What is the best rifle scope for deer hunting from Tasco



According to the Tasco World Class WA39X40STN Reviews, this scope features the best configuration for hunting deer and large game.

The product features a large objective lens that is used to boost light and features a good range for magnification.

The rifle scope is excellent to use in any weather condition as it is 100% waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof.

The scope is considered to be one of the best rifle scopes for deer hunting from Tasco because it has excellent eye relief and it is easy to sight in.



It is worth mentioning that there have been complaints that this particular scope has very limited adjustment capabilities. This is a problem because some users feel that when they look through the scope, it is not in focus and too blurry.

It has also been mentioned that although the scope was working properly at a particular distance, when they moved further away, the scope was all over the place and it was not easy to get back on the target. With that said, the consumers did contact customer service and was issued a new scope that worked as intended.


Customer rating –> B


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Benefits Explained

  • For being one of the best rifle scopes for deer hunting, this scope delivers high-performance optics, thanks to the 3-9x variable magnification capabilities and the 40mm objective lens. The 30/30 reticle provides you with a crisp image that will allow you to make your mark every time.

  • In order to get the most out of the lighting situation, the scope features Tasco’sSuperCon multi-layered coating on both the object and ocular lenses. This coating allows for more light to be filtered through the scope and is excellent for making the most of a low light situation.


  • Because this scope features a one-tube construction, the seals on the scope create a weather tight seal, making it 100% waterproof, fog proof, and it is also shockproof. These are ideal features when you are looking for rifle scope accessories because it means the products are durable and can be used in a multitude of weather conditions. If the scope happens to be bumped, the shockproof feature prevents the scope from getting off target.


  • With this particular scope, you can easily change the positioning of the sight with a single touch of your fingertip. The responsive adjustment capabilities of this scope gives you optimal precision when you are trying to tag your next target.


When you are looking to tag your next deer or large game, you will want to make sure you have a high quality rifle scope. These devices can magnify the deer, making them easier to spot in the dense foliage. With a high powered scope that makes use of whatever light is available, you are improving your odds at snagging that prized buck.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($54.99)