Choose the best climbing tree stand from Summit


1.1 Summit 180 MAX SD TreestandBenefits

Large 6-channel aluminum platform

High-capacity product

Comes with the necessary climbing tree stand accessories

Built with sound-muffling technology

Preassembled in the USA



Some Summit 180 MAX SD reviews have mentioned that the product is truly great value for money but is somewhat bulky to carry, though this is not a huge issue for happy users.

Like any other tree stand, the product does not have provisions for carrying your weapon by your side.


Customer rating –> A+


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Benefits Explained

-The 6-channel Titan aluminum platform is made large enough to accommodate hunters with larger-than-average builds. The Surround Seat is height adjustable, a flexible feature that allows sitting while facing the tree. It can also be configured to be reversed with the seat against the tree. This is all while keeping the weight down to a manageable 23 pounds. The foam seat is made comfortable with the backrest.

1.2 Summit 180 MAX SD Treestand

-With its maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, the Summit 180 MAX SD Treestand is the best climbing tree stand from Summit Treestands. You want extra space for yourself, the Summit 180 MAX SD provides exactly that. The extended top frame is made of top-quality precision-welded aluminum that is perfect for tall hunters. There’s also plenty of room to move around in while obtaining a comfortable vantage point at all times.

-Aside from the aluminum platform frame and comfortable aluminum seat/climber frame, the tree stand also comes with the needed accessories to make elevated patrolling a success. The two coated steel-climbing cables enable easy attachment. The four-point FAS (harness) system has an attached SRS strap and safety strap to ensure fail-proof and safe use. The RapidClimb Stirrups provide hunters easy-to-use stable footing. The wrap-around camo pad with camo backpack straps ensure a foolproof way of hunting without being noticed by prey. Keeping the tree stand secure are the green utility strap and stand umbilical rope.

-Aside from its camouflage coloration, the unit is also built with sound deadening technology that provides reliable noise control for effective targeting at all times. This is through custom-engineered expanding foam to muffle out unintentional noise.

-Absolute rigidity, maximum strength and premium quality highlight this US-made product built for the serious huntsman.



The Summit 180 MAX SD offers low weight, versatility, comfort and roominess all perfectly balanced to give avid hunters distinct advantage for effective targeting. This product is truly the best climbing tree stand that you can carry on your back or take with you for successful hunting trips.


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