Buying a new cologne may look like a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be all that hard. Since we like giving out a helping hand to prospective buyers, we have put together a list of tips and tricks one might use to understand just what they’re looking for in a new scent. If this is the first cologne you are buying, either for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you might want to go through the basics and spend as much time as possible on doing your homework.

If you feel tempted by the name of a brand or by the offer a shop has at some point, just go to a store and sniff some strips of scented paper. This will allow you to understand whether the scent goes with your personal taste and personality or not.

Check out the list of things you should consider when choosing a new men’s cologne.


Mens cologne


The basics

Colognes can be split into three main categories, depending on their base scent: spicy, green, and citrus. Green is sweet, spicy is leathery, while citrus is for men who want to always smell like they have just come out of the shower. Which one do you prefer? It all boils down to your taste, because you will be the one wearing the cologne. If you are purchasing the product for someone else, simply ask yourself whether they smell fresh, leathery, or sweet.

If you have little to no experience when it comes to brands and types of cologne, stick to these three groups.

Next, you should consider the complexion and style of the person you’re buying the cologne for. If you’re a caucasian male who is easygoing and into sports, you might not appreciate a spicy scent. However, you might like citrus. If you are into high fashion and expensive accessories, you might enjoy sweeter and spicier colognes.

Another detail you need to take into account is how the scent will interact with your skin. Don’t rush into buying a perfume or cologne right after trying it. For example, with some people, various colognes last for a whole day, while with others they won’t stick to their skin more than a couple of hours. The chemical composition of your skin can take its toll on the final smell. If you’re at a store, wait for fifteen minutes before making up your mind on whether you want to buy a bottle or not, because what you’ll be smelling fifteen minutes after spraying the cologne on your wrist will be more similar to what you’ll be smelling two hours afterward.



Consider the price

Good colognes don’t come cheap, no matter how unlikely that might be nowadays. Most of the priciest brands cost as much as two hundred dollars. Anything above this price point is probably not worth the money. However, if you feel like one hundred and fifty to two hundred dollars is way too much you might be willing to spend, we’d like to share a great tip. Several online marketplaces often organize sales and discounts and sometimes offer the same products for half the price you’d buy them for at a store.

The key takeaway, in this case, is to make up your mind about on a signature scent and then hunt down the best offer online.


Expensive mens cologne


The right scent for the right type of personality

A sporty man needs an invigorating scent, as we were emphasizing earlier on. By contrast, a well-groomed and somewhat professionally-looking individual might be more into base notes of cedar wood and a tobacco foundation. Men who are very sure of their masculinity might enjoy traditional spice and wood notes.

An urbanite is generally into cocktails and going out, which is why we think that the right kind of scent for this type of personality is one composed of green citrus and green cedar.

In the end, the rule of thumb when it comes to getting the right product is finding what you like. Once again, if you are buying the cologne for yourself, you’re ready to go test virtually every bottle available at a shop. Buying cologne for somebody else requires a little research because you’ll have to know the person to realize what he might prefer.

Whatever the case, the brand sometimes doesn’t matter all that much. Sure, branded colognes are more expensive and therefore give out that luxury feeling. However, sometimes you might have the pleasant surprise of realizing that smaller brands make just as good authentic scents.