Best Cordless Brad Nailers Reviews



If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best cordless brad nailers money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best cordless brad nailers on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the DEWALT DC608K is the best model for sale because it is designed to work on hard and soft joints without losing any speed. You will appreciate how easy it is to place each nail precisely when it is in the “sequential operating” mode, and you can switch over to the “bump” setting when you need consistent speed. It is compatible with 18 gauge nails in a variety of lengths, and you will love how easy it is to remove any that become jammed. If the DEWALT DC608K is not readily available you could consider the Hitachi NT50AE2 as it is the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Power Source Price Voltage Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Dewalt DC608K

Electric $$$$ 18V 14.6 lb A+ AMAZON

Paslode 90100

Gas $$$$ No 4.9 lb B AMAZON

Ryobi ZRP854

Battery $$$ 18V 9 lb B+ AMAZON

Hitachi NT50AE2

Air $$ No 4.7 lb B AMAZON

Bostitch GBT1850K

Air $$$$ No 5 lb C AMAZON



Buying Guide


A growing number of people are now searching for professional cordless brad nailers, designed for more delicate finishing jobs. This power tool is mainly used to attach various moldings or even trim different sections for more complex woodworking projects. Regarded as the perfect finishing tool, a brad nailer is thin enough to finish nails in areas where finish nailers can’t reach. As a result, experienced woodworkers know that brad and finish nailers are complementary, making each job easier. Still, brad nailers are very handy when attaching sensitive and thin strips. At the end of this buying guide you will know exactly what to look for in a new brad nailer.


We know that most people are very busy and don’t have enough time to patiently go through the best cordless nailer reviews. This is why we took the liberty of doing the research for interested parties to use without reservations. Usually brads are used to fill different holes before finishing a furniture piece. Brads have a thin head which in most cases are out of sight. Due to the small length (5/8-inch to 1-1/2 inches) brads are perfect to be placed in narrow and short wood diameters. Most of the applications performed by a brad nailer are limited to small furniture pieces or specific areas of them. Now, you should know that most brad nailers are pneumatic, using compressed air to operate. Recent statistics showed that a growing number of people are using cordless brad nailers. These devices use a specific combination of rechargeable batteries and compressed air canisters in order to safely drive brads into wood or plastic.


Picking out the best cordless brad nailer in 2020 may prove to be quite a challenge without proper guidance. Such devices incorporate magazines which hold the clips of nails together. Furthermore the nails are driven through a special driving cylinder for proper performance. There are also manufacturers that released angled brad nailers which permit you to fit nails into very tight spaces. You can choose from straight to angled brad nailers in order match your woodworking needs. According to user feedback it seems that most of the current brad nailers are safe tools. Due to their small design such tools are easier to control during various jobs. As a result the chances of any injuries are pretty slim. Still, you should always wear safety glasses during each job.

It is also recommended to use a silent power tool, letting you work in peace. The best cordless brad nailer in 2020 should have a swift and quiet operating system. Seeing as such tools don’t use a lot of compressed air, the amount of noise is pretty limited. This tool permits you to finish more complex woodworking jobs without too much hassle. The trick is to know exactly how to manage the machine. Furthermore you should also see the types of materials it can drive nails into.


Things to consider:

–          Driving flexibility, given that driving nails is done in tight spaces and specific areas of the furniture piece

–          Driving force, which is reflected by the compressed air present in the tank

–          Powerful rechargeable battery that permits you to use the brad nailer for long periods of time

–          Angled or perpendicular styles, depending on the type of woodworking tasks



Top rated cordless brad nailers in 2020


The different products that will be mentioned in the rest of this article have been given words of praises in many of the best cordless brad nailers reviews that have been shared by different users. Their positive feedback about these brands and models can provide you with the guarantee that they will not lead into frustration.



Dewalt DC608K


Best Cordless Brad Nailers ReviewsThe design of the engine of this model is one thing that is frequently given emphasis in the top rated cordless brads nailers reviews. Because of its innovative design, it can deliver superior performance and consistency, which is hard to find in any other option within the product category. The magazine has the ability to hold 110 brads. The latter is designed in such a way that it will prevent the penetration of any element that can possibly cause malfunctioning. Its source of power is the 18-volt XRP NiCad battery, which is known for its extreme dependability.



As one of the best rated cordless brad nailer from Dewalt, the DC608K combines precision, speed with high nailing performance, key elements for positive results during woodworking projects

This portable tool comes with a compact design which permits people to safely drive brads from 5/8 inch to 2 inch in various materials

Powered by a fully rechargeable 18-volt battery that enhances the 7.4 pound to provide without problems 18 gauge brads

It incorporates a roomy magazine that holds 110 brads and can fire different nails in plywood, hardwood and softwood



Comes with a carrying case but it is made of plastic

Includes only 1 battery (extra one sold separately)


Click to see the price on Amazon!


Hitachi NT50AE2


This is another nailer that has been chosen by many people because of its versatility, which simply means that it can be used in a wide array of applications. The depth of drive can be adjusted based on your preferences to make sure that it is right for the specific job that you anticipate to complete. The magazine is also known for its optimal capacity, which will lead into the lessening of downtime that is associated with its operation. In terms of ease of use, you can expect that this will never be a disappointment as well.



Among this year’s Black Friday deals on cordless brad nailer, the NT50AE2 from Hitachi is a powerful 18-gauge tool, perfect for small and complex carpentry projects

It comes equipped with a high capacity magazine, removable nose cap and very easy to adjust the depth-of-drive, which makes it easy to construct furniture, install cabinets or assemble picture frames

This affordable cordless brad nailer incorporates a special adjustment knob that is easy to use, letting people perform quick adjustments to the driving depth

Features high capacity magazine that can accommodate 100 brad nails, designed to load 5/8-2 inch nails with heads of 0.075 and 1.9 mm



Some minor assembly is needed


Buy from for ($89.99)




Paslode 90100 18


Comfort is a major concern for many of the people who are looking for the perfect choice within this product category. With that being said, the best cordless brad nailers reviews have revealed that this is one option that can prove to be best. It has a soft-grip handle that is sure to not lead into fatigue, even in spite of its extended period of use. This is also known for its precision, regardless of the job that needs to be done. There is no nailing task that is too small or too demanding for the nailer, as it can deliver consistent quality.



Considered one of the best products under $500 from Paslode, the 901000 finish nailer is a handy tool, optimal for decorative trim work and complex nailing tasks

This 18 gauge brad nailer combines portability and driving performance for placing nails in hard wood, cabinetry, wood and spindles

Due to the 10 nail lockout users won’t have to worry about blank firing during each phase of the woodworking project

Backed by an exclusive 1 year warranty this brad nailer can drive around 4.000 nails on one full battery charge, which is more than enough for simple or complex work



The brad nailer might operate at pretty noisy levels but no more than other models

The power tool needs to be cleaned after each use


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Ryobi ZRP854


Among other things, this remains to be a popular choice among many people basically because of the AirStrike Technology. The latter is basically the one that is responsible for making it lighter and more convenient to use since it leads into the elimination of some of the unnecessary parts while still making sure that performance will be unparalleled. It also has Grip Light Technology, which will automatically provide illumination to the work area when the handle is gripped. This leads into better efficiency and extension of battery life since the work light will not be left turned on.



For those that wonder who makes the best product, the ZRP854 ONE Plus from Ryobi is a trustworthy product to consider during woodworking projects

Incorporates the exclusive AirStrike technology which delivers high cordless convenience, which doesn’t force the user to resort to a bulky air hose or compressor

Features exclusive Grip-Light technology that permits workers to safely maintain the tool stable during each phase of the project

It includes dry fire lockout which automatically diminishes the chances of the driver head from firing nails without permission



The operator manual could’ve offered more information on the brad nail more delicate functions

Does not come with a protective carrying case (sold separately)


CLICK here to visit SEARS and read more details about this product!


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Craftsman C3 – no longer available


This is another option that should not be missed if you are still looking for the best cordless brad nailers in 2020. Many of the experiences of the users of such were on the positive side, with many of them highlighting the assertion that this is an exceptional choice basically because of its flexibility. It can be used in two modes, depending on what is required in the job that needs to be completed. You can choose from single sequential or contact mode. More so, it is also a good thing that it is designed with two lamps that will allow you to work better even when the area is poorly lit.



Best Grease Guns Reviews



If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best grease guns money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best grease guns on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Lincoln 1162 is the best model for sale because it is able to give you continuous grease flow thanks to its automatic design. Since it is air powered you can use it almost anywhere, and it has an impressive pressure range of 40 to 150 pounds per square inch. You will also appreciate its variable speed trigger that allows you complete control over the grease flow rate. If the Lincoln 1162 is not available you could consider the Lincoln Lubrication 1134 as it is the second best option.



Comparison Table


The Good
The Bad



Buying Guide


It is a fact that buying a new grease gun can prove to be challenging because of the variety of the alternatives that are available. More often than not, some people end up making a decision based on price alone. To help you out, the rest of this article will provide you with insights on some of the choices that have been recommended in the best grease guns reviews.


Grease guns – What to look for

In the present there are thousands of engineers, auto repairmen and handymen that want to find professional grease guns. These devices are used to provide proper lubrication in different machines and gears. After a while, bikes, cars, swings and other mechanical devices need proper lubrication in order to run without smoothly. This is why the growing interest for professional grease guns and grease fittings comes as no surprise. The market’s offer reflects people desire for efficient models. Month after month new products are released by top manufacturers. If you are currently looking for a professional grease gun, this buying guide will ease up the selection process. There are certain particularities that make a product efficient and easy to use.


Uses of a grease gun

First released in 1900s, grease guns evolved a lot, reuniting new features that make lubrication a quick task to perform. Taking into consideration the multitude of options out there, we managed to go through the best grease gun reviews and also user testimonials for a comprehensive view on the subject. Even though grease guns are pretty common, the tools reunite different technologies for smooth lubrication where needed. Still, you have to know how to manage the tool in order to safely grease different parts of a machine. Applying grease needs to be done with attention, not to over lubricate. Fortunately grease guns are pretty affordable and easy to manage. Today’s top manufacturers compete for people’s attention with the release of high quality grease guns. As a result, you can choose a model that can be used to safely grease without problems machines or sporting gear.


Types of grease guns

With the best grease gun in 2020 things around the garage register a major boost in their durability. You will be able to choose from pistol-grip guns, hand-grip guns or lever type guns. Each one of the mentioned grease guns incorporates different features for precise lubrication results. Now, you should know that there are guns powered by air and others by battery. It is important to choose the type of grease gun that matches your needs. According to recent statistics it seems that a growing number of people use lever style grease guns, which indicate maximum pressure attained and also strokes-per-ounce. When it comes to strokes-per-ounce, levels vary from product to product. So, you have to properly assess the amount of grease each gun can deliver in order to avoid over-lubrication.


Functionality in terms of pressure

In determining the best grease gun in 2020 you have to take into account the model’s pressure force. We recommend that you choose a gun with high-pressure, reaching 10.000 PSI for proper greasing performance. Still, for day to day applications it is best not to opt for very powerful guns. You can invest in grease guns equipped with bearing lip seals that withstand 500 PSI and more. This pressure level is optimal for quick greasing tasks on bikes, washing machines, treadmills and many others. Furthermore you must choose a professional grease gun with a comfortable handle, easy to grip during tasks.



Top rated grease guns in 2020


Now that you know what you should look for in a reliable grease gun, you should take a look at the models we have reviewed below. Each one has gathered high praise from satisfied users, so picking one should guarantee you end up with one of the best models available in 2020.



Lincoln 1162


Best Grease Guns ReviewsIn the top rated grease guns reviews, there were many who have expressed their satisfaction with the variable speed trigger that is integrated in the design of the product. With such, users will be able to have a high level of freedom in controlling the grease gun. This will allow you to choose the speed that is most preferred depending on the task that you need to complete. The manufacturer offers one year of warranty on the product, which will prove their commitment towards high quality. Lastly, many were also happy that the flow performance of the product is exceptional.



As one of the best grease gun for the money from Lincoln, the 1162 Air operated model is a fully pneumatic device with variable speed trigger for smooth grease flow to the right areas

Features a high quality pump ratio of 150 pounds per square inch and an impressive grease pressure of 6.000 pounds per square inch, making every task easier

This professional grease gun incorporates an air pressure range from 40 to 150 pounds per square inch, adding precision during every application

The grease gun is fitted with 30 inches high-pressure hose, attachment clip and coupler, designed for superior flow performance



Benefits from only 1 year of warranty on material

Some minor assembly is needed


Buy from for ($71)





Lincoln Lubrication 1134


This is one product that will be worth taking a look at if you are still on your search for the best grease guns in 2020. In the reviews that have been shared by many of its users, one thing that is often given emphasis is the fact that it has rugged construction, which is basically the one that is responsible for making it exceptional when it comes to strength. In terms of ease of cleaning, this will also prove to be excellent. There is no more need for disassembly before it can be cleaned. The excellent engineering of this product is also highly evident, which proves its functionality and durability.



Searching for an affordable grease gun might be hard but for fast results we recommend the 1134 heavy duty pistol from Lincoln Lubrication, a model designed to deliver the right amount of grease to match different needs

It comes equipped with a jam-proof toggle mechanism which significantly prevents accidental bending of the plunger during work

The grease gun incorporates an extra-heavy follower spring which maintains smooth pumping action, need to enjoy clear results

This powerful grease gun features a check valve that ensure proper cleaning without having to disassembly the gun in any way



The instruction manual does not contain a lot of information on coupler management

After a while a new cartridge will be needed


Buy from for ($41.91)




Milton S-3101


1.Milton S-3101 Pistol Grease Gun

If you need a grease gun for chainsaws and other types of equipment the S-3101 by Milton might be just what you are looking for. It comes with a pistol style trigger that is easy and familiar to use so you can quickly lubricate moving parts and get back to your work. The handle can also be adjusted so you can choose between high pressure or volume. Since it is made in the U.S.A. you can rest assured that this grease gun comes with a durable construction, and for added confidence in your purchase it is backed by a limited warranty.




It comes with a lightweight construction, even when filled so you can easily operate it with one hand.

With the ability to adjust the stroke simply be moving the handle’s position you can control pressure or the rate of grease flow.

Since it can hold 14 oz grease cartridges you can easily lubricate chainsaws without having to stop and refill.



The reviews for this grease gun are mainly positive, and the only negative comment concerns the lack of a manufacturer’s marking on the product. While this does not affect its overall performance it might cause problems if you need to use the warranty.


Buy from for ($32.51)




Lincoln 1142


2.Lincoln 1142 Grease Gun

Whether you need a grease gun for riding mowers or to just keep the chain moving freely on a bicycle the 1142 by Lincoln might be just what you are looking for. It comes with a durable construction that will last for years, including the metal pump head that is designed to withstand the heavy pressure needed to lubricate larger pieces of equipment. You will appreciate its “jam proof” design that ensures the grease is always flowing at a consistent rate so you can easily take care of your equipment and get right back to work. It also comes with a handy “check valve” that allows you to clean the grease gun without having to spend time taking it apart and reassembling it again.



The 1142 by Lincoln comes with a durable construction that includes a sturdy metal pump head.

It comes with a heavy spring that ensures the grease is always flowing at a consistent rate so you can finish lubricating moving parts faster.

You have the option of loading this gun with 14 oz grease cartridges or you can choose to use a bulk can.



The only complaint consumers have made in their reviews concerns the operating instructions that are included with your purchase. Some have noted that it can be difficult to read, but you can find clearer directions for use listed on the manufacturer’s website.


Buy from for ($20.3)




Plews 30-720


3.Plews 30-720

Fittings in tight places can be difficult to lubricate properly without making a mess, unless you have the right grease gun. The 30-720 by Plews is not only compact and lightweight, it also has a long extension that is perfect for use in cramped spaces. For added ease of use the hose is also flexible so you can reach smaller parts that might be partially blocked. What really makes this grease gun stand out is its clear cylinder. Not only does this make it easy to keep an eye on the level, it can also prevent you from using the wrong type of grease on your equipment.



It comes with a durable construction that is backed by a three year limited warranty.

The clear canister is constructed from a durable polycarbonate material that is resistant to shattering.

With the 5 inch steel extension and 12 inch hose you can easily lubricate small parts in hard to reach places.



While there are not any complaints about the overall performance of this grease gun, one consumer did note that the barrel was cracked on delivery. This usually is not a serious problem since it is covered under the product warranty.


Buy from for ($56.99)




Performance Tool Mini


This is considered by many to be the best selling within the product category. It is very easy to understand why such is that the case. Simply read the reviews that have been shared by other people and you will surely have a grasp of its popularity. The pistol grip is one of the exceptional things about its design. The latter is the one that is responsible for making it possible to use the product even with the use of just one hand. The ergonomic design of the grease gun makes it able to provide the highest level of comfort to the people who are using such.



Present among this year’s Black Friday deals on top products the Performance Tool mini grease gun represents a great addition to anyone that needs to add a bit of grease on different components

Very easy to use the mini grease gun allows users to safely apply grease in hard to reach spots

Due to the user-friendly pistol grip style this mini grease gun fits very well in a person’s hand, remaining in its place during each project

Incorporates a wide range of features which significantly eliminates air lock, for proper performance



In the basic package there is only 1 grease cartridge


Click here to check out the price on




Wilmar W524204 Performance Tool Pistol Grip


The working pressure of this unit is 7,000 PSI, which is reflective of the powerful performance that it will be able to deliver in different applications. Like many of the products that have been mentioned above, it also comes with a pistol grip that is easy to hold, making it possible for you to be as comfortable as possible, even if you are expecting frequent and long-term use of the product. The lifetime warranty that is being offered by the manufacturer should be also given emphasis, which is reflective of the commitment of the company towards high quality.



As one of the best rated product from Wilmar, the W524204 Performance tool pistol grease fun has a heavy duty construction with unique chrome plated finish which ensure people can use it for a long period of time

Due to the pistol grip profile, this device is fairly easy to hold and use during various grease applications in tight spots

This professional pistol grease gun comes equipped with a die cast head cap made to resist well to complex tasks

The grease gun for Christmas features a special handle which ensures comfort every time people need to use it



The grease gun does not include a carrying pouch when going from one jobsite to another

Might leak if the gun is not properly closed


Buy from for ($18.78)




Craftsman 9-19959 Professional Continuous Flow


If you read the best grease guns reviews that tackle this specific product, you will surely notice that there are many people who like this product because of its exclusive piston design, which is also the main factor that separates it from many of the other choices that are currently available in the market. It is fully-automatic, making its operation a snap to accomplish. If you look at how the product is built, both in terms of its design and the materials that were used, it is easy for you to tell that this is one option that can provide the best value for your money.



As the most popular product from Craftsman, the 9-19959 continuous flow grease gun is designed with an ergonomic cushioned grip which makes it easy to use when needed

This professional grease gun is great for maintaining the durability of RVs, automobiles, boats, trailers and mowers

The grease gun incorporates a special button style trigger which allows users to monitor and safely control the grease flow

This handy tool uses an advance self-priming system that delivers a smooth lubrication on various spots, for proper results and minimal efforts during work



Does not come with a solid travelling case (this is an accessory sold separately)


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Things to consider:

–         A high pressure power (over 500 PSI), so that you can apply grease in the right spots without problems

–         A sturdy handle, for tight grip during each lubrication process

–         Air-powered system which gives you fast access to the guns greasing power

–         Sturdy handle, so that you can manage the grease fun without worrying about slippage



Best scroll saw reviews



If you’re here just to find the best scroll saw and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have consulted numerous expert buying guides for power tools aside from looking at reviews and ratings in actual owner feedback just to obtain plenty of information about various products on the market. Out of all the products we have compared and researched on, we believe the DEWALT DW788 is the best because of its ability to create superbly accurate cuts. This tool is outfitted with a very capable 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed motor that drives the blade to execute cutting work smoothly and according to the user’s designs. It has a parallel-link arm design that decreases noise and vibration considerably to ensure precise cutting performance. Blade changes can be carried out fast and easy thanks to the proprietary tool-less blade clamps. Conveniently, the controls for the tool are on the front upper arm for hassle-free engagement and they include the electronic variable speed, on/off switch, blade-tensioning lever and flexible dust blower. If the DEWALT DW788 is unavailable, you could get the Shop Fox W1713, as it is the second best option.



Comparison Table



The Good
The Bad



Buying Guide


What are the best scroll saw models in 2020? This is a question that puzzles thousands of intermediate and skilled woodworkers. Most of today’s scroll saws are quiet, safe and fairly easy to use. With the right model, scrolling becomes an easy activity which anyone, beginner or skilled worker, can perform.


Blade changing system

Most of the current scroll saw ratings best to worst underline the importance of the blade changing system. A couple of years ago most scroll saws didn’t incorporate a blade changing mechanism. People had to purchase a special tool in order to easily change blades. It is important to change the blades with a simple twist of a button and increase the overall scrolling performance. Woodworkers require in their toolbox a professional scroll saw that can respond well to various commands and handle different projects.


Blade types

The best scroll saw for the money will definitely come equipped with powerful blades, capable of cutting wood. Today’s scroll saws come equipped with 2 types of blades: plain/flat-end or pin-end. Each type of blades offers distinct scrolling performance. The pin-end blades include a pin at the blade’s ends. This design ensures heightened stability during each cutting task. For more delicate scrolling performance, woodworkers should opt for plain end blades which are flexible. The pin-end blades are great for heavy-duty scrolling, usually on big logs or pieces of wood. A scroll saw equipped with plain-ends allows users to perform more complex scrolling actions.



If you’re wondering which product is the best from the ones available on the market you need to look for the scrolling speed indicator. Scrolling speed is usually measured in strokes per minute. There are some models that incorporate different levels of speeds: variable, two speeds or adjustable belts. Recent statistics showed that woodworkers prefer units with variable speeds. Such devices provide more flexibility during each scrolling action. Furthermore, it offers users the possibility to cut through plastic, thin metal foils and other materials. For repetitive cutting tasks we recommend 2-speed scroll saws because they are capable of constant performance. Just don’t opt for a cheap product because it won’t deliver enough cutting speed.


In conclusion

Even though there are other things to consider besides speed, blades and blade changing system these are in our opinion essential for high cutting performance. A good scroll saw will have to respond well to the particularities of distinct scrolling tasks. As a result, comfort and cutting power are essential for optimal results!



Products for Specific Needs



Best scroll saw for crafts


Dewalt DW788


There are thousands of woodworking crafters and artists that need in their workshop a professional scroll saw. According to the data we collected, it appears that the DW788 scroll saw can be used to efficiently perform accurate and detailed cuts on wood. Regarded by many as the best scroll saw for crafts, this unit comes with a user-friendly design and with reduced vibrations. Due to the high speed performance, woodworkers will be able to deliver precise cuts on different types of wood. It also includes a durable cast-iron table that maintains high levels of material support. Furthermore, the scroll saw includes a powerful dust blower, designed to keep the working area free of dust or debris.


Buy from for ($505.09)




Best scroll saw for hobbyists


Dremel MS20-01


A professional scroll saw can help woodworkers and wood artisans to create pretty amazing works of art. For home woodworking projects we recommend the MS20-01 Moto-Saw from Dremel, an innovative tool which ensures quality results. Handymen consider the model the best scroll saw for hobbyists, capable of delivering high speeds of 1.500 to 2.250 SPM. The device incorporates a durable dust port adapter that permits users to attach powerful vacuum cleaners. This scroll saw features the exclusive QuickChange mechanism which allows people to safely switch blades with minimal effort. It also comes with a 9 foot cord, for enhanced mobility during scrolling actions.


Buy from for ($119)




Best scroll saw for fine work


Proxxon 37090 DSH/E


There are many people in search for the best scroll saw for fine work. In this particular segment, we recommend the 37090 DSH/E scroll saw from Proxxon. This high-end cutting tool has a silent operating system which goes well with workers that desire to work in silence. It incorporates an advanced electronic stroke mechanism which allows users to control cutting speeds that range from 200 to 1400 SPM. Due to this particularity, people will be able to perform precise cuts on wood materials. It can be used to accurately cut wood, plastic, fiberglass, leather, cork, plexiglas and non-ferrous metals.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Top rated scroll saws in 2020


The scroll saw that can work with less noise and are best at performance can be found in many best scroll saw reviews. After reading these reviews, selecting the best available saw becomes easy. The other people experience with the product helps in many ways from designing to working one can know anything.



Dewalt DW788


Best scroll saw reviews

I want accuracy and calmness during working and I have found this scroll the best. It has Double parallel-link arm design that doesn’t produce much noise and also decreases vibration. It can also set at different speeds. It also allows cleanliness of the area with its dust blower. Its blade changing is extremely easy and can be done within seconds with the help of its tool-free blade clamps. Arm design rotates to the front from the back that also provides smooth functioning in less sound.



Powered by 1.3 amp motor which ensures impressive 400 spm to 1750 spm, ideal to easily cover wood sawing projects

Incorporates a solid cast-iron table which delivers proper support during each woodworking task

Benefits from an exclusive 3-year warranty and 90-Day money back guarantee

First option for thousands of woodworkers to the question “what is the best scroll saw for beginners”



Lacks a sturdy carrying case (this is an optional accessory, sold separately)

Does not include a multi-language user manual, instructions come in the most used languages around the world


I got to know the Dewalt DW788 from magazines and I decided to buy it because it had positive reviews as well. The reviews were right it is high quality scroll saw, which I really enjoy working with.” Erick Overbeck


Buy from for ($505.09)







Shop Fox W1713


I was in search of the high quality scroll saw and found this product in best scroll saw reviews. Its features are no match with others. For easy and careful working it is provided with a gooseneck work light that gives the clear view of the work. To clean after the mess, it has dust collection system that keeps the working area dust free.  It has pin or plain blades that has maximum cutting limit of 16 inches. It has strong 60 Hz motor with power supply of 110 volts.



This variable-speed scroll saw is durable enough to resist prolonged work hours due to the cast iron design

Powered by an impressive 1/8-horsepower 60Hz motor that delivers enough power to cut and saw through different types of wood (oak, cherry, willow and many more)

Flexible and easy to manoeuvre because it weighs only 40 pounds, the W1713 enhances worker’s ability to deliver curved cuts

Compatible with regular plain and unique pin-end saw blades which ensures high productivity during tasks



Does not include a dust brush (this is an work accessory sold separately)


Shop Fox W1713 Saw is definitely the kind of scroll saw which any handyman would like to own. Except the excellent cutting power, the dust collection system also impressed me. Handymen all across the US should get a piece of it. I was lucky enough to get this best rated scroll saw for a Black Friday deal. ” Clay Simmons


Buy from for ($189)




Craftsman Variable Speed


The Craftsman variable speed scroll saw is a very useful tool to have in your garage for cutting different curves and patterns. The cutting line will be kept clean and visible with the help of its dust blower. Tilt the iron work table up to 45 degrees so you will have many cutting options, making it one of the best scroll saws in 2020.



Features a solid cast iron work table which workers can tilt up to 45 degrees for more complex cuts like bevel

Can be used to deliver fast cuts on hard and soft woods and plastic or soft metals due to the unique variable speeds from 400 to 1600 SPM

It incorporates a special dust extraction port that can be used to connect dust blowers

Fully compatible with pin-end, standard and scroll saw blades



Does not come with specialized vacuum cleaner (this is an additional accessory)


 “All the cuts I have made with it, have turned out to be professional and exactly how I wanted them to be. At the same time I find it very easy to operate and I really recommend it, if you are looking for a reliable scroll saw.” – Henry Cousins


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Rockwell RK7321


This product is extremely efficient and highly durable. Its efficient working is provided with 5 t-shank jigsaw blades that make the cutting very easy. Its table top is made up of stainless steel that doesn’t rust or corrode. It weighs only 18 lbs that allows its trouble-free carrying to distant places. It is best for all kinds of cutting; it makes the perfect circle, rip, miter, inside, scroll, metal and tile cuts. I like it because of its impressive designing and effective working. Its power input is 5.5 Amp.



Capable of delivering standard and advanced cuts from 1-1/2 inches (wood), 3-8 inch (ceramic tile), 1-1/4 inches (PVC), 1/8 inch (steel) and 3/8 inch (aluminum)

Offers useful working flexibility due to the quick release wall mount, making it perfect for job sites and room to room projects

Solid and productive option to the dilemma “what is the best scroll saw for beginners

Incorporates T-shank jigsaw blades that permits workers to deliver multi-purpose cuts



Some assembly might be requires (10 to 30 minutes, depending on the instruction manual comprehension)


Rockwell RK7321 Saw has what I was aiming for, precision and a superior cutting capability. I did some heavy duty cutting with it and the results were perfect. I didn’t find it difficult to use and overall I believe it is among the best scroll saws of 2020 under $150. I don’t know who makes the best models, but I’m certain Rockwell is a reliable manufacturer.” Pablo Flores


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Rockwell RK7322


This product can be found in many best scroll saw reviews because of its two hands operating that make it the most convenient scroll saw. I have found it extremely efficient in performance. It can make curves and straight cuts in wood, plastic, ceramic tiles and metals. It can be connected to any vacuum that will allow instant cleaning of the work place. It has variable speed controlling that allows high or low power setting according to the requirement of work. It is highly durable and has wall mount, circle cutter, miter gauge/rip fence, 5 t-shank assorted jigsaw blades and picture frame cutter.



This powerful scroll saw comprises special features which permits users to easily cut PVC piping, wood, plastic, metal and ceramic tile

Powered by a sturdy 5.5-amp motor (1.120 volts and 60 hertz) which ensure workers to deliver precise cuts

The BladeRunner can deliver amazing cutting capacities (1-1/2 inches for wood, 1-1/4 inches for PVC, 1/8 inch for steel and 3-8 for ceramic tile)

Features intense variable-speed control for proper management during different woodworking projects



It features a special dust-hose connection but no implicit vacuum cleaner (this is an accessory sold separately if needed)


Because this saw is so versatile, I definitely recommend it as one of the top 10 models currently on the market. I have used it to cut a wide variety of materials and it has performed better than I expected. I can’t think of any drawbacks to using the  RK7322 and it should prove to be a nice Xmas gift for a fellow handyman.” Carlos Silva


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Genesis GSS160


Smooth working, quick changing of blade, variable speed, flexibility and quiet performance, I was searching these qualities in a scroll saw and found them all in this product. It has 1.2 Amp induced motor that gives smooth performance and doesn’t produce much noise. It has benefited the users with Quick-Change Blade System that allows changing a blade within seconds. Work speed can be set according to the work requirement because it is provided with variable speed. It also has a dust blower that keeps the working area clean.



The scroll saw is powered by a powerful 1.2-amp induction motor which ensures rapid and silent performance

Comes equipped with 2 sharp blades and solid allen key, ideal to cut through wood, ceramic tile, PVC and even metal

Due to the advanced motor, workers have the possibility of managing variable speeds from 400 to 1600 SPM

The basic package comes with a unique flexible dust blower, designed to keep the work area free of dust



Doesn’t come with a separated work surface but the dust blower gets the job done and cleans dust fast


“The Genesis GSS160 is a one of a kind scroll saw. I bought it earlier this year and it hasn’t disappointed me one bit. The product performs smoothly and swiftly making precision cuts. It has a very nice structure with a lightweight design, so I conclude by recommending this most popular model. ” Daniel Styles


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Scroll saws – What to look for:


On a professional construction yard, the presence of a powerful and well-equipped tool kit can make all the difference in the world. Out of the many power tools available to engineers it seems that one in particular is needed: scroll saw. This is a specialty and precise tool which can be used in order to cut curves in various materials such as copper items, plastic, brass and wood. How can you find the most efficient device out of the many available on the market? Well, you should consult with attention the best scroll saw reviews and choose wisely the ideal product for your construction needs. There are many types of scrolls available on the market, all designed with attention in order to provide heightened precision during each job.


It is important to have a high quality scroll saw, capable of delivering precise curves during various phases of your project. You should know that usually scroll saws are pedal-powered or electric. Most saws are mounted on a base which enhances every phase of the cutting precision. Saws are pretty similar to a band saw, using reciprocating blade. You can use this particular power tool in order to deliver complex cutting curves with outer edge accuracy on the material. Still, you can even use the saws in order to perform different interior cuts.

Use the best scroll saw in 2020 and upgrade your fabrication performance! Don’t settle for poorly made scroll saws!

With relevant information on some of the best products available on the market, you will be able to safely decorate and build different constructions. While shopping for the best scroll saw in 2020, you will notice wisely just how important the device is to any builder. You need to pay a particular attention to size, blade dimensions and material, drives and force. It is important to have in your possession a saw that matches your drilling skills. Now, the scroll saw size is determined by precise measurement from the back of the saw frame to the blade.

Usually, throat sizes ranges from 12 inches to 30 inches in most of the present commercial type scroll saws. If you plan on using the device for daily household applications, then consider using a 16 inch scroll saw, which give you optimal assistance. For harder and more demanding applications, you should consider investing in a 32-inch scroll saw.

You also need to take into consideration depth capacity while selecting a scroll saw, in order to safely cut different materials. You need to know that different saws can cut material from 1-3/4 inches to 2-1/4 inches, ideal to handle various applications. It is important to take into account speed of the scroll saw, which operates from 400 strokes to an impressive 1800 rpm.


Things to consider:

– Scroll saws can help constructors add precision during curves on various materials, plastic, metal and wood.

–   Saws come from 16 inch to 32 inch, ideal to handle different types of applications.

–   Advanced scroll saws can cut material from 1-3/4 inches to 2-1/4 inches, with attention.



Best Emergency radios reviews



If you’re here just to find the best emergency radios and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have collected plenty of information about the best products on the market in this category by compiling reviews and ratings in numerous emergency equipment expert review sites and then comparing what we read with actual owner feedback. Out of all the products we have looked at, we believe the Kaito KA500YL is the best because it offers multiple means of charging the internal battery pack. This model has a dynamo cranking feature that enables you to turn the handle to juice up the built-in battery pack, which also charges via the convenient solar panel so you won’t have to do anything but leave it in the sun to collect energy. You can also put in three double-A batteries if you prefer. It also charges via USB port to a computer, and also via a standard electric socket. This radio pulls in AM, FM and NOAA channels so you are well informed during emergencies. The LED reading lamp and flashlight provide illumination. If the Kaito KA500YL is unavailable, you could consider the Epica 0874 as it is the second best option.



Comparison Table


The Good
The Bad



Buying Guide


If you foresee an instance where you will need an emergency radio or not, it would be wise to always have one available to you. By having one of the top ten radio models in your emergency kit, you will be able to be well informed during any emergency situation.

Keep in mind that not all emergency radios are created equal. In fact, because there are several different options available, it can be confusing when you are trying figure out which emergency radio is the best to suit your needs.

Emergency radio

The Basics

As a general rule, you will want a new radio that will bring you up to the minute NOAA alerts and other important news broadcasts. Before you go out for any old two-way or shortwave radio, you should take into consideration if you need those functions. If you want to be able to connect to someone, then of course you will want one. But if you intend to only listen in to the world around you in case of an emergency, then you will be fine with a regular AM/FM radio receiver. Just keep in mind that NOAA alerts are broadcasted on AM radio.


“Public Alert” and NOAA Logos

The two standards compete with one another to release the breaking news, however, they were both created to the help of the NOAA and National Weather Service. The Public Alert sticker that you should look for on your radio shows that the radio meets specific technical stands. This means the radio is able to receive specific alerts to any given area and you will hear a tone before the alert comes through. Also, these radios will allow you to plug in external devices that are beneficial for the audio and visually impaired. You want to make sure your radio features one or both of these stickers/logos—either on the packaging, in the user manual, or on the device itself.


Multiple Power Sources

While it is common knowledge that battery operated radios are a must (and you should always have plenty of extra batteries on hand), you should look for a radio that can be charged in other ways. The other options include AC adapters for when you do have power, hand cranking or another manual charger, solar energy, and some radios can even be charged via your laptop’s battery. Make sure your radio has one of these other power sources, although some of the highest rated emergency radios has all of these options.

Heaven forbid you ever find yourself in a situation where you need an emergency radio. Although no one wants to plan for disasters, you can never be too prepared. By having an emergency radio in your emergency kit, you will be able to keep up to date with any weather or news alerts in your area.



Products for specific needs


Best Emergency Radio for Boat


Uniden MHS75


Because this marine radio by Uniden is waterproof, it is considered to be one of the best emergency radios for boat use. The hand-held radio is programmed to support all US, Canadian, and international channels, NOAA weather channels and it can even alert you to emergency and weather alerts. This device simultaneously monitors up to two distress/hailing signals that may be issued by the Coast Guard. It can even pick up on one weather channel and one regular marine channel. The LCD display is backlit, as well as they keypad. This feature makes the device easy to read during the night or in the early mornings when the sun isn’t completely up.



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Best Emergency Radio for Backpacking


Kaito Voyager Pro KA600


This 4 way powered solar/hand crank digital emergency radio is one of the best emergency radios for backpacking because it can pick up AM and FM shortwave stations and longwave NOAA weather radio that feature real-time weather alerts and the Radio Data System. There is an auxiliary input jack on this radio, which can be used for external audio devices. The 180 degree adjustable solar panel features 5-LED reading lamps, which help you to see in the middle of the night. The radio has four tuning methods so you can find the right frequency. You can either manually change the stations, use direct digit entry, ATS and memory tuning that has up to 335 memory slots that gives you easy access to your favorite stations.



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Best Emergency Radio for Hiking


Ivation Rainproof Digital


The high quality and clear digital display AM/FM/NOAA Weather Band Radio is considered to be one of the best emergency radios for hiking because the radio has several recharging options. It can be recharged via solar energy, hand cranking the Dynamo generator, or use a USB cable to connect to a computer. This device features an LED flashlight that helps to illuminate your way while hiking through the woods. The scratch resistant rubberized finish and compact design makes it ideal for outdoor excursions, as it is lightweight and portable.



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Top rated emergency radios in 2020


If you enjoy adventuring in the great outdoors often then you still need to have some things with you that will ensure you will be informed when it comes to weather fronts coming your way. The emergency radio is the best thing you can have with you being sturdy, resistant and very helpful. The best emergency radios reviews will show you which models are the most resourceful and which have the most impressive features. Don’t worry about the price because such a radio can be afforded easily by anyone.



Kaito KA500YL


1-kaito-ka500Never be left out in the dark thanks to the Kaito KA500YL. This model remains powered even when the lights are out. It has awesome features that ensure preparedness for any critical situation.



Equipped with dynamo cranking power, this model only needs 120 turns per minute to crank the handle so the internal nickel metal halide battery pack is able to store voltage and current generated through this action. The solar panel harnesses the sustainable power of the sun. If power is available, you can plug this unit into an AC socket or the USB port of a computer or simply put in three double A batteries for convenience.

Keeping you connected through your cell phone, this device provides mobile phone charging thanks to its revolutionary power dumping technology. The high quality AC-type brushless generator dumps power to your mobile device to enable you to make one quick phone call or send a brief text message.

The unit also features a flashlight and a reading lamp so you can have illumination to do things even during critical situations. You won’t need to grope in the dark when the power is out. The red LED blinker can be used as an emergency flashing signal.

You can also use the USB device charging jack to power your MP3 player or iPod. This triband radio enables you to get vital information through the FM, AM and NOAA channels.



Users should not expect this model to outperform a standard audio listening device in terms of sound performance. This emergency radio is primarily designed for use in emergency situations and not for full-scale entertainment. The sound quality is adequate for emergency purposes.


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Epica 0874



Extremely lightweight at just 0.85 pound, the Epica Emergency should be part of any complete emergency preparedness kit. This revolutionary device makes you ready for any emergency situation, whether natural or manmade. It’s the perfect camping radio designed to last for years.




An emergency radio and flashlight in one, this device offers preparedness for the unthinkable. The flashlight and emergency radio functionalities are designed to withstand the most punishing day-to-day conditions during unexpected situations. The solar panels complement the rugged body in ensuring water resistance and having the necessary strength between uses, so you and your family are kept safe for years.

Boasting best-in-class charging capabilities, this emergency radio only needs two minutes of cranking to deliver half an hour of radio listening. Two minutes of cranking also gives you at least 20 minutes of illumination. Never be left in the dark with the 3-LED flashlight, 5-way charging by hand crank, USB, solar, DC or AC, and the retractable antenna to pull in those vital radio frequencies.

The brilliant backlit digital display provides some form of lighting too. The premium quality tuner lets you listen to all the news, whether on the 7 weather band channels, FM or AM. You can even charge your cell phone with the power dumping capability of the emergency radio. The carabiner clip enables belt attachment.


One user says the sound quality is much like what you expect to get from a transistor radio, which isn’t too bad considering that the device won’t even need batteries to do its job unlike its larger counterpart.


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Esky ES-CR01



Equipped with an internal nickel metal hydride battery, the Esky ES-CR01 enables you to stay updated with the latest information on hazards and weather while letting you get entertainment on both AM and FM. This handy emergency preparedness device has undergone serious upgrading with a 3 times larger battery capacity and 8 times brighter light than standard.



This emergency radio pulls in the essential NOAA weather stations you will be thankful to get in big emergencies. In addition to the NOAA weather radio frequencies, you also get AM and FM to keep you in touch at all times.

Equipped with a super bright LED flashlight as well as a USB charger, the radio ensures illumination when everything else is dark around. The device also charges other USB-enabled devices to keep your cell phone and other portable device juiced up in case you need to communicate with friends and family.

The device charges three ways: solar panel; hand cranking; DC. You won’t run out of means to juice up the radio so you’re always in touch with the outside world. The charging capacity has been increased to 1000mAh to power your cell phone and provide illumination. At just 0.49 pound, this handy device should be part of any emergency preparedness kit.



The radio tuner is not digital. You need to use a small knob and the small frequency slide-rule type gauge that can be tricky for fat fingers to maneuver. These do not detract from the overall functionality of the emergency radio.


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Ambient Weather WR-111B Solar


Best Emergency radios reviewsThe most popular emergencyradio you can get your hands on is the Ambient Weather Solar digital radio. The compact design and the light weight means you can take with you anywhere you go whether it is just to the beach or in the wilderness. Through its USB port you can even charge your smart phone or any other devices that can be charged in this mode. The Li-Ion battery that powers this radio is the key behind its long operation and make is one of the best emergency radios in 2020.



Considered by survival experts as one of the most reliable emergency radio available on the market, the WE-111B Emergency from Ambient Weather features 3 LED flashlight, smartphone charger and digital AM/FM NOAA alert

Features multifunctional power charging possibilities from USB ports, wall power, solar panel, hand crank, AC and DC

Incorporates a high quality digital tuner which permits users to safely access news stations, weather information and also illumination sources for dim light situations

Designed as an emergency radio, MP3/MP4 USB dock and special rubberized finish which comes in handy during more extreme weather conditions



Does not come with an emergency siren

The emergency radio does not offer flashing beacon


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Midland XT511 GMRS Two-Way


Many adventurers consider the Midland XT511 to be one of the top rated emergency radios in 2020 because it comes with a complete set of features. With it you will be able to listen to GMRS/FRS emergency channels and the 10 NOAA weather channels which prove very helpful. Normal FM/AM radio stations can also be listened to and this model also comes with a functioning LED flashlight for when the times get dark. It runs on power from its AC or DC power adapter or you can get it 4 AA batteries.



One of the best rated emergency radio from Midland is the XT51 GMRS, a model designed with 22 GMRS/FRS channels and 10 NOAA weather channels for proper coverage in the event of a weather emergency

Features AM/FM radio reception that offers users access to radio shows and a 3-LED flashlight for optimal lighting in dark environments

Designed with water and dust resistant housing the crank radio is ready to use in various conditions

Due to the built-in USB port users will be able to safely charge smartphones, tablets, radios and other mobile devices



Does not come with a protective carrying case (this is an optional  accessory sold separately)


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American Red Cross FRX3 Weather Alert


Another emergency radio which is considered one of the best emergency radios in 2020 is this model from the America Red Cross. All important weather radios can be played by it so you are always up to date with how the weather will be in the next few hours or days. There is also an USB port which can be used for you to charge various devices which are running low on battery. It can be solar powered as well so at the end of the day this weather alert radio proves extremely useful.



Placed among this year’s Black Friday deals on top products, the American Red Cross FRX3 Hand turbine from Eton comes equipped with AM/FM, 7 NOAA weather band stations and Alert option for proper response in the event of extreme conditions

Features an automatic broadcast emergency weather alerts which goes off in the event of dangerous storms, tornadoes and hurricanes

Comes equipped with LED flashlight and also a professional red flashing beacon for real emergencies where regular S.O.S simply won’t do

It incorporates an USB Smart phone charger, headphone output, solar panel for fast recharging functions which permit users to be ready for anything



Does not come with a gauge to indicate remaining power levels

Does not have a waterproof design


Buy from for ($65.05)




Safe-T-Proof Solar Hand-Crank


Another solid option for an emergency radio you can go for is this one from Safe-T-Proof which has a very advantageous price. With it you will be able to charge your cell phone, use all the emergency frequencies and at the same time listen to your favorite radio stations. It doesn’t require any batteries it just needs the power of the sun and it will be operational. A flashlight at its front will guide you through the darkness when you are out camping.



For those that are wondering what are the best products to consider in the event of an emergency, Safe-T-Proof solar hand-crank emergency radio doesn’t require batteries in order to run

Comes equipped with AM/FM radio for permanent contact with important news and weather programs

Includes flashlight, emergency blinker, siren and smartphone charge which permits people to have access to important survival accessories in the event of a serious danger

It measures 3.5 x 7.5 x 4 inches and weighs 10.9 ounces, making the radio ideal to store in cars and RVs



Not recommended for children under 3 years because it contains small parts

Does not come with a carrying case (this is an optional accessory sold separately)


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Kaito Voyager Pro KA600


The best emergency radios reviews single out the Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 as a very reliable choice which will definitely prove very helpful in the great outdoors. All the NOAA weather frequencies are found by this radio, plus the normal AM/FM frequencies as well. It will memorize up to 335 radio stations so you can quickly connect to the one that you are looking for. The solar panel which gets it the juice it needs to run can be swiveled to 180 degrees.



Present among the products under $500 from Kaito, the Voyager Pro KA600 digital emergency radio incorporates AM/FM/LW shortwave and also NOAA weather ratio for proper access to information

Currently connected to the Emergency Alert System and National Weather Ratio network which automatically activates the radio in case of imminent weather conditions

Designed with multiple power-up possibilities like AC/DC adapter, built-in rechargeable Ni MH battery or regular batteries

As the best emergency radio for Christmas this model comes equipped with a 180 degree adjustable solar panel which powers up the 5-LED reading lamp



Does not include batteries (this is an accessory sold separately)


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Emergency Radios – What to Look For:


3There are many situations in which people have to act fast and without delay in order to survive. In the U.S. such events are related to extreme weather conditions like tornadoes and hurricanes. This is why so many Americans are searching for efficient emergency radios, designed to offer appropriate warnings in the event of potential dangerous storms. The market on emergency radios evolved quite a lot, given the Katrina hurricane aftermath and people’s need for security. Everyone needs to be fully prepared and keep better track of the weather development. Picking out electronic equipment for different types of events is an important task. There are a couple of things to take into account while browsing for a brand new emergency radio, worth using without reservations.

We went with attention through the best emergency radio reviews in order to offer people a professional aid in the maze of products. With a better understanding on what makes each radio great you will be able to invest in a reliable radio. There are many radio listeners that keep track of the world’s affairs by accessing different programs. Furthermore, AM radios represent the primary source of weather conditions, local news and survival instructions in the event of tornadoes or hurricanes. An emergency radio will help listeners know exactly how to act during snow storms, civil unrest, fires, floods, earthquakes and many other disasters. AM radio transmissions use long low frequency wavelengths which are reflected from the ionosphere in order to offer people access to information. This particularity ensures that AM radio waves will travel in people’s homes without problems.

With the best emergency radio in 2020 access to live feedback on weather conditions is more than important. This is why there are also specific FM programs that offer 24/7 information, local and national, on key safety issues. Manufacturers take into account people’s need to stable connections to different FM/AM band lengths whenever they develop radios. As a result, everyone has the chance to opt for professional radio, set within different price ranges. Today’s market offers two major types, with a few subcategories, of emergency radios: power-plug and portable. According to recent statistics it seems that more and more people invest in portable emergency radios, which are not vulnerable to power shortages. Furthermore such radios can be taken on the patio or deck in order to listen to favorite radio shows.

Investing in the best emergency radio in 2020 becomes an easy task once you know exactly what the respective product will do. In the event of emergency situations, you have to have to be connected to local broadcasts and daily weather reports. As so many people pointed out emergency instructions come in handy during emergency situations. Furthermore given that high quality AM radios can operate long hours, helping people to keep track of the weather development. Some persons invest in small radios with powerful speakers, which offer clean access to important programs.


Things to consider:

–         Battery type, portable radios need to be powered by “AAA”, “AA” or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries

–         AM/FM band length, radios should transmit different all the major weather, local/national news programs

–         Radio size, there are big and small emergency radio which accommodate people’s space characteristics

–         Frequency reception, you will be able to access all the major programs



Best wire feed welder reviews



Top rated wire feed welders in 2020


If you are scouring the net trying to find the best wire feed welder for the money, we can help. To make this task effortless for you, we have taken the time to do the legwork on your behalf by examining what the specialists and previous buyers had to say about specific products. Consequently, we have concluded that the Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Welder is the model that you should consider purchasing. This item can be used to weld up to 1/8″ mild steel, and it comes supplied with all the accessories you might need. As a plus, this device was built to be portable and highly durable. According to the seller, this option can also be used by novices that have to complete various tasks. If this model is out of stock, feel free to take a look at the Hobart Handler 210 MVP as you might also like it.



Comparison Table



The Good
The Bad



Buying Guide


What wire feed welder to choose – Pro buying advice


12Wire feed welders are tools that feed a thin wire electrode through a plastic gun down a hollow cable. While we cannot tell who makes the best wire feed welder on the market, we can tell you what are the best features to look for in a welder.

The welders are available based on the specific use. Professional models operate on a 220-volt current but models that are intended for home usage operate can operate at 110 volts. The type of machine you purchase is dictated by the kind of outlets you have in your home. 220-volt outlets are large circular plugs whereas 110-volt outlets are the regular outlets where you plug your television in. The higher the voltage, the more powerful the welder can be. If you plan on welding thick material, you will want to have a high-powered welder. The top ten wire feed welders that homeowners use run between 140- to 160- amps. Of course, if you do not have an outlet to accommodate the welder, you may want to hire an electrician to install an outlet to accommodate the plug.

The best rated wire feed welders use a shielding gas that will flow out of the gun. This feature is popular among mechanics who build customized vehicles, but it is not always a necessity. You can find many welders that work without the gas. These types of welders work because the polarity was changed from a positive to a negative and a flux-core wire was installed instead of a solid core wire. This new wire acts as a shield and protects the weld puddle.

why to buy from amazon


If you are going to be welding for any length of time, you will want a machine that clearly lists the duty cycle either on the machine or in the handbook. As a rule, the higher the power setting, the short the duty cycle. This is important to know because it limits the length of time the trigger can be pulled. This time limit will prevent from the machine to overheat and become dangerous to use. An example of a duty cycle is a 10-minute cycle, which means you can run the machine for six minutes and the machine will stop working until 4 minutes has passed and it is cool again. You should not worry about what is the best duty cycle to work with if you are going to do mostly spot welding or working on small projects.

When you are choosing among the highest rated welder, you want to look for a device that can handle a range of wire sizes. These different wires require different levels of power to use and you do not want to use a wire that is so thick, you will run the risk of warping or burning through the metal. Many welders come with a chart that clearly defines how many amps are required to work with a particular wire size.

Wire feed welders are good tools to have on hand if you work with metal, as it will prevent you from having to take your project to a professional to be welded. With these tips, we are confident that you will be able to choose the best welder for your projects.


Things to consider:

  • Make sure you have an outlet that can accommodate your welder. High-powered welders require a 220-volt outlet whereas smaller welders can run off 110-volt outlets.
  • You will have to choose between a shielding gas welder and a flux core welder. The benefit of welding without gas is that you have the option to weld outdoors and even in windy conditions, whereas the gas welders do not do well at all in windy conditions.
  • Look for a welder that clearly explains the duty cycles for the welder. This will let you know how long you can safely use the device before it needs to be turned off to cool down.



Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Welder


I could really say that this wire feed welder is best at what it’s doing. It is easy to use which is perfect for people with little or no experience in welding at all. When I was using this wire feed welder, it could really get the job done perfectly. There were no major problems that I’ve encountered while using this wire feed welder. This wire feed welder is really famous for its easy to use functionality that it is present on almost all best wire feed welder reviews.



Manufactured in the United States of America, the new wire feed welder from Lincoln Electric, the K2185-1 Handy MIG is perfect for people that need to weld wire in various areas around the house

This portable and compact feed welder incorporates 4 voltage settings and unique wire feed speed adjustment system which ensures quick results, with limited effort

Features a sleek gun trigger which can be locked in order to perform fast welding applications, making it possible for people to weld mild steel from 24 gauges

Backed by 1 year manufacturer warranty this powerful wire feed welder includes flux cored wire and contact tips, needed to weld fast and without running into problems



The user manual should’ve included more information on welding techniques

Does not come with a support needed to place the device when not in use


I bought the Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Welder 5 years ago and this product is the one I am using for those years. I never experience any complications with this product because it is really reliable. This product is exciting to use. I don’t have to worry on anything with this. I am happy with the product.” James Godfrey


Buy from for ($363.14)



Hobart Handler 210 MVP


This model sold by Hobart Handler is worthy of your attention as it is one of the only welding machines that can run 210A of power in a compact and portable case. The seller of the device considers that it can be used for small repair jobs around the household.

The item features a practical infinite wire feed speed control that enables the owner to have complete control over this machine. Also, this control guarantees less of a spatter. This model was designed to be versatile, and it allows the user to outfit it with two separate input voltage receptacles.



This model can be powered using a wall voltage. Moreover, it supplies the user with no less than seven voltage positions that he/she can choose between.

This model can be powered using a wall voltage. Moreover, it supplies the user with no less than seven voltage positions that he/she can choose between.

This device has a very compact design that makes it easy to store in between uses. Hence, it can make a great addition to your box of tools.

Many of its buyers were happy with the price of the model and with the warranty policy that covers it.



Some previous buyers were not happy that this welder was manufactured in China as they considered that this meant that it was not durable.

Other owners were prone to note that the power on/off button that has to be pressed in order to operate this model is not easy to use as it is not smooth.


Buy from for ($919.99)




Forney Easy Weld 29901


Another choice that might catch your attention is the Forney Easy Weld 29901.  This option is well liked by previous buyers as it comes packed with all the accessories a novice welder needs to have.

Besides, it is worth noting that this model can deliver a 20-percent of duty cycle. Also, it can be used to weld heavy metals without it getting overheated. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport and to store it when not using it to repair stuff around your household. Lastly, you can safely plug this model in any of the outlets in your home.



When shipped, this practical kit includes a welding machine, a special protective helmet, and additional gloves that can keep your hands safe.

Given that this item has a low weigh, you should not have issues when it comes to transporting it.

This welder is also covered by a warranty policy that you can utilize in case of an issue.

Because the model was constructed to be used around the house, it can be connected to any outlet.



This product was built to be used for small projects. Because of this, it might not suit your needs if you intend to utilize it for extensive repair jobs.

There have been a few buyers that have received faulty products where the wire feed system of the model did not work. However, this is not a major drawback of the item as such issues are somewhat rare.


Buy from for ($422.56)




Goplus MIG 130


This welding machine manufactured by Goplus should also make it to your shortlist. Although this model is not particularly powerful, it can get the job done effortlessly. Still, because it has a maximum output of 105 amps, you cannot use it to fuse thick metals together. If you intend to use it to mend your car, you should not have any issues with it as it can efficiently weld sheet steel.

What is more, this device is very light weight, and it can be transported easily. As the specialists point out, this unit can be used in small workshops and garages where space is of utmost importance.



The main plus of the device is its size. As one of the lightest and most compact products on the market, it can be used by hobbyists that do not have a lot of space available.

Because this is a MIG welder, it is safe to assume that it is very strong and sturdy. Consequently, you can use it without any fear that will break easily.

The model is suitable for novices and hobbyist users. Because of this, it is not very powerful, and it does not feature a lot of setting options.

You can use both single-pass and multi-pass wires with this product. For the best results, you should try .030 or .035.



One drawback of the item is that it is covered by a limited warranty policy of only six months. Still, if you send a faulty item back within 30 days, you will receive a replacement.

The hammer/brush combo that the Goplus MIG 130 features might not last long as they are made from materials that aren’t so sturdy.


Buy from for ($117.99)




Campbell Hausfeld WS0970 Welder


With the company that brought you various high quality products, they had released another innovative wire feed welder that is surely welding an excellent result. The solid and tough build of this wire feed welder makes it very durable that it could last for a long time even when being used consistently. I liked the smoothness of the welds that it creates which saves me time in working by removing the task of eliminating the rough edges of the welds with a sand paper.



As the most popular product from Campbell Hausfeld, the WS0970 70 amp wire feed welder can be used to easily weld stainless or mild steel, iron and aluminum, which make projects easier to manage

Designed to handle materials from 18-gauge to 1/8 inch thick, this powerful electrical machine is optimal for wrought iron, boat trailers, vehicles or fences, transforming complex tasks into easier ones

Features a dual heat setting and thermal overload protection this wire feed welder will automatically stop when the duty cycle is over

This cheap product is powered by 115 volt current and easily generates 70 amps of welding performance, helping users accomplish tasks faster



Comes with a quick start guide that doesn’t come with information on welding techniques


The Campbell Hausfeld WS0970 Welder is a very high quality product which I love the most. The product is what I am expecting. The product is too much of what I am expecting. You don’t have to worry with this product as this is used by many people.” Amy Morales


Buy from for: See The Price!



Best mini lathe reviews


If you’re here just to find the best mini lathe and can’t afford to take the time to read the reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this concise paragraph should highlight all the vital info. We have gathered more than enough information about these products by looking into data provided by expert review sites and by doing product evaluation subjectively through an analysis of the owner feedback garnered by hundreds of choices. Out of the alternatives that we have looked into, the Nova 46300 Comet II is both innovative and versatile, as it allows you to save some space in your workshop, yet it is entirely capable of doing what it is designed to do. Given that it’s been equipped with a 3/4 HP motor and comes with a speed range ranging from 250 to 4000 rpm, it’s safe to say that this mini lathe can be a friend in need. The adjustability you’ll get if you go for this option will be something you’ll appreciate as you can set just the right speed and expand the swing and bed capacity per your project. If the Nova 46300 Comet II is no longer available, we suggest considering the Rikon 70-100.



Comparison Table


The Good
The Bad



Buying Guide


Despite having a lot of potential, the mini-lathe also comes with shortcomings that you should be aware of. This means you should pay attention to the unit’s entire value in terms of functionality before deciding to purchase one. To ensure a good buy that won’t present plenty of limiting factors on how to use the machine, we recommend looking into the following aspects.

Drive system

During the late 19th and early 20th century, mini lathes were primarily made for wood working tasks. They were driven by either a round leather ‘rope’, which resembled today’s small V-belt grooves. Other models were driven by flat belts. The flat belt had become the industry standard by 1914. During the 1930s, although V belts had caught up in popularity, flat belts still persisted in use. Delivering smooth, vibration-free running, flat belts are fantastic to have around small-diameter pulleys despite the need for them to be set some distance apart to ensure efficient power transmission.

V belts offer better grip on short centers, far outweighing the shortcomings of vibration round small pulleys at higher speeds, no matter how infrequently they were used. Today’s mini lathes carry V belts, but flat belt models are still around. Even large geared head lathes employ flat belts to cut vibration while transmitting power from the motor to the headstock.


Mini lathe adjustments

The accuracy of your mini-lathe depends on how well you can do proper modifications on its essential components including the cross slide, compound and saddle. Once the mini lathe is tuned optimally, you should not be able to move it too much so everything stays in place during operation. This is really important for gunsmithing projects where you have to make custom parts and work on projects such as threading barrels and blueprinting actions. Those jobs require minimum chatter with as little play as possible.

Adjustments can be made on the gib screws, so any slop or slack is not felt on the dovetail slide, which should be snug and smooth. There should be minimum backlash in the cross slide. To ensure this, you will have to adjust the middle screws plus the two mounting screws, which allows you to also adjust the brass nut.

The compound slide should move smoothly. Do not tighten the gib screws too much. You should tighten the set screws slowly while doing back and forth cranking of the compound till you feel the gib begin to snug up against the dovetail, giving you a good enough sense on the tightness of the screws. This procedure will have to be done periodically since the gib and dovetail do wear down a bit with use.

Without binding, the saddle should easily move along the way as you turn the carriage handwheel but still be tight enough with very little play or slop. Very little movement should be noticeable once everything has been adjusted properly, even when you rock the carriage back and forth. You can’t achieve a smooth, clean cut when there’s too much slack.



Lathe beds and headstock bearings

On mini lathes, the lathe bed profile doesn’t really matter much. You can go for either an American V or an English flat lathe bed. Performance-wise, there is no noticeable difference between the two. As to headstock bearings, the roller-bearing headstock seems to have a clear advantage over the plain-bearing types. Lighter lathes made before 1945 presented marginal bearing capacity along with the rest of the machines. Since then, most units feature a headstock and spindle assembly that can handle any speed or load required by the specific application.

One clear advantage for taper or ball roller bearings in the headstock is how easy it is to replace those components. Wear on both the spindle and bearings can happen in a heavily-used plain-bearing setup, and contributes to expensive repair. On the other hand, ball and roller bearings only require minimal costs along with meticulous mechanical work to have the stock reverted to good-as-new condition.

Rockler Excelsior 5-Speed Mini Lathe

Feel, finish and fit

The controls on the machine, even after it has been used rather heavily, should consistently feel silky smooth. Any backlash on the feed screws and any perceptible play in the cross and top slides and between the bed and carriage should be treated with suspicion. The headstock spindle should rotate smoothly. Knobs, even if they are plastic, should be substantially made and not fragile, and be able to deliver dead tight winding without falling apart.

An inferior quality cosmetic finish may not seem to matter but if you consider how the manufacturer blatantly overlooks this element, there’s no telling what they could’ve done to the innermost components that lie beyond sight. To check the quality of the machining, try to take the tailstock and cross slide apart. Shoddily finished slides and irregular contact patches are red flags that hinder smooth movement and secure lockdown.



Top rated mini lathes in 2020


There are plenty of mini lathes on the market. Although that should easily overwhelm the first time buyer or any consumer for that matter, the buying guide above should be able to guide you towards a more educated purchase. We highlight the best mini lathes on the market below.



Nova 46300 Comet II


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this tool is so popular with buyers, and that’s because it comes with a full set of features that are useful, convenient, and make it a great choice for every woodworker.

Based on the info that we’ve found about it, the Comet is stable when in use, but that’s probably due to its all-metal construction and its solid iron components. The fact that it has been outfitted with four large feet made of soft rubber is another reason for the mini lathe being so stable.

This model has been equipped with a 3/4 HP variable speed direct current motor. You have three ranges you can choose from depending on your requirements.



It is among the most compact mini lathes in this line considering that it has a footprint of about 7” by 30”.

Because it’s been outfitted with four soft rubber feet, it’s extremely stable when in use.

The 3/4 HP motor that the product comes with is an advantage in itself as it allows you to benefit from an excellent performance and choose from the three available speed ranges.

Switching from one-speed range to the other is easy as all you need to do is release the motor lock handle and use the handle to lift the motor upward.



Some owners report that the plastic levers on the tool rest lock, tailstock quill, and tailstock lock appear to be a tad flimsy.


Buy from for ($525)




RIKON 70-100


1.RIKON 70-100

Do more with less thanks to the Rikon 70-100. The device offers increased capacity with its impressive indexing head that lets you handle detail work by enabling you to lock the stock in place both securely and efficiently. This way, you will be able to perform a variety of tasks ranging from drilling to grooving and fluting.

The indexing head lets you lock the spindle in place so as to remove chucks, face plates, and other accessories with ease. The tailstock is self-ejecting, so you won’t have to utilize the knockout bar to detach the center, thus saving time and minimizing frustration.

This smooth-running machine offers plenty of options that facilitate multiple extensions, and the fact that its capacity and performance are undeniable are two other things you should take into account.



This model comes with a 6-step motor and spindle pulleys that can allow you to change the speeds conveniently.

The position and location of the dual purpose indexing lock is a pro in itself as you will be able to use it easily.

The self-ejecting stock enables you to save a bit of time.

You can add a lot of extensions to the primary unit, which is something that many of its competitors might fail to offer.

Although a mini lathe, this is one of the largest devices in this life.



It’s way heavier compared to other models, and some owners say that the tailstock is a bit weak.


Buy from for ($546.06)




Central Machinery Precision


2.Central Machinery

This model is designed to be used for any task you throw at it, whether it’s counter facing, turning, making bushings, spindles, models, or prototypes. It has eighteen threads plus variable speed control to facilitate any task in the workshop or a variety of education and engineering settings.

This ETL-listed machine features automatic feed and a chuck guard with a microswitch to save you time and energy. Expect low speeds from 0 to 1100 and high speeds up to 2500, so you can choose the suitable one that fits your needs and the application. There’s a distance of 10 inches between the centers to accommodate various workpieces.



The usability, precision, and effectiveness of this product are all praised by those who have taken the time to provide feedback on the way it helps them with their tasks.

The model has been equipped with an automatic feed, a variable speed control knob, and a chuck guard with micro switch.

Best of all, this choice comes with low and high speeds. The first range from 0 to 1100 RPM, and the second range from 0 to 2500 RPM.

The metal components of this model have people raving about them.



The feed gears are made out of plastic.

It appears that this machine is mostly destined for beginners.


Buy from for ($779.99)




Rockler Excelsior


This model appears to have all of the characteristics of a well-made machine that can help you work better and perform your tasks in a timely fashion. It’s compact, portable, easy to use, and versatile, and it works great if what you plan to make are chair legs or small table legs.

The belt can be accessed conveniently via a door. This particular product comes with five speed ranges you can choose from depending on your application. These are 760, 1100, 1600, 2200, and 3200 RPM. Select the one that works best for what you plan to create in your workshop.

Another reason for you to consider this choice is that it comes with a cast iron body. On the one hand, this ensures that the durability of the product is up to par, and on the other, it gives you a pointer as to whether or not this machine is stable.



The cast iron body enables you to benefit from smooth performance as the machine remains stable when in use.

If making chair or small table legs is what’s on your mind, this product can definitely help you complete these tasks.

A door that the model has been outfitted with can give you convenient access to the belt.

You can choose from any of the five speeds made available by this product, which range from 760 to 3200 RPM.



The motor gets hot, which is a concern for some consumers


Buy from for ($299.99)




Grizzly G8688


Since it is equipped with a 3/4 HP motor and comes with a speed range of 0 to 2500 RPM, this product is an excellent candidate for the list of alternatives discussed in this article. The threading dial indicator makes it easy to use and adds convenience to the user.

The model has it all from a compact design to a good deal of features that you wouldn’t expect from a machine that doesn’t cost a fortune. It’s considered one of the top choices for beginners, so you might have to consider it if you’re in the market for something that’s usable, yet budget-friendly.

The small size of the machine enables you to make the most of the space in your workshop. You can also take the unit with you wherever its services might be required.



Portability is an innate feature of this alternative as it will allow you to use the space in your workshop as efficiently as possible.

Despite the many accessories that it comes with, it appears that the Grizzly G8688 is particularly easy to work with.

Since it has been outfitted with a 3/4 motor, it goes without saying that you have nothing to worry about in terms of performance.

You can choose the speed you prefer in the range of 0 to 2500 RPM.



This machine is mostly destined for amateurs and beginners as using it for professional projects, or heavy-duty work is not recommended.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Products that are no longer available


Rikon 79-100VS


As othermodels mentioned in the best mini lathe reviews, this unit is known for its mastery in providing users with the advantage to select  from variable speeds,  the one preferred and needed to complete a certain task. Not more than one hour is enough time  to get the whole kit assembled and ready to be used. Furthermore, ease of assembly is not only apparent, but also enjoyed by many people when used in its various applications.

The Rikon 79-100VS Mini Lathe is the product I bought 3 years ago. This is essential in my activities because it makes my tasks easier and faster. The product is really durable and authentic. It is also fashionable and stylish when it comes to appearance. The product is just affordable.” Fay McDonald



Jet JML 1014VSI


Best mini lathe reviews

One of the key features that make thistop rated mini lathe worth considering is its delivery of superior performance, a direct result of the ½ HP motor. Moreover, its motor operates with 6 variable speeds, which can be used depending on the task in hand. The user can rest assured that overheating will not be a problem as this motor is fan-cooled, no matter the range of jobs it is expected to accomplish.

I am happy that I have the Jet JML 1014VSI Mini Lathe in our home. It is convenient it use and easy to handle. When it was delivered at home, the product can be easily assembled and install. The product is best for my undertakings which help me to the task faster and even better.” Teresa Nelson



Jet JML 1014I


If you value a lathe that is stable, string and rigid, best mini lathe reviews recommends you this model, which is sure to satisfy every requirement that you may have. What makes this possible is an intelligent design of the unit and also the premium material that it uses, which is cast iron. A notable function of this product is the quick- release lever, which is believed to be the reason why this top rated mini lathe is accurate and easy to use.


I believe that making this Jet JML 1014I Mini Lathe in the top 5 best mini lathes provides me with the instinct that this product is a good investment. I never think of this product before but when I come to experience its abilities and performance, I am eager to have this product for the rest of my life.”  Carol Green



Best MIG Welder Reviews



What to Consider When Buying a Top MIG Welder


If you’re the type who prefers to repair or salvage something that is broken instead of simply tossing it out, you most probably have gone through your share of the best MIG welder reviews. MIG welding is just one type of welding process that can work well in some applications but not in all. This doesn’t discount the fact that you need to be well-informed on what elements to check out in a machine for this particular process.

Best Mig welder

Thermal Overload Protection

When considering any product from those featured in the best MIG welder reviews, be sure that your prospect has thermal load protection. This innovative feature switches the unit off then activates a visual alert light to tell you when the duty cycle is exceeded or if the airflow is blocked. In some models, the machine will automatically reset once the fault is corrected and the MIG welder cools down.

With thermal overload protection, you get not just safety but an assurance of longer tool life.

While we’re on the topic of safety, it is best to put your money in a machine equipped with solid-state contactor circuit, which keeps the wire electrically disabled until you pull the trigger. This element makes the welder safe and the torch easy to position before you start the process.



The MIG welding process is designed for general repair and maintenance, home repair, farm and ranch purposes and auto body. That being said, it is but natural to expect the best MIG welder 2020 to be capable of providing more than just the ability to work on the common materials for this process such as steel, aluminum alloys and stainless steel. Some models can also handle copper, magnesium, nickel, silicon bronze and other alloys. Other machines are usable for applications that need extra welding power, including trailer hitches and frames, tool carts, lawn and garden equipment, fences, metal sculpture, PTO attachments, etc.

Some models can be used for Flux-Cored Welding as well, which is a wire-feed process that doesn’t require a shielding gas.

With a voltage control selector, you can fine tune the arc to a smooth, consistent arc that can be applied on all thicknesses, including mild steel from 24 gauge to 1/8 inch thick.


Dependable Quality

The money you save on a cheaper MIG welder will just be spent on getting a second machine if the low-end unit breaks down beyond repair. The top rated MIG welders 2020 typically come with a slightly higher price but quality does pay for itself in the long run.

Slightly more expensive units come with a wire feed control that automatically adapts to the required power. They can also have a quality wire feed mechanism and wire feed motor.

Amp ratings can vary between 90 amps to 180 amps, ideal for maximum thicknesses from 2.0 or 3.0 mm to 5 or 7.5 mm. Minimum amps may be pegged from 20 to 30 amps.

A good duty cycle is a huge plus. This refers to the percentage of every five or ten minute period that the user can weld before the unit overheats. To illustrate, a 60% duty cycle at 100 amps over ten minutes means the machine can run continuously for 6 minutes at 100 amps before requiring a 4 minute break. Fan cooling can elevate the duty cycle in some models.


Top Rated MIG Welders in 2020


Investing in a MIG welder requires that you do the corresponding amount of research to ensure you are a more informed buyer. For people who aren’t willing to put some time into getting enough information about any purchase, this may prove to be inconvenient indeed. In order to make things easier, we present three quality products that are worth the money.


Hobart 500559 Handler


1. Hobart 500559 HandlerEngineered and assembled in the USA, the Hobart 500559 Handler MIG welder can tackle 24 gauge to ¼-inch mild steel effortlessly. Running on 115 volt household current, this machine has minimum and maximum amp ratings of 25 and 140, respectively. It boasts an industrial cast aluminum drive system that ensures a quality build for reliable durability. The Hobart 500559 Handler is the brand’s most popular wire feed welder that comes at a pocket friendly price. It requires no additional kits as it is optimized for MIG welding applications. The Hobart Handler is a portable machine that is easy to transport so it can be brought anywhere.

The Hobart 500559 Handler MIG welder offers a stable arc performance and is extremely versatile. Use it to do household repairs, auto body work or heavy farm projects that need extra welding power. The five-position tapped voltage control selector enables you to control the arc to be a smooth, stable component suitable for all thicknesses. The heavy duty work clamp enhances the value of this machine to deliver industrial performance. Easy to setup and use, the Hobart 500559 Handler MIG welder is great for even first time welders seeking to do DIY welding projects.

Click to enter and see why this product is considered the best one in 2020!



Pro-Series MMIG125


2.Pro-Series MMIG125Able to weld all types of carbon steel, the Pro-Series MMIG125 is ideal for small to medium size welding jobs in the home, garage or farm. The Pro-Series MMIG125 is equipped with thermal overload protection, which is a unique safety feature that turns the machine off when the duty cycle is exceeded or the airflow is blocked. Once the MIG welder cools down or the problem is corrected, the machine automatically resets. This ensures lasting durability and operator safety. With two voltage settings, the machine can handle maximum metal thicknesses of 18 gauge and 3/16 inch while operating off a standard 120 volt outlet.

The Pro-Series MMIG125 has a minimum amp rating of 80 and a maximum of 125, enabling it to handle various thicknesses. It has a duty cycle of 20% at 80 amps, meaning it can run for two minutes at 80 amps before it needs to cool down. The Pro-Series MMIG125 ships with the needed accessories for out-of-the-box functionality:ground cable with clamp; welding gun; face shield; brush hammer; spool of flux cored wire.

Designed to get into confined or tough spaces, this welder runs with little splatter. It can weld stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, magnesium, nickel, silicon bronze and other alloys.

Not sure where to find the best deal for this product? Click here to visit!



Lincoln Electric K2185-1


3.Lincoln Electric K2185-1Capable of welding up to 1/8-inch mild steel, the Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG welder offers versatile use. It can handle both MIG and flux-cored applications easily. Deriving its power from household 115 volt current, the Lincoln Electric K2185-1 boasts a solid-state cold contactor safety feature that ensures the welding wire remains electrically inactive until the operator presses the gun trigger. It has a duty cycle of 20 percent at 70 amps, meaning it can run for two minutes at 70 amps before requiring that it cool down.

The handy MIG welder is a compact and portable machine that is easy to transport due to its light weight.This user-friendly machine is equipped with four voltage settings plus continuous wire feed speed adjustment so you can weld mild steel from gauge 24 to 1/8 inch thick. The Lincoln Electric K2185-1 starts easy as it ships with everything you need in the package: work cable and clamp; gun and cable assembly; gas regulator and hose; gas nozzle; contact tips; hand shield with lens and filter plate; spool of solid, flux-cored, self-shielded wire; chipping brush/hammer.

Just get some shielding gas and the Lincoln Electric K2185-1 is ready to go. You also get a one-year warranty on parts and labor and 90 days on the gun and cable.

Still not sure if this product is perfect for your needs? Click here to see the testimonials from previous customers!



Best woodworking chisel set reviews


If you don’t have time to go into details and read all about the best woodworking chisel sets, we’ve got that covered. Here’s a paragraph that tells you everything you wanted to know. We’ve gathered a lot of information about woodworking chisel sets by looking at the owner feedback, various review sites and the value offered for the cost of dozens of alternatives. In our opinion, the Stanley 16-791 Sweetheart 750 Series Socket Chisel deserves your attention. The manufacturer has used high-carbon chrome steel for its production. That gives it enough strength to cut through the rough grain of various types of wood. The series is also equipped with hornbeam wood handles, which makes it durable. And since woodworkers love to have loads of control for a higher efficiency, the blade is long and beveled. You’ll be able to produce maximum impact with minimum effort. In case you’re out of luck and the Stanley 16-791 Sweetheart 750 Series Socket Chisel is out of stock, you should probably consider our second option, which is the Stanley 16-401 Bailey Chisel Set.



Comparison Table




Buying Guide


No matter if you’re dedicated to woodworking or just have a variety of projects with all sorts of materials, woodworking chisels are always useful. Buying a chisel set should be a good start as long as you can make a reasonable selection.


These tools vary in size and shape depending on their particular use. And it’s not just the edge of the blade, it’s also the length and girth of the handle, the thickness of the blade and the width going up to the handle.

The most efficient thing you can do is buy a variety of sizes and shapes because that increases the efficiency of your work. It’s also recommended that beginners start with a large number of tools, so they can get used to them and explore every possible use. Or even ruin a few.


Tool content

It would be great if you found more than one type of chisel included in the set. If you’re into woodworking, you’ve probably learned by now that there are plenty of chisels you can keep on your bench top at all of the time.

Some of the pieces you could find in a set are carving chisels, bevel edge chisels, mortise chisels, paring chisels or dovetail chisels. They all sound essential for any woodworker.

Carving chisels are exactly what you’d expect, meaning instruments made for carving out wood. You can find sets for beginners or instruments dedicated to professional woodcarvers.

Bevel edge chisels are easy to identify by their shape. They’re the most common and useful of all. They have a flat back and are beveled on the sides so that they have better access to the dovetails.

Mortise chisels are made so that they can be malleted into the wood block to make a hole or remove the waste and excess wood left behind by a drill press.

Paring chisels are long a thin and their main use is in shaving off the wood when you need to fit the joints. It often comes next after a mortise chisel has left a mess behind.  

Since it’s hard to buy them all at once, you should direct your attention to bevel edge chisels or paring chisels.  There are plenty of offers and if you manage to pick some that go from ¼ inch to 1 inch, then you are ready to go.


Quality of the metal

This is one of the problems many of woodworkers nowadays have to face. Since metal pieces have become easy to manufacture, everyone can sell you steel chisels. That’s why hardware stores are not always the best place to go for them.

Unless you buy tools made of high carbon steel, the kind that you can rely on to cut through tough grain wood and stay sharp, you can’t really say you’ve made a good deal.

Great chisels are usually easy to sharpen and keep their edge for a long time. To enhance the quality of their tools, manufacturers are adding chromium and vanadium. These are meant to provide you with a long-lasting chisel of great strength.


For some people that are passionate about woodworking, the handle seems to be less important, while others always stress the outstanding importance of this part of the tool.

Some of the chisel sets have pieces that are equipped with a plastic handle. That lowers the price for the deal but also impacts the durability of the product. When asked about it, top woodworkers said they would refurbish the tools once the handle was chipped or cracked as long as the blade was in good condition.

Others are very picky about the handle. They point out that a wooden handle, especially one made out of birch, has a better feel to it and the grip is more comfortable. It’s also a plus when you use a mallet.

On one point, though, all professionals agree. The handle should be perfectly attached to the body of the tool and leave no room for play.



Top rated woodworking chisel sets in 2020


Experienced woodworkers underlined the value of a high quality chisel set. As a professional wood worker which worked on different furniture firms for over 25 years, I understand just how important a chisel set can be. This is why I studied over 40 chisel sets available on the market today to amateur and skilled workers. After putting in four days of research on this segment, I drafted the best woodworking chisel set reviews in order to help other people find the most efficient product. A good chisel set needs to offer different chisel sizes, for better wood project management.



Stanley 16-791 Sweetheart 750 Series


Best woodworking chisel set reviewsOut of the many products available on the market, it seems you can opt with confidence for Stanley 16-791 Sweetheart 750. Considered by many as the best woodworking chisel set in 2020, this chisel can sharpen with precision any wood material. This particular set includes the following sizes 1/4”, 1/2”, 1” and also 3/4″. You will also have a leather pouch where you can place the pieces. The set is manufactured in Sheffield, England. The steel blades come equipped with genuine hornbeam handles which are very delicate to use. Hand working projects become way easier to handle with this chisel set.

Buy from for ($98.31)




Stanley 16-401 Bailey


Most of the present best woodworking chisel set reviews underline the productive pieces of Stanley 16-401 Bailey chisel set. Designed for beginners and skilled woodworkers, this set includes 5 pieces of the following sizes 1/4 (6 mm), 1/2 (12mm), 3/4 (19 mm), 1 (24 mm), 1-1/4 (32 mm) in. Perfection can be found in this wood working set which suits well for responsible wood workers. Each piece of the set has stained beech handle which are very easy to use on different types of wood. This high quality chisel set can be the bread the butter of any skilled crafter.

Buy from for ($76.18)




Irwin Tools M444SB6N Blue Chip


In the present there are many crafters that want to have in their possession a professional chisel set, with carefully designed blades. A top rated woodworking chisel set in 2020 was released by Irwin Tools, M444SB6N Blue Chip Bevel Edge. This chisel set has 6 pieces with the following sizes 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4” and 1”. Crafters and wood working professionals can use this set with confidence for enhanced performance during every project. Each chisel piece is made out of solid-forged and high-carbon steel for precise interaction with different wood materials. In addition, the chisel set pieces was designed with indestructible polypropylene handles.

Buy from for ($80.02)




Neiko 9-Piece Heavy Duty 


If you are a skilled woodcrafter, a powerful carving chisel set can help you carve different shapes in any wood material. According to present statistics it seems that the best woodworking chisel set in 2020 was released by Neiko, 9-Piece Heavy Duty Wood carving chisel. You can use this chisel set with confidence in order to personalize different wood materials. Each piece is made out of durable chrome vanadium alloy steel which can be used without restrictions. Completed with a handle made out of heavy duty polypropylene, which is very easy to handle. The 9 piece set can respond well to different chiselling requirements.

Buy from for ($109.99)




Ingersoll-Rand 116K Standard Duty


Are you searching for a professional chisel set with reliable pieces? If you are then invest a bit of your time in learning about Ingersoll-Rand 116K Standard Duty. Every professional crafter understands the importance of using a reliable chisel set. The set includes an economical air hammer and 5 chisel pieces which are very easy to manoeuvre. The hammer can deliver by up to 3500 blows per minute thus making it perfect for a wide range of cutting applications. You can use one of the pieces from the chisel set in order to add new lines and curves to wood materials.

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Best Cordless Dremel Tools Reviews



If you are in a hurry and do not have the time to through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers, but you do want to find the best cordless dremel rotary tools money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We take pleasure in helping prospective buyers make the right decision, which is why we’ve looked at alot of info on the topic, including owner feedback, expert review sites, as well as value offered for the price. We didn’t leave out the sales figures nor the overall item and brand quality. Some thousands of models later, we came to the conclusion that the Dremel 8220-1/28 is the best product in the line. For one, it is entirely compatible with any other Dremel accessory or attachment. What’s more, it comes with a quick collet lock that makes accessory changes a breeze both in terms of ease of operation and in terms of time spent. Plus, the kit comes with twenty-eight accessories, a one-hour charger, a 12V battery as well as a carrying case. If it’s unavailable, we recommend considering the Dremel 8220-2/28, as it’s the second best unit we’ve discovered.


Top rated cordless tools from Dremel in 2020


Dremel is a brand that has been popular because of the cordless tools that they offer in the market, most of which have been favorably received by the public. Some of their best offerings will be revealed in the rest of this article, as well as the features that have been highlighted in the best cordless Dremel tools reviews.


Choose the right dremel tool for your needs


2In the world of woodworking and construction Dremel tools are known for their versatility and utility. Workers and engineers use such tools in order to get their job done easier and faster. Now, if you are looking for cordless Dremel tools then it means you care about the work you’re doing. Still, you can’t just pick the first product you see branded with the Dremel logo. It is important to take into account a couple of things while browsing for a brand new set of tools. Starting from basic work concepts and ending with terminology and operational uses, the key behind a smart purchase resides in access to information.

Going through the best cordless Dremel tools reviews and also user testimonials helped us to write this professional buying guide. In our research we came across rotary tools, oscillating tools and a wide range of accessories that can enhance a person’s productivity during projects. Even though Dremel tools are known for their sturdy construction and precise functions it is important to know how to manage them during simple or complex applications. Rotary tools are powerful and very useful, delivering high speed and low torque during each task. Such tools are used for precision tasks. Dremel rotary tools are great for making repairs or building furniture pieces. There are entry level 2-speed models (from 200 and 4000 Series), with variable controls which come in handy during construction tasks. Usually such models are powered by powerful motor, higher than 175- watts. According to recent statistics it seems that cordless drills are very popular among workers.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Power Source Price Battery Life/Charger Voltage Our Rating Where to buy

Dremel 8220-1/28

Battery $$$ 1h 12V A+ AMAZON

Dremel 8220-2/28

Battery $$$ 1h 12V A AMAZON

Dremel 7300-PT

Cordless Electric $$ 3h 4.8V B+ AMAZON

Dremel 7700-1/15

Battery $$ 3h 7.2V B AMAZON

Dremel 7300-N/8

Cordless Electric $$ 3h 4.8V B+ AMAZON


The best cordless Dremel tools in 2020 will come equipped with powerful batteries, for prolonged use during various tasks. You can opt for models incorporating 7700 NiCad or 10.8 volt lithium-ion 8200, which offer enough power for various jobs. Now, if you are planning to undergo small craft work, medium repair jobs around the house Dremel rotary tools will definitely get the job done. Oscillating tools are also used in order to perform a wide range of applications such as restorations or remodelling. Furthermore people use oscillating tools in order to scrape, cut, sand, grind or even remove grout from various surfaces. Due to the enhanced Dremel quality, oscillating tools offer higher versatility and control during each task performed.

Choosing one of the best cordless Dremel tools in 2020 can enhance the quality of your work. As a result, you might also want to consider learning more about Dremel trio tools. Now, such tools can be used in order to sand, cut and also rout different materials. Including a precise system of accessories and attachments, such tools are mainly used to precisely cut a wide range of materials. Trio Dremel tools can be used on wood, plastic, wall tile, sheet metal or even drywall. You should know that such tools come with an exclusive 360 cutting technology and advanced plunge-cut ability. Furthermore they also feature 90-degree pivoting handle for enhanced comfort during each task.


Things to consider:

–         A powerful battery, which can be lithium-ion or NiCad for proper performance

–         Multifunctional tools such as oscillating, rotary or Trio tools that provide enhanced control during jobs

–         Comfort and cutting flexibility, to properly manage different materials

–         Silent working pattern for prolonged repairing and remodelling tasks



Dremel 8220-1/28 Cordless Rotary Tool


This is another option that is often given positive remarks in many of the best cordless Dremel tools reviews. Among other things, this rotary tool has gained popularity for the 28 accessories that are included, which is reflective of its versatility to handle a variety of tasks. Aside from such, it is also worth noting that it is integrated with a high performance motor that is known for tackling even the most demanding applications in a manner that is almost effortless. You will surely not feel tired after it is used, even if its operation has taken an extended period of time.



One of the best rated cordless Dremel tools is 8220-1/28, a professional rotary tool that can be used with a wide array of attachments and accessories, for heightened performance during each construction project

Designed with flexibility and comfort in mind, this cordless rotary tool can be used to match the needs of various household projects

Powered by lithium battery and with a professional design, the device is comfortable and powerful enough to handle even metalwork

As the most reliable product from Dremel, this handy instrument has a slim construction which offers 360 degree grip zone for enhanced control during work



The battery life is limited to only 1 hour


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Dremel 8220-2/28 Cordless Rotary Tool


If you are still on the lookout for the best cordless Dremel tools in 2020, there is no more need for you to look any further as this is already one option that can prove to be perfect. Like in the case of the model that has been mentioned above, it is packaged with 28 various accessories. It also has a carrying case that makes it easy to bring such anywhere and to easily organize all of the attachments that are included and avoid losing them piece by piece. The case will also prove to be effective in having it protected against dust and other elements that can damage its quality.



Present among this year’s Black Friday deals on cordless Dremel tools, the 8220-2/28 rotary tool can be used to perform a wide range of projects, especially after using the existing accessories

This versatile tool is powered by a 12 Volts Max Lithium-ion battery which expands its durability and rotary efficiency

Due to the ergonomic design, the cordless rotary tool is fairly easy to control and hold during each phase of the construction or remodelling process

The kit comes equipped with the following pieces durable carrying case, 28 bits accessories and 2 12-volt batteries



Does not benefit from a manufacturer warranty

People with small hands might find it difficult to control the device


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Dremel 7300-PT Pet Grooming Kit


If you have a pet at your house, this is one product that you might want to have, which is being considered by many people as being better compared to traditional clippers. This will make it a lot easier for you to trim the nails of your pets while being assured of the best results. Since it is cordless and lightweight, you surely will not have to sweat to use the product. This will provide you with a complete control of the unit. It is also a good thing that there are replacements that are possible, such as in the case of sanding drums, as long as they are from the same manufacturer of the unit.



Even though one of the current cheap cordless Dremel tools, the 7300-PT offers pet owners the possibility of keeping the pet’s nails properly trimmed and neat without breaking a sweat

This powerful rotary tool is a safe alternative to sometimes dangerous clipping because it offers 2 speed settings of 5000 and 13.000 RPM for precise grinding actions on the nails

The 4.8 volt rotary tool permits users to precisely grind the dog’s nails in order to avoid the appearance of unwanted cuts

This powerful cordless tool is compatible with various sanding drums and bands, ideal for other tasks as well



The instruction manual needs a bit of work because it lacks details on nail grooming

Does not come with a dust collection cleaner (sold separately)


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Dremel 7700-1/15 Multi-Pro Cordless Rotary Tool Kit


Best Cordless Dremel Tools ReviewsIn the top rated cordless Dremel tools reviews, one thing that many people liked about this specific model is its excellence when it comes to flexibility. This is basically because of the fact that it can allow you to choose from the two speeds that are available – 10,000 and 20,000 rotations per minute, depending on the application where the tool will be used. Additionally, many were also happy with the 15 accessories that are included, which will enhance the multi-functionality of the unit, making it good for a wide array of applications. With its versatility, you will surely have a lot to do with just one tool.



Thousands of Americans want to know what is the best product from Dremel, for them we recommend the 7700-1/15 cordless rotary tool, designed with 15 exclusive accessories

With this powerful tool, people will be able to perform a wide range of applications like drilling, cutting, sanding, grinding, routing and also polishing

Backed by 2 year warranty this 2-speed tool can generate 10.000 to 20.000 RPM, matching different types of applications

Regarded as a great product for Christmas, this model weighs only 12 ounces which makes it easy to hold even during prolonged use



Comes equipped with a single 7.2 volt battery pack (additional one sold separately)

The instruction sheet should include more languages


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Dremel 7300-N/8 Cordless Two-speed Rotary Tool


The compact size of this unit is one thing that you will surely enjoy about the product. Because of being sleek, it is excellent in terms of portability and it is also easier to control as it is operated. The housing is made from lightweight plastic. Some people might have doubts in choosing this product because it looks flimsy since the housing is made from plastic. Nonetheless, you can still expect that it is sturdy and that it can withstand long-term used, as proven by the experiences of other people. In terms of sped selections, you will have the opportunity to choose from 6,500 and 13,000 rpm.



This cordless 2-speed rotary tool has a compact size and very comfortable soft grips which permits people to take on a wide range of tasks without problems

Due to its lightweight design (1.4 pounds) the device incorporates a pencil-grip nose and very soft grip sides that allows users to securely hold it during work

The kit includes sanding drums, mandrel, sanding band, felt wheel and silicon carbine stone for proper performance

Features a 4.8 volt battery which powers up the machine to perform even the most complex of tasks



The battery is NiCad type, old technology which needs more charging time

Benefits from only 1 year of warranty


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Best welding helmet reviews



If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best welding helmet money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best welding helmet on the market by looking at the sales figures, price and expert website reviews. Out of all the products available, the Antra AH6-660-001X was by far the best, offering maximum protection at an extremely reasonable price. Prized by all its users, this welding helmet can be used with a huge range of welding equipment, making it one of the most versatile and adaptable welding protection helmets you will ever use. While some welding helmets are capable of offering some degree of protection for multiple welding types, the Antra AH6-660-001X manages to cover almost all types of welding types in use today. From the classic arc to the most advanced plasma welding, this welding helmet will keep your eyes safe and the welding as straight as possible. If the Antra AH6-660-001X is unavailable/out of stock, you could also consider the Antra AH5-350-001X as the second best option.



How to Choose a New Welding Helmet


With so many welding types available for use today it is no wonder that a good and versatile welding helmet is so hard to find. When purchasing a new welding helmet you must take into account some of the most important features and functions that will surely make your buy well worth the money. This buyer’s guide will help you get the best possible welding helmet for you or your workers.

1.Antra AH6-660-001X


The number one feature of any welding helmet is its protection factor. Having a good protection when welding is essential and a great helmet will deliver the best possible protection for your neck, face and eyes. When welding, extremely intense light and UV rays may permanently damage the eyes and instantly burn any exposed skin. Ranging from mild to potentially extreme, these types of burns can temporarily or even permanently disable or blind a welder.

Before choosing your next welding helmet you must make sure to check its protection factor. Rated in “Shade Factors”, this indicator will give you an estimate of the amount of light it can deflect from the eyes and face. The bigger the shade factor, the more light and UV radiation can be deflected and the better the protection. Most advanced helmets come equipped with electronic sensors and auto darkening lens that will instantly reflect any bright light upon detection. These visors will return to normal once the welding stops, allowing the worker to make the necessary corrections without removing the helmet each time. Additional protection may be available to shield the face and neck from all the hot metal sparks that may otherwise harm the user while welding.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Material Price Color/Design Weight Our Rating Where to buy

SavePhace Gen Y Razor

High impact nylon $$$$$ White/Black graphics 2 lbs A+ AMAZON

Antra AH5-350-001X

Fiber Carbon $$$ Black 1 lbs B+ AMAZON

Rhino RH01

Fiber Carbon $$$$ Black 1.8 lbs A AMAZON

Antra AH6-160-0000

Polyimide Nylon $$ Black 1 lbs B AMAZON

Licota Welding Helmet

Plastic $$ Flames/Skull 1.8 lbs B AMAZON




There are excellent welding helmets for a single welding type, and there are great welding helmets that can be used on any type of welding. Of course the latter are better. Commonly used for arc welding, a good model will offer the same level of protection when used in gas Mig or Mag welding. Additionally, a great welding helmet can also be used on the increasingly popular Tig and plasma welding if needed.

Having a versatile welding helmet is also an extremely cost effective option. While more expensive at first, such a model will surely save you a lot of money on the long run, giving you the flexibility desired and helping you master a large number of welding types. Perfect for workshops and factories, such models are also a favorite choice among many home welders today.



While safety is definitely the first feature to look for when getting a new welding helmet, the price is also one of the major points of interest. While most helmets offer various amount of protection, the cost of each model may vary a lot. Choosing the right model for the money is quite a difficult task. Start by looking at your budget and then select couple of models that offer the best protection and versatility. When possible check the more expensive products, as they often come with better accessories and a wider protection spectrum.

Only choose highly expensive models if your work includes constant welding and you need a professional welding helmet on a daily basis. While most cheap products may deliver a decent protection for home use, most welders prefer a mid-range helmet that can be used on more complex projects where a cheap model may fail after a bit of hard use.

2.Antra AH5-350-001X


Wearing a loose fit or heavy welding mask is extremely uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous, as it can break lose or let molten metal and hot sparks in. Before choosing a particular model, it is best to take a closer look at its size and weight. While some helmets can fit a wide range of users other models are particularly made for women or young men. Best check the measurements and user comments in order to make sure that your next welding helmet will fit and will feel as comfortable as possible.

Another aspect to take into consideration before making the final decision is the visor size and type. A good visor will help you see your weld even after a lot of wear and tear. Aim for clarity and choose the welding helmets that come with the best visors. Read user reviews and check the visor angle, size and quality before buying it. Additionally, look for any magnifying lens other visor accessories that will surely come in handy whenever high precision welding is required.



Antra AH6-660-001X


1.Antra AH6-660-001X

This welding helmet is one of the most versatile and adaptable models on the market right now. Perfect for almost all types of welding including arc welding, Mig, Tig and even plasma, this excellent model is a favorite among welders. Whether used at home or in a workshop, the Antra AH6-660-001X delivers incredible protection and near instant auto-darkening thanks to its excellent light sensors. With a reaction time as small as 0.00004 of a second, this welding helmet is an instant win in its class. Comfortable, easily adjustable and simple to wear, the Antra AH6-660-001X is by far the best welding helmet you will find today.

Now that you know the main aspects you should be looking for in a new welding helmet you will surely be able to make the best choice for your needs. Right below you will be able to find out more about the best welding helmets currently available on the market and we are confident that you will find a model that matches your preferences and your budget.


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SavePhace Gen Y Razor


Best welding helmet reviewsThis unique looking piece of equipment is not just designed to make welding more fun but it is also designed to make it safer and more efficient. It is currently the best welding helmet in 2020 according to dozens of satisfied users. It offers incredible value for money and it is ready to use right out of the box. It is extremely light and very well thought out in terms of design. It will protect your head from any unpleasant welding incidents especially when it comes to heat. It is easily adjustable and can fit any type of person both large and small.


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Antra AH5-350-001X


According to some of the best welding helmet reviews, this product is one of the most versatile of its kind. It is not only incredibly affordable but it is also very durable and highly efficient. Designed for heavy-duty welders, it will keep you away from harm at all times. It will not only protect your head but it will also protect your entire head area from heat and excessive light. It comes with a large viewing area which is fitted with 4 premium sensors. It is easily adjustable and extremely efficient no matter the type of welding you prefer.


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Rhino RH01


Currently considered the best welding helmet in 2020, Rhino Welding Helmet’s large view product is also a best-selling item most prefer over more expensive products. The reason behind its popularity stands it its ability to provide a comprehensive view of all important things around you while welding but also because of its excellent built-in quality. Made out of the lightest of materials, it weighs just 1.8 pounds making it perfect for constant use. It comes with an included headband for a secure fit and it is covered by an extended 2 year warranty which takes care of defects or faulty workmanship for all parts.


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Antra AH6-160-0000


Many think that affordable is not the way to go when buying a welding helmet. They could not be more wrong if you consider how well the AH6-160-0000 behaves even when undergoing hours of heavy-duty welding. This product which costs less than $50 is a proper good investment. It comes with an integrated magnifying lens and a cheater lens. It is perfect not only for welding but also for plasma cutting processes. It can handle different welding techniques and it will permanently keep you safe as it has one of the largest viewing areas on the market.


Buy from for ($35.95)




Licota Flames / Skull


This amazing helmet is mostly destined for artists. Designed to impress through its flaming skull painted on the sides, it also manages to provide all the protection needed to handle small to medium welding jobs. It is solar powered and it comes with an auto darkening feature which allows it to adapt to different lighting conditions. Don’t let the low price tag fool you as this is a very efficient and resistant helmet. Don’t expect to get much more than you pay for though. It is not recommended for people working in welding facilities or in auto shops.


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