We all know that when deciding on a suitable holiday destination, it can be pretty difficult to tell at a macro level how dangerous and crime-ridden a town actually is. Despite the fact that news circulates all the time, the amount of information that we get is too large to piece together.

Texas, in particular, is a state famous for certain shocking cases that took place there, so tourists might raise an eyebrow if you propose the state as a holiday destination. In the following guide, we’re trying to discuss the reasons behind the high rate of crime in a few Texas towns and why you should avoid them.




With a relatively low population, this city was ranked the most dangerous place in Texas in the recent months, and for a solid reason. The rate of violent crimes here is incredibly high, with 1 in 43 citizens becoming a victim of rape, aggravated assault or in some cases, even murder.

The reasons behind this situation stem from lack of education, poverty and lack of jobs. The economy is also unstable due to these events. We suggest you do not visit this place unless it’s vital, in order to avoid being attacked with a heavy splitting axe in a worst case scenario.



This town is rated as the second most dangerous place you could be in while you’re in Texas, and that’s due to the frequency at which theft takes places here.

The residents of this town have a 1 in 18.1 chances of being the victims of a robbery, home invasion or car theft event. Loosely put, if you lived here, almost a quarter of the people you knew would have been victims to one of these events at a particular time in their lives.

If you do not want to risk losing any of your properties or putting yourself in danger, we suggest you avoid traveling to this small town.



Ranking third on the most dangerous places prone to violent criminal events, Texarkana has a population of almost 38,000 citizens. Where it’s located, it ranks even higher on the list of places where you wouldn’t want to be caught.

The people living here have a 1 in 20 chance of becoming the victim of criminal behavior involving property crime, home break-ins or car theft. Despite these discouraging statistics, recent studies show a steady decrease in the crime rate in this town, so maybe things are finally looking up.


This is a somewhat unexpected entry because Beaumont seems like it’s a civilized, cosmopolitan center. However, its size, population, and infrastructure do not prevent unfortunate events from happening, as statistics show.

It is said to be the second most dangerous place in Texas, at least when we’re discussing violent crimes and not other sorts of a misdemeanor. The residents here have a 1 in 90 chance of being assaulted, raped or even killed.

Unfortunately, the recent studies show that the crime rate is progressing over the years, despite the efforts made by the local police to try and keep the situation under control.



The famous rival of Dallas concerning development is facing a bit of a problem with its crime rate. It appears to be among the most dangerous places in Texas, and it’s clearly losing this battle against Dallas, which deals with safety issues a lot better.

The population here is substantially increased in comparison with other rural towns. Almost 2 and a half million people live in Houston, and unfortunately, the stats say that 25,609 citizens were killed, attacked or raped only throughout the last year.