If you’ve always found that you feel wary when it comes to traveling to another country or a city you haven’t had the opportunity to visit before, we might be able to give you some ideas as to your following destinations. We made a list of five extremely safe cities where the likelihood of you getting in trouble is very low.

Before we begin, we’d like to point out that every travel location can be dangerous, to some extent. To make sure that you are always safe, we would suggest traveling with another person unless you go somewhere with an extremely low crime rate.

Carry your valuables subtly and avoid taking shots with your very expensive smartphone in heavily crowded areas. Don’t talk to suspicious individuals and try to avoid neighborhoods that you know might be dangerous.


Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is particularly popular with tourists who want to have a bit of fun either because they want to smoke weed legally, or they would like to visit the world-known Red Light District present in the Netherlands’ capital.

Although it is a pretty crowded place and it gets millions of tourists every year, Amsterdam is placed in the top five safest cities in the world because it is one of the best when it comes to ensuring digital security and infrastructure security. It has a very low crime rate, despite being visited by so many diverse individuals every year.

Toronto, Canada

We all know that Canadians are famous for being nice and polite, and that’s one tip we can give you right off the bat. If you want to feel at home in any place in this country, you have to be just as nice to people as they are to you. And you’ll be surprised at how many times folks might hold the door for you or apologize for having bumped into you by accident.

The best thing about Toronto is that you can speak English, in case you don’t know French, which is widely spoken in the Quebec area. Based on some resources we’ve found, Toronto is one of the best locations when it comes to cyber and personal safety. It’s extremely unlikely you’ll have your identity or credit card information stolen when you visit Toronto or any other locations in Canada, for that matter.


Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s capital city is one of the best in terms of ensuring digital and health security. Both critical infrastructure and cyber threats are conveniently and swiftly handled by the authorities, and the city is now working toward improving all areas of safety because it will be hosting the Olympics and Paralympics in 2021.

Recommended by travel blogs and experts in the field alike, Tokyo seems to be one of the most reliably secure destinations both this year and in upcoming ones. Besides, since it’s vivid and filled with contrasts and interesting spots and food, we’re sure you’re going to love visiting it.

Stockholm, Sweden

Is Stockholm safe for tourists? The answer to this question is pretty straightforward. Not only is this city as safe as possible, but so is most of the country. The low crime rate makes it one of the best locations to travel to for women. The risk of mugging and dangers happening in taxis or public transport are low while those relating to pickpockets, scams, and terrorism, are medium.

In 2017 and 2021, both France and other European countries were targeted by terrorists, so it is a risk that you should take into account for virtually any travel destination from Europe. Nevertheless, large towns like Malmo, Gothenburg, or Stockholm are surprisingly safe. Just don’t try to put a Swede under the table because there have been reports of people fighting after getting intoxicated. But, as you know, this happens everywhere around the globe.


Sydney, Australia

If you want to travel Down Under, both Sydney and Melbourne might make great destinations to bear in mind. The harbor city is one of the best when it comes to ensuring health and infrastructure security. Besides, with its unbelievably beautiful sights, going to Sydney is going to be an experience you will look forward to and you’ll find hard to forget.

So, grab your GoPro accessories and your travel pillow and hop on the first plane you can get to Australia today!