If you have decided to go on a tour of the most appealing cities in the United States, but you don’t want to put your life at risk while doing so, this list of dangerous cities in the U.S. might come in handy. So, take a good look at it and start re-organizing your next trip!



Although you might have heard that the crime rates in Detroit have decreased, this city is still one of the most violent places out there. However, it is worth saying that the unsafe areas in this city are usually located far from the tourist attraction sector.

In this town, one should pay attention to pickpockets and bag snatchers as they are quite numerous, even in tourist attraction locations and in the means of public transportation. The chance to get mugged in Detroit is medium. Still, usually, most of those that fall victim to muggers are not physically hurt if they cooperate with their assailant.

Last but not least, while here, pay attention to scammers. Also, you should always withdraw money from well-known banks and hotels, so that the risk of you being the victim of a credit card scam is avoided.



As the largest city in Maryland, Baltimore is another tourist-attractive city that is not particularly very safe. According to the specialists, this town is safe to visit during the day, just as long as you stick to the central areas around the harbor. However, keep in mind that, at night, the downtown area is well known for its various crimes.

As expected, in Baltimore, pickpocketing and purse snatching are quite common, as thieves usually target tourist locations as well as public transportation. The prospect of you being the victim of a scam is also quite high, which is a reason why you should not trust those asking you for help.


Another city that you should be careful when visiting is Boston. As one of the most famous towns in the U.S., Boston is filled with attractions that are worth visiting, but all those that consider doing so should also pay attention to their own safety.

From this point of view, you should know that most crimes that occur here are drug-related. While here, you should avoid non-central areas that are prone to such activities. What is more, the risk of running into pickpockets is medium, and, with a little bit of caution, you should be fine.

Additionally, we recommend that you pay attention to scammers. Besides, the public transportation in this city is generally safe and reasonably priced.



The house of blues music, Memphis is another tourist destination that some consider dangerous. This city is famous because this is where Graceland, the home of Elvis, is located. Similarly to the other places that we have talked about, the city of Memphis is generally safe if you stay in the central area. Therefore, if you avoid the marginal crime-ridden neighborhoods, you should be fine.

Still, it is worth noting that in this city there are numerous pickpockets. Because of this, it is advisable that you keep your belongings in a safe place and away from view. The risks of terrorist attacks here are low.

On top of that, although the best way to travel in Memphis is by car, the specialists have determined that the public transportation services in the town are safe. Yet, you should pay attention to muggers, especially during the night.


Last but not least, the Windy City is also a location that you should visit with caution. Although the city per se is overall safe, there are plenty of rough neighborhoods that you should avoid visiting. Differently to other places, the chance of having your belongings stolen by pickpockets here is not that high.

However, Chicago is home to many muggers. Because of this, you should show precaution before displaying your belongings in public. Although the city has not been targeted by terrorist groups recently, you should stay alert to what the authorities recommend.

Even more so, if you are a woman, you will be happy to know that Chicago is safe for female travelers. Also, before you book your next flight here, go online and check the weather as Chicago is occasionally hit by blizzards.