What is the best 2 room camping tent


1.Suisse Sport Yosemite 5 Person 2 Room Dome Tent 10' x 8'Benefits

A large, comfortable design and durable construction make this the best camping tent from Suisse Sport.

The tent can be set up with little or no assistance, and is lightweight for easy portability.

Suisse Sport Yosemite reviews state that the tent is water resistant and able to provide plenty of ventilation on muggy summer nights.

All of the camping tent accessories are included with your purchase, including the convenient carrying and storage bag.



While the directions are easy to read, there have been some problems attaching the room divider. This problem is usually solved with an extra hand to help hold it in place.

The water resistant tent is leak free, but the front awning can collect water during a rainstorm. This might cause some water to drip in when the door is first opened.

Steel pegs are included to help secure the tent in place, but many consumers prefer to purchase the longer and more durable stakes. While this might be considered an extra expensive, it is not necessary in order to comfortably use the outdoor tent.


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  • The domed tent can comfortably sleep up to four people, and includes a removable privacy wall for additional privacy for sleeping or changing. The durable fabric is designed to be water resistant, and the included vinyl floor keeps out dirt and mud. The tent poles are designed to withstand small summer storms, and are sturdy enough to handle light wind gusts.

2.Suisse Sport Yosemite 5 Person 2 Room Dome Tent 10' x 8'

  • This is the best camping tent for camping by yourself, or with a small group of friends since it is easy to carry and set up. The small carrying case is similar in size to a lightweight duffel bag, and can be easily brought to remote camping locations. The poles are easy to insert into the sleeves, and everything can be attached with the included hooks.


  • The four point rain flap is designed to keep you dry during summer rain storms, while the mesh ceiling and windows provide plenty of cool air. The three windows and double wide front door also include protective zippered coverings that will keep you and your camping gear comfortably dry. The double front door also gives you the advantage of opening one or both sides for additional air flow.


  • Along with the included carrying case, the lightweight camping tent also features an electrical port and everything you need to set it up in minutes. The four tent poles, metal stakes, and guy lines are all included with your purchase, along with the convenient room divider.


This is the best 2 room camping tent for enjoying nature during the warm summer months, with its durable construction and roomy design. It can easily be set up by one person, but is roomy enough to comfortably sleep up to four people. The lightweight tent is easy to carry and is perfect to use at campgrounds or more remote locations. Sleep comfortably at night with plenty of refreshing air flow, and spend some time relaxing outdoors.


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