The great game of golf is the perfect way to relax and even conduct some friendly business, as long as you have the right set of clubs. Even the best player will tell you a driver can make all of the difference between playing a great game of golf, and spending your time in the bushes. Not all clubs are created the same, and you want to choose one that is comfortable for your swing. This is why we have listed brief reviews of the top 10 golf drivers to help you improve your game.


TaylorMade JetSpeed


1. TaylorMade JetSpeedWith its innovative technology that increases speed while minimizing the spinning of your ball, you’ll rarely spend time in the rough with this graphite golf driver. Considered one of the top 3 models, it is designed to give your shots more speed and distance. The graphite shaft is lightweight and comfortable to hold, and you’ll love how this golf driver affects your scores. Hit the ball on the sweet spot more often, and enjoy having maximum control over your swings.

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Cobra Golf Bio Cell


2. Cobra Golf Bio CellThis is often considered one of the best golf drivers for different types of terrain. You can change the loft to one of eight different settings to maximize your distance and help keep your ball on course. Adjust for hills and across sand traps, and you also have the advantage of the balanced shaft which helps you hit the ball in the center each time. Lightweight and comfortable to swing, you’ll love seeing your ball travel straight down the fairway when you use this graphite golf driver.

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TaylorMade SLDR


3. TaylorMade SLDRIt is easy to see why this is considered one of the top rated golf drivers with its ability to dramatically increase the distance of your shots. The lightweight graphite shaft fits comfortably in your hand, and you’ll appreciate the increased speed and loft when you need to clear longer distances. You also have the advantage of being able to raise or lower the loft depending on your shot so you can consistently see better scores every time you are on the course.

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Adams Golf Speedline Super S


4. Adams Golf Speedline Super SThe innovative technology featured in this golf driver will improve your swing, and your scores. Using slot technology to increase the velocity, you’ll now find it easier than ever to hit the sweet spot directly on the center. See your shots go farther, along with increasing the speed. You’ll love being able to make it further down the fairway and across various hazards with this lightweight graphite golf driver.

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Nike Golf VRS Covert 2.0


5. Nike Golf VRS Covert 2.0This stiff graphite driver features a stylish design that will get you notice for more than your incredible long distance shots. This lightweight golf driver features a red, black, and silver design that is tasteful and looks professional in your bag. You’ll love being able to hit your golf balls easily in the center, and having more control over the loft. Designed to help you look great while improving your game, it is easy to see why so many players recommend this golf driver.

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Pinemeadow SPR


6. Pinemeadow SPRThe included cover helps to protect this golf driver, which also features a lightweight and comfortable construction. You’ll appreciate the advantage the increased distance and improved control over the ball’s trajectory bring to your game, along with being able to launch at higher angles. The shallow face on the driver makes it easier for you to hit the ball’s sweet spot, and you’ll love how comfortable the single weight graphite club feels when you swing it.

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Cleveland Golf 588


7. Cleveland Golf 588Featuring innovative lightweight technology that is designed to improve your swing, this golf driver can help take all of the stress out of the game. It features a larger head that is designed to give you more speed and distance with your shots, while still being incredibly lightweight and comfortable to hold. This also makes it easier to find the center on your balls, so each of your shots will travel the maximum distance. Capable of producing mid and high launches you can easily clear any obstacles with this graphite golf driver.

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Nextt Golf Green Monster XL 520


8. Nextt Golf Green Monster XL 520While this golf driver might be illegal on some courses with 520cc, it is incredibly powerful and fun to use. Combining revolutionary power technology and a larger area to target the sweet spot, you’ll be amazed how much farther your ball will fly. Quickly pass all of your fellow players and finish a course in almost record time, with the ability to clear fairways and hazards nothing will stop you from getting the lowest score. The golf driver also includes a protective cover that will prevent nicks and marks from marring its surface and ruining your shots.

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Cleveland Golf 588


9. Cleveland Golf 588Hit the ball in the center for incredible long distance shots, or increase the speed with an easy hit to the side. This lightweight golf driver is comfortable to swing, and will help you improve your game. You have the advantage of being able to adjust the loft and angle, while the weight can also be changed with the easy to turn screw. Choose from 12 settings to find one that is perfect for each type of shot. Easily play through fellow golfers, and finally see your scores on the course improve with this tested graphite driver.

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Callaway Big Bertha V


10. Callaway Big Bertha VWith its lightweight graphite shaft and speed enhancing technology, there is very little that you can’t do on a golf course with this driver. This golf driver is designed to get your quickly down the course, while still giving you control over your shots. Clear hazards and make it down long fairways in only a couple of strokes, and finally be proud of your golf scores. Hit the ball consistently in the center for maximum speed and distance, and enjoy the accuracy that you get when you use this amazing golf driver.

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