A plasma cutter is often necessary when you are working with metal materials, and is a standard tool on many construction and industrial sites. Home workshops can also benefit from a plasma cutter, and there are several models to choose from. The top rated plasma cutters are easy to use, and will let you cut and form the metal material into the shape you need to finish your project. To help you make an informed decision we have included brief reviews of the top 10 plasma cutters for almost any job.


Lotos Technology LT5000D


1. Lotos Technology LT5000DWith this 50 amp plasma cutter you can easily cut through stainless and steel alloys. It can also be used on softer copper and other commonly used metals, and you’ll appreciate it is simple to use design. Considered one of the top 3 models, this convenient tool can cut aluminum and stainless steel materials up to ½ inch thick. With dual voltage capabilities you can plug into most standard outlets and the one year warranty gives you added peace of mind.

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Lotos Technology LTP5000D


2. Lotos Technology LTP5000DConsidered one of the best plasma cutters, you have the advantage of being able to smoothly cut thin and thick metal. With 50 amps of power you can effortlessly slice through rough or rusty surfaces without any problems, and you also have the advantage of being able to run off of 110v or 120V with the addition of a simple pigtail. Use this portable plasma cutter almost anywhere, and with its ability to slice smoothly through hard steel and soft aluminum you will be able to finish all of your projects.

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Ramsond CUT 50DY


3. Ramsond CUT 50DYFeaturing a compact construction and easy to operate design, this plasma cutter is ideal for almost any job. You have the advantage of being able to cut material up to ¾ inch thick, along with dual voltage capabilities. Plug into almost any electrical outlet, and since everything you need is included you can get right to work cutting different metal materials. You also have the advantage of the easy to read pressure gauge which helps to ensure smooth and even cuts. This compact plasma cutter also features several safety features so you can finish a job with minimal risk of injury.

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Hobart Airforce 500534


4. Hobart Airforce 500534With everything included with this lightweight plasma cutter you can get started right out of the box. The 250ci unit is compatible with standard 120v electrical outlets, and also included a limited manufacturer’s warranty. You can easily cut mild steel up to a ¼ inch thick, along with aluminum, copper, and other metals. The electrical arc will smoothly cut through the material without leaving rough edges, and help you quickly finish your job. With its durable and lightweight construction this plasma cutter is perfect for construction sites, along with home workshops.

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Hobart 500548


5. Hobart 500548This inverter style plasma cutter is perfect for cutting through all of your conductive materials. You will appreciate the easy to operate design, along with the affordable price. The plasma cutter can be adapted to work with standard electrical outlets, and its portable design lets you take it with you to most job sites. You have the advantage of creating less of a mess, along with being able to precisely cut thin metal and mild steel.

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Longevity Forcecut 40D


6. Longevity Forcecut 40DThis affordable plasma cutter is perfect for home or garage workshops. You have the advantage of dual voltage, along with 40 amps of cutting power. This lightweight tool will easily cut steel up to ½ inch thick while plugged into a 120v outlet, and a ¼ inch thick with 110 volts of electricity. The front facing controls are easy to read and use and you can also adjust the air for perfectly smooth cuts.

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Everlast Supercut 50


7. Everlast Supercut 50With the ability to adjust the air pressure flow from the front of the plasma cutter, you don’t have to worry about injuries while you are trying to get the perfect cut. Not only is this plasma cutter designed to be safe to use, it is also simple to operate. You have the advantage of 50 amps of power to cut through almost any conductive material, including up to 1 inch thickness on some metals. With additional pressure lights to keep you updated, you can make smooth and precise cuts on steel, aluminum, and other commonly used metals.

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Hypertherm Powermax 45


8. Hypertherm Powermax 45Compact and lightweight, this plasma cutter is also powerful. You have the advantage of being able to make cuts up to one inch thick, along with the denser energy arc. This plasma cutter features innovative technology that not only gives you a better cut, it also makes this device incredibly easy for beginners to use. With additional features that help to extend the life of the nozzle and the internal mechanics, this dependable plasma cutter is perfect for any serious workshop.

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Miller Electric Spectrum 375


9. Miller Electric Spectrum 375This plasma cutter is designed to go with you to the job site and features dual voltage capabilities, along with  cables for the torch and clamp. The long electrical cord ensures that you can reach an outlet, and still have plenty of room to move around. Capable of cutting mild steel up to 3/8 inch thick, you’ll also appreciate its easy to operate design. Smoothly cut through commonly used conductive metals, and shorten the time it takes to finish a project with this powerful plasma cutter.

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Eastwood Metal Versa Cut


10. Eastwood Metal Versa CutWith 40 amps of power you can easily cut through most metal materials, and you also have the benefit of the dual voltage capabilities. Designed to be lightweight, reliable, and affordable, this plasma cutter is perfect for your home workshop. It features an easy to operate design, along with plenty of cable length to move around. Capable of slicing steel as thin as 24 gauges or as thick as 3/8″, you will love the versatility of this lightweight and durable plasma cutter.

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