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The creation of this site has the purpose to help those who are interested into purchasing different items, but who at the same time want to have a bit more insight about that certain device or product. Our team of specialists has been reviewing items for 3 years and all members have a top degree of experience in the field they operate in. The professionalism and objectivity of our reviews have made this site visited by more than 550.000 people in 2013, gathering information about what they want to invest in. During our years bringing reviews to you we have become better and better at what we do and have extended our knowledge, thus expanding our database. The most viewed pages of our site are given below so you may get a general idea of what we are aiming for.


Here are some of the most popular buying guides we offer:


How to choose the best canopy


bestcolemancanopyCanopies are a must for every outdoor enthusiast. Either you love camping or just love spending time in your back yard, it is always best to have a place where you can hide from the scorching sun or from the pouring rain. You can do so by investing in these semi-permanent structures that are affordable and offer many benefits. Choosing the right product can be a daunting task especially for those who are not that into shopping for garden equipment. In order to avoid wasting time by looking in the wrong direction, we’ve suggested a few pointers which should get you closer to the best Coleman canopy on the market.  Despite being a rather simple product with few features, you will still want to make sure you invest your money right so it will come in handy to know the basics when it comes to these tent-like structures.

The first thing you will need to decide upon is how big of a canopy do you really need. Usually manufacturers will split size into two main categories: lightweight and heavy-duty. People go for lightweight canopies which they can use over and over, unlike the large wedding canopies which can be used only once or twice considering their size. There is a long list of things you could do with a canopy. It can be used for backyard parties, weddings, shows, vehicles, animals and much more. Next to wedding canopies, lawn canopies are the most popular.

The best canopies are cheap, easy to maintain and quite long lasting. The small or medium-sized canopy is used to improve the design of your back yard or even better, to protect your car from too much sun or hale both of which can ruin a paintjob.  Last but not least, a canopy can offer a nice protective area for your pets to enjoy during those hot summer days.

After deciding which will be the purpose of the purchase, it is time to analyze a set of characteristics which when properly chose, can lead you to the best canopy in 2022. The first thing to check out is the quality of the materials used to build your future mobile tent-like structure. Keep in mind though that durability is not everything. While an aluminum frame can be a bit more vulnerable, it is still the most indicated choice to make if you plan on packing your canopy while camping. Steel on the other hand is better suited for backyard use which is more of a semi-permanent situation that requires strength and durability to handle different weather conditions.

Aside from the metallic frame, you will also need to choose between polyester, polyethylene and vinyl which represent your three choices in terms of actual protection from the sun or the rain. The most important thing to keep in mind that polyester is waterproof but falls short when it comes to durability and that polyethylene is excellent against UV rays but cannot hold its own in the pouring rain. Vinyl is somewhere in the middle.

Last but not least, you should consider the price. Finding the best canopies under $100 will not be difficult if you know where to look. We suggest KD Canopy, Coleman or Quik-Shade. All are reliable brands that manufacture products which provide great value for money.


 How to choose the best ceiling fan


bestwestinghouseceilingfanEven though air conditioning is now available all over the world at relatively low costs, ceiling fans still hold their own and provide an even more affordable alternative to those electricity guzzling devices. The best ceiling fans from Westinghouse not only keep a room cool but also prevent you from getting sick. As most people already know, exposing yourself for too long to AC can cause serious damage while exposing yourself to a normal ceiling fan will only cause pleasure. The only downside to buying a fan is that the choices are so many that people get lost in useless details which have no consistent impact on their investment. In order to make sure you spend your money wisely we suggest taking a look at the pointers mentioned below. Hopefully, after you’ve finished reading our guide you will be ready to make the absolute best choice.

Begin by making a fair assessment of what you need. Keep in mind that the search for the best ceiling fan should start with you determining what type of environment you plan on cooling down. After you’ve made up your mind you are now ready to pick one of three different products constructed in such a way that they will address three different types of problems. The first fan is usually referred to as a dry fan. It is built for bedrooms or living rooms and should be at its best in humidity and moisture free areas. The second fan is destined for damp areas such as the bathroom or even a patio. Remember to keep it away from direct contact with water though. The last option is also the most fun. The outdoor ceiling fan is waterproof and represents the perfect investment if you live by the beach and love a nice cool area to relax in.

After choosing the right type of product it is time to start looking for specifics. The best ceiling fan 2022 is not all about being able to adapt to the environment. It is also about being cost efficient, nice looking and efficient during the summer. Your average ceiling fan will consume up to 75 watts per hour which is almost 100 times less than an air conditioner. Keep in mind though that you should get the proper sized fan in order to truly be cost efficient.

As far as looks go, you can find dozens of solutions. Some of the best ceiling fans under $100 look really amazing and offer excellent results. They even come in different textures to match the furniture around your home. They also incorporate lighting sources which add to the wow factor but also serve as excellent illuminating units especially when used on the patio or somewhere outdoors. Don’t worry too much about the price as differences tend to remain the same regardless of the different textures or of the fact that you may or may not get an illuminating source. With fans, the price difference is given by the power of the motor and the size of the blades.


How to choose the best pool vacuum cleaner


bestpolarispoolvacuumHaving a pool should be all about the fun and not about the work. Fortunately, there are dozens of vacuum cleaners which can now do an excellent job at keeping the pool completely clean without requiring any effort on your behalf. They represent one of the best investments you can make when it comes to improving the quality of your pool area. They use a little amount of energy and are now built in such a way that they will handle all types of pools, regardless of their shape or size. Because there are so many options to choose from, some research may be required before finding the best pool vacuum cleaner. The guide we’ve come up with is meant to spare you time and help you better understand what qualities really matter when it comes to this particular device.

Currently there are three different types of pool cleaners, each providing different advantages. The downsides are not really worth focusing on especially considering the fact that aside from a low efficiency rate, there is not much wrong a pool cleaner can do. Choosing the best pool vacuum cleaners is mostly a personal choice. All three cleaning mechanisms work fine depending on the situation.

The first type of cleaner you should consider, uses pressure to its advantage. It needs a pump to eliminate debris and also to move around the side of the pool. It is perfect for those who have trees surrounding the swimming area because it easily handles leafs. It has a long lifespan but it has trouble dealing with small particles which are hard to catch. The second type of cleaner uses automatic suction and sweeps the pool floor in a matter of hours. It is basically a mobile draining system which can sometimes scrub the bottom of the pool as well. It is the perfect choice to make if you don’t have a lot of large debris coming into your pool. The third type of cleaner is an electric device which needs an outlet in order to run. It usually handles all types of pools and can even come with a remote control. It is perfect for small pools though considering it uses an external energy source which is limited by the length of the power cord. The best pool vacuum cleaner 2022 should combine features coming from all three types of cleaners.  It should handle both big and small debris, it should adapt to different pool shapes and sizes and it should do its job quickly.

As far as price goes, we suggest looking for the best pool vacuum cleaners under $150. There is no actual point in spending more than that unless you have a giant pool which needs not one but two or three cleaners. You will be able to find at least 5 decent products which are based on the idea that such a device should be affordable, durable and efficient. We recommend choosing brands such as Hayward, Polaris or Pentair.


How to choose the best toilet for your budget


besttototoiletsThere are some items which are indispensable to every household across the world. The toilet is probably the most important item on that list. Choosing the best toilet is a bit more difficult than you would expect though, especially if you want to make the right investment. A great toilet can save you money and can spare you the time usually spent on maintenance. It can also change the way your bathroom looks as well as the way you feel in terms of comfort. In order to check all those elements off your list, it is best to begin by doing some research. The following suggestions should be enough to help you close in on the product which is best suited for your needs. Hopefully, after reading out pointers you will end up owning the absolute best when it comes to hygiene and comfort.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that toilets use a lot of water. To reduce costs, you should find a toilet which is powerful enough to handle things in a single flush. Even though that flush can be above average in terms of volume, it is still better to get things done right form the first try. Some models are advertised as low water consumers but actually end up using twice the water because of their lack of efficiency. The best toilets should include a large set of flush valves and a large trap-way to avoid becoming clogged. Add to that the standard 1.6 gallons flush and you get the perfect toilet.

There are some unique features that can add to the quality of your toilet. Even though these extra expenses are not mandatory, some consider them worthy of a small financial sacrifice. The most popular choice in terms of pampering refers to comfort. Nowadays you can create customized seats so as to fit you perfectly. Keep in mind though that you will have to pay for it again when it breaks which sometimes means spending more than you’ve spent on the toilet itself.

Aside from some special features which help you save money you should consider things like comfort, space and durability. The best toilet 2022 is definitely one which uses an elongated bowl. It also has a cushioned seat and a silent flushing mechanism. Even though it may be harder to install, it will certainly be worth the effort.

Toilets are not only meant for regular homes. Mobile homes or improvised homes such as tents also need a well sanitized area which will serve as a bathroom. According to the best portable toilet reviews, there are a few products which are definitely worth your attention. We suggest the ones which despite being portable, are still able to flush. Currently, ThefordPortaPotti is a benchmark for these products which still have a lot of room for improvement. Even so, they represent a more civilized and most importantly a cleaner alternative to anything else you can currently find on the market.


Most appreciated articles from our website


Best home theater receiver reviews


For a top audio performance you need to invest in an AV receiver and there are very few models as good as this one from Yamaha. It can deliver a top surround sound quality which will make listening to music or watching movies a whole lot better. The Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio features are the key for its top sound capabilities which you shouldn’t miss on. Operating it is a very simple endeavor which you will learn immediately. The best home theater receiver reviews view it as very special model, superior to most of its rivals.



Best pool vacuum cleaner reviews


Your pool needs to be cleaned thoroughly so it always looks well taken care of and this is why you need to have a reliable pool cleaner like the Zodiac F1 Polaris. The pool circulation pump will provide it with the suction power it needs to make short work of any type of debris. All in-ground swimming pools can be cleaned by this cleaner without any exceptions. The feed hose has a length of 31 feet so you are able to reach every corner of your pool. The top performances make it one of the favorite models that are analyzed by the best pool vacuum cleaner reviews.



Best karaoke machine reviews


Entertaining yourself and your friends is that much easier when you have the Akai KS808 at your disposal which is very well reviewed by the best karaoke machine reviews. It is equipped with a 7 inch TFT screen where the lyrics are easy readable and which will help you navigate through its easy to learn menu. Have access also to a built in speaker which will allow you to have a great sound quality. There are easy connectivity options so you can link it to different devices. A USB port is also available for adding even more songs to the mix.



Best convertible car seat reviews


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The Britax Marathon 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat has been nominated by the best convertible car seat reviews as a great option if you are looking to buy one. It has state-of-the-art safety features for your little one, protecting him in the unforunate event of a car collision. The frame has steel components which ensure a solid connection between the seat and the vehicle and prevents it from forward flexing, keeping it in place during a crash. The energy-absorbing EPP foam makes the sides of the seat protect the child, with his head and neck being the most important parts, from solid objects.



Best vacuum cleaner reviews


A solid vacuum cleaner that will take good care of your floors and carpets is the Hoover UH70120 WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Upright Vaccum. The powerful motor provides excellent suction capabilities for it, making short work of any dust or dirt on your floor. A long 27 foot retractable power cable lets you move about freely even in the biggest of rooms. Also you will have at your disposal an 8 foot stretch hose which you can use for cleaning some pieces of furniture. These features and more make the best vacuum cleaner reviews think very highly of it.



Best HDTV reviews


The best HDTV reviews have pointed out that this model can be considered as a great investment. A top quality picture is assured and also a great surround sound. It has Full HD capabilites in 2D, but in 3D as well. Built-in Wi-Fi gives you excellent web browsing capabilities and fast audio and video streaming. Connect to your Facebook or Twitter account to comment or tweet the movie you have just watched on it. Your iPhone or Android smart phone can be transformed in its remote through a free downloadable app.




Best recumbent exercise bike reviews


Keep in shape with the Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle so you look and feel great. You will get 8 different levels of resistance for a more demanding workout, if that is what you are looking for. In front of you there will be the console which is large enough to show you clearly the speed, distance, time and calories you burn during your workout. It is easy to put togheter when it reaches your home and it has a compact design as well so you can store it almost anywhere. The best recumbent exercise bike reviews recommend this particular one for whoever is interested in purchasing it.




Best DSLR camera reviews


The Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR Camera is a top class choice if you are looking to buy one. The powerful 18 MP CMOS sensor combined with the DIGIC 4 image processor are the key elements behind the camera`s excellent picture quality. The 3.0 inch Clear View LCD monitor will allow you to have your objective clearly in your sights before you take the shot. The menu is not hard to navigate through, being very intuitive. It can capture videos in Full HD which afterwards, either through the USB cable or through the micro SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards, can be viewed on your HDTV. The best DSLR camera reviews recommend this camera.




Best coffee maker reviews


The best coffee maker reviews have pointed out that the Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT is perfect for you, if you consider yourself a coffee enthusiasts. The flavour of your favorite coffee will be in your cup in no time after you put this reliable machine to work. If you can`t wait untill it finishes brewing, just use the pause option, pour yourself a cup and let it finish its process afterwards. The carafe has a large maximum capacity of 12 cups, perfect for when you have guests over.




Best washing machine reviews


Your clothes will look like new after you wash them in the Haier HLP21N Pulsator washer. The load goes through the top, having a maximum capacity of 1 cu. ft. The noise level is kept down so you don`t have to worry about waking up the neighbors every time you turn it on. For different types of clothes you will have 3 water levels and 3 wash cycles too. It is perfect for small apartments, managing to run even on batteries. The maximum battery life is 15 hours, more than enough for you to do your laundry. It is no wonder why the best washing machine reviews think so highly of it.




Best cordless drill reviews


DeWalt has accustomed us with top class power tools and the DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kit is no different. It is even recommended by the best cordless drill reviews. Your hand won`t tire too soon when working with it for a long time, because it weighs just 5.2 pounds. Depending on the surface you want to drill through you have a choice between two speeds: 450 rpm or 1500 rpm. The handle is ergonomic and allows you to have an extra strong grip on it so it doesn`t slip even when drilling through the hardest material.