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Top rated Hunting Knives in 2020


For those people who love the outdoors and hunting, the best hunting knife reviews have identified some of the models that can prove to be an essential companion during your hunt. To make it easier for you to choose one, this article will identify five of my recommendations, based on the reviews and feedbacks that have been given by many of its users.


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There are many American hunters that understand the value of a good hunting knife designed to cut various things without problems. The market is more than generous when it comes to efficient knives, worth having around during long hunting sessions. A good hunting knife is a great accessory for seasoned hunters. Such knives are very important tools to use whenever people hunt something. This hunting companion is useful when skinning animals or cutting branches down. There are many things to take into account while browsing for a brand new knife. Since there are so many hunting knives available on the market, picking out the right product can take some time. You have to access professional information before you decide upon a particular product.

The first thing that you have to do is decide what you are going to use the hunting knife for. Depending on the hunting applications, you will know exactly which model enhances your results. Since there are so many hunting knives out there we were able to test some of the most popular models for 80 hours straight. During the research we understood what makes certain knives great. When the test result came through we managed to draft the best hunting knife reviews with useful details. A good knife is useful for wide range of hunting applications like: skinning a deer, boar or turkeys. People also use knives for trimming down twigs to start fire faster. Now, a hunting knife should have a compact profile for easy manoeuvrability during hunting applications. You could also opt for all-general knife that can cover different tasks.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Type Price Blade length Handle Customer Rating Where to buy

Ka-Bar US Marine Corps

Fixed $$$ 7 inch Leather A+ AMAZON

Buck Knives 110-9210

Folding $$ 3.8 inch Natural wood-grain A AMAZON

Kershaw Ken Onion Leek

Folding $$$ 3 inch Bead-blasted stainless steel B+ AMAZON

Kershaw Ken Onion Tactical

Folding $$ 3.4 inch Anodized aluminum B+ AMAZON

Kershaw 1550ST

Folding $$ 3.3 inch Glass-filled nylon B+ AMAZON


A growing number of people are searching for the best hunting knife in 2020, capable of improving the overall experience on the ground. During hunting trips a good knife can definitely get the job done! The knife needs to have a special rugged synthetic handle for easy handling. Now, the hunting knife should include a powerful blade that performs different skinning tasks. Furthermore it might be good to have a knife with serrated edges for more demanding cuts. If you are hunting small games like rabbits, birds and squirrels a powerful knife is capable of skinning down the unwanted hair. Hunters love to use sturdy but lightweight hunting knives that are easy to handle. There are different hunting knives sizes, ideal to accommodate different parts of the whole experience.

How to pick out the best hunting knife in 2020 ? Well, there are knives with fixed blades and folding feature. Hunting knives with fixed blades are safely fixed in a single position, for precise cuts. On the other hand folding knives come equipped with a pivot point which permits the blade to fold closed. There are a couple of advantages and disadvantages of using both types of knives. Hunting knives with fixed and strong blades are easy to handle hard work. They are very easy to clean! Folding hunting knives have smaller sizes, making them easy to store in pockets. Furthermore this type of knives is safer to transport from one location to the next.


Ka-Bar US Marine Corps Fighting Knife


Best Hunting Knife ReviewsThis Ka-Bar model must surely be one of the best knives ever, because it’s used by the US Marine Corps which is the toughest component of the US Army, the greatest army on the planet. If you are an experienced hunter than you should have this fixed knife with you at all times when hunting. The 1095 Cro-van steel is tougher and more durable than any other material used for knife blades. The 7 inch straight edge blade will cut through flesh and bone like a hot knife through butter. There is no flaw to its design and this is why we’ve place it on the top of our list. We believe this is the best hunting knife in 2020 without any doubt.



This is one of the most popular knives on the market. It is appreciated by many, mostly because of the versatile design and also because of the unique leather covered handle.

It has a lightweight body and a 1095 Cro-van steel blade that will cut through everything.

It is a US made knife which is guaranteed to provide excellent results regardless of the situation. The leather sheath is made in Mexico and provides a safe way to carry the knife.

The 7 inch straight edge blade is firmly fixed in the handle so as not to break because of shock.



Compared to the knife, the sheath could have been a bit better. It is also a bit inadequate for a marine because it stands out.

The sheath will not protect the knife from moisture.


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Buck 110BRS Fld Hunting


The Buck 110BRS has all the necessary features to be included in our top hunting knife list. This knife has been designed after carefully paying attention to a hunter’s needs, while not disregarding his safety. The nail-notch lockback system makes sure the risk of accidents is maintained to a minimum because it closes and locks easily. The wood-grain handle is definitely a nice touch, offering it a pleasant aspect too. You can rest assured that the blade is extra sharp because it’s made from 420HC stainless steel. With the knife you will also receive a black leather sheath, which you can strap to your belt.



If you are looking for an affordable but reliable model, than this is the knife to get. It comes with a 420HC steel clip blade which measures 3 ¾ inches.

It is a lightweight knife which can easily fit in your pocket or backpack.

The Dymondwood wood-grain handle incorporates polished brass bolsters which make it indistructable.

The 4 year warranty and the fact that it is made in the US assure you that this is a high quality product which will never let you down.



The sheath which comes with this knife is not as well designed as the actual knife.

The brass will get stained pretty easily.


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Kershaw Ken Onion Black Leek Knife


Best Hunting Knife ReviewsWith a length of just three inches, this knife is never too short for your hunting needs. The use of 440A stainless steel for this knife is one thing that has been commended in numerous best hunting knife reviews because of its sharpness and durability. Another thing that has also been commended by the people who have bought and used such is the assisted opening system, an exclusive innovation that has been developed by the manufacturer for ease of opening the knife.



Considered as one of the best knives for hunting 2020, Kershaw’s 1660CKT model is a great investment to make. It provides great value for money because it is both useful and also durable.

It is completely safe to use due to the SpeedSafe assisted opening feature and also due to the frame lock option which prevents it from closing over your fingers.

It can fit in any pocket and it can be kept everywhere from your backpack to your boot.

It is made in the USA which is a guarantee that poor quality will never be an issue with this knife.



The finish will rub off if you do decide to use this knife on a regular basis.

It is a bit too thin and may be lacking grip when used in damp conditions.


The Kershaw Ken Onion Black Leek Knife was engineered with nice features which makes it better for any hunting activities. The product is very reliable and efficient. It is sharp and durable so I don’t have to worry when I have this product with me for my hunting expedition.”  Tracy Beeler


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Kershaw Ken Onion Tactical Blur Knife


One good feature of this hunting knife is the use of 13C26 stainless steel, which helps in being able to resist corrosion, making it possible to extend its functional life. In addition, many have also been satisfied with the incorporation of anodized handle that is lightweight. The handle of this hunting knife has also been asserted to be excellent because of the integration of Trac-Tec inserts, which is basically helpful in making it non-slip, making it stable when it is held in your hand.



Excellent to have within reach especially during long hunting sessions. It can cut through really rough materials and it can be used without any worries.

According to the best knives for hunting reviews, this is a must if you plan on spending hours in dangerous environments.

The blade is made out of durable 13C26 stainless steel which strengthens the entire structure of the knife. It also makes it resistant to corrosion.

The anodized aluminum handle is fitted with rough Trac-Tec material which provides a firm grip no matter how wet the knife gets.



The locking system is not that safe.

It has trouble cutting clothes which might be an issue when facing a tough situation.


Compared to other products in the market, the Kershaw Ken Onion Tactical Blur Knife is the one I use for almost years in any of my hunting activities. The hunting knife is very durable and can be used and bring anytime. It can be folded as it is portable. I am happily satisfied with this hunting knife.”  Kyle Jones


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Kershaw 1550ST Blackout Knife


If you are looking for a knife that can promote both safety and convenience, this is one model our experts recommend. One of its features is the Speed Safe, a patented technology by Kershaw that makes it easy to open the knife when it is to be used. In addition, many have also liked the liner lock because it helps in making sure that the knife will not close accidentally while it is still being used. The material that is used in the blade is also commendable because it has the ability to resist corrosion and scratch.



This knife represents some of Kershaw’s best work. Its partially serrated blade is not only great for chores around the house but it is also great to use as hunting equipment.

The blade is made out of Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel with a DLC coating which will help you cut through the toughest of materials.

The handle is also very well designed. Made out of Glass-filled nylon, it is extra durable and quite nice to hold.

It is safe to use because it is fitted with Kershaw’s patented opening and closing mechanism.



It may or it may not fit well in your hand depending on the size of your fingers.

Unlike other models, this knife does not have an index finger opening.


I’ve used  the Kershaw 1550ST Blackout on numerous hunts and it hasn’t shown any signs of rust or deterioration. The best rated reviews recommended it as one of the most reliable hunting knives in the market and they were right. I bought it last Xmas and it has surely proven worth the money.” Martin Westfall


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Victorinox Swiss Army Trekker Knife


Victorinox knives are among the most popular because of the manufacturer’s reputation in the marketplace and their commitment to excellence, which is very much evident in this model as well. This specific model has blades that are made from stainless steel. It cannot just be used as a hunting knife, but can also serve as bottle opener, screw driver, key ring, and tweezers, among others. With that, it can be a good addition to your hunting essentials as it can do a lot of things in just one product.

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The highest rated hunting knife reviews gave this Swiss Army knife great feedback and I was convinced it was the right model to buy. Its numerous blades are great for all sorts of situations, even opening beer bottles. I’m positive I got the best hunting knife for the money I spent.”  John Gautreau


Buck 271 Alpha Dorado Knife – Not available


This hunting knife has a contoured handle making it ergonomic. The handle is also made from rosewood, which adds a touch of elegance to the product. At the top of the handle, you can see grip ridges, which will provide you with an assurance of its stability. One thing that I also liked about this product is that it is eligible for the Buck’s 4ever Unconditional Warranty, which in itself is already a testament that it will be reliable in its entire life.

The toughness of the Buck 271 Alpha Dorado Knife is one thing that I admire the most about this Amazon product. This hunting knife was bought by me with a Black Friday discount, so it didn’t cost too much. It’s very sharp and this makes it one of the most reliable hunting knives in 2020. ” Carolyn Rice

Best TIG Welder Reviews



How to Buy a Reliable TIG Welder


Buying the best TIG welder in 2020 is a complicated matter, particularly if this is your first attempt at purchasing a machine. The market’s filled with multiple units, and manufacturers aren’t making it easy for customers, as they launch new and improved models on a yearly basis. Regardless of the variety of details you need to consider, one of the most important factor is your own requirements. Carefully estimate your needs and preferences before choosing a welder.

We have put together a concise buying guide which we hope that will help you correlate your expectations with the features of the chosen unit. Here’s what you should ponder on before analyzing your alternatives.

Best TIG welder

Amperage range

Flexibility derives from amperage range. The widest, the better. For example, a machine that comes with a range between 5 and 230 amps will give you the freedom to utilize it both on thin materials and on thick aluminum, since the second requires high amperages compared to its steel or stainless counterparts.


Low amperage and arc stability

Welding depends on good arc stability, so buyers need to know that the machine of their choice is capable of starting well and of providing good arc control even at below 10 amps. Finishing the weld depends on stability at low amps, particularly because creating a concave weld crater on aluminum could just as well lead to cracking.


AC and DC welding

Aluminum and magnesium generally require AC, but steel, stainless steel and deoxidized copper require DC. If you intend on utilizing your welder for both soft and hard metals, you might be better off with a TIG machine that has both AC and DC. Furthermore, a detail to look for is AC balance control, as it will give you the freedom to adjust the level for the amperage you’re using.



It really goes without saying that going through the best TIG welder reviews should play a major part in your initial research. Other buyers can tell you exactly what to expect from a machine, and although reading their opinions may seem time-consuming, it’s an investment in the long run.


Top Rated TIG Welders in 2020


To make matters easier, we have selected three of the most acclaimed models of TIG welders that currently exist on the online market. All of the following units have managed to gather the appreciation of American and worldwide customers alike, which brings us to the conclusion that they take the cake in matters of convenience, affordability and reliability.


Everlast PowerARC PA140


1.EVERLAST PowerARC WelderThis is a DC unit that we’ve found to be among the top rated TIG welders of 2020. It provides a smooth and stable DC arc and is relatively well known for being easy on the power consumption. The DC on this product allows users to utilize it both for steel and stainless welding.

Since it weighs only 24.8 pounds and measures 20 by 12.5 by 13.5 inches, it is remarkably portable and easy to carry around.

If you end up choosing this model, you’re likely to benefit from reduced electrode sticking, as the machine comes with an automatic hot start system.

The package includes the high impact plastic carry case, the wire brush, the lift tig feature, a 6-ft work clamp and cable, the 17V series TIG torch and the stick electrode holder and cable.

The voltage of this model is 240 volts and the amperage capacity is 140A.

Customers are raving about this product, as many buyers state that it managed to exceed their expectations. Although this is technically an inverter stick welder, it is TIG capable. Most individuals speak highly about the dual voltage and the digital amperage display.

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2.AHP AlphaTIG TIG-Stick WelderEven though it might be a little out of the budget of some people, this model is certainly worth having a look at. This is a welder that has dual voltage, allowing customers to select between the 110V and the 220V. The amp output is 150A. It will work on ¼-inch aluminum and on ⅜-inch mild steel.

One of the first things to consider with this machine is portability, as it weighs in at 38 pounds, which makes it  a bit on the heavy side. The dimensions of the product are 19 by 23 by 12 inches.

The really neat thing about the unit is that it’s an AC and DC TIG welder, thus speaking to the needs and requirements of both hobby and professional welders. Versatility is an innate feature of the AHP AlphaTIG welder, as it has a wide range of pulse features and cleaning control for AC.

Let’s see what customers had to say about this model. Believe it or not, this unit has gathered 95% in 5-star ratings, which is practically otherworldly. Buyers characterize it as being excellent and easy to use. The ratio between the offered value and the item price is great, as attested by the best TIG welder reviews.

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Hobart 500551 EZ


3.Hobart 500551 EZ TIG WelderWe’ve saved this unit for the last, as it is a tad more pricey than the ones we have previously described. A high price does deliver quality, in this case, as this is the easiest AC/DC TIG welder to utilize and set up. Extreme welding performance is part of the deal with this one, what with its ability to weld both aluminum and steel, stainless steel and chromoly.

The package includes the inverter-based power source complete with the primary cord and plug attached, a 12.5-ft TIG torch, a 12-ft work cable with clamp, a gas regulator/flowmeter and shielding gas hose and a foot-operated control, complete with the RFCS-RJ45 remote foot control. Instructions are provided by the manufacturer in an owner’s manual.

Yet another detail that makes the difference between the two aforementioned models and the Hobart 500551 is its weight. The machine weighs in at 62.6 pounds, which might be an inconvenience for some people. The product dimensions are 27 by 21 by 14 inches.

As is the case with the formerly described AHP AlphaTIG TIG/Stick Welder, this one beats the game in matters of customer reviews. More than 90% of the people who have purchased it were satisfied with its quality and have provided 5-star ratings.

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Best Jab Saw Reviews



What to Consider When Buying a Reliable Jab Saw


When you have to punch through plasterboard or do close-quarter sawing, you’ll need to do it using a good product from the best jab saw reviews. A jab saw, otherwise known as a drywall saw, is a small and aggressive specialty tool built with large teeth. It is a must when installing a wallboard, as it is ideal for creating rough openings needed for installation of electrical outlets, electrical switches, lighting and heating and air-conditioning duct work.

A.Jab saw


Fortunately, you won’t need a professional dentist to check out one of the most important features of the best jab saw 2020: the teeth. The teeth determine how versatile your jab saw is. Make sure to check their sharpness by running your fingers lightly against them. Also, do check out the teeth-per-inch (TPI), which measures the density of the saw teeth. The kind of work you will be doing involves cutting gypsum, wallboard, and backing board, so coarser and larger teeth are a must.

The rougher surfaces you will be working on require that your choice among the products in the best jab saw reviews has a lower TPI. In addition, check the arrangement of the teeth to ensure that they are uniformly set on the horizontal plane. If there is one tooth that projects more than the rest, it could cause the tool to drag and leave behind an ugly mark. In the same manner, the teeth on one side should not be farther from one another as against the teeth on the other side, as this could cause the blade to twist during a cut.


Blade and Handle

The narrow blade of the top rated jab saws 2020 enables them to carry out plunge cutting as the coarse teeth slice through the wallboard quickly. The blade is like that of a compact saw. The blade should not have any bend or bow, no matter how small, as even just a single bow will cause binding.

The handle should be well-designed and solidly attached to the blade to ensure delivery of accurate cuts and comfort during extended cutting sessions. This also ensures long-lasting tool life. The handle should give you a good grip so the jab saw doesn’t slip from your grasp during use. The jab saw should not feel unmanageable or heavy in the hand.


Versatility and Convenience

You would want no tool, especially a sharp one, to be constantly poking at you when it’s in your pouch or coveralls pocket. Choose a quality tool from those highlighted in the best jab saw reviews that is foldable and has a locking mechanism either in open or close position, as this allows easy portability plus user safety.

Some models accept all Sawzall blades, so you wouldn’t need to get a new handle for every type of blade you have to use. Blade changes should also be tool free for greater convenience.


Top Rated Jab Saws in 2020


Any self-respecting contractor or builder will have a jab saw in their toolbox, ready for use when needed. The number of brands and models certainly makes your choice more difficult, so you will have to do a decent amount of research to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need for your specific tasks. Here are three products worth checking out.


Milwaukee 48-22-0305


1.Milwaukee 48-22-0305Regularly part of the best jab saw reviews, the Milwaukee 48-22-0305 delivers quick cutting into various materials using standard SAWZALL® recip saw blades. The tool offers increased versatility with the included three blades. The rubber over-mold grip offers reliable comfort and less likelihood of hand slippage. This jab saw offers tool-free blade changes, reducing downtime in the field since you can change the blade ten times faster. This means more valuable time is spent doing your tasks than having to ensure that you have a constantly sharp and robust blade to carry out cutting jobs.

The heavy-duty tool comes with a 6-inch 18 TPI blade for wood, metal and multiple other purposes. The blade folds into the handle, providing problem-free and safe storage. Manufactured like any other tool from Milwaukee, the jab saw is sure to be of premium quality and is durable and reliable for professional use. It is comfortable in the hand. The locking, heavy duty blade is a great feature. The jab saw does short work of drywall cutting tasks. Cut through gypsum, wallboards and backing boards with ease, so you can install what is needed to get the project done in no time. This jab saw should be in your pocket all the time so you can carry out your cutting and building tasks most efficiently.

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Stanley 20-556 FatMax


2.Stanley 20-556 6-InchVersatile and durable, the Stanley 20-556 6-Inch FatMax Jab Saw is engineered to accomplish tasks efficiently. It is designed to meet the high standards of professional use and delivers the quality and performance you expect from any Stanley tool. The blade has been hardened and tempered to provide long-lasting tool life and reliable service. This enables the FatMax to saw through any type of tough material at a 50 percent faster rate compared to saws with a traditional tooth design. The thick, ergonomic handle is also designed to stay securely in the hand while staying tough.

The slip-free handle ensures reliable accuracy while working on any project. The blade is six inches long and is built rugged enough to handle even Durarock with ease. The blade is also 15% thicker than that of conventional saws, enabling the jab saw to execute straighter cuts with less binding. The FatMax Jab Saw is built with exclusive Sharp Tooth technology that enables it to cut on every push and pull stroke. The exclusive Sharp Tooth Saw technology utilizes three cutting surfaces that deliver faster cutting performance compared to regular hand saws.

The induction-hardened teeth stay sharp for up to 5 times longer than ordinary saw teeth. You can even use the back of the saw to mark the 45- and 90-degree angles.

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Dewalt DWHT20123


3.Dewalt DWHT20123Definitely the best jab saw 2020, the Dewalt DWHT20123 is a multipurpose tool that offers convenience to the user. The jab saw comes with a two-in-one design that allows you to use it to cut through drywall and also to plane edges. That’s one tool that offers two different functionalities. With a teeth-per-inch (TPI) of 8, this jab saw boasts triple ground teeth that deliver fast and effortless cutting. The stainless steel rasp offers easy control when you have to remove wood rapidly from curved surfaces. The ergonomically shaped handle measures 6 ½ inches, offering easier control as you use the jab saw.

The Dewalt DWHT20123 is lightweight at just 7.84 ounces, so it won’t cause too much hand fatigue. The tool has a locking mechanism that locks the blade in both the open and close positions, ensuring safety and excellent control. The handle also boasts ergonomic bi-material construction to ensure extra comfort during use. The Dewalt DWHT20123 jab saw is foldable, enabling easy storage and problem-free portability. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which serves as your assurance of tough and reliable quality plus craftsmanship. Take the Dewalt DWHT20123 jab saw with you to the jobsite, or keep it handy at home all the time.

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Best Battery Operated Weed Eater Reviews



What to Consider When Buying a Top Battery Operated Weed Eater


Running quieter and cleaner compared to gas models, the machines found in the best battery operated weed eater reviews also offer simpler start and maintenance. Offering cordless simplicity, battery operated weed eaters allow the user to go around the property without being limited by extension cords. To ensure one is getting a premium quality machine, the following elements need to be considered carefully.

A.1 Battery operated weed eater

Battery Performance

Many of the products featured in the best battery operated weed eater reviews run on lithium ion batteries. These are typically rated from 20 to 40 volts for light- to medium-duty models. Lower voltage batteries offer less runtime and power compared to those with higher voltage ratings, and this can be an issue when you have to maintain a particularly large piece of property.

Charging times for the battery can also vary. Fast charging, if available for the machine, can require 30 minutes only. However, standard charging can take from three hours or longer, depending on the model. Make sure to evaluate this factor against your needs to ensure that a battery-operated machine is what you really want.



Most top rated battery operated weed eaters 2020 are designed with a straight shaft, which is perfect for easy reach under obstacles including benches, shrubs, and decks. If you don’t really have to work around too many tight areas, a straight shaft will work just fine. Additionally, the shaft should be adjustable as well, as this will enable you to change the string trimmer’s working height to a comfortable level for you to work with. This means you won’t have to bear persistent back pain for using a weed eater fixed to a single working height.


Cutting Swath

The best battery operated weed eater 2020 offers a wide cutting path to ensure faster completion of yard maintenance tasks. Check out machines that offer 12-inch cutting swaths or wider to help you finish the job easier.



A machine that has a convenient bump-feed line advance feature enables easy line release from the spool by simply tapping the trimmer head against the ground. Automatic-feed heads employ centrifugal force to deliver new line when needed.

Some models have a pro-style head instead of a spool. This type has short lengths of line to help reduce instances of tangling and jamming when loading a new line.

Dual-line heads cut twice with each rotation and also trim faster, while single-line heads facilitate winding of a fresh trimmer line. A fast-loading spool allows insertion and winding of a new line without requiring the spool to be removed or taken apart.

Variable speed controls enable use of different levels of power to suit the cutting requirements or to help extend the life of the battery.


Top Rated Battery Operated Weed Eaters in 2020


A battery-operated weed eater simplifies yard maintenance work by enabling easy mobility and cordless efficiency. The wise buyer does decent reading and research to ensure making a good buy for this type of gardening equipment. However, if you are the kind of gardener who’d rather do things than evaluate them, let us make the job easier by presenting three products worthy of being in garden expos and in your own yard.



DeWalt DCST920P1


1.DEWALT DCST920P1The DeWalt DCST920P1 string trimmer is lightweight at 14 pounds, so carrying it around is not going to be a herculean task. It cuts a wide 15-inch swath using a 0.080-inch dual line to help you finish the yard maintenance tasks quickly and easily. The dual-line head trims faster and cuts twice to ensure thoroughness. The machine is equipped with a bump-feed line advance feature that allows effortless release of fresh line from the spool with a simple tap to the ground. To ensure user comfort, the auxiliary handle is padded. The machine is outfitted with a brushless motor that optimizes the efficiency of the engine while ensuring lasting use and durability.

This device offers variable speed control via the trigger mechanism. It provides easy handling and maneuverability around and under obstacles thanks to the straight shaft. The DeWalt DCST920P1 weed eater comes with a 20-volt MAX 5.0Ah lithium ion battery that provides long run time and reliable power output. The Hi-Lo speed control switch enables effective runtime management. To ensure greater torque plus maintenance of the cutting speed under load, the machine carries an exclusive gear drive design that also increases the efficiency of the engine while needing less power input.

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Black & Decker LST136W


2.Black & Decker LST136WThe Black & Decker LST136W weed eater is equipped with the PowerDrive Transmission that enables the motor to deliver more power to drive the cutting line, which results in faster task completion. To ensure long runtime, the machine is outfitted with a rechargeable 40-volt MAX lithium battery, which also offers more power output so the unit can run stronger. The PowerCommand dial allows the user to select between maximum runtime and maximum power to optimize use of the device. For tackling thick weeds, choose 8500 RPM. For extended battery life, choose to run the machine at 6500 RPM.

For continuous work without the frequent bumping against the ground, the head is equipped with an automatic feed spool system. This element utilizes centrifugal force to feed more line when needed, ensuring dependable performance and predictability. Trim grass in areas that are difficult for even a mower to reach, thanks to the straight shaft. Easily converting from a trimmer to an edger, the machine requires a simple turn of the shaft for versatile use, so you can achieve neat edging results along hard surfaces as well. Switch between cutting and edging tasks with the head that rotates 180 degrees. The battery can be used on other tools within the same product range.

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3.WORX WG175Boasting versatility as a grass trimmer, edger and mower, the WORX WG175 weed eater offers three-in-one functionality. It is outfitted with dual-position wheels that enable variable use. Conversion is easy and requires no tools and no time at all-just 30 seconds! The machine is outfitted with a 32-volt MAX lithium battery that offers cordless simplicity of operation as well as effortless mobility. The lithium ion battery also provides long run times and greater power output. Moreover, it provides greater battery capacity while ensuring no gradual loss of power and no self-discharge. Unlike other battery-operated models, this 3-in-1 machine offers quick charging times and a lightweight build.

The device provides a 12-inch cutting diameter for easy and quick task completion. This weed eater offers a full single line feed system that requires no bumping against the ground to advance the line.The height of the straight shaft can be easily adjusted thanks to the quick-release trigger lever that allows telescopic changing of the working level. The 90-degree tilting shaft ensures easy maneuverability of the machine. Weighing in at just 6 pounds, the WORX WG175 comes with a flower spaceguard that helps the user move around delicate flower beds and garden plots with ease, while doubling as an effective edger guide. The front assist handle comes with seven locking adjustments for optimum comfort during use.

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Best bandsaw reviews



Top rated bandsaws in 2020


In creating new shapes to be used in constructions, one must use a reliable bandsaw that would really get the job done. This review contains the top five bandsaws that would really help the consumers in picking out the right bandsaw whether for personal use or for construction use that they can rely on.


How to find the best bandsaw for your needs – A buying guide


bandsaThere are millions of woodcrafters and wood workers that want to cut precise curves in different wood materials, ideal to finish projects. Now, if you want to use a powerful power tool in order to add precision during every project, you need a professional bandsaw. There are many cutting tools available on the market, which you can use with confidence whenever you need to. In order to find the most efficient product you should consult with attention some of the best bandsaws reviews, written by specialists in the field. A high quality bandsaws will do a whole lot more than simply cut curves into different types of materials. Such devices can be used in order to cut tenons, small rabbets which can rip small pieces of stock or even resawing thin strips of wood.

You need to take into account band saw sizes, functions and sizes in order to end up with a product that responds well to every command. In order to find the best bandsaws in 2020 you have to know that there are 2 main types available on the market: floor-standing cabinet models and shorter units for mounting on a bench top. Cabinet models are usually designed for professionals whereas smaller devices can be used by home-schooled woodworkers. There are two important things to take into account while searching for a brand new band saw: depth of the cut and throat.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Size Price Dimensions Motor power Our Rating Where to buy

Grizzly G0555

14 inch $$$$$ 44 x 20.8 x 19.8 inches 1.0 HP A+ AMAZON


10 inch $$$$ 34.6 x 17.7 x 14.6 inches 1/2 HP A AMAZON

Rikon 10-305

10 inch $$$ 35.5 x 12.8 x 22.5 inches 1/3 HP B+ AMAZON

Powertec BS900

9 inch $$$ 31.5 x 18 x 12 inches 1/2 HP B AMAZON

Jet 708718R

14 inch $$ 32.9 x 10.5 x 5.8 inches 1 ¼ HP C AMAZON


As you probably already know, saw’s depth of cut represents the distance from table to upper blade guide. Most band saws can cut 6-inch depth, with optional functions that extend it to 12 inches. The throat represents the distance from the vertical frame section of the saw to the blade. Smaller unites exceed 12 to 14 inch throat distance for better functionality while measuring and cutting different wood materials. Another thing to take into account is the motor’s size. Most of the home-level include a powerful 3/4 to 1 horsepower motor while bigger motors include variable speeds.

Woodworkers understand that bandsaws variable speed. Furthermore maximum speeds should incorporate precision, while cutting metals, plastics and wood. Consult with attention the present best bandsaws reviews, written down by specialists in the field and use the information to identify the most efficient product. Band-saws need to come with a cast-iron, aluminum and steel alloy table which can be tilted by up to 45 degrees, for advanced angled cuts. Furthermore the table should be around 16 inches in length and width, completed by miter track.

It is important to have band saws with tires and also cleaning brushes, in order to keep the construction performance high. The product needs to have a dust collection port in order to maintain the area free to work. With the best bandsaws in 2020, you will be able to get things done easier and with less effort. The product needs to be installed with ease. Time is of the essence when it comes to small or big construction projects, for most people.


Things to consider:


–          Types of bandsaws: floor-standing cabinet models and small mounting stands

–          Take into account depth of cut and throat

–          Size of motors for home-level models with 3/4 to 1 horsepower level

–          Construction type with cast-iron, aluminum and steel alloy table



Grizzly G0555 Bandsaw


Best bandsaw reviews

Commended by various best bandsaw reviews, this bandsaw really gets the job done with precision and accuracy. With its wide array of functionalities, this bandsaw really is superior to other bandsaws in the market. I really find this bandsaw really easy to use and its precision and accuracy really exceeded my expectations. I could just easily cut in almost any material I would use with ease. I really recommend this bandsaw to people who are really meticulous when it comes to cutting materials to be used in construction.



As the best 14 inch bandsaw 2020 from Grizzly, the G0555 is designed with a deluxe heavy-duty stand and special sawing functions that deliver accurate cuts on a wide range of materials

CSA certified and equipped with a powerful 1 HP motor this powerful bandsaw offers contractors the chance to control adjustable blade speeds from 1500 to 3200 FPM, more than enough to cut through hard surfaces

The bandsaw is made with a cast iron frame and cast aluminum wheels for proper stability during each operation

Features a special 4-inch dust port which maintains the working process clean and productive



Does not include a work light to illuminate the cutting surface

Some assembly is needed but with the instruction manual the installation won’t take long


Grizzly G0555 Bandsaw has been very reliable for my projects. It makes work easier and faster because of its features which enhance  the precision of the task at hand. It’s reliable and trustworthy if I compare it with other bandsaws I’ve used in the past.” Brian Seamans


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Jet JWBS-10OS Bandsaw


This bandsaw has many functions that made this bandsaw popular in many best bandsaw reviews. This bandsaw has a large table made out of cast iron that allows greater comfort when cutting large pieces of materials. The belt drive system prevents the excessive vibration of the machine which provides greater precision and accuracy in cutting materials while providing extra power to the bandsaw. I liked that this bandsaw has reduced the vibration it produces which allowed me to cut thing with greater precision and ease. This bandsaw is definitely a must-buy for people who want comfort and superior performance.



Designed to tackle even the toughest of cutting jobs the JWBS-10OS bandsaw features a quick-release blade tension system which permits contractors to perform swift cuts with accuracy

The bandsaw features a large tilting table made of cast iron and an adjustable LED work light which ensure proper stability and illumination during each task

Performing impressive cutting depth of 90 in. 4 1/8 with each cut this bandsaw has a benchtop design which permits people to easily move from one worksite to the next

Powered by a heavy-duty induction motor and a solid Poly-V drive system the bandsaw keeps the cutting force smooth with reduced vibration



The knobs and handles are made of plastic but they get the job done

The bandsaw includes a3/8 blade but not a 1/4 blade (this type is available for purchase separately)


Jet JWBS-10OS Bandsaw is a one of a kind product sold in Amazon which I bought because it had excellent reviews. It’s all that I expected it to be and more, making me glad I decided to invest in it..”  Daniel Knoll


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Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw


When you want durability and performance from a bandsaw, then this bandsaw is perfect for you. Made out of steel, this bandsaw can take on any heavy-duty tasks that you can throw at it.  This bandsaw has a dust port that collects the dust from cutting your materials for easier disposal. The dust port really made it easy for me to clean up my workspace as opposed to other bandsaws that scatters dust all over the workspace which makes it difficult for me to clean up after work.



The 10-305 bandsaw has a large cast iron table, measuring 13-3/4 inch by 12-1/2 inch, more than enough to accommodate different cutting applications even for long periods of time

Powered by a powerful 1/3 HP motor this bandsaw delivers impressive power for various operations like cutting pen blanks or other materials

Backed by an exclusive 5 year manufacturer warranty this bandsaw includes a 2-1/2 inch dust port which maintains the working surface free of debris and dust

This powerful bandsaw comes with the following cutting capabilities: width 9-5/8 and 4-5/8 height



Does not include a mitre gadget but has a special port for it (this cutting precision gadget is available for purchase separately)


I don’t have to worry about the precision of my work when I use the new Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw. It can produce an accurate and precise cut extremely useful in my construction projects. I got it for a very cheap price because this bandsaw had a Black Friday discount.” Stephan Edgell


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Powertec BS900 Bandsaw


This bandsaw has a blade guard adjustment that allows better adjustment of the blade of the bandsaw without harming yourself while using this bandsaw. The glass installed in this bandsaw allows you to look at the blades while being used. The glass installed in the bandsaw is really useful especially when finding what’s wrong with the machine when it’s broken. The blade guard adjustment really adds protection when I’m using this bandsaw; I wouldn’t have to worry being cut by the blade of this bandsaw.



Designed for contractors and workers that understand value of cutting precision, the BS900 bandsaw features an exclusive blade guard which can be adjusted to entertain fast blade changes

Features a sturdy aluminum die cast table with rack and special pinion system that easily tilts to 45 degrees thus ensuring proper position for bevelled cuts

Powered by a 1/2 HP induction motor the bandsaw reaches cuttings speeds of 1725 RPM more than enough to perform accurate cuts

Great for small works but able for more challenging ones this bandsaw features a patented quick release blade tension which permits users to easily change blades



Does not include a protective cover (this accessory is available for purchase separately)

Some assembly is needed (consult with attention the instructions during the installation process)


Powertec BS900 Bandsaw is a durable and reliable machine which has proven to be an excellent investment. I was even lucky enough to get it for a discounted price from Amazon on Xmas. Because it works so well, I’m certain it’s one of the top ten bandsaws in 2020.” Andrew Ballantyne


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Jet 708718R Bandsaw


This bandsaw has a functionality that allows you to reuse the wood that was cut from the material. The design of the bandsaw is ergonomically designed to help you use the bandsaw without struggling to find comfort. I was really comfortable using this bandsaw with its ergonomic design. This bandsaw really makes use of the discarded parts of the material being cut. This bandsaw in perfect for people who really utilizes every inch of the materials they use in construction.



As the best 14 inch bandsaw reviews underlined, the 708718R model from Jet can easily perform accurate cuts on different types of materials

Backed by a solid 1 year manufacturer warranty this powerful bandsaw features a solid aluminum painted fence and also 2 18-inch guide bars for proper cut management

This high quality band saw can safely rip stock up to 12 inches with minimal user pressure

It features precise locking slides with a durable 28-1/2 inch rail that ensure proper cutting stability and in the process project efficiency



The user manual is pretty vague on some issues but people can always consult the Jet Tech Support


With Jet 708718R Bandsaw, I can easily cut different pieces of wood exactly how I want. It’s not hard to work with and precision is it’s most important feature. I definitely recommend purchasing it because it’s one of the most reliable bandsaws I have ever worked with. It’s not too expensive either, costing under $120. ”  Ronald Murphy


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Best water recirculating pump reviews



If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best water recirculating pump money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best water recirculating pump on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Grundfos 59896155 is the best model for sale because it is simple to install, runs almost silently, and it also has a low energy consumption. It is constructed from durable cast iron so it is designed to last, and this also helps to keep maintenance down to a minimum. It can also be used with hot and cool water systems which makes it a great choice for use at home. If the Grundfos 59896155 is not in stock in your area you can consider the Grundfos 595916 as it is the second best option.



Comparison Table



The Good
The Bad



Buying Guide


A recirculating pump can help you lower energy costs by shortening the amount of time it takes for hot water to flow out of the tap, and surprisingly it is not that difficult to choose the right one for your system once you know what you are looking for. In this buying guide you will find helpful tips that will make it easy for you to find a recirculating pump that will ensure you never have to wait more than a few seconds to have hot running water.

1.Grundfos 59896155


One of the first aspects to consider is the material used in construction, and this will determine how durable and dependable the recirculating pump is. Some inexpensive models are constructed from cast iron, and while they will work well in a closed loop system where oxygen levels are typically low they are still prone to rust and corrosion. Whether it is for a hot water heater or a cooling system you will want to spend a little extra on a recirculating pump constructed from brass or even stainless steel. If you do want something a little more affordable, there are recirculating pumps that come with plastic housings. While these are not as durable as brass or stainless steel models if they are properly maintained plastic pumps can last for years.


Head and Flow

The head and flow rates are another important consideration, and can determine how efficient the water recirculating pump is. Even units from Amazon will have this information clearly displayed. The flow rate is typically decided by the manufacturers of the home’s water system, and this information is generally clearly displayed to prevent any confusion.

There are two types of head rates to consider, and the most important is atmospheric. This refers to the difference in height between the pump and liquid when it is shut off. If the pump does not have a high enough head rate to push the water up to the top of the loop it will not be able to function properly. This means that you will still have to wait for hot water, even when the pump is running.

The other type is frictional head rate and this can be a little more confusing. Frictional head rate refers to the resistance the water flow encounters due to the pipe walls. Narrow pipes will have a higher frictional head rate, along with ones that are longer. The water flow will also encounter more resistance if the pipes frequently bend and turn. Once you know how much resistance the water flow will encounter it will be easier to find a pump that is large and powerful enough to meet your needs.

2.Grundfos 595916

Additional considerations

Along with making sure that the water recirculating pump is compatible with your home’s system there are a few other factors to consider. Models that come with a timer allow you to have more control over how long it runs, which can help you save additional money on monthly utility bills. Some water recirculating pumps are also designed to be almost noiseless, which can be an important factor depending on where it will be located. If noise is a concern you might want to think about installing a pump that runs on AC power since they are typically quieter than ones the use direct currents.

If you are tired of waiting for hot water you might want to consider installing a recirculating pump in your home. A water recirculating pump is an efficient way to get hot water faster, and it can also help you save money on your monthly bills. While we can’t choose the right one for your system we can help you make an informed decision, which is why you can find the best water recirculating pumps showcased below.



Top rated water recirculating pumps in 2020


Efficient Water recirculating pump are really hard to find in the market. There are pumps that do circulate water with great performance, but it either creates a loud, irritating noise, or it really consumes a lot of electricity. These are the top five water recirculating pumps that do have great performance while being efficient.


Grundfos 595916 Pump


Best water recirculating pump reviewsReviewed by many best water recirculating pump reviews, this water recirculating pump really does live up to my expectations. This water recirculating pump produces low noise during operation which does not annoy you or your neighbors. I’ve been testing this water recirculating pump for a while and I haven’t received any complaints about this water recirculating pump being noisy and annoying. I can really recommend this water recirculating pump to people whether to be used for circulating water for cooling machines or circulating hot water for personal use.


Buy from for ($258.98)




Laing LHB08100092 Pump


The temperature sensor installed in this water recirculating pump regulates the temperature of the water being circulated. Because of its temperature sensor, this water recirculating pump is featured in almost all best water recirculating pump reviews. This water recirculating pump really is one of my favorite water recirculating pumps because of its temperature sensor. It heats the water up when it is cool and stops heating the water when it had sensed that it is already hot enough.



Buy from for ($494.8)




Grundfos 59896155 Pump


If you’re looking for a water recirculating pump that is easy to install, then this water recirculating pump is for you. The easy installation process of this water recirculating pump makes it easier for people to install this water recirculating pump without even breaking a sweat. I tried installing it in my backyard and it only took me a couple of minutes to install this thing. After installing this thing, it could be used right away for any operations you need this water pump to do.



Buy from for ($99.99)




Watts 500800 Pump


This water recirculating pump is one of the most efficient water recirculating pumps in the market. This pump can pump water efficiently while still being able to save up to 15,000 gallons of water a year. This water recirculating pump can travel into any pipes no matter how long as long as that pipe is connected to the water recirculating pump. I really am amazed as to how this water recirculating pump could save water while still being able to pump water efficiently.



Buy from for ($183.56)




Taco 007-F5 Pump


Its self-lubrication function never fails to amaze me. Because of this function, you no longer need to spend time in maintaining this water recirculation pump. This water recirculating pump allows you to use this pump outdoors without any necessary modifications or upgrades which makes it more efficient than other water recirculating pumps in the market. I would definitely recommend this pump for indoor and outdoor use. I can guarantee that this pump could do its job perfectly fine than any other water recirculating pumps in the market.


Buy from for ($95.91)




Best Post Hole Digger Reviews



What to Consider When Buying a New Post Hole Digger


So you’ve decided to buy the best post hole digger in 2020. Yet the market’s filled with new and improved models, of which some are manual and others are electric. Have you figured out your needs and preferences just yet? If you haven’t, you should try to correlate them with the features of the post hole digger you’re looking for. To make your buying journey a breeze, we’ve put together a short guide that can assist you in making the right decision.

Best Post hole digger

Auger vs digger

As a general rule, augers are easier to utilize compared to their digging counterparts. For example, they give the user a lot more freedom when it comes to depth, and they’re known for creating a neat, well-defined hole. The only disadvantage of an auger is that it can only dig one size hole. Diggers are a tad more versatile than that, but they’re also a bit more expensive.


Manual vs automatic

Digging narrow holes in order to install posts is a time-consuming and drenching activity, that can take a lot of time. If you’re a professional user or you simply plan to use the post hole digger in a somewhat extensive activity, you might want to check out some automatic models. If, on the other hand, you’re an occasional user, you might be better of with a manual alternative, as it’s considerably cheaper than any gas-powered or electric model.


Engine and power

With gas-powered devices, the engine capacity is measured in cubic centimeters. Most of the ones we’ve come across revolve around 55cc, which is an acceptable figure. In the case of electric models, what you need to pay attention to is wattage, and even horsepower. A 1200W post hole digger can give you enough power to dig holes in pretty much any type of soil.



As previously mentioned, manual models are considerably cheaper than their automatic counterparts. Prices vary largely depending on the specs of the unit of your choice. Some manual ones can cost as little as seventy bucks, while an electric model can go well over three hundred.


Top Rated Post Hole Diggers in 2020


For your consideration, we have selected three of the most acclaimed units on the market today. All of the following have gathered some of the best post hole digger reviews and have been praised time and time again for being capable of an excellent performance. What’s more, they won’t ruin your budget.


XtremepowerUS V-Type X1096


1. XtremepowerUS V-Type 55CCXtremepowerUS has been on the market for quite a while now. During this time, the brand has made a name out of building top-notch products, and this one is no exception.

This is a gas-powered post hole digger that has a 2-stroke, air-cooled engine, with a displacement of 55 cc. The power wattage of this model is rated at 1090W.

The really neat thing about the XtremepowerUS V-Type 55CC is that it comes with three types of bits, of various dimensions: 6-inches, 7-inches and 12-inches.

Unlike other models in the same line, this one is lightweight and easy to carry around. This is why it’s preferred both by professional and amateur users. The item weighs in at only 33 pounds.

When it comes to versatility, you really can’t go wrong with this product, as it can be utilized for anything from installing decks and fence posts to planting trees and shrubs.

It seems that this is one of the top rated post hole diggers of 2020, as it has somehow managed to acquire some of the best post hole digger reviews out there. Over 100 people have provided positive reviews on this unit, so it might be worth having a look at.

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Fiskars Inch Steel 9653


2.Fiskars Inch Steel 9653Unlike the previously mentioned type of post hole digger, this one is a manual variant. As is the case with XtremepowerUS, Fiskars is a world-known brand as well.

This unit can be utilized for digging postholes of which the size is up to 12 inches deeper than other older models. The blade spread of this variety has a diameter of 6 and a half inches, while the length is 60-¼ inches.

Both the blades and the shafts of this model are made of highly resistant steel, which largely contributes to the overall item durability. It’s common knowledge that wood-handed tools get damaged in time, thus impacting the customer experience in a negative fashion.

The Fiskars 9653 is a bestseller on a variety of online marketplaces, including Amazon, but that does not come as surprise considering that it’s convenient, easy to use and versatile. It goes without saying that it is remarkably more affordable than the XtremepowerUS model described earlier on.

More than 120 people have considered this unit worthy of a 5-star rating. Some of the buyers are fencing contractors who have over time tested a large number of products. These individuals claim that this product is able to cut through roots that other models would be unable to.

Click here to visit Amazon and get the best price for this product!



Seymour Mfg. AU-S6


3. Seymour Mfg. AU-S6We’ve saved this model for the last because it’s probably one of the most basic ones we’ve stumbled upon during our research. Since it’s an auger, it’s slightly less versatile compared to its digging counterparts. For example, this unit has hardwood cross handles, and wood-handed models aren’t exactly durable.

The steel shaft size of this unit is ¾ by 33-inches and the blade size is 6 inches. As previously stated in the buying guide, augers do a great job at what they’re supposed to do: dig a single size hole. Regrettably, they can’t be utilized for any other size than the one they feature.

Fortunately, durability is a core characteristic of the Seymour Mfg. AU-S6, as it comes with high carbon steel blades and a high strength steel shaft.

What did customers had to say about this post hole auger? Believe it or not, more than 80% of the individuals who chose to purchase it have provided 5-star ratings. Some state that they have used it for digging shallow wells, while others have employed it for gardening work. Other people speak highly of how easy it is to use and of how much it improves any kind of digging experience.

Curious to see if this product has value for the money you have to spend on it? Click here to visit Amazon and see what previous customers said!



Best Laser Tape Measure Reviews



If you’re here just to find the best laser tape measure and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best laser tape measures on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures, value for money, price, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the BOSCH GML 35 is the best, bringing together the critical functions of engineering: distance, area and volume, and additional indirect measurement, continuous measurement, addition and subtraction. You can measure up to 120 feet with this tool. If the Bosch GML 35 is unavailable, you could consider the Dewalt DW03050 as it is the second best option.


Buying Guide


Be it standard carpentry, DIY projects, or more complex construction work, all engineering jobs require a lot of time spent measuring and calculating. While the standard tape measure is limited to measure small distances, and can render inaccurate results, not to mention the amount of calculus you are left with, laser tape measures are a godsend. You will find below a list of the things you should consider if you want to get the best digital laser tape.


Accuracy and precision

The accuracy of the laser tape measurement tells you how close is the measurement to the true distance. Most serious laser tape measures have an accuracy of 1/16 to 1/32 inches, and the smaller the fraction, the better the apparatus. The precision is the result that appears on repeated measurements of the same distance in the same conditions. In mathematics, for the result to be valid, these two should coincide. In real life, though, if you’re not doing some very delicate work where a 1/32-inch error is devastating, you can rely on machines that show differences between the two.



Naturally, the laser tape measure is meant to replace the old tape measure, and it can do that because it can measure longer surfaces in one take. But, of course, not all laser range measures have the same range limit, and while the cheaper, weaker models can reach up to 62-65 feet, a professional tool can be used on far wider surfaces, reaching up to 600 feet. The range obviously reflects in the price, so you should be sure to assess your needs before making your purchase.



Simple projects generally require three basic calculations. The mere distance between two points, the area of a surface and – maybe less often- the volume in cubes. But some models can give you much more that this. Some can use the Pythagorean theorem and calculate single, double and combined indirect measurements, while others have an inclinometer, memory, and even Bluetooth connectivity. In the end, it all depends on the kind of work that you’re going to use it for. A simple DIY shelf assembling might not require that you measure the angles of your roof.
As all tools, laser tape measures will be subject to drops and other accidents. This is why you should also pay attention to the materials and overall durability. Batteries should also be durable, like lithium-ion, and a mute option won’t be a bad choice.



Top Rated Laser Tape Measures in 2020



Bosch GLM 35

1-bosch-glm-35A well-renowned tool manufacturer, Bosch has released this 120-feet range laser tape with a 1/16-inch accuracy to make your projects easy to carry out. Aside from the classic distance, the apparatus allows you calculate the area, volume, angles, indirect measurements and can also perform addition and subtraction with the push of a button. A most appreciated feature of this tool is the backlight that provides visibility when surroundings fail to. You will be able to carry it around with no worry, as it is small enough to fit in your chest pocket and it only weighs 4 ounces. Add two AAA batteries, and you won’t have any trouble walking with your tool. As a conclusion, if you’re looking for the best laser tape measure in 2020, we think this one is worth giving a try.


Buy from for ($139)




Dewalt DW03050


2-dewalt-dw03050This particular Dewalt model comes with two significant advantages. First of all, it has a memory feature that can record the last five measurements. Secondly, it can measure up to 165 feet, which means you will be able to use it on larger surfaces. The accuracy is of 1/16”, and it can help you calculate the area and volume, as well as indirect measurements. Reviewers have stated that the accuracy decreases for longer distances, so that for a 165-inch surface, the accuracy is 5/16’’, and you will have to use a target plate. Mostly appreciated for its sternness and its resistance to shock and water, the DW03050 is a little more expensive and heavier than the previously presented laser range measure, but has better reviews and seems built for serious construction jobs. If you can spare a few extra dollars to make sure your tool won’t break from the first fall, this seems to be the one for you.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Tacklife LDM05


3-tacklife-laser-tape-measureBeing able to measure in both imperial and metric, the Tacklife laser tape measure can measure up to 196 feet and can hold 20 measurements into its memory. It calculates the area and volume and has the indirect measurement feature as well. Reviewers were also happy with the addition and subtraction features, and the bubble level that can help you position the laser tape measure correctly. However, on account of a certain frailty, this tool is suited for small home projects and DIY rather than construction and engineering tasks. The backlit display will help you get around in more dim light areas, and you receive two AAA batteries together with the device. You can get this tool at a more than affordable price in local stores, or you can find it for sale on Amazon and other online stores.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Best Cordless Brad Nailers Reviews



If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best cordless brad nailers money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best cordless brad nailers on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the DEWALT DC608K is the best model for sale because it is designed to work on hard and soft joints without losing any speed. You will appreciate how easy it is to place each nail precisely when it is in the “sequential operating” mode, and you can switch over to the “bump” setting when you need consistent speed. It is compatible with 18 gauge nails in a variety of lengths, and you will love how easy it is to remove any that become jammed. If the DEWALT DC608K is not readily available you could consider the Hitachi NT50AE2 as it is the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Power Source Price Voltage Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Dewalt DC608K

Electric $$$$ 18V 14.6 lb A+ AMAZON

Paslode 90100

Gas $$$$ No 4.9 lb B AMAZON

Ryobi ZRP854

Battery $$$ 18V 9 lb B+ AMAZON

Hitachi NT50AE2

Air $$ No 4.7 lb B AMAZON

Bostitch GBT1850K

Air $$$$ No 5 lb C AMAZON



Buying Guide


A growing number of people are now searching for professional cordless brad nailers, designed for more delicate finishing jobs. This power tool is mainly used to attach various moldings or even trim different sections for more complex woodworking projects. Regarded as the perfect finishing tool, a brad nailer is thin enough to finish nails in areas where finish nailers can’t reach. As a result, experienced woodworkers know that brad and finish nailers are complementary, making each job easier. Still, brad nailers are very handy when attaching sensitive and thin strips. At the end of this buying guide you will know exactly what to look for in a new brad nailer.


We know that most people are very busy and don’t have enough time to patiently go through the best cordless nailer reviews. This is why we took the liberty of doing the research for interested parties to use without reservations. Usually brads are used to fill different holes before finishing a furniture piece. Brads have a thin head which in most cases are out of sight. Due to the small length (5/8-inch to 1-1/2 inches) brads are perfect to be placed in narrow and short wood diameters. Most of the applications performed by a brad nailer are limited to small furniture pieces or specific areas of them. Now, you should know that most brad nailers are pneumatic, using compressed air to operate. Recent statistics showed that a growing number of people are using cordless brad nailers. These devices use a specific combination of rechargeable batteries and compressed air canisters in order to safely drive brads into wood or plastic.


Picking out the best cordless brad nailer in 2020 may prove to be quite a challenge without proper guidance. Such devices incorporate magazines which hold the clips of nails together. Furthermore the nails are driven through a special driving cylinder for proper performance. There are also manufacturers that released angled brad nailers which permit you to fit nails into very tight spaces. You can choose from straight to angled brad nailers in order match your woodworking needs. According to user feedback it seems that most of the current brad nailers are safe tools. Due to their small design such tools are easier to control during various jobs. As a result the chances of any injuries are pretty slim. Still, you should always wear safety glasses during each job.

It is also recommended to use a silent power tool, letting you work in peace. The best cordless brad nailer in 2020 should have a swift and quiet operating system. Seeing as such tools don’t use a lot of compressed air, the amount of noise is pretty limited. This tool permits you to finish more complex woodworking jobs without too much hassle. The trick is to know exactly how to manage the machine. Furthermore you should also see the types of materials it can drive nails into.


Things to consider:

–          Driving flexibility, given that driving nails is done in tight spaces and specific areas of the furniture piece

–          Driving force, which is reflected by the compressed air present in the tank

–          Powerful rechargeable battery that permits you to use the brad nailer for long periods of time

–          Angled or perpendicular styles, depending on the type of woodworking tasks



Top rated cordless brad nailers in 2020


The different products that will be mentioned in the rest of this article have been given words of praises in many of the best cordless brad nailers reviews that have been shared by different users. Their positive feedback about these brands and models can provide you with the guarantee that they will not lead into frustration.



Dewalt DC608K


Best Cordless Brad Nailers ReviewsThe design of the engine of this model is one thing that is frequently given emphasis in the top rated cordless brads nailers reviews. Because of its innovative design, it can deliver superior performance and consistency, which is hard to find in any other option within the product category. The magazine has the ability to hold 110 brads. The latter is designed in such a way that it will prevent the penetration of any element that can possibly cause malfunctioning. Its source of power is the 18-volt XRP NiCad battery, which is known for its extreme dependability.



As one of the best rated cordless brad nailer from Dewalt, the DC608K combines precision, speed with high nailing performance, key elements for positive results during woodworking projects

This portable tool comes with a compact design which permits people to safely drive brads from 5/8 inch to 2 inch in various materials

Powered by a fully rechargeable 18-volt battery that enhances the 7.4 pound to provide without problems 18 gauge brads

It incorporates a roomy magazine that holds 110 brads and can fire different nails in plywood, hardwood and softwood



Comes with a carrying case but it is made of plastic

Includes only 1 battery (extra one sold separately)


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Hitachi NT50AE2


This is another nailer that has been chosen by many people because of its versatility, which simply means that it can be used in a wide array of applications. The depth of drive can be adjusted based on your preferences to make sure that it is right for the specific job that you anticipate to complete. The magazine is also known for its optimal capacity, which will lead into the lessening of downtime that is associated with its operation. In terms of ease of use, you can expect that this will never be a disappointment as well.



Among this year’s Black Friday deals on cordless brad nailer, the NT50AE2 from Hitachi is a powerful 18-gauge tool, perfect for small and complex carpentry projects

It comes equipped with a high capacity magazine, removable nose cap and very easy to adjust the depth-of-drive, which makes it easy to construct furniture, install cabinets or assemble picture frames

This affordable cordless brad nailer incorporates a special adjustment knob that is easy to use, letting people perform quick adjustments to the driving depth

Features high capacity magazine that can accommodate 100 brad nails, designed to load 5/8-2 inch nails with heads of 0.075 and 1.9 mm



Some minor assembly is needed


Buy from for ($89.99)




Paslode 90100 18


Comfort is a major concern for many of the people who are looking for the perfect choice within this product category. With that being said, the best cordless brad nailers reviews have revealed that this is one option that can prove to be best. It has a soft-grip handle that is sure to not lead into fatigue, even in spite of its extended period of use. This is also known for its precision, regardless of the job that needs to be done. There is no nailing task that is too small or too demanding for the nailer, as it can deliver consistent quality.



Considered one of the best products under $500 from Paslode, the 901000 finish nailer is a handy tool, optimal for decorative trim work and complex nailing tasks

This 18 gauge brad nailer combines portability and driving performance for placing nails in hard wood, cabinetry, wood and spindles

Due to the 10 nail lockout users won’t have to worry about blank firing during each phase of the woodworking project

Backed by an exclusive 1 year warranty this brad nailer can drive around 4.000 nails on one full battery charge, which is more than enough for simple or complex work



The brad nailer might operate at pretty noisy levels but no more than other models

The power tool needs to be cleaned after each use


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Ryobi ZRP854


Among other things, this remains to be a popular choice among many people basically because of the AirStrike Technology. The latter is basically the one that is responsible for making it lighter and more convenient to use since it leads into the elimination of some of the unnecessary parts while still making sure that performance will be unparalleled. It also has Grip Light Technology, which will automatically provide illumination to the work area when the handle is gripped. This leads into better efficiency and extension of battery life since the work light will not be left turned on.



For those that wonder who makes the best product, the ZRP854 ONE Plus from Ryobi is a trustworthy product to consider during woodworking projects

Incorporates the exclusive AirStrike technology which delivers high cordless convenience, which doesn’t force the user to resort to a bulky air hose or compressor

Features exclusive Grip-Light technology that permits workers to safely maintain the tool stable during each phase of the project

It includes dry fire lockout which automatically diminishes the chances of the driver head from firing nails without permission



The operator manual could’ve offered more information on the brad nail more delicate functions

Does not come with a protective carrying case (sold separately)


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Craftsman C3 – no longer available


This is another option that should not be missed if you are still looking for the best cordless brad nailers in 2020. Many of the experiences of the users of such were on the positive side, with many of them highlighting the assertion that this is an exceptional choice basically because of its flexibility. It can be used in two modes, depending on what is required in the job that needs to be completed. You can choose from single sequential or contact mode. More so, it is also a good thing that it is designed with two lamps that will allow you to work better even when the area is poorly lit.



Best chainsaw reviews



Chainsaws – What to Look For:


Whether you are a camper looking for fire wood, doing some mild tree trimming around the house, or looking for an affordable saw, it would be in your best interest to choose the highest rated chainsaws that your budget will allow. But, with so many options available, each with their own reason for being on some top ten list, it can be difficult to choose the best.


Size Does Count

While you may be tempted to choose a chainsaw based on size alone, it isn’t necessarily the wisest choice. Why select a saw that is too big? Not only can it be a safety hazard, but it can be a fuel hog—which will just get too expensive in the long run. Instead, choose a chain saw that packs enough punch to get the job done quickly and efficiently. There’s no need to boast the size of your saw, after all, it’s all in how you use it that matters.



While you may read reviews that one company makes a better saw then another, there is no real way to say who makes the best chainsaw unless you try them out for yourselves. One thing that you should consider is what company is known for creating tools that you can count on, time and time again? These tool makers often have years of experience under their belt and it shows in their products. Of course, you can have a saw from an extremely well known and trusted brand—but it will do you no good if you do not take care of the saw. You may purchase a saw based on the brand’s reliability, but it is up to you to take care of it.


Safety Features

Because a chainsaw is tool that can cause some serious damage if something goes wrong, you will want to make sure your saw is equipped with safety features. These features should include a chain brake, handle vibration dampers, and you may even want to consider the design of the chain and bar. The design of these two components can be the difference between experiencing kickbacks or not.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Type Price Bar Length Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Makita 5012B

Electric $$$ 12 inch 13 pounds A+ AMAZON

Makita UC3530A

Electric $$$ 14 inch 13.7 pounds A AMAZON

Husqvarna 450

Gas $$$$$ 18 inch 10.8 pounds B+ AMAZON

Craftsman 35098

Gas $$$$ 20 inch 21 pounds B AMAZON

Poulan 967146301

Gas $$ 16 inch 19 pounds C+ AMAZON


A chainsaw can be a useful tool to have around the house, especially if you are a handyman or an avid do-it-yourselfer who likes to work out in the yard. Although there are a lot of saws on the market, with a little bit of research into what you are going to buy, you’ll be able to choose the right one for your needs.


How to choose the best chainsaw – Expert Advice


chainsaWorking as a woodcrafter takes a lot out of a person, but it also comes with various rewards both financial and artistic. There are many tools which can be used during every moment of wood crafting, but one in particular seems to register a growing interest with each passing month: chainsaw. The market offers a multitude of products, designed with various functions worth taking into account while browsing for the right model, capable of improving the way you handle different sawing actions. How can you transform the selection process into something fairly easy? Well, you might consider reading some of the best chainsaw reviews, important sources of information which can significantly improve your ability to choose correctly the ideal product. Now, with the right chainsaw you will be able to perform light trimming actions or even heavy cutting, whenever you need.

It is important to have by your side a professional chainsaw, capable of helping users perform better than ever different cutting operations. With the best chainsaw in 2020, you will be able to cut and trim different wood types without problems. There are many types of chainsaws available on the market: electric and gas powered models. Today, you can choose a chainsaw capable of cutting with ease different types of wood, without dealing with problems or technical restrictions.

Every project becomes achievable, especially if you start using an easy to manoeuvre format. Woodcutting is a serious activity because it represents the base of furniture making, which thousands of individuals undergo with diligence. Now, let’s understand more about the top rated products, designed to fully upgrade your cutting precision during wood materials.


Best Chainsaw for the Money


WORX WG303.1 Chain Saw


As far as powerful chainsaws go, they can get pretty expensive. This particular one from WORX is by far the best chainsaw for the money you are going to be spending. With the 3.5hp and 14.5 amp engine, you will not find another one like it under $100. The chain mechanism on this saw helps to prevent over-tightening and will remain at the right tension for hundreds of uses. When you need a new chain, you can easily replace and even tighten the chain without any tools. The gas-free saw doesn’t require the use of oil and gas and you definitely do not have to fumble around with tricky startups. The automatic lubricator provides consistent lubrication to the bar and the chain, which helps to keep the saw in top working condition.

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Once you find the best chainsaw in 2020, you will be able to safely perform different types of projects. Electric chainsaws are ideal for small yard choirs, which require less power. You can use such devices in order to trim, prune and also perform light cutting actions. Such devices are lightweight and very quiet once you start working with it. An electric chainsaw is very easy to start and manage, and it will not disappoint. Electric chainsaws come in corded and cordless designs. When it comes to power cutting, let’s just say you will perform very well with gas chain saws. This type of chainsaw uses 2-cycle engine and operates with a special mix of oil and gasoline. It is ideal for more demanding cutting choirs. You should also know that there are also other types of chain saws on the market that should spike your interest sort of speak.


Best Chainsaw for Cutting Firewood


Husqvarna 450 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw with Smart Start


For those who live in the woods and use a woodstove for heat, this is the best chainsaw for cutting firewood. The powerful 1.8HP X-Torq engine puts out 3.2 horsepower which makes it suitable for simple trimming and hedge cutting, as well as cutting logs that aren’t very big in diameter for firewood. The X-Torq technology greatly reduces the emissions by 60 percent and reduces the amount of fuel you use by 30 percent. The three-piece crankshaft was built to last a long time and the centrifugal air cleaning system helps to remove harmful debris from the saw before it gets to the filter. The saw uses a choke/stop combination makes it easy to start this saw every time.

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Today, you will find on the market Pole saws, which are smaller versions of their bigger cousins, mounted on an extension pole. These devices extend with ease your reach with around 16 feet. Pole saws are corded, cordless or with gas and electric power-ups. You can use them in order to add a bit of precision in virtually anything you perform around the house. Whatever you decide to use, chainsaws can give you the possibility to perform better than ever different operations.


Best Chainsaw for Carving


Tanaka TCS3EDTP Top Handle Chainsaw with Pure Fire Engine


This  14-inch chainsaw uses a 32.2cc commercial grade pure fire engine, which provides you with powerful performance without using a lot of fuel. By using the half throttle choke with the purge primer bulb, you can expect for a quick start and fast warm up. The automatic oiler is gear-driven and features a side access point for chain adjustment. You can expect extra control for intricate cutes, thanks to the sprocket nose bar with an Oregon chain. Because of this, this is the best chainsaw for carving because of the compact design and the top handle that provides you with extra control.

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Things to consider:

–  Chain saws usually are divided in the following categories: electric, gas and pole saws.

–  Chain saws are usually electrical and gas powered, which can help users perform better than ever different wood crafting operations.

–  Chain saws are indispensable in the arsenal of any experienced or beginner wood crafter or worker.


Top rated chainsaws in 2020


Chainsaws are used for a wide variety of reasons which is why it is important for you to find a tool you can use consistently, won’t break or have parts that need frequent replacement.  Chainsaws should be efficient and effective and before you purchase one for all your sawing needs, makes sure you find one that is highly rated. Take a look at the best chainsaw reviews before you purchase.




Makita 5012B chainsaw


According to research the Makita 5012 is the chainsaw needed for heavy duty work. I purchased this lightweight electric chainsaw and use it for cutting anything and everything. For a commercial chainsaw the Makita offers unmatched quality. It weighs 9.5 pounds and includes an 11 ¾ guide bar. It also comes equipped with 1 year warranty and the chainsaw has 5500 feet per minute chain. Because the chain saw moves so quickly it also comes equipped with a hand protector. I use this chainsaw for all my heavy duty construction jobs.



Regarded as the best cordless chainsaw 2020 the 5012B commercial model is very easy to handle and delivers amazing cutting performance on different types of wood

The chainsaw is powered by 11.5 Amp motor which efficiently cuts with limited effort

Made with a highly durable polycarbonate housing the chainsaw features a wide 11 3/4-inch guide bar which delivers smooth 5.500 FPM speed for fast cuts

Backed by an exclusive 1 year warranty this chainsaw includes a large hand protector which limits the appearance of injuries during work



Does not include a detailed user manual but they do offer a helpful customer service

The chainsaw doesn’t do very well with carving applications


Makita 5012B electric chain saw has satisfied my requirements through its solid set of features. Working with it is a lot easier than with my previous chain say and this makes me recommend the 5012B to other users.”  James Blanchard


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Makita UC3530A chainsaw


The Makita is an electric chainsaw ranked at a high quality grade that offers a great variety of features. The tool has grip handles made of rubber, making it easier to hold the chainsaw; it also has a much bigger trigger switch and current limiter build in. One of my favorite features is how easy it is to check the oil level. The Makita includes a view window that allows me to see the status of the oil and known when a refill is coming up. Altogether I believe this chainsaw should be included on the best chainsaw reviews.



Receiving high marks of efficiency from the best cordless chainsaw reviews the UC3530A features 14” chain and 14” guide bar for high cutting performance

Features a user-friendly one-touch blade and fully adjustable chain which helps users easily control the machine

The chainsaw includes comfortable rubberized grip handles, capable of smoothing the cutting operation

It comes equipped with a large oil reservoir and a special trigger switch for fast start-ups



The chainsaw does not include a detailed user manual (for more information access the official website)


Makita UC3530A Commercial grade electric chainsaw was recommended to me by a friend and after I did a bit of research I decided to buy it. I have worked with it for about 6 months and the blade hasn’t shown any sign of rust so far.”  Sam Holmes


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Husqvarna 450 chainsaw


Best chainsaw reviewsAs a homeowner with a lot of acreage I found this chainsaw perfect for my needs. I do not require heavy usage on the chainsaw however in the beginning I used it more often and found the handling easy. The engine is environmentally friendly with low emissions, which also helps to keep the fuel costs low. The chainsaw is easy to start featuring a combined chock/stop control. The chainsaw was designed to be faster and more efficient; with the ergonomic design I was able to accomplish more in a day’s work than initially expected.



Manufactured in the United States of America by Husqvarna engineers this cordless chainsaw represents a great addition to gardeners, landowners and specialized landscapers

Powered by 3.2 HP Z-Torq engine this cordless chainsaw efficiently cuts through durable woods with minimal exhaust emissions

CARB compliant and backed by an exclusive 2 year warranty this chainsaw features the exclusive LowVib vibration dampening system for proper cutting performance

Includes Husqvarna Smart Start system which permits people to swiftly start the chainsaw and cut



During winter time the chainsaw is hard to start (takes 4 to 5 minutes to warm up)

Does not come with a storing case (this is an additional accessory sold separately)


Husqvarna 450 18-inch chainsaw ensures through its top capabilities that I have no trouble cutting through all types of wood. If find it to be one of the most reliable models because it helps me reduce the time it takes me to cut down a medium sized tree. Also, I was lucky enough to get it for a Black Friday deal.  ”  Gerald Zakrzewski


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Poulan Pro PP5020AV chainsaw


If you’re looking to purchase one of the top rated chainsaws which is powered by gas, look no further than the Poulan Pro PP5020AV. I used this chainsaw for a construction project and found it durable and easy to the use, it also includes the DuraLife Engine for a longer life expectancy. The chainsaw is designed to reduce use fatigue from its pull start system and handle that reduces vibration. I found this chainsaw a great purchase for its price with its tougher design and 50cc engine. If you’re looking for a chainsaw that runs on gas I highly recommend the Poulan.



Incorporates fast pull start system which helps people cut wood when needed without problems

Features a high quality reduced vibration handle which significantly diminishes user fatigue

Powered by 50cc DuraLife engine this chainsaw delivers enhanced cutting performance

The chainsaw includes a SuperClean air filter system and automatic chain oiler which maintains cutting accuracy during each project



Some assembly is required (consult the instruction manual)

The chain needs to be changed after prolonged


Any construction project will surely have the best working result with the use of the Poulan Pro PP5020AV gas powered chainsaw. This cheap model is much better if compared to other chainsaws sold in the market. I have witnessed the efficiency of the product, its durability and sustainability in any working arena.”  Miranda Ramirez


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McCulloch MCC3516F chainsaw


I am most proud of the features the McCulloch offers and the price it includes. The chainsaw offers an oil level window which makes it much easier to tell when the oil is now. It also had a hand guard to keep cut chips from flying in and cutting you, it also has a chain brake which will stop the saw instantly. The chainsaw does a great job cutting through wood and is light and powerful. I highly recommend it for all of your cutting needs.



Combining comfort with high cutting performance this electric chain saw permits woodcrafters to easily cut different types of wood

Features user-friendly trigger start/stop switch which ensures users start it fast with minimal effort

The MCC3516F electric chain saw comes equipped with an automatic chain which ensures proper flow to the cutting bar

It features a low kickback chrome chain that dramatically reduces kick effect



Does not come with a storage case (this is an optional accessory)

The user manual requires an upgrade on cutting transitions from wood materials


McCulloch MCC3516F 16-inch 3.5 HP electric chainsaw is better than most other models. I came to this conclusion after I have used almost all the models that are available in the market through my line of worked. For the price range, it has I don’t think you can get a better chainsaw. I know what are the best chainsaws in 2020 and this one surely makes the cut.”  Thomas Alley


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Craftsman 35098 Gas Chain Saw


The best chain saws reviews have formed a very positive opinion about the Craftsman 35098 which has a very impressive set of features. This gas powered chain saw has a 50 cc engine which will power the saw to easily cut through the hardest wood effortlessly. With it you will also get a case to keep it protected from the elements so it will work for a much longer period of time.



Made in the U.S. the chain saw comes equipped with a stainless steel blade

Powered by a powerful 50cc 2-Cycle engine the chain saw can efficiently cut through various wood materials

The chain saw features an exclusive anti-vibration handle for comfortable cutting sessions and minimal user fatigue

Includes security mechanisms like safety lock and kickback bar that diminish the appearance of injuries.



The cutting process can be pretty loud but acceptable with similar models


 “Using this chain saw extensively, has made me realize even more, what a great piece of engineering I managed to get my hands on. And it didn’t even cost me that much. This affordable chainsaw would be a great Xmas gift or any American handyman.” – Daren Radcliff


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Poulan 967146301 P3816 Full Assembly Chainsaw


This chain saw from Poulan is equipped with a very reliable 38 cc, two-cycle engine which will ensure you will have the smoothes of operations with it. Also you will be surely impressed by one of the best quality to price ratios on the market. The oiler is automatic so it cuts down on the things you need to do for its maintenance. This is a prime candidate for one of the best chain saws in 2020.



This 16-inch gas chainsaw delivers smooth cutting performance on different types of wood

Due to the automatic chain oiler and smooth air filter system the chainsaw represents a great addition to any woodworker

It includes a comfortable handle which reduces user fatigue during tasks

Powered by 38cc 2-Cycle engine the chain saw handles even the toughest of cutting jobs



Manufactured in China

Does not include a storage case (this is an accessory sold separately)


 “For my needs this 16 inch chain saw from Poulan is the best thing I could have bought. It had a decent price range and it works like a charm for me. I may not know which chainsaw is the best, but I do know this model is very reliable.” – Robert Olsson


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