Which Is the Best Meat Grinder from STX International



According to the STX International STX-1800-MG Magnum reviews this meat grinder has an impressive 99.8 percent satisfaction rate for its customers over a seven year period.

Considered the best meat grinder from STX International it features a safe and easy to use design, and durable construction.

All of the meat grinder accessories are included so you can make a variety of fresh and delicious dishes for your friends and family.

Not only do you have the advantage of using this small kitchen tool to grind all types of meat, you can also use the juicer to make delicious and nutritious tomato juice.



While this is the best meat grinder with sausage stuffer for turkey and chicken, it might not be powerful enough to grind denser beef or pork bones.

Some customers have mentioned that the plastic ring which holds the grinding tube in place may occasionally crack, but this can be easily resolved with a replacement part.


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Benefits Explained

  • With its amazing customer satisfaction rate it is easy to see why this safe and powerful meat grinder can be found in many kitchens, and small hunting cabins. You get the benefit of the reliable and powerful motor that will not run faster than 3000 watts. Not only does this help to prolong the life of your motor, it also helps to prevent overheating.

  • The circuit breaker helps to prevent accidental electrical shorts, and you also have the advantage of being able to choose between three different speed settings. The stainless steel casing is durable, and looks great sitting on your kitchen counter. The grinding head is constructed from durable aluminum, and all of the attachments are built to last. With a three year warranty included, you can rest assured that you will be using this meat grinder for several hunting seasons.


  • This meat grinder includes all of the attachments you need to stuff fresh sausage, grind hamburger, and even make fresh pet food. The three stainless steel cutting blades and plates will give you the coarse or fine grind that you need, and you can also create delicious Middle Eastern dishes with the included Kubbe tool. Along with being durable and long lasting, the attachments are easy to clean.


  • Not only can you grind meat for burgers, stews, and sausages, but you also have the added advantage of the juicing attachment. Perfect for making fresh tomato juice, it has never been so easy to eat healthy and delicious freshly prepared foods. The tomato juicer is easy to attach to the meat grinder, and is also constructed from durable stainless steel.


This meat grinder from STX International quickly and easily grinds through large amounts of deer, poultry and beef to create fresh and nutritious dishes for your family. It is easy to use and clean, and all of the attachments you need are included. Not only can you grind meat, but you also have the benefit of the tomato juicer. Get all of your daily vitamins naturally, and still use the grind to stuff delicious breakfast sausage.

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