Best axe and tool sharpener reviews


In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best axe and tool sharpener? We have you covered! This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best axe and tool sharpeners on the market, by looking at expert review sites, owner feedback, value for money, and even sales figures. Out of the products we have reviewed, the Byers 21800 is the best because it uses diamond sharpened carbide inserts in a small and light package that will fit in any pocket. Its simple design allows you to have it on you at all times, and the plastic handle makes it incredibly easy to use. Moreover, this model has some of the best axe and tool sharpener reviews. If the Byers 21800 is unavailable, you could also try the Smith’s 50582, as it is the second best option.



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Indeed, every man who possesses an axe or a pair of gardening scissors has found himself on more than one occasion in need of a tool sharpener. However, not many of us have struggled too much with the shopping process, although a little more care could save us money and time. So what are the key features of a good sharpener?


Obviously, the material that comes in contact with the blade and which does the actual work is the most important detail you have to consider. Sharpeners on the market vary considerably even in this area, and while diamond is the roughest of them all, tungsten carbide or polished ceramic are appreciated as well, especially since they are considerably cheaper.

If you do want to go with the diamond type, be sure to check the grit number, as it will tell you how much material will the sharpener remove when used.



While some sharpeners on the market are suited for just one type of blade or specific tools, heaps of models can be used to sharpen anything you need. Paying a little more at first might save you a lot of effort and secondary investments.

However, a sharpener that’s perfect for an axe might not be the best sharpener for tools and knives, so you should always be informed about how exactly you are supposed to use it on the tools you own.


Safety features

Working with blades always involves a risk, and no amount of security features can be too many, no matter how wary you like to consider yourself. That being said, there is a point where a tool loses its usability if it becomes overburdened with features that modify too much of its aspect and use. The usual safety additions you can find on a sharpener are large-sized handles and finger guards. Furthermore, some sharpeners are suitable to be used with gloves so that you can protect your hands during work.


Ease of use

Another thing you have to consider is how much effort does the handler have to put in, so that the sharpener does its job. Also, the position and the angle in which the blade must be placed might turn out to make a big difference in the ease of use of some models.

If your wife or children are usually joining in this area of housework, try and imagine what they would be comfortable using. A heavy, bulky sharpener will be a hassle if you’re the kind of man who takes long camping trips or likes to keep his tools close at all times.


Value offered for the money

We’ve already mentioned the cost variation between models caused by the material used. Surely, there are a lot more factors that influence the price of a sharpener. Unfortunately, in this consumerist society we often end up paying for the brand instead of the product itself, and that turns into disappointment just as often.

So instead of looking for a certain manufacturer, try and assess the value of the sharpener based on the actual features and how helpful they will be for you. Only then you will be able to tell if the price is worth it or not.


Top Rated Axe and Tool Sharpeners in 2022


The best axe and tool sharpeners have been showcased below. Based on what we have discovered about them, these are the critically acclaimed units available for sale these days. It won’t hurt if you gave them a look if you haven’t decided just yet.



Byers 21800


This sharpener from Byers can make quite an impression: it gives you the option of operating with one of the two sharpening slots, one that’s for double-edged tools and another one that’s suited for single-edged tools. Aside from this unique feature, the Byers model has a surprisingly slick and straightforward design, which comes in handy for storage and transportation.

The straight plastic handle makes it lightweight and easy to use, and the diamond sharpened carbide inserts make room for a clean, proper sharpening. Most sharpeners require that you hold the axe or another tool with one hand and operate it with the other one.

But this Byers model brings your contact with the blade at a minimum since it requires that the axe is stuck in a vice or a tree stump, and the sharpener is moved across the blade, using both hands. This will allow you to have great control on the angle and firmness of the push, and remove the usual risk of getting cut or scratched by the blade. You will find that this sharpener is a little over the average price, but it is our firm belief that its price fails to reflect the whole value of such tool.

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Smith’s 50582


Advertised as best suited to sharpen axes, machetes, hatchets and so on, this Smith’s model has the looks and features of a power sharpener that will get your blades cutting in no-time.

The safety features on the 50582 include a large finger safety guard and a large handle with soft grip that will allow you to wear gloves while working with it. This sharpener promises to give your tools a clean precision edge with its preset carbide blades, hidden in a plastic head. The blades are replaceable, and the size of the sharpener allows you to carry and handle it with ease.

A cleaning brush with wire bristles helps you keep your tool debris-free, and you don’t have to worry about losing it, as it can be placed in a special slot in the handle. We must underline the exceptionally affordable price of this tool which, along with the possibility to replace the blades makes it a great investment.

Moreover, the model has received a lot of good reviews, which gives us the confidence to say it is probably the best sharpener for axe you can find in its price range, and it is a good buy.

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Smith’s 50429 


Coming from the same manufacturer as the previously presented sharpener, the 50429 model shares a lot of similarities with it, but also brings a couple of different features on the table. First of all, the head of this sharpener is made out of cast aluminum, making it much more resistant and prolonging the tool’s life.

The aluminum head is weighted so that the operator has more balance and can maneuver the tool with a surer hand. The large finger guard is present on this sharpener too, but its design is less bulky, and the handle is less large, contributing to the ease of use, but minimizing the safety feature.

Also using carbide blades, the Smith’s 50429 has a great chance at matching its counterparts in what the quality and smoothness of the sharpened blade are concerned. The same cleaning brush with metallic bristles accompanies this model as well, but to get it in your possession, you will have to open your wallet a little wider.

With overall good features, the Smith’s 50429 sharpener is surely a good tool to have around the house, especially if you don’t mind spending a few bucks on your gear.

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Best Hand Crank Lantern Reviews


In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best hand crank lanterns? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of info about these products by looking at the owner feedback, the sales figures, and the value they offer for the price. Out of all the critically acclaimed options we have looked at, the Ivation LED Camping Lantern is the best because it has been outfitted with a powerful spotlight and also comes with a visible SOS strobe light, as well as an alarm siren. Otherwise, if you’re ever left stranded on a hiking trip, you needn’t worry about anything if you take this model with you as your rescuers will be able to find you with ease. If the Ivation LED Camping Lantern is out of stock, you could also consider the AGPtEK US-HL0180 as it is the second best alternative.



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Hand crank lanterns are made to serve your needs as best as possible, especially if you have no means of going back home and you’re left in the woods all by yourself. Some of these models are more efficient than others, and that’s why it might be a nuisance for you to select the right one. Perhaps our buyer’s guide will assist you in making an informed decision.

Charging methods

It goes without saying that the hand crank is the first means of powering the lantern that you will be relying on depending on your circumstances. However, it’s important to note that some units offer more versatility than others as they also feature loads of other charging alternatives.

In this sense, you might come to see that some can be powered using standard batteries that you can get at any store whereas others have a solar panel that charges the internal battery so that the product works when dusk settles over the area you’re transiting. Car adapters are another method that you might want to utilize if you’re traveling by car to your hiking spot.


Light source

A detail that you should take into account is the type of bulb that the hand crank has been outfitted with. These days, getting the best hand crank LED lantern can be the best idea as these bulbs tend to last for a long time and usually provide enough brightness. Of course, there can be differences in terms of the amount of light that they can generate, but in most cases, they’re the most durable choice.

Dated models don’t come with LED bulbs, and since hand lanterns don’t tend to cost a fortune, you’ll have to replace them instead of repairing them. To make sure that you’re getting as much value for the money as possible, we suggest you consider a LED model.


USB charging ports

One of the most useful features that your chosen model can be equipped with is a USB port. It’s rather obvious that you won’t be using the lantern for listening to music or other entertainment activities like this, but a hand crank lantern with USB port will be a friend in need. With its help, you’ll have the freedom to charge your tablets, smartphones, and any other mobile devices that you might require.


Emergency capabilities

Last, but not least, you ought to think ahead and be as prepared as possible. You really can’t know when a disaster will strike, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. The handiest characteristic that such a device can come with is an SOS siren and light. Usually, this means that you will be able to use a special spotlight to let the world know where you are located and that you need some assistance.

The alarm siren is rather powerful in that it can even be difficult to take from a person using the lantern. Nevertheless, it is a convenient feature to utilize if you end up being lost and the rest of the members of your hiking or camping group have started to search for you.



Top Rated Hand Crank Lanterns in 2022


Some of the highly recommended options in the line have been showcased below. Based on what we found about them, these choices come with all the features you might need to feel safe at all times. As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’ve garnered the best hand crank lantern reviews.



Ivation LED Camping Lantern


Ivation has been making some of the most convenient and user-friendly products in the line of survival devices and others that can help you get out of a tricky situation. Since the brand has been in the industry for quite some time, its engineers are perfectly capable of designing a unit that meets and even exceeds your expectations.

The same rule applies in the case of this LED lantern. It’s packed with heaps of useful capabilities as it even comes with an emergency device charger, an AM/FM radio, as well as an SOS light and siren. Plus, it’s worth noting that it has been outfitted with an internal 1,000mAh battery that can allow you to charge your mobile devices in an efficient manner.

What’s more, it should be noted that this model costs just under thirty dollars, which means that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a high-quality hand crank lantern radio that can help you when you need it the most. Plus, the rave reviews it has gathered should give you a pointer as to whether or not it’s worth investing in.

Despite the fact that a wall adapter isn’t provided in the package, the model has been designed to work with one in case you want to charge its internal battery using a regular power outlet.

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If you don’t want to spend close to thirty bucks on a lantern in this line, you should check out the Image model as it does pretty much the same thing as the formerly mentioned alternative. The main difference between the two consists of the fact that this particular unit has not been equipped with a built-in radio, which is why you won’t be able to use it as an entertainment device.

However, the US-HL0180 is undoubtedly a choice to take into account as it comes with loads of characteristics that add to its overall versatility. For example, not only can you use the hand crank to power it, but you can also rely on its solar panel, make it work with three standard AA batteries or charge it using your car or AC adapter.

Another reason to consider this option is that it comes with a universal USB output that works with most mobile devices and smartphones. This way, if you’re lost in an area where you have cell reception, you can get in touch with someone that can find you and help you.

Since over five hundred customers took the time to express their favorable views about this product, we say that it’s worth the money.

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ThorFire CL01


Another versatile product to give some thought to is this ThorFire CL01 lantern as it can be used in many ways. You have the freedom to fold it and use it as a conventional flashlight or unfold it and rely on its services offered as a lantern.

Since it has been equipped with rechargeable batteries, this model makes it easy for owners to take advantage of its capabilities. You can utilize the hand crank to power it, but also use a regular USB charger that you might already have around. It’s worth noting that the micro USB charging cable is part of the deal with this model, and that’s something to mull over given that it is rarely supplied by other manufacturers.

Because it is substantially more affordable than the other models we have talked about, the ThorFire CL01 does not provide all sorts of perks as do high-end units. In this sense, you won’t be able to listen to the radio or use an SOS siren or light as these two cannot be found to be part of the design of this product.

Even so, considering that it has garnered the appreciation of over three hundred buyers, this unit might be worth it, in the end.

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Best stud finder for the money


In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best stud finder for the money? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best stud finder for the money on the market by looking at how different products are rated in expert review sites, and compared those with actual owner feedback and how the products do in social media. Thanks to the comprehensive product comparison, we have been able to find what we believe is the finest product for sale in this category: the Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710. Utilizing Advanced Multi-Sense technology, this model comes with Deep Scanning capability up to 1.5 inches that is always active. The technology it runs on senses the wall in different locations simultaneously, ensuring quick and easy stud finding so you can get on with your tasks in less time. The positions of hidden objects is indicated using bright LED lights to illuminate them, ensuring safe and easy task completion. If the Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710 runs out of stock because of its huge popularity among buyers, you could also consider the CH Hanson 03040 as it is the second best option.


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Nothing can delay or even put a stop to any wall drilling project than drilling into a pipe buried in the wall. You will also need to know where the wall studs are when you have to hang shelves, mirrors or pictures. How do you know you have the best stud finder on the market and not just a dud?

The best type of stud finder is the one that works for your needs

Easily the easiest and most precise means to locate a stud in the wall, an ultrasonic or electronic stud finder measures the relative density of a section of the wall. When a highly-dense area is identified, the electronic stud finder lights up to indicate a stud. This type is zeroed by pressing the device against a known void then sliding it along. The device will emit a beeping sound when it senses an edge, and at the correct 1.5-inch distance at that. This enables you to drive a nail confidently down the middle.

A magnetic stud finder is a less costly alternative to an electronic model. It employs magnetism for identifying screws and nails embedded in the studs. Although such devices relatively work well in basic applications, they are most suitable for supplementing an electronic stud finder. Magnetic stud finders tend to detect metal conduits and pipes so there’s a strong need to mark the location of the actual studs, which are usually 1.5 inches on center.

It is to be noted that a magnetic stud finder is not able to find the stud exactly but is able to locate the metal fasteners, which are typically drywall screws holding the wallboard to the studs. Should the wallboard be glued to the framing, there will still be perimeter screws for the device to find.


The best stud finder for the money is capable of locating more than just studs

As earlier mentioned, a project can easily get halted when you hit a pipe inside the wall that you don’t know about. Top quality magnetic finders are able to find copper wire reliably, along with cable, wood and steel pipe. This is very important to ensure your safety against electrocution, protecting you from hitting electrical cables accidentally.

It also ensures that you don’t hit steel pipes and wood in the wall. Hitting a steel pipe or wood could ruin the whole project, not to mention how it could cost you money for repairs. This is very important since you wouldn’t want to have to ask for professional help for wall repairs when all you initially intended to do was hang a frame to the wall.


The best-rated stud finders offer dependable performance and easy use

Top quality stud finders come with a host of features and capabilities that ensure reliable and consistent performance. Some models have a marking channel on the top that enables the user to make an accurate pencil mark on the wall even when the scanner is being held above the head. Others emit a distinctive over-the-stud alert that tells you if you’ve started the calibration process in the wrong spot, such as on top of the wood.

Many models have the operating instructions printed on the back for ease of use. A few come with a how-to guide in DVD format. Premium quality magnetic models come with not just one but two magnets for twice-as-fast scanning compared to other magnetic-based units.

Top Rated Stud Finders for the Money in 2022


It is important for the avid do-it-yourselfer to find a good product featured in the best stud finder reviews to ensure the success of any project involving wall hanging or mounting of flat-screen TVs, shelves, paintings and pictures along with other objects for the most secure hold. The above buying guide is designed to ensure the decision-making process is easier. We have also showcased the best products below for even more shopping assistance.



Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710


Equipped with Advanced Multi-Sense Technology, the Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710 is able to sense the wall in multiple locations simultaneously. This means you use less time finding studs in the wall so you can devote more time to the more important task of wall mounting. This model uses bright LEDs that illuminate to tell you the precise position of embedded objects.

This makes it easy to visualize the position of studs for confident driving of screws or nails with which to hang objects on. It ensures that objects are securely hung to prevent them from falling off and causing injury to you or damage to your investment. With this device, you can identify the width of hidden objects, which means you not only know their position but also their size.

Boasting the capability for deep scanning that is constantly active and up to a precise 1.5 inches, this device does not even need any sliding along the wall to do its job effectively. It senses the wall in 13 locations at the same time, and then illuminates the display elements in front of the stud instantly for easy visualization and planning.

This model has been engineered to be less prone to erroneous detection while working speedily and with greater accuracy compared to other products in its class.

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CH Hanson 03040


Offering the perfect fusion of durability, functionality and affordability, the CH Hanson 03040 utilizes two magnets and not just one, which provides it with twice the scanning area compared to other devices in the same category. This enables it to find a stud at a speedier rate, helping you get on with the wall mounting project in less time.

The fact that this model is built with a two-magnet design enables the user to simply slide it back and forth just five times instead of ten to detect a screw head, making the stud finding work less tedious and also preventing arm fatigue due to all the wall sliding work required. Covering a path around 2.5 inches wide, this model covers more space in half the time.

With is basic design supplemented with reliable durability, this device offers years of use and is equipped with a nifty small level vial in the center, a component that you can rotate easily. The vial clicks securely into place both at the vertical and horizontal positions for precise locating of studs. You can the hang the device on the wall so you can plumb it with the level after it has detected a stud.

The pointed section at the bottom of the device can then be used to mark the center of the stud accurately, letting you hang a picture easily and confidently.

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Zircon e50-FFP


Boasting an unparalleled combination of an integrated LCD screen and density analyzing technology, the Zircon e50-FFP boasts a steady flow of energy to do its job effectively. With its fully-charged 9-volt battery, the device is ready to find the edges, direction and center of metal or wood studs up to ¾ inch deep. It is recommended to start in this mode when searching for studs.

Should readings on the Stud Scan mode be irregular or the signal strength indicator be weak, this could be a sign that the studs are beyond the typical ¾-inch of drywall. To resolve this, the stud finder handle just has to be pressed downward twice to get into the Deep Scan mode, which provides double the scanning depth to 1.5 inches deep and which will also ensure higher accuracy on deeper targets.

With Wire Warning detection, the presence of live and cover–less electrical wiring up to two inches deep ensures your safety on the job. This unique feature works in both Deep Scan and Stud Scan modes, with the indicator flashing on the screen when an unshielded wire is detected in the area being scanned.

Aside from its updated components and new shape, this model has an LCD screen that is easy to read and is supplemented with a spotlight pointer that marks the target on the wall using an arrow-shaped light.

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Best Portable Tire Inflator Reviews



If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best tire inflator for cars, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best portable tire inflators out there by looking at sales figures, owner feedback, value for the money, and overall brand quality. Out of the products we have looked at, the P.I. Auto Store PIAS003 is the best as it is intuitive, convenient, and easy to use. Besides, it comes with all the features one might ever want in a tire inflator, given that it’s automatic and digital and comes with an LCD display where users can look at the pressure and use the controls to customize it. Also, it can be used with many kinds of vehicles. If the P.I. Auto Store PIAS0003 is unavailable you could also consider the Slime 40022 as it’s the second best choice.



Buying Guide


If you’re looking for the best digital tire inflator, you’ve come to the right place. Given the number of models that are available in today’s market, you might end up feeling baffled as to which one you should spend your money on. We’ve decided to help you by putting together a buying guide that takes you through all the features and benefits you need to consider to get the best possible value.



While the way the unit will behave is difficult to estimate if you intend to buy it online, there are several pointers you can rely on in order to estimate the performance of the model. The first and most important one is the voltage. Most tire inflators are either 12-volt or 120-volt options and these two differ greatly from one another. While the first can be plugged in directly into your cigarette lighter socket and as such, can be used on the road when you get a flat tire, the second should be plugged into a household electrical outlet.


Ease of use and convenience

As mentioned above, there are advantages and disadvantages to choosing either a 12-volt or a 120-volt model. For instance, 12-volt units are portable and convenient and can be used on the road, whenever you have a small problem to fix. On the other hand, they’re less capable of excellent performance and have more limitations. By contrast, 120-volt options are great to use when you’re at home, but since they can’t be powered using the lighter socket, they aren’t winners when it comes to portability.


Corded or cordless

Since many manufacturing brands are trying to tailor their products to the needs of the modern user, they’ve recently developed cordless inflators. These devices work with batteries, which are usually provided along with the product. Most of the batteries are rechargeable, and that’s to be expected given that the amount of power needed by a tire inflator is significantly greater compared to a portable radio that you can use with disposable AAA batteries. The biggest advantage of these models consists of the fact that they include 120-volt or 12-volt adapters, which means that you can use them both at home or when you’re on the road.

Some of the most popular tire inflators are showcased below. In most cases, these units have gathered the best portable tire inflator reviews, which is why we’ve gone through their specs to estimate their quality and value. They are available for sale online, and most internet retailers sell them for reasonable prices.



Top Rated Portable Tire Inflators in 2022



P.I. Auto Store PIAS003


1-premium-digital-tire-inflatorThe P.I. Auto Store model is one of the most critically acclaimed ones we’ve come across, but that doesn’t come as a surprise given that most of the people who’ve bought it consider it the best 12 volt tire inflator. The model comes with pretty much everything you might ever need so that you avoid being left stranded on the road. Since this is an intelligent inflator, it is more than capable of doing its job automatically. All you have to do is set the pressure using the controls that can be found next to the LCD panel.
Another reason you may want to consider the P.I. Auto Store unit is that it can be utilized for all types of vehicles, which may range from motorhomes to SUVs, cars, and bikes. What’s more, this model comes with a carrying case that allows you to transport it safely and efficiently in the trunk of your car.


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Slime 40022


2-slime-40022Compared to the item we’ve described earlier on, the Slime is a fairly intuitive and affordable option that has people raving about its capabilities. In most cases, it can be bought for less than forty dollars, which means that you won’t have to ruin your budget for life. Aside from the outstanding price, the Slime is a model to take into account thanks to its technology, which seems to be more than appropriate if you want to inflate your tire in as little as six minutes.
All one has to do in order to utilize this device is set the pressure level and press the ON button. The product will subsequently do its job without needing any interference on the part of the owner, and it will even shut itself off once it has wrapped up the process. The Slime can be purchased in two styles: either as a typical tire inflator or as the best tire inflator with gauge.


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EPAuto AT-010-1


3-epauto-12vIf portability is a feature you want to take advantage of, perhaps you ought to have a look at the specs of the EPAuto AT-010-1. This product is a fully capable model which is rather lightweight and convenient, given that it can be powered using the cigarette lighter socket in your car. The main difference between the unit and some of the other ones that can be found online these days is that the EPAuto comes with a series of adaptors for inflatables and balls that may be used during the summer or when performing various sports activities.
As is the case with other options, this one features an easy-to-read display that you can use to consult information regarding the pressure. When the device has reached the optimum tire pressure, it automatically shuts off. The EPAuto AT-010-1 comes with a carrying case and features a gauge with an illuminated backlight.


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Best Laser Tape Measure Reviews



If you’re here just to find the best laser tape measure and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best laser tape measures on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures, value for money, price, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the BOSCH GML 35 is the best, bringing together the critical functions of engineering: distance, area and volume, and additional indirect measurement, continuous measurement, addition and subtraction. You can measure up to 120 feet with this tool. If the Bosch GML 35 is unavailable, you could consider the Dewalt DW03050 as it is the second best option.


Buying Guide


Be it standard carpentry, DIY projects, or more complex construction work, all engineering jobs require a lot of time spent measuring and calculating. While the standard tape measure is limited to measure small distances, and can render inaccurate results, not to mention the amount of calculus you are left with, laser tape measures are a godsend. You will find below a list of the things you should consider if you want to get the best digital laser tape.


Accuracy and precision

The accuracy of the laser tape measurement tells you how close is the measurement to the true distance. Most serious laser tape measures have an accuracy of 1/16 to 1/32 inches, and the smaller the fraction, the better the apparatus. The precision is the result that appears on repeated measurements of the same distance in the same conditions. In mathematics, for the result to be valid, these two should coincide. In real life, though, if you’re not doing some very delicate work where a 1/32-inch error is devastating, you can rely on machines that show differences between the two.



Naturally, the laser tape measure is meant to replace the old tape measure, and it can do that because it can measure longer surfaces in one take. But, of course, not all laser range measures have the same range limit, and while the cheaper, weaker models can reach up to 62-65 feet, a professional tool can be used on far wider surfaces, reaching up to 600 feet. The range obviously reflects in the price, so you should be sure to assess your needs before making your purchase.



Simple projects generally require three basic calculations. The mere distance between two points, the area of a surface and – maybe less often- the volume in cubes. But some models can give you much more that this. Some can use the Pythagorean theorem and calculate single, double and combined indirect measurements, while others have an inclinometer, memory, and even Bluetooth connectivity. In the end, it all depends on the kind of work that you’re going to use it for. A simple DIY shelf assembling might not require that you measure the angles of your roof.
As all tools, laser tape measures will be subject to drops and other accidents. This is why you should also pay attention to the materials and overall durability. Batteries should also be durable, like lithium-ion, and a mute option won’t be a bad choice.



Top Rated Laser Tape Measures in 2022



Bosch GLM 35

1-bosch-glm-35A well-renowned tool manufacturer, Bosch has released this 120-feet range laser tape with a 1/16-inch accuracy to make your projects easy to carry out. Aside from the classic distance, the apparatus allows you calculate the area, volume, angles, indirect measurements and can also perform addition and subtraction with the push of a button. A most appreciated feature of this tool is the backlight that provides visibility when surroundings fail to. You will be able to carry it around with no worry, as it is small enough to fit in your chest pocket and it only weighs 4 ounces. Add two AAA batteries, and you won’t have any trouble walking with your tool. As a conclusion, if you’re looking for the best laser tape measure in 2022, we think this one is worth giving a try.


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Dewalt DW03050


2-dewalt-dw03050This particular Dewalt model comes with two significant advantages. First of all, it has a memory feature that can record the last five measurements. Secondly, it can measure up to 165 feet, which means you will be able to use it on larger surfaces. The accuracy is of 1/16”, and it can help you calculate the area and volume, as well as indirect measurements. Reviewers have stated that the accuracy decreases for longer distances, so that for a 165-inch surface, the accuracy is 5/16’’, and you will have to use a target plate. Mostly appreciated for its sternness and its resistance to shock and water, the DW03050 is a little more expensive and heavier than the previously presented laser range measure, but has better reviews and seems built for serious construction jobs. If you can spare a few extra dollars to make sure your tool won’t break from the first fall, this seems to be the one for you.


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Tacklife LDM05


3-tacklife-laser-tape-measureBeing able to measure in both imperial and metric, the Tacklife laser tape measure can measure up to 196 feet and can hold 20 measurements into its memory. It calculates the area and volume and has the indirect measurement feature as well. Reviewers were also happy with the addition and subtraction features, and the bubble level that can help you position the laser tape measure correctly. However, on account of a certain frailty, this tool is suited for small home projects and DIY rather than construction and engineering tasks. The backlit display will help you get around in more dim light areas, and you receive two AAA batteries together with the device. You can get this tool at a more than affordable price in local stores, or you can find it for sale on Amazon and other online stores.


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Best Bench Grinder Reviews




If you’re here just to find the best bench grinder and really can’t afford the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best bench grinders on the market by looking at expert review sites, overall brand quality and value for money. Out of the products we have looked at, the Dewalt DW758 is the best because it has a powerful induction motor of ¾ hp that runs at 3600 rpm, making it a strong, heavy-duty power tool. The cast iron base and motor housing, together with the eye shields, spark deflectors, and tool rests render it stability and make it a safe to use appliance. Two 8” wheels set 12 ½ ‘’ apart let you work on larger objects. If the DW758 is unavailable, you should consider the Craftsman 9-21154 as it is the second best option.



How to Buy a New Bench Grinder


Given that manufacturers have placed a wide variety of bench grinders on the market, it is best if you keep some basic information in mind when you go shopping for such an item. Also, try and leaf through some of the best bench grinders reviews to see what other buyers have to say about the different models on the market.

Grinding wheel

A bench grinder has one or multiple grinding wheels that operate the actual grinding process. These wheels are abrasive and, depending on the type, can work for a broad range of tasks. Therefore, you should think about the use you are going to give to the grinder. Grinding wheels are distinguished based on two major characteristics: the grain and the grit. The grain refers to the type of abrasive, or material of the wheel. From the common aluminum oxide and zirconia alumina to the latest, strong, ceramic aluminum, there are plenty of materials and alloy combinations you can choose, each one working best for a particular type of work.

The grit, on the other hand, reflects the size of the abrasive grains of the wheel and can go from the coarse type used for less refined grinding to the ultra fine type that works for finishing and brittle materials. Also, be sure to look for a proper size of the wheel, as it can vary from 3 inches to 6-8 inches, or even more. For the everyday household jobs, an 8-inches wheel should be more than enough.


Motor power

The power of the motor can affect the machine performance in two ways. First of all, a large, powerful engine will do the job faster and will work on tougher materials and workpieces. Secondly, with great power comes great heat, which ultimately might make you stop in the middle of the action to let the machine cool down. Also, you should remember that a large motor will also be a large electricity consumer.


Safety accessories

The grinding process consists in chipping away small or even large bits of the workpiece. Because of the turning speed of the wheel, these parts will fly off the tool in different directions, making it very easy for you to get hurt. Also, while it’s turning, the wheel itself will become hotter and hotter, causing burns if handled carelessly. To avoid such risks, look for a bench grinder that has an eye protection panels, a cooling tray or an easy to reach and prominent off-button.



Top Rated Bench Grinders in 2022


Also, before you make your choice, consider the weight that your working bench can accommodate and the fact that a heavier machine will render less vibration.



Dewalt DW758


1.DEWALT DW758This sturdy, 40-pound machine promises to get you through the most difficult grinding jobs. A 36 or 60 coarse grit is ideal for chipping of stubborn rust chunks but might be too rough for jobs involving finishing and fine grinding. A rugged cast iron base ensures excellent stability and low vibration, while the ¾ hp motor can run up to 3600 powerful revolutions per minute.  Two eye protection shields and spark deflectors make sure you are safe during operation, while tool rests and a 12-½-inch distance between the wheels let you work on big blades evenly. With a few exceptions related to a certain remediable wobble of the unboxed machine, this grinder has a lot of good reviews and, considering the other offers on the market, might just be the best bench grinder for the money.


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Craftsman 9-21154


2.Craftsman 9-21154If you’re looking for a bench grinder for multiple uses, you can take a look at this variable speed bench grinder that allows you to set the speed from 2000 to 3400 rpm. A robust cast iron base makes this machine stable and reduces vibration, while a ⅕ hp, 2.5A motor gives you enough power to carry out medium-difficulty jobs. Two 6-inch wheels, of which a 60 grit one and an open wire let you carry out different working applications. While it costs a little bit more than the Dewalt model presented above , this model comes with all the safety features we’ve already discussed, such as eyeshields and spark guards, but it also provides water cooling trays and a working light for more precision. As reviewers were very happy with this product, you will probably find it in the first batch of results for the best bench grinders in 2022.


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Porter-Cable PCB525BG


3.Porter-Cable PCB525BGLighter, smaller and cheaper than its counterparts, this Porter-Cable bench grinder allows speed control and works with a 2.5A motor. Two 6-inch aluminum oxide wheels come in a 36 or a 60 grit option and are 3.4-inches wide. A gooseneck lamp is perfect for adapting the light to your needs, but you will have to buy the bulb separately. Aluminum tool rests and removable water tray, along with the standard eye shields will keep you protected against the dangers of grinding work. This grinder also comes with a wheel dresser for cleaning and reshaping purposes so that you can enjoy the same efficiency for a longer period. While the positive reviews are probably based on the value versus price ratio, we still think this model will make a useful tool for less challenging grinding jobs. You can find it for sale on Amazon and in other online stores.


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Best Adjustable Wrench Reviews



If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best adjustable wrench money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best adjustable wrenches on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, and overall brand quality. Out of the products we have looked at, the Channellock 8WCB is the best because of its thin jaws and 1.5” extra wide opening which make it a perfect tool for large nuts in tight spaces. Its total length of 8” and soft-cover handle make it a child’s play to utilize, it comes with measurement scales in both millimeters and inches, and it’s a highly versatile instrument. If the Channellock 8WCB is unavailable, you should consider the Stanley 90-949 as it is the best second option.



How to Choose a New Adjustable Wrench


Buying and using tools isn’t in everyone’s area of expertise, as most of us rely on specialists to do the repairing and installing in our homes and on our commodities. But plumbers and mechanics aren’t always available to drop by in the middle of the night or won’t bother for one little bolt. So it is always a good idea to have some basic tools around, so you can fix your problems fast and free of charge. Take a look at the most important features of an adjustable wrench below, to help guide you when purchasing your multi-use wrench.

A.1 Best adjustable wrench

Type of adjustable wrench

Four main types of wrenches can be adjusted to different sized openings. You can go for an adjustable wrench or spanner, a monkey wrench, a pipe wrench or a plumber wrench. The difference between these four is their designed use. While you can use an adjustable and a monkey wrench for almost the same variety of purposes, the pipe and plumber wrenches are named that way for a reason. The monkey wrench has a straight handle on which the smooth jaws are perpendicular. The adjustable wrench has flat jaws, positioned at a subtle angle relative to the handle. Because of its design, the monkey can be used in home and car repairing, while the adjustable can do a great job from putting up furniture, as well as for plumbing.


Intended use

An adjustable wrench does adjust, based on the wideness of its opening, to varied sizes of bolts and fasteners, and it can usually replace a whole set of wrenches. But they also come in different sizes and these sometimes put a limit on their use. Shorter handles of under 10” are best suited for home repairing, for bikes and cars, not to mention furniture. However, if you plan to use the wrench for heavy machinery or construction, it is best that you look for one with a longer handle.


Opening Wideness

It is pure common sense to buy your wrench based on the size of the bolts, nuts or pipes you are going to work on. If the opening exceeds these sizes by far, you will lose more time on adjusting than on actually turning the bolt. Plus, you risk to set the moving jaw improperly and thus round the bolts or even damage the wrench in time, as the moving jaw will be overloaded with pressure.



Top Rated Adjustable Wrenches in 2022


And while you also assess the quality of material, a comfortable handle, and weight you could also do some internet searching to find out who makes the best adjustable wrench in your area.


Channellock 8WCB


1.Channellock 8WCBMade by one of the most well-respected hand tools American manufacturers, this adjustable wrench model was designed to help you in a lot of situations. Its one and a half-inch opening make it suitable to grab large bolts or pipes, so you can use it for you motorcycle as well as for fixing your sink. A short, eight-inch handle lets you use it in constricted spaces with the same efficiency, and the soft cover gives you a firm but comfortable grip. With a chrome vanadium steel construction, the 8WCB is robust and durable, as it is easy to use. The four threads of knurl allow you to adjust your tool fast and easy, and you can have all these useful features in a low-weighted  package, making your job even simplier. We must underline the great value-for-money as you can now find this model for sale in online stores.


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Stanley 90-949


2.Stanley 90-949Slightly heavier that the previously described model, this Stanley adjustable wrench comes with a 10-inch total length, allowing usage in most working environments, while the tapered jaws will fit into small places to do the job. Stanley has used two materials to build a slip-resistant handle and a forged alloy of steel, chrome and vanadium make this tool resistant and in compliant with the ANSI standards. Both metric and SAE scales on the two faces of the wrench simplify the size adjustment. The jaws open to a maximum of 1.375’’, so they can cover a wide variety of sizes, and they are 16-mm thick so that you will have a good grip of the bolt. This model comes with a built-in tension spring that enhances the stability of the movable jaw. Having some of the best adjustable wrench reviews, and with a more than an acceptable price, the 90-949 is a must-have in every tool kit.


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Stanley 87-473


3.Stanley 87-473As far as medium-difficulty, comfortable repairing work goes, soft grips and smooth jaws are great features in a wrench. But sometimes the nature of the job requires more strength and sturdiness in a tool. Those of you who need force rather than comfort can take a look at one of the best large adjustable wrenches on the market. This 12-inch, 1.3-pound versatile tool opens up its jaws to 1 ⅜-inches. It may not be the widest opening of a wrench, but it will render a firm grip and increased leverage on account of its length. The body and head are chrome plated, so you won’t have any trouble with rust or corrosion, while chrome vanadium forged steel and built-in tension spring let it fix firmly and render high torque. The handle has a hole that allows you to store it easily and without taking up much space. You can find it for sale online or in local stores.


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Best Cordless Angle Grinder Reviews



If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best cordless angle grinder money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best cordless angle grinder on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Dewalt DCG412B is the best because it comes with a powerful 7,000 RPM motor that can cut, polish and grind most materials. The handle can be adjusted for maximum comfort and control, and you don’t need to find an extra tool whenever you change the wheel. If the Dewalt DCG412B is not available, you could consider the Makita XAG06Z as it is the second best option.



Cordless Angle Grinders. What to Look for:



Power and Speed

The best cordless angle grinder reviews agree that choosing a tool with the right power and speed capabilities is crucial if you want to be able to finish your projects quickly and easily. The power refers to the amp and wattage ratings, and you can usually find this information listed in the product’s description. Angle grinders with lower power ratings are often less expensive and can be used for most household applications.

The speed refers to how many rotations the disc can make in a minute, and it is generally between 5,000 to 10,000. While a higher RPM will allow you to finish faster, it can also increase your risk of injury if you are not careful.

best Cordless Angle grinder reviews 1000

Size and weight

Some cordless angle grinders for sale are larger and heavier than other models and are typically used for industrial applications. For tasks around the home or in a workshop you will probably want to choose one that is compact and lightweight. Not only will it be more comfortable to use for longer periods of time, smaller tools also make it easier for you to work in cramped spaces. For added comfort while you are working you might want to choose an angle grinder with a handle that minimizes vibrations.



There are a few features to consider, depending on your budget. Models that come with a battery and charger can often be used right out of the box, and this also means that you don’t have to spend money on replacements. You do want to look at battery life to make sure that it can power the tool longer enough for you to finish working.  Discs that can be changed out without the use of tools are also convenient, and some higher priced models also come with one or two to help you get started. It should be noted that the number of features and accessories will affect the price, and deciding on a budget will help you determine which ones are necessary in order for you to finish your projects with a minimum amount of time and effort.



Top Rated Cordless Angle Grinders in 2022


An angle grinder is a convenient tool to have whenever you need to cut, grind or polish materials. The power and speed needed will vary depending on the application which means we can’t choose the right one for you. We do have the best angle grinders of 2022 showcased below so you can easily make an informed decision based on your needs and budget.



Dewalt DCG412B


1.Dewalt DCG412BIf you are looking for an angle grinder with plenty of power that is still comfortable and easy to use the Dewalt DCG412B might be the perfect choice for you. The powerful motor is capable of up to 7,000 rotations per minute so you can grind, cut and polish a variety of materials without any problems. When it is time to change the disc out the “quick change wheel release” ensures that you don’t need to find an extra tool so you can get back to working without losing any time.

You will appreciate the comfort and versatility you get with the two position handle. It is located on the side to give you improved control, and this also makes it easier for you to work in tight spaces. The trigger switch also comes with a “lock off” button for added comfort while you are working.


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Makita XAG06Z


2.Makita XAG06ZYou will appreciate its compact 14 ¼ inch size when you are working in cramped spaces and its ergonomic design helps to ensure it is comfortable to use. It is compatible with 18V lithium ion batteries, though it should be noted that this needs to be purchased separately. Where this model really stands out is its power which can cut, grind and polish a variety of materials, and it will automatically adjust the speed and torque while you are working to ensure a consistent performance.

The brushless motor is designed to last longer, and since it is controlled electronically it can help conserve battery power. In some cases it can help the battery last up to 50 percent longer than other models so you can easily finish your task before it needs to be recharged.


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Bosch CAG180BL


3.Bosch CAG180BLWith the 4- pole motor capable of 10,000 RPM you have the speed and power you need to work with a variety of materials, including tile, metal and even some stone. It is also designed to help conserve battery power so you can work longer, and in some cases it can provide you with up to 25 percent more cuts than other leading models.

Its compact 4 ½ size ensures that it is lightweight and easy to control, even when you are working in tight places. The discs are easy to change out when needed, and there is even room in the included case for their storage. The case not only makes storing the cordless angle grinder a breeze, it also helps to protect it from damage when it is not being used.


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Best Small Cordless Electric Screwdriver Reviews



If you’re here just to find the best small cordless electric screwdrivers of 2022 and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph should highlight all you need to know. We’ve gathered a lot of information about the best small cordless electric screwdrivers on the market by looking at the user feedback, the value offered for the money, and even what various expert review websites had to say about them. Out of all the products we’ve gone through, the DEWALT DW920K-2 is the best as it offers extreme performance in spite of its relatively small size. Thanks to the adjustable two-position handle, owners are able to operate the screwdriver either as in-line or pistol grip. Besides, the variable speed setting in the DEWALT means that it can raise up to par in various circumstances and for different tasks. If the DEWALT DW920K-2 is unavailable, you could also consider the Black & Decker LI4000 as it’s the second best choice.



How to Choose a Good Small Cordless Electric Screwdriver


Purchasing a cordless electric screwdriver these days is not an easy thing to do because the market is overflowing with good-quality options you may need to consider. That’s why we’ve decided to extend to you a helping hand and put together a comprehensive and concise guide that can assist you with making the right call. Have a look at the following tips to determine what screwdriver is the right one for what you have in mind.


Speed range

The first thing you ought to do is decide just how much speed and power you will need to perform the tasks you plan to do with your new cordless screwdriver. The power of these products is measured in volts, and the voltage can tell you what to expect in terms of reliability and efficiency. Most of these small portable alternatives come with voltages of up to seven or eight volts, and this is mostly due to their compact size.


Battery and charger

Another detail to check is whether the model you plan on purchasing comes with a set of two batteries. This is particularly important if you have one battery in your drill while you’re employing it and the other’s one charging. As for the battery type, two of the kinds you’re likely to come across are NiCd and Li-Ion. Each of these comes with advantages and disadvantages. For example, while Nickel Cadmium batteries are more durable and compatible with virtually all chargers that exist in today’s market, they’re heavier and as such, will make your portable unit less convenient regarding transportation. Li-Ion, on the other hand, is light and small and gets the job done reliably, but it seems that the opinion of the general public about it appears to be that it can last for fewer hours than its NiCd counterpart.

The charger is another factor to ponder as you might have two options nowadays. While conventional chargers can take as many as three hours to charge your battery, smart chargers are capable of doing the same thing in as little as fifteen to sixty minutes. Regardless of your preferences, you should check whether one kind of charger or the other is provided in the package.


Size and weight

Since this is a portable product you’re looking to buy, it sure wouldn’t hurt if you took the time to look at the information regarding the size and weight. If you can, go to a store and actually hold the unit in your hand to see whether you’re comfortable with using it. Many models can weigh in at just 1 pound, but others are a tad heavier than that.



Top Rated Small Cordless Electric Screwdrivers in 2022


The best models are showcased below. We’ve noticed that these alternatives have been granted some of the best small cordless electric screwdriver reviews as buyers appear to think that they offer excellent value for the price. What’s more, they have enough power to be able to perform all the tasks you might be interested in completing.





1.DEWALT DW920K-2DeWalt is among the most reputable manufacturers in the United States and Canada market at this time as it offers both heavy-duty and compact alternatives that are fit both for professionals and for beginning users. This unique cordless electric screwdriver is definitely worth every cent as it has a plethora of attractive features, ranging from the 16-position adjustable clutch to the 2-position handle.

Owners can benefit from the freedom of customized the speed they might require to perform their activities as successfully and efficiently as possible by selecting any of the variable speeds ranging from 0 to 500 RPM. Compared to some of its competitors, the DEWALT is a bit heavier as it weighs in at 3.5 pounds. The box you’ll be getting delivers contains the actual unit, a one-hour NiCad charger, two batteries, a bit, as well as a kit box. Over 600 users have expressed their satisfaction with regard to the performance of the DW920K-2.


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Black & Decker LI4000


2.Black & Decker LI4000The LI4000 is an easy to use and comfortable model that takes affordability to a whole new level. In spite of the fact that most online retailers choose to sell it for less than forty dollars, the screwdriver doesn’t disappoint when it comes to completing whatever you might have in mind. The difference between the LI4000 and various other units is that it features a Li-Ion battery and as such it’s considerably lighter and more compact. What’s more, the product has a magnetic screw holder that makes usage extremely convenient, regardless of whether the person operating the machine is tech-savvy or not.

Additionally, the Black & Decker LI4000 also has an LED light that makes operation in dark places remarkably effective. Backed by a two-year warranty, the model is undoubtedly worth considering if you’re in the market for an accessible, compact, and reliable screwdriver that does the trick.


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Pink Power PP481


3.Pink Power PP481While it might not be the most sophisticated and technologically advanced option out there, the Pink Power PP481 might be a good alternative for individuals who aren’t yet ready to break the bank when it comes to getting a screwdriver or drill. As such, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that this model is usually priced under thirty dollars. A low price does not necessarily mean low quality, as this product may be just the right thing if you are looking to hang pictures, fix a cabinet, or even put together your new Ikea furniture.

The performance of the PP481 may be somewhat less impressive when compared to the previously described DeWalt and Black & Decker units, but that’s mostly because the Pink Power comes with just a 4.8V battery and as such, it can’t handle too much. The 150 RPM motor does seem to be a reasonable option for most individuals, especially as the screwdriver is lightweight and small-sized.


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Best Battery Operated Weed Eater Reviews



What to Consider When Buying a Top Battery Operated Weed Eater


Running quieter and cleaner compared to gas models, the machines found in the best battery operated weed eater reviews also offer simpler start and maintenance. Offering cordless simplicity, battery operated weed eaters allow the user to go around the property without being limited by extension cords. To ensure one is getting a premium quality machine, the following elements need to be considered carefully.

A.1 Battery operated weed eater

Battery Performance

Many of the products featured in the best battery operated weed eater reviews run on lithium ion batteries. These are typically rated from 20 to 40 volts for light- to medium-duty models. Lower voltage batteries offer less runtime and power compared to those with higher voltage ratings, and this can be an issue when you have to maintain a particularly large piece of property.

Charging times for the battery can also vary. Fast charging, if available for the machine, can require 30 minutes only. However, standard charging can take from three hours or longer, depending on the model. Make sure to evaluate this factor against your needs to ensure that a battery-operated machine is what you really want.



Most top rated battery operated weed eaters 2022 are designed with a straight shaft, which is perfect for easy reach under obstacles including benches, shrubs, and decks. If you don’t really have to work around too many tight areas, a straight shaft will work just fine. Additionally, the shaft should be adjustable as well, as this will enable you to change the string trimmer’s working height to a comfortable level for you to work with. This means you won’t have to bear persistent back pain for using a weed eater fixed to a single working height.


Cutting Swath

The best battery operated weed eater 2022 offers a wide cutting path to ensure faster completion of yard maintenance tasks. Check out machines that offer 12-inch cutting swaths or wider to help you finish the job easier.



A machine that has a convenient bump-feed line advance feature enables easy line release from the spool by simply tapping the trimmer head against the ground. Automatic-feed heads employ centrifugal force to deliver new line when needed.

Some models have a pro-style head instead of a spool. This type has short lengths of line to help reduce instances of tangling and jamming when loading a new line.

Dual-line heads cut twice with each rotation and also trim faster, while single-line heads facilitate winding of a fresh trimmer line. A fast-loading spool allows insertion and winding of a new line without requiring the spool to be removed or taken apart.

Variable speed controls enable use of different levels of power to suit the cutting requirements or to help extend the life of the battery.


Top Rated Battery Operated Weed Eaters in 2022


A battery-operated weed eater simplifies yard maintenance work by enabling easy mobility and cordless efficiency. The wise buyer does decent reading and research to ensure making a good buy for this type of gardening equipment. However, if you are the kind of gardener who’d rather do things than evaluate them, let us make the job easier by presenting three products worthy of being in garden expos and in your own yard.



DeWalt DCST920P1


1.DEWALT DCST920P1The DeWalt DCST920P1 string trimmer is lightweight at 14 pounds, so carrying it around is not going to be a herculean task. It cuts a wide 15-inch swath using a 0.080-inch dual line to help you finish the yard maintenance tasks quickly and easily. The dual-line head trims faster and cuts twice to ensure thoroughness. The machine is equipped with a bump-feed line advance feature that allows effortless release of fresh line from the spool with a simple tap to the ground. To ensure user comfort, the auxiliary handle is padded. The machine is outfitted with a brushless motor that optimizes the efficiency of the engine while ensuring lasting use and durability.

This device offers variable speed control via the trigger mechanism. It provides easy handling and maneuverability around and under obstacles thanks to the straight shaft. The DeWalt DCST920P1 weed eater comes with a 20-volt MAX 5.0Ah lithium ion battery that provides long run time and reliable power output. The Hi-Lo speed control switch enables effective runtime management. To ensure greater torque plus maintenance of the cutting speed under load, the machine carries an exclusive gear drive design that also increases the efficiency of the engine while needing less power input.

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Black & Decker LST136W


2.Black & Decker LST136WThe Black & Decker LST136W weed eater is equipped with the PowerDrive Transmission that enables the motor to deliver more power to drive the cutting line, which results in faster task completion. To ensure long runtime, the machine is outfitted with a rechargeable 40-volt MAX lithium battery, which also offers more power output so the unit can run stronger. The PowerCommand dial allows the user to select between maximum runtime and maximum power to optimize use of the device. For tackling thick weeds, choose 8500 RPM. For extended battery life, choose to run the machine at 6500 RPM.

For continuous work without the frequent bumping against the ground, the head is equipped with an automatic feed spool system. This element utilizes centrifugal force to feed more line when needed, ensuring dependable performance and predictability. Trim grass in areas that are difficult for even a mower to reach, thanks to the straight shaft. Easily converting from a trimmer to an edger, the machine requires a simple turn of the shaft for versatile use, so you can achieve neat edging results along hard surfaces as well. Switch between cutting and edging tasks with the head that rotates 180 degrees. The battery can be used on other tools within the same product range.

If you are interested to read more on this product, click here to visit Amazon!





3.WORX WG175Boasting versatility as a grass trimmer, edger and mower, the WORX WG175 weed eater offers three-in-one functionality. It is outfitted with dual-position wheels that enable variable use. Conversion is easy and requires no tools and no time at all-just 30 seconds! The machine is outfitted with a 32-volt MAX lithium battery that offers cordless simplicity of operation as well as effortless mobility. The lithium ion battery also provides long run times and greater power output. Moreover, it provides greater battery capacity while ensuring no gradual loss of power and no self-discharge. Unlike other battery-operated models, this 3-in-1 machine offers quick charging times and a lightweight build.

The device provides a 12-inch cutting diameter for easy and quick task completion. This weed eater offers a full single line feed system that requires no bumping against the ground to advance the line.The height of the straight shaft can be easily adjusted thanks to the quick-release trigger lever that allows telescopic changing of the working level. The 90-degree tilting shaft ensures easy maneuverability of the machine. Weighing in at just 6 pounds, the WORX WG175 comes with a flower spaceguard that helps the user move around delicate flower beds and garden plots with ease, while doubling as an effective edger guide. The front assist handle comes with seven locking adjustments for optimum comfort during use.

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