2.1 Summit Goliath SD TreestandBenefits

Sound Deadening Technology

Patented QuickDraw® Cable retention system

Revolutionary SummitLokt® precision welding

Exclusive RapidClimb® Climbing Stirrups

Built to last



This awesome stand comes with all the necessary climbing tree stand accessories that make it a bit difficult to figure out how to put together for carrying.

One of the Summit Goliath SD reviews bemoans the inadequacy of padding on the straps.


Customer rating –> A


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Benefits Explained

  • Most buyers of the Summit Goliath SD Treestand are happy that this best climbing tree stand from Summit Treestands carries unmatched Dead Metal Sound Deadening SD Technology. This system ensures that the hunter is effectively concealed thanks to the platform’s critical parts being filled with specially-engineered expanding foam that reduces unwanted noise caused by movement on the platform.

2.2 Summit Goliath SD Treestand

  • Due to the revolutionary innovation of Summit’s QuickDraw® Cable retention system, this climbing tree stand offers the fastest cable attachment concept in the industry. Just insert the cable into the special bracket of the suspension arm once the cable has been sized for the diameter of the tree. Then, simply pull the unique “trigger” to lock the cable in place. There’s no need to fumble with knobs, pins, nuts and bolts just to get a silent and secure attachment.


  • Engineered with Summit’s SummitLokt® precision welding, this unit has top-quality extruded aluminum and SummitLokt with precision welds, which ensure optimum rigidity and reliable strength. Before welding, every joint is “locked” into place. Each joint is also geared to minimize weld stress, resulting to a noiseless stand that is sure to be strong, safe and secure.


  • Adjusting to any boot size and made with ergonomic shape, the Summit Goliath SD Treestand has legendary RapidClimb® Climbing Stirrups that are remarkably fast and easy to use, making it well-loved by many.


  • The Goliath SD is definitely built to last thanks to its five-year limited warranty that ensures long-term durability and dependable functionality. It has all the needed hardware, straps, pads and ropes that ensure effective targeting without compromising on premium quality and craftsmanship. This product offers hunters a great hunting essential that makes one look forward to every season of prey targeting.



Buyers can’t go wrong with this best climbing tree stand that offers generous weight capacity. The wider top offers more room to move around in. The large seat is comfortable for perching. The product is engineered for maximum concealment with sound-deadening technology, plus legendary cable attachment system, and four-point attachment for safe and secure use.


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