Buying one of the top 3 models of rifle scopes is a tricky thing to do. Manufacturers aren’t making it easy for customers, considering the wide variety of products that is now available to purchase online. Some of the most important features of the best rifle scope for deer hunting are magnification, weather resistance and light transmission.

Before choosing a model over another, we recommend you have a look at some reviews and find out what other buyers thought about the product you are considering. For your convenience, we have put together a list of the top 10 rifle scopes for deer hunting.


Bushnell Trophy XLT Circle-X


1. Bushnell Trophy XLTMagnification is an innate feature of this Bushnell model. The rifle scope comes with a 32mm objective lens and an optics system that gives a helping hand to any hunter struggling to visualise his or her target. Moreover, it even comes with a protection, the Butler Creek flip-up caps. These make sure that the lens don’t ever get to be affected by rainy weather.

The shotgun scope has gathered some of the best reviews out there, with customers claiming they use it with Berettas, Remingtons and Mossbergs, to hunt for turkey and deer.

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Tasco World Class DWC39X50N


2. Tasco World ClassThe Tasco model can be used both for deer and big game hunting. It features large objective lens (50mm) that come with an intense magnification range, of 3x to 9x. As is the case with the Bushnell model we were mentioning above, it’s guaranteed to be water resistant and provide enough visibility even in foggy weather. It is one of the most affordable rifle scopes we’ve stumbled upon this far.

Customers claim the rifle scope’s quality can be compared with a top-of-the-line Nikon or Weaver. Many buyers state that it’s among the brightest ones out there.

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Simmons ProHunter ProDiamond


3. Simmons ProHunterThis Simmons model is also among the cheapest one of the line. It comes with a magnification of 4x and objective lens of 32mm. To make things easier for users, Simmons even added a Quick Target Acquisition system, featuring 4” of eye relief.

It’s easy to see that this is one of the top rated rifle scopes for deer hunting, considering the fact that it’s both fogproof and waterproof. It’s one of the lightest models out there, with a weight of only 8.6 ounces. Customers use it with Mossbergs, Remingtons, Saigas and Rugers.

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Truglo Compact Strut N TG8504


4. Truglo CompactAs with the Bushnell model we described in the beginning, this Truglo Compact one can also be used for deer and turkey hunting. Featuring a magnification of 4x and lens of 32mm, it’s certainly hard to say no to. Considering its price, it’s one of the most affordable models out there. Yet the low price doesn’t affect the brightness, clarity and contrast of the visualised images.

Windage and elevation are highly customizable with this one, considering the fact that it comes with a convenient leaf spring. The manufacturers are offering a lifetime warranty.

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BSA Deer Hunter DH25x20


5. BSA Deer HunterJust when you thought rifle scopes couldn’t get any cheaper, this BSA model comes along and shatters any expectation. With a list price that’s less than $70, the scope is certainly of the most inexpensive ones out there. It doesn’t come with the same cutting-edge functions of other models, but it does a great job and has been acclaimed by many American customers.

It comes with long eye relief and 2.5 variable power. The provided images are crisp and clear and leave no room for distortion. It is said that it is remarkably solid and dependable.

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Steiner 5005 GS3


6. Steiner 5005 GS3This Steiner model has anything any professional hunter could ever wish for. Sharp resolution, color adjustment and a short mounting length make it one of the most desirable ones out there. It certainly does cost a pretty penny, but if you’re really prepared to upgrade your hunting experience, don’t hesitate to consider this model, because it is by far the lightest and most versatile on the current market.

Buyers claim it provides great value for the price it comes with. It is destined for people looking for short scopes.

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Nikon Buckmaster


7. Model Nikon BuckmasterNikon is a world-known company that produces some of the best photo cameras. All things considered, there couldn’t have been a better manufacturer for a riflescope, considering the amount of experience that Nikon professionals have gathered during the last 98 years they’ve been on the market.

The Buckmaster model comes with a BDC hunting reticle and a ¼-MOA click adjustment. With an eye relief of 3.5” and with waterproof, shockproof and fogproof lens, this model is certainly a noteworthy alternative. Buyers state that it can hit well beyond 300 yards.

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BSA Deerhunter DH39X40


8. BSA 3-9X40As is the case with other aforementioned models, this one is also on the affordable side. BSA Optics are known for manufacturing dependable rifle scopes, and this one does them proud. With a variable power between 3 and 9 and an easy focus eyepiece, the model has gathered some of the best reviews out there. Buyers are advised to take into account the fact that this rifle scope is destined for 100 yards hunting.

According to various customers, it is easy to install and works well with Marlins and REMs.

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Truglo Compact TG8504BR


9. Truglo Compact 4x32Filled with nitrogen gas and featuring rings for .22 and air rifles, this Truglo Compact model is the best ones out there. Don’t be fooled by the friendly price! It comes with a diamond reticle which has been specifically developed for deer and turkey hunting. Elevation adjustment is customizable with this one, and the rubber eye-guard is a neat addition.

The top-quality aluminum that’s made of largely contributes to it being dependable and sturdy. The matte finish of this one will make sure that your target doesn’t discover you before you do it.

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Carson 3D Series RS-444MD


10. Carson 3D SeriesThe Carson model is water resistant and has been proved to withhold foggy conditions and even shock. It comes with a convenient eye relief with a size of 4 inches. Buyers can make use of the versatile magnification that’s between 4.5x and 14x. Customers are advised that the entire weight of the model is 16 ounces, which is why it doesn’t speak to the needs of individuals looking for lighter rifle scopes.

With a 44mm lens and lifetime manufacturer warranty, the Carson is undoubtedly a product to consider for your shotgun.

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