Most Appreciated Washing Machine with Agitator from Speed Queen

1.1 Speed Queen AWNE82SP

Main advantage

The Speed Queen AWNE82SP is the best washing machine with agitator for the money. It’s been praised by multiple buyers in the United States and does an excellent job at what it is supposed to do. The model comes packed with a series of useful features which are hard to find in other units on the market today.


Main disadvantage

In spite of the high number of positive reviews gathered by this product, there has been a complaint from a buyer who bought it from a local appliance store. It seems that he or she has run into some technical difficulties that have made it difficult for the owner to enjoy the washing experience.


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Main features explained

Above all, the Speed Queen AWNE82SP is remarkably easy to use. For one, the controls are easy to reach. Secondly, the Time Remaining Display makes it possible for the user to know just how much time he or she has to spend on waiting for his or her clothes to be cleaned.

1.2 Speed Queen AWNE82SP

Another feature that’s very popular amongst the buyers of this alternative seems to be the Full Tub Wash and Rinse mode, which allows owners to use an entire tub of water to get to that degree of cleanliness they might have been looking for. This is a net advantage for people who’d like to use a little more water than the one imposed by governmental regulations.

In terms of performance, this unit seems to be the best agitator washing machine from Speed Queen as it’s known to properly wash anything from clothing pieces to pillowcases and sheets. Since the model features a 210 agitation with 64 strokes per minute, it’s safe to say that the unit manages to combine effectiveness with gentleness even when completing its toughest programs.

Any prospective buyer wants to buy the most durable wash machine with agitator that he or she affords. It might be worth noting that this model has the tub made of stainless steel, which makes it long-lasting and fully capable of performing its tasks all through the years.

What’s more, the AWNE82SP gives users the freedom they have been looking for, in that it allows them to open up the lid and stop any cycle when they ever feel like doing so. While it might not seem like the most useful feature in the world to some people, the fact of the matter is that this one’s a great plus for people who are in a hurry or would like to add extra clothes on top of the ones they’ve already started washing.



All things considered, the AWNE82SP seems to be worth considering if you are still prospecting the market. After all, it has gathered the appreciation of many users who were kind enough to provide positive reviews. Some of these buyers claim that a 5-star rating isn’t sufficient to reflect the amount of satisfaction they have had with this washing machine. A number of other individuals claim that the unit is worth every penny spent, as it offers tremendous value for the cost.


Buy from for ($999)