Keeping your toilet clean will ensure that your household stays healthy. A dirty toilet not only looks bad but also smells bad and can be a great breeding place for germs. Although cleaning the toilet is not one of life’s easiest tasks, it still has to be done to save the homeowner from headaches in the long run. There are hundreds of toilet cleaning reagents on the market, but doing the cleaning quickly and efficiently is ensured by following these instructions.


Cleaning toilet



First, remove items on countertops and ledges around the toilet

Before you work on the nitty gritty of toilet cleaning, you must first clear the top surfaces in the toilet of any items that can merely obstruct your progress while cleaning. This includes tissue boxes, photos, shampoo and fragrance bottles and other toiletries. Doing so will ensure that you can clean every nook and cranny in the toilet, allowing you to give the toilet a thorough cleaning. You won’t have to be bothered by too much obstruction to clean under and around. It will also keep the various items out of the way, uncontaminated by the strong cleaning chemicals you will be using and preventing accidental dropping into the bowl.



Wear clean gloves

The various toilet cleaning chemicals can be harsh or even harmful to human skin. You must put on clean gloves for protection. Be sure to have a pair of gloves for exclusive use in cleaning the toilet since the toilet can be a breeding ground for myriads of germs. With gloves, your hands stay as clean and dry as possible when cleaning the toilet. Be sure to keep the toilet cleaning gloves separate from other gloves you may have in the household that you use for other purposes. Buying them in a different color is sensible so you don’t mistake them for dishwashing gloves.



Wipe down every surface with a damp sponge

Give every surface in the toilet an initial once-over with hot water. While the rest of the toilet is being cleaned, the hot water will penetrate the surfaces to loosen up dirt and grime so cleaning will be easier. You can moisten a sponge with hot water then use the sponge to wipe around the tank, seat, base, lid and exterior surfaces of the bowl. This will often be enough to remove the dirt without having to use special cleaning reagents.


cleaning toilet with sponge



Start the cleaning process with the bowl

Apply bowl cleaner under the rim and allow the reagent to flow down to the bowl. Using a toilet brush, scrub the bowl, making sure to get everything hiding under the rim. Close the toilet bowl lid and allow the cleaner to soak the bowl, preferably between 10 to 15 minutes.

Open the toilet bowl lid and work on the rim of the bowl. This task may be the grossest you have to do but it can be accomplished with the right kind and quantity of disinfectant and some serious elbow grease. A good homemade soft scrub formulation requires some baking soda, liquid castile soap, tea tree oil and as an option, some sweet orange, lemon or lemongrass oil. You can also make your own toilet bowl cleaner using equal parts baking soda and white vinegar, and about 10 drops each of tea tree oil plus lavender essential oils. Scrub the bowl with your prepared mixture.

You can also use specially formulated commercial toilet cleaners to remove tough mineral deposits, stains and rings that form in the bowl.



Use a disinfectant cleaner to clean the rest of the toilet

While waiting for the bowl to soak, spray some disinfectant on the outside of the toilet, working your way from the top of the tank going down. Use the sponge and wash the surfaces out with hot water as you go. Use a spray bottle with bathroom disinfectant or all-purpose cleaner to mist the whole toilet. You should get the top and bottom of the seat, the whole exterior of the bowl as well as the base. Use some light pressure with a paper or cloth towel to work the cleaner in and wipe it off.


Ceaning toilet



Flush the toilet

To rinse the brush and the bowl, flush the toilet. As the water drains from the toilet, continue scrubbing the interior surface, as the motion of the flushed water may be insufficient to rinse all the dirt off.

You may have to reapply the toilet cleaner and allow the bowl to soak in it, scrub and flush until the stain has been removed.



Clean the handle thoroughly and spray disinfectant on the floor of the toilet

You touch the handle of the toilet every time you use it. You must clean it thoroughly to ensure germ-free use. Give it a heavy coating of disinfectant spray.

Clean the surrounding section of floor. Sweep up any loose debris or hair around and behind the toilet body. Use wet paper towels, cloth or disposable wipes to wipe the area clean