Fishing is a great pastime you can enjoy alone or with your family and friends. A fishing boat is nice to have on your trips, but picking the right one may be a bit tricky. We are listing below the top 10 fishing boats loved by fishermen everywhere, both casual and seasoned, so you can see which one is a right fit for your needs. Remember that a good quality fishing boat can greatly improve your experience and that learning more about them is not a bad idea at all. See our selection and decide for yourself which boat is really worth buying.


Intex Excursion 5


1.Intex Excursion 5The Intex Excursion 5 is a great choice if you want to spend an entire day on water, along with your family and friends. Being able to accommodate up to five people, this fishing boat is a great piece of equipment to carry along with you on your trips. Because it is approved by the US Coast Guard, it is the safest choice for you even when you are taking your kids with you on the boat. Considered the best fishing boat money can buy today, the Intex Excursion 5 is also number one on our list.

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Intex Mariner 4


2.Intex Mariner 4Spacious boats are loved by anglers, but the ones most often chosen also have other remarkable qualities, such as durability. The Intex Mariner 4 is made of three separate layers that ensure that no drop of water will get through the fabric and that you will not have to worry about puncturing it by accident, either. The plastic flooring adds to its durability, and also makes sure that people getting on board will not have a hard time standing up. The two available fishing rod holders truly come in handy.

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KL Industries Sun Dolphin


3.KL Industries Sun Dolphin Sportsman Fishing BoatThis fishing boat made for two is another great favorite among anglers, and it is a good choice if you want a fishing boat that easily fits in a van or on a truck bed. Earning a well deserved spot on our list, the KL Industries Sun Dolphin Sportsman Fishing Boat meets all the necessary safety standards imposed by the US Coast Guard and other organizations. The last of the top 3 models listed here, this fishing boat has two swiveling chairs that allow two anglers to see about their favorite pastime with ease.

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Sun Dolphin WT94CW Water Tender


4.Sun Dolphin Water Tender Row BoatIf you prefer doing things the old fashioned way, the Sun Dolphin Water Tender Row Boat is a rowing model in the most traditional sense. Besides fishing, you can use this boat as a dinghy or as a utility rowboat. The maximum capacity the boat can hold is 480 pounds, so a few people can easily be accommodated. The manufacturer offers two year warranty on hull and parts, and the boat is sturdily built. Ideal for fishing trips, this model comes equipped with a few nice extras like cup holders.

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Solstice Voyager 30400


5.Solstice VoyagerA boat designed to accommodate up to 4 passengers, the Solstice Voyager is an inflatable model that will make your fishing trips more enjoyable. Although it does not come equipped with too many bells and whistles, the boat compensates through its unbeatable price and the comfort it provides. The inflatable seats will allow you to seat comfortable through hours and hours waiting to catch something in your hook. The fishing rod holder is a nice add-on because it helps you relax while enjoying your favorite pastime.

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Classic Accessories Roanoke


6.Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon BoatFor the solitary angler, this boat is the ideal choice. You will be able to enjoy the silence and beauty of nature without anyone to disturb you, away from the maddening crowd. This fishing boat created for one person enjoys many positive reviews from users, and one of its great advantages is its light weight. You will encounter no troubles when you will maneuver this boat, and your fishing trip will be very enjoyable. Leg rests can be adjusted to accommodate people of different heights, and its weight limit is 350 pounds.

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KL Industries American 12 Jon


7.KL Industries American 12 Jon Fishing BoatThe KL Industries American 12 Jon Fishing Boat is among the top rated fishing boats available because of the great advantages it offers. The seating areas are very spacious and there are four rod holders present on the boat, which means that you can take your friends along on your boat and enjoy a great time together. Holding up to 510 pounds, this fishing boat is one of the best choices around at the moment. It meets all the necessary safety regulations and it is easy to transport.

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Sevylor Coleman Colorado(TM)


8.Coleman Colorado(TM) 2-Person Fishing KayakIf you are planning a more daring adventure, this kayak for two people is just what you are looking for. The Coleman fishing boat reviewed here is built to withstand the roughest conditions, and due to its multiple air chamber design, if one of them is punctured, the others will keep the boat afloat. The boat complies with all the necessary safety regulations, and you will not have to worry about anything when you are fishing or hunting. The paddle holders are handy, as they keep your paddles away so you can focus on fishing.

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Sevylor Coleman Fish Hunter(TM)


9.Coleman Fish Hunter(TM) 4-Person Fishing BoatIf you have many friends with the same passion for fishing as you, you will love this four person fishing boat. Safety is important for anglers and hunters, and having a good piece of equipment you can rely on is recommended. When you are using the Coleman Fish Hunter boat, your peace of mind is ensured; the multiple air chambers are cleverly separated, so even if something happens and one gets flooded with water, the boat will still maintain its floatability. The multiple rod holders will contribute to the success of your journey, too.

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Sevylor Fish Hunter


10.Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable 4-Person BoatThis inflatable model is a good choice if you are looking for an inexpensive option for a fishing boat. Capable of holding up to 700 pounds, it is ideal for trips gathering more friends along. Four people can easily sit in the same boat. The design is built to ensure stability and floatability on water, and the two lateral tunnel chambers are there for this specific purpose. The two seats are inflatable and very comfortable and the rod holders let you enjoy your trip to the lake, while waiting for fish to bite.

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