Highest Rated Dash Cam from Timetec

1.1 Timetec 62RHG680-B8G

Main advantage

The Timetec 62RHG680-B8G has gathered some of the best dash cam reviews, but that comes as no surprise considering the number of features it comes with. In fact, it has all the characteristics a prospective buyer may ever be looking for. What’s more, it comes with excellent firmware and software that can be updated in just a couple of minutes. According to several reviewers, it is easy to install and use.


Main disadvantage

Even though the vast majority of the people who took the time to express their opinion online give praise to the Timetec 62RHG680-B8G, there have been some individuals who have had minor complaints. One of them seems to be that the unit does not come with some controls for the speaker volume or for the mic volume. However, these settings can be adjusted by connecting the device directly to a computer or by using the card reader in a laptop.


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Main features explained


Outstanding video quality

This dash comes with a variety of useful features, but the video quality is by far the most esteemed characteristic of the product. The video is either 1080p (30fps) or 720p (30 or 60fps). As is the case with other units in the line, the videos recorded by this one can be played on any type of personal computer or MAC. The data coming from both the GPS and the G-Force is stored in the video file created by the dash cam. Users can consult this info by utilizing the software provided by the manufacturers.

The neat thing about the Timetec 62RHG680-B8G is that it allows buyers to record videos up to 30 minutes without having to overwrite them. This built-in mode has been specifically designed to keep somewhat larger files.

1.2 Timetec 62RHG680-B8G


Comes with all the accessories you need

Some dash cams come with little to no accessories, which poses a problem to users who are not necessarily tech-savvy. Fortunately, this model has a variety of other items that accompany it in the package. Some buyers might be interested to know that the package contains a DVR, a GPS external antenna, an SD card of which the storage is 8GB, a USB card reader, a power cable, and both a horizontal and a vertical windscreen adhesive mount.

If you find that 8GB is not enough, the camera will support all SD cards up to 64GB in size. As for the one that comes with the product, it might be worth noting that it can store around one hour of high-quality video.


Easy mount

Since the lens has a wide angle, users will have to install the camera as high as possible. Other than this, mounting the camera is a piece of cake, as all one has to do is use the windscreen adhesive mount. However, since there are people who don’t necessarily prefer to stick a dash cam to their windshield forever, the manufacturers have included a mounting screw on the product that can work with all standard tripods.



Judging by the amount of appreciation it has gathered over time, this is the best dash cam from Timetec money can buy.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($69.99)