Hunting can be a great activity. Hunting with a bow, on the other hand, is even better, because it gives you more power over the way you shoot. However, you can only get a satisfying experience if you go hunting with a good bow. Otherwise, all you’re ever going to get is frustration.

You might be wondering how to find the best hunting bow out there, and the answer is simple: you have to do some research. This implies looking through the top rated hunting bows out there, and finding the perfect one for you. As you might imagine, this can be quite a lengthy process, which is why we’re trying to help you by making it faster. Indeed, we already found the top 10 hunting bows, and we’re letting you know which ones they are. Thanks to this, you’ll have a way easier time with this whole process.


Infinite Edge Blk Ops Rh 3070


1. Infinite Edge Blk Ops Rh 3070This model is one of the top 5 out there. First of all, it can be used by children, which is great, since very few bows can be adjusted for small frame individuals. Not only this, but once the child grows, he or she can keep on using it, because the bow can once again be adjusted.

The draw length can be changed anywhere from 13 inches to 30 inches, and the draw weight can go anywhere from 5 to 70 pounds. This makes it perfect for both target shooting and hunting, which means that you won’t have to purchase 2 different bows.

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SAS Rage


2. SAS RageThis model is terrific for several reasons, one of which being the fact that it’s lightweight. Indeed, when you’re out for an entire day hunting, and you have to carry the bow with you, having a model that’s heavy isn’t such a great idea. That’s because it will get you tired in no time, leaving you with less energy to actually hunt.

In terms of the draw length, this bow allows you to adjust it from 26 to 30 inches, while the draw weight can go from 55 to 70 pounds. Finally, the maximum speed you’ll get with it is 270 FPS, which is quite remarkable.

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Diamond Archery Infinite Edge


3. Infinite Edge BowThis bow is absolutely incredible when it comes to versatility. Indeed, it can be used by both beginners and experts, because it allows its users to adjust it to the exact level they feel most comfortable with. One reviewer talked about how extremely happy he is with this product; in fact, he said that it works beyond his expectations.

It’s easy to see why he would say that, since this model has a draw range between 13 and 30 inches. Not only this, but you can adjust the draw weight anywhere between 5 and 70 pounds.

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Samick Sage Takedown


4. Samick Sage TakedownIf you’re looking for a more classic bow, then this is the one for you. Indeed, with its sleek look, it’s hard not to fall in love with it. Many reviewers described this model as being perfect for beginners, since when bought at lower pound limits, it helps the archer achieve that perfect posture he or she is looking for. Then, once the perfect posture is achieved, you can later purchase heavier limbs separately.

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Genesis Original GOB123


5. Genesis Original BowIf you’re hoping to start using the same bow that’s used by the National Archery in the Schools Program, then this one’s the one you want. Indeed, with it you get everything you want, from increased durability, to a design that’s especially created to offer the perfect balance. Finally, you’ll be getting a very lightweight bow, which is absolutely crucial if you’re planning on going on long hunting trips.

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SAS Siege


6. SAS SiegeIf you’re hoping to purchase a bow that has a very modern look to it, then this one’s the one you should get. Indeed, it’s silver color will make you feel like you’re holding the power of a gun at your finger tips.

The great news is that this model has much more than mere looks to provide to its users. It’s a wonderful bow for adults, as it comes with a draw length of 29 inches, and a draw weight ranging anywhere from 40 to 55 pounds.

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Martin Jaguar 2816N45


7. Martin Jaguar Takedown BowThis is yet another traditional bow, though we should tell you not to be fooled by its traditional look, as this bow can be much more efficient than that. For starters, the wood and glass limbs are laminated, all in order to offer you a smooth draw.

In addition, the bow was designed to have a comfortable grip, which means that you won’t feel awkward even when holding it for a long period of time. To add to the comfort factor, this model is extremely light, only weighing 2.7 lbs. As such, you will have absolutely no problems carrying it with you wherever you go.

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SAS Courage


8. SAS CourageIf you’re a serious archer, then this is the model you need. To begin, it’s very sturdy, which is extremely important. Indeed, the last thing you want is a bow that is too feeble for you to use. In addition, it’s extremely efficient, which means that whatever you want done, will be done with it. With a draw weight between 40 and 55 pounds, and a draw length of 60 inches, it is obvious to see why it’s so effective.

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SAS Sergeant


9. SAS SergeantThis model comes in a package with pretty much everything you’ll ever need. First of all, there’s the bow, of course, and not just any bow. With this package, you’re getting a very efficient model, with a draw weight of 55 pounds, and a draw length of 29 inches. In addition, you’ll also be getting a 3 pin sight, quiver, an arm guard, an arrow rest, a finger tab and arrows.

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Martin XR


10. Martin XRThis model is perfect because it allows you to convert it from right handed use to left handed use. As such, if you’re planning to share this bow with another person, you won’t have any problems whatsoever. You’ll also love to know that this model is very efficient, as it has an elevated rest that gives an easier shooting, which is also more accurate.

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