinders do its work.



 US made of top quality stainless steel construction and outfitted with a powerful 0.35 horsepower motor

 Generously-sized meat tray measuring 11.5” x 8.5” x 2.25”, which can take large slices of meat

Roller bearings fitted into all metal gears to make grinding jobs as effortless and smooth as possible

Comes with functional components including a meat stomper, Big Bite auger, stainless steel knife, three stuffing tubes and three stainless steel plates for making fine, coarse and stuffing ground meat



Premium quality that comes with a higher price tag

Not intended for use with chicken bones and chicken skin


I love cooking different delicacies and that’s why I have lots of cooking appliances in my kitchen. One of these is the LEM Products .35 HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder which I bought for a nice price. The product is very useful in grinding meat. To tell you, it produces soft and tender meat that whole my family enjoys.”  Hiedi Joiner


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STX Turboforce 3000 meat grinder


When we talk about grinders we all know that what matters is the engine power. Now here I come with a truly powerful electric meat grinder that houses a 1.800 watts engine. The STX International Turboforce 3000 Series is so fast and efficient that you can hardly cope with feeding the meat tray. Well structured with aluminum finish, decent contemporary look, easy cleaning opportunity makes this device on of the top contenders in the best meat grinder reviewsBesides the affixed ‘circuit breaker’ also ensures safety of your product. Moreover this appliance is not only a meat grinder but also helps you with sausage stuffing by the varied dimensioned tubes. Convenience cannot be better with three grinding speed regulator and separate grinding plates for fine, medium or course meat.



Seasoned food processors and novices love this unit as it amply answers “what is the best meat grinder for deer meat?” thanks to its exceptionally high wattage of 3000 watts peak output power

Truly a Size no. 12 grinder that can outperform and outgrind smaller grinders in the size no. 5 or no. 8 range

With 2-inch Diameter Feed Tube and 2 1/2 –inch Diameter Output for ground meat

Constructed of premium 100% Polished food-grade cast aluminum and comes with usable accessories: 3 tempered/hardened steel grinding plates; 3 stainless steel cutting blades; 3 sizes sausage stuffing tubes and adaptor; a Kubbe/Kibbe attachment



No motor fan , which limits extended operation for the powerful motor

Aluminum components are not dishwasher safe


The STX International, STX Turboforce 3000 Series electric meat grinder is just so easy to use. It has a clear button structure which allows me and other people cooking to operate the product with ease. The structure is strong and the design is really authentic. I can use it anytime and recommend to all the customers.”  John E. Lee


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Panasonic MK-G20NR-W Meat Grinder with Circuit Braker


If you want to buy one of the best meat grinders in 2019 then you should seriously consider getting the Panasonic MK-G20NR-W. This electric meat grinder made out of a combination of stainless steel and durable plastic will be a part of your kitchen for a very long time. There are 3 cutting blades to choose from so you always grind the meat as you see fit.



 Unit has all metal hopper with 2.3-quart capacity for grinding larger amounts of meat for preparing ready-to-cook products such as hamburger and sausage

Super meat grinder with feeder and extrusion mechanism  complemented by heavy duty stainless steel inner cutting blades, offering choices from fine, coarse and medium cutting blades so users can grind the way they want

 Comes with an extra cutting blade plus a sausage attachment that’s highly functional

 Prepare healthy ground meat products using an electric meat grinder with built-in circuit breaker and a Recipe Book



Motor sound changes depending on how heavy the load is

Intended for personal/ home use, not for commercial purposes


This new grinder has really made meat grinding easy and less time consuming. I even used its recipe book to make some delicious dishes, which have been loved by my family. I think I bought the best product for the money I spent on it.” – Kylie Moore


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STX Megaforce 3000 meat grinder


If I start telling the features of this STX International Megaforce 3000 Series device, word will fall short. The amazing device with ‘peak output’ motor wattage locking system, great affordability, shiny cast aluminum structure, easy-to-clean-and-maintenance features has given me the idea of one perfect electric meat grinder. The multi tasking device able to make sausages too is quite handy with its available assortments of a special sausage stuffing plate or a beanery plate and sausage stuffing tubes. But its best feature that knocked me off is its own patented “Cowl Air Induction cooling system”. Keeping your device cooled off as it minces down the meat or go on doing the sausage stuffing, it almost doubly enhances the longevity of your meat grinder. Still then I won’t worry much about this product as the manufacturer ensures of a 100% fix or replace guarantee any time within the first year of buying due to device troubleshoots.



Engineered with exclusive and revolutionary Cowl Air Induction Cooling System, a unique air flow system designed to help the unit handle extended periods of grinding without overheating

With three grinding speeds, locked motor wattage of 3000 watts and a circuit breaker for additional safety

Works harder than smaller grinders as a Size No. 12 grinder and even comes with a 1-year parts-and-labor 100% Fix-or-Replace Guarantee

All-inclusive solution to what is the best meat grinder for deer meat as it comes with 3 stainless steel cutting blades and a 3-piece set of sausage tubes, among others



Operating manual not really done well despite the machine’s ease of use

Parts not dishwasher-safe


“The Megaforce meat grinder was one of the best Xmas presents I received this year. The accessories it comes with are very useful when doing homemade sausages, so I got one of the best rated models in 2019.” – Sara C. Williams

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Norpro Meat Grinder


If a decent plate of pasta with some yummy meatballs and gravy is what you require in your fresh healthy home meal then the Norpo 3-in-1 kitchen appliance is just the tool you need. The lightweight 2 pound device with a well built high impact resistant plastic and stainless steel blades body can be a great addition to your kitchen top. Small then the other varieties available, this device is packed with surprises. Taking place amongst the best meat grinder reviews by this device, can without a doubt be put on its amazing grinding-mincing-pasta making features. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of USA, the device can also be used to grind breads for bread crumbs and vegetables for baby feed. Priced within everybody’s reach, the device comes with a whole set of sausage funnel, mincing plates and three pasta flow parts.



Three-in-one kitchen tool that handles mincing and grinding jobs as efficiently as it handles making fresh pasta, even from scratch

Comes with two screens and one each of coarse and fine mincing plates

Includes three pasta attachments for preparing linguine, spaghetti and rigatoni

With a sausage funnel attachment and can remain secure on the countertop with built-in suction base and a locking key



May not be able to handle vegetable grinding and fatty meat

Needs a smooth countertop for the suction base to work nicely


I bought the Norpro meat grinder, mincer and also pasta maker on Black Friday. I was very happy because it helped me a lot in preparing foods for the Christmas season and New Year celebration. I can also make pasta and burgers with this product under $20. ”  Homer Jett


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Deni 3500 meat grinder – Not Available


Believe me, when they say Professional Grad, they mean it. The Deni 3500 with its 800 watts capacity can do wonders. The sturdy device made up from stainless steel is 11.8 pounds and can easily be decked on top of any kitchen counter top or table. The easy to operate device has a black button on the exterior marked on, off, and reverse. What you need to do is just to shove the meat on the upper tray and push the button as you like. Coming with accessories like cutting blade, sausage staffer, food pusher, large hopper and cast plates for fine, medium or course meat grinding, this device can guzzle any kind of meat to work on it. I myself got surprised to see how fast it works. This easy to maintain device can actually grind three pounds of meat within the wink of a minute.

Deni 3500 800-watt Professional grad meat grinder  is one of the most reliable cooking appliance I have in my kitchen. The product was delivered to our home in just a day and I assembled it within minutes. The product is useful, professional and has outstanding features too.”  James Vargas