Because the market is in constant change and comparing the car rental agencies often means looking at different things that each of them provides, it’s hard to pinpoint which one is the worst car rental agency. However, we decided on five of them that are probably equally bad and you should avoid.


Dollar/Thrifty Car Rental

We’re starting this list strong, with a company that merged the top two worst rated rental car agencies, as expressed in a study in 2016. They have been recently combined in a single company by Chrysler.

People that have used their services most often complain about the handling of toll roads. Drivers were talked into paying a daily fee for such roads. Most people don’t like paying fees for things that they don’t need, so that’s a problem for this company.

Budget Rent-A-Car

This is the next one on our list because it was right behind the two other companies on that same study in 2016. Most people complain that they have issues with customer service when renting a car from them.

Some of the customers have been overcharged on insurance, while others have received unsolicited “upgrades” in their renting contract, without their agreement. Of course, these upgrades came with a high daily rate.

Although you might be in a hurry, you should always carefully read what you’re signing and make sure you agree to everything written on the agreement.



This is a car rental company that is known for charging some of the highest prices and they actually top the list of the most expensive rental agencies, with daily rates starting at $60. And with such tariffs, you would expect a quality service. But that is not the case.

When evaluating this car rental agency, most customers complain that the payment they made was not reflected in the quality of the experience when renting or returning their cars. Hidden fees are also added to the already high rates.

Even more surprising, some say that they have rented cars that had malfunctioning equipment, were not clean or had obvious wear spots.


Payless Car Rental

As the name suggests, this agency charges little for its services. But that’s only on the surface. The bad thing about it is that, for them to make some money, they employ the use of hidden fees and they put pressure on pre-paying for gas at the rental counter.

People that rented from them were told that they will get a better deal when buying gas from the counter and that they will only pay for what they use. Instead, they had to pay for a full tank at a higher price than one can find at a gas station.

Fox Rent A Car

This is another agency that boasts on renting cars on a low fare, more precisely starting at $7.95 per day. They are the fifth largest rental car agency but that doesn’t mean they are the best at doing it.

As expected, most complaints about this agency are related to hidden fees, tolls, and deposits for insurance. There have also been cases when people that rented cars from them were forced to pay for damages that the cars already had to begin with.


Advantage Rent A Car

This agency is known for the low prices that it practices, but also for being one of the worst car rental agencies that you could find. The complaints about it are numerous, but most of them state that the collision damage waiver fees that they practice are imposed with no explanation to the customer.

Many people refused this fee because their credit cards cover the same risks, but the agency still added it to their agreement later. Their agents are often accused of misinterpreting approvals or denials and thus causing unfavorable results for the customers.