Water slides seem fun and a cool way to spend time with friends and family. Given that there’s no electrical component involved, you suppose there’s no risk, so it’s perfectly safe to go water sliding. Well, the truth is that these type of recreational giants can be hazardous, causing severe injuries and even death. These incidents are not something to ignore.

Many people have suffered awful fates while using water slides. Some of them got stuck inside, others got their head decapitated, and a good percentage experienced the real danger only at the bottom of the slide.

Even if you like to feel an adrenaline rush from time to time and you own a strong swimming suit, it’s best to know the risks you are taking and learn about which water slides to avoid.


Black Hole

This water slide can be found at the Wet N’ Wild Water Park in Orlando and has gained its notoriety thanks to the numerous lawsuits filed by individuals that were severely injured while riding this genuine death trap.

One of the people that filed a lawsuit received 1.73 million dollars because he was struck by an object while going down the slide. He wasn’t able to feel his legs and the doctors determined he needed metal plates implanted into his head. And this case is not singular.

The problem with this water slide is that it requires almost 23 seconds to complete, but the staff doesn’t wait more than 15-20 seconds to send another person down the tube. This means that they push another person without waiting for the previous one to leave the slide.

Insano Water Slide

Insano is located in Brazil’s Beach Park where you can also find some of the tallest water slides in the world. This slide has almost 135 feet in height. Moreover, riders get to experience a wild sensation thanks to the 65 miles per hour speed that they achieve when riveting their way down to the bottom of the slide.

Some people say that the speed is so high that the body barely touches the surface of the water slide. You can avoid injuries by crossing the ankles and keeping your arms on your chest.

The only positive aspect of this slide is that the entire joyride lasts about 5 seconds. Nevertheless, most people reach the bottom in tears, of happiness supposedly.


Vertigo Slide

We should move on to the European continent, in Spain. In Benidorm, we have the Vertigo Slide that made people go mad because of one incident that occurred when a British tourist wanted to experience something wild. He managed to get his face stuck, and the entire pool was filled with blood.

This piece is more than 100 feet high, and riders manage to reach an extreme speed of 60 miles per hour.

The slide works simply, in theory. The person has to stand in a capsule located at a top, and a trap door will open beneath so he or she can shoot down the slide.

However, when the tourist mentioned earlier tried to jump, the trap door didn’t open completely.  

In case you want to have evidence that the water slide isn’t working correctly, it’s better to get a professional waterproof camcorder.

Sahara Sidewinders

The Sahara Sidewinders Ride is a part of the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells. Marketed as the only indoor water slide in the USA that features loops, it’s considered unsafe because the nature of it makes smacking against the surface incredibly violent.


Cannonball Falls

This slide can be found at the infamous Action Park, in New Jersey. It was closed in 2015 because it ends with a ten feet drop into a large pool.

Several people suffered shoulder injuries so, after hundreds of complaints, someone thought it was indeed a threat for any rider and closed the water slide.