2.1 Tascam US-322 USB Audio InterfaceBenefits

This revolutionary product deserves to be the best MIDI audio interface thanks to its employment of High Definition Discrete Architecture (HDDA) in its Microphone pre-amplifiers.

The unit comes with onboard DSP mixer that offers two operational modes, for superb versatility.

The revolutionary device has all the needed MIDI audio interface accessories for all-in-one flexibility and superior functionality.

Make high-quality recordings using send and insert effects that make sounds more awesome and exciting.

The recording tool offers plug-and-play simplicity.



The absence of a MIDI output, which enables data sending to a sequencer for expansion, may discourage some buyers from buying this state-of-the-art best MIDI audio interface from Tascam.

The device has system requirements of Windows XP, 7 and 8 but not Vista.

Some users might prefer different software to use with the device than Cubase.


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Benefits Explained

>>The HDDA Mic Amplifiers ensure superior sound production by the device. This state-of-the-art best audio interface has undergone rigorous testing and trials to come up with a unique structure built with premium quality parts. The pre-amp offers wide frequency response ranging from 10Hz to 68Hz that allows flexibility in the way you create sound. It also boasts of a high sound/noise ratio of 98 decibels to ensure crisp sound delivery.

2.2 Tascam US-322 USB Audio Interface

>>Users will surely appreciate the on-board DSP mixer that provides two operational modes. The Multi-track Mode is perfect for creating music. This component delivers independent monitor mixing from an inline console to a PC, for send-level functionality. The element also enables mono-aural monitoring, which allows you to do plenty of mixing and balancing of the mix even with just one ear. The Stereo Mix Mode enables you to do convenient broadcast or podcast recording. The DSP mixer lets you transmit the output audio signal back to your PC from any computer. Voice can be mixed by microphone using any BGM from a PC. The mixed sound travels back to your PC responsively.

>>The RCA line outputs create balance in your mixes. The onboard digital mixer provides just what you need for podcast, broadcast and music recording. The two balanced XLR microphone/TRS line inputs let you switch to guitar input to get higher impedance support. There is an output selector for each output so you can select between PC sound and internal mixer output. Intuitive operation on the PC enables exceptional sound mixing and activating effects. There is even a 0.25-inch TRS headphone output for your convenience.

>>Sound gets more exciting with the reverb function for send and the Compressor and equalizer for inserting effects. With just a click, you can hide or access the mixer panel and effects easily using the Mixer Panel button on top of the device.

>>The device offers USB 2.0 bus-powered simplicity, enabling you to set-up and use the features of the device effortlessly.


Final words

The TASCAM US-322 2-In/2-Out USB Audio Interface deserves to be the top rated in many Tascam US-322 reviews due to its revolutionary and innovative features including the onboard DSP Mixer for broadcasting, podcasting and music creation purposes. It has USB plug-and-play simplicity and the right number of outputs for easy device integration and sound mixing.


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