We were blessed enough to live in an era where traveling is possible at minimum costs and without losing too much time. There are countless ways of traveling from one state to another in just a matter of hours, while planes can take you to the opposite corner of the world in record times.

Probably this is why more and more people became obsessed with traveling to as many countries as possible, experiencing new cultures and boosting their personalities. Unfortunately, not all your favorite destinations prove to be safe spots, especially for foreign visitors.

Poverty, the lack of work opportunities and infrastructure combined with terrorist threats represent the main reasons why some countries, although beautiful, should be avoided at all costs.

Here is a list of destinations you shouldn’t consider for your honeymoon, at least for the moment.



Although there are still many other conflict spots on the globe, Syria remains the most dangerous country to travel to. Since the beginning of the Arab Spring in 2010 more than 10 million Syrians fled from the country, seeking asylum in other destinations around the world.

Europe seemed like the most welcoming environment, considering that neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia or the United Emirates of Arabia refused to offer them support and recognize Syrian people as refugees.


Although there are many other war zones in the world, including Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan, and Somalia, Colombia remains one of the most dangerous countries to travel to. It’s not a war-torn area but it still possesses a life-threatening risk for travelers looking for adventures outside safe zones.

Medellin, the second-largest city in Colombia, was named South America’s greatest destination in 2016, but this doesn’t mean that it’s safe. Armed gangs continue to run the streets of Bogota as the crime rate increases year after year.

Robberies, kidnappings, and drug trafficking are still common, along with acts of terrorism, including explosions.

Although the country has been blessed with a rich history and picturesque sites, you should avoid traveling without a guide or wander the streets of Bogota at night.



Nigeria is consistently considered one of the most dangerous destinations in the world due to its terrorism problem. One of the world’s deadliest terrorist groups, Boko Haram continues to attack the state’s capital, Niger. Boko Haram pledged allegiance to Isis and tries to turn the country into a caliphate ruled by the sacred law of Sharia.

Both groups constantly target highly populated areas in an attempt to make as many victims as possible. Schools, churches, public squares, and even hotels and restaurants are amongst the most vulnerable places in the country. It is strongly advised to avoid trips to this country, at least until the war on terror is over.



Another country where terrorism is still a problem, Pakistan is not a safe travel destination either. The country is known for limiting the freedom of speech and forbidding foreigners to enter different areas.

It was consistently voted as the world’s most affected state by terrorism in the past 10 years and already counts for millions of refugees and immigrants.

Because of the risk of illegal immigrants, Pakistani people are often barred from entering developed countries, including the ones in the European Union and the United States. This is why, in a desperate attempt to flee the war zone, most of them decide to migrate towards other Asian and African destinations, including the United Arab Emirates.


Formerly one of the most common tourist attractions in the world, Egypt has been avoided in the past few years because of the terrorist threats. Extremist groups, including Isis, continue to target public venues and tourist attractions, looking for as many casualties as possible.

The gates of Egypt remain open for tourists but it’s not advisable to travel there without a guide. All-inclusive resorts and private means of transportation can also become targets for terrorists or muggers.

There are other numerous world destinations in which you should take extra care. From Venezuela to Mali, Bali, Bangladesh, and even Ukraine, Thailand, Brazil or Jamaica – all these popular places may still pose risks due to the presence of robbers, armed gangs, and other criminals.